2018 Ultimate Guide To Booking Luxury Transportation

2018 Ultimate Guide To Booking Luxury Transportation

What Is Luxury Ground Transportation Like?

When it comes to booking luxury transportation, you have several choices. Do you want to rent a car and drive yourself around, or would you like to book a ride where a personal chauffeur does all the hard work? Having confidence in the car service that you choose is important for your overall safety and experience. Go have fun and enjoy your trip. We will be making sure your ride taken care of. It’s what we do!

Booking luxury ground transportation has never been easier!

Choose from a variety of luxury vehicles in our exquisite fleet, find the perfect choice for your group outing. We have everything to choose from for all occasions such as: Booking an affordable limousine service will give you all the perks of luxury travel without breaking the bank. We’ve got the ultimate guide to help you find the best luxury ground transportation service for your next adventure.

New To Limo Rental? Here’s The Basics To Book With Confidence

The Secrets Of Limousine Interior

Limousine Service is so much more than what you see on the outside. Limousine interior is all the rage. Unlike riding in a typical car, you have the freedom to move around while you ride. From the sleek exterior to the full range of amenities inside, these vehicles were made to impress. Read on to learn more about how party bus interior will change the way that you look at luxury ground transportation.

For More On Limousine & Party Bus Interior, Click Here.

Now For, Your Crash Course In Affordable Limousine Service

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    2. Choosing The Right Transportation
    3. How Is The Company’s Digital Presence?
    4. Choosing The Right Vehicle
    5. Oh, The Places You’ll Go
    6. Do Limo Companies Offer More Than Just Limousines?

Your 2018 Guide To Booking Luxury Ground Transportation

Choosing The Best  Limousine Company Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

With a little bit of research, you can tell the good limo rental services from the lesser—or even sketchy—ones. There are a few things that you should look into along the way.

Check Their Reputation

They say word of mouth is the best advertisement. Sometimes, it’s also the best way to get reviews. Ask around to see what friends or colleagues know about area limo services. Look online, too, to see what other people outside your circle have to say.

A Proper Luxury Transportation Company Will:

Be Reliable

Your chauffeur should be someone that you can count on. After all, you’re depending on a professional driver who will get you to your meeting or flight on time. If not, there could be serious consequences. Don’t take chances. Make sure your limo service is the real deal.

Don’t Let A Rookie Mistake Throw A Wrench In Your Luxury Travel Plans

Learn What Mistakes Most Amateurs Makes, So That You Don’t Follow Their Lead

Limo Companies Should:

Be Experienced In The Industry

A certain level of professionalism is to be expected.

  • A clean uniform and pleasant demeanor are key.
    • You don’t want to put your life in the hands of someone with road rage or a bad temper.
  • Your chauffeur doesn’t have to be a life-long native to the area, but they should at least know their way around.
  • They should obey all traffic laws and have good driving habits.
  • You don’t want your chauffeur spilling your drink by taking a turn too fast or getting pulled over for an illegal U-turn.
    • Watch out for someone who drives with one hand or eats behind the wheel.

Hire Only Licensed & Certified Professionals

Did you know that there is a special driver’s license for chauffeurs?

Just like truck drivers need a CDL license, limo drivers have their own set of qualifications. There are different rules for licensing and zoning for every state or region. Check to make sure that your chauffeur is properly registered to operate in your area.

Choosing The Right Transportation

What Amenities Are Offered To You?

Every transportation service has one thing in common; They provide cars to transport their clients. What sets each limo company apart is the amenities that they offer. Pay close attention to offerings like: You should expect to see plush, comfortable seating—preferably high-quality leather. The upholstery should be free of holes or tears. The interior should be neat, clean, and free of smells. Offering professional chauffeurs is a must. Don’t be afraid to ask about your driver’s certifications. You want to know that you are safe in the hands of a sober driver who has undergone serious training.
  • Privacy Windows
Dark tinted windows protect your privacy while you enjoy the ride in your stretch limousine or limo bus. Whether you’re headed to a wedding, prom, or another special event, dressing extravagantly can make you a target for unsavory characters. Privacy tinting helps ensure that you aren’t seen until you’re ready to step out of your limo car.
  • Up-To-Date Technology
Having the best tech really can really make a difference in your ride. ◦ The classic limo minibar is a great piece of technology that’s often taken for granted. ◦ Bluetooth capability and a premium sound system let you listen to your favorite tunes along the way. ◦ Individual climate controls keep everyone cool (or warm in those chilly months!) ◦ You can watch even music videos or catch the game on a flat-screen TV.

Stay Cool In The Land Of Endless Summer

Beat The Heat With Limousine Florida Transportation

How Is The Company’s Digital & Social Media Presence?

A strong digital footprint is a sign of a great luxury ground transportation service.

Take a look at these key markers to see where a limo company stands.

A Professional Website

It’s hard to find any company operating in our digital age without a well-functioning website. You want to look for a limo service with:
  • Company Name Within The Web Address
  • A Service List
  • Blog with useful content that is relevant, current, engaging, and accurate.

Active Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts that lie dormant or have few followers are not a good sign. People will follow good quality content. A savvy limousine service will also want to interact with its demographic and client base. Try to connect with each new limousine company you find on sites like:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Medium
Learn more about validating a limo transportation company’s online presence here.

A1A Limo Offers The Best Luxury Cars For Any Occasion

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Choosing The Right Vehicle

Luxury Cars & Limousines

There are tons of options when it comes to selecting the best luxury cars. Look for variety in a limousine company’s fleet. The right one for you will depend on variables like how far you’re going and how many people are in your party.

Popular luxury ground transportation vehicles include:

Stretch Limousine

Perfect for special occasions or groups or eight or fewer. The sleek, classic look is good for making an impressive entrance.

Party Van – “Sometimes called a party bus”

Great for a night on the town with up 30 people. Flat screen TVs, fun lighting, and the mini bar keep the party going while you’re on the move.

Limo Bus

With plenty of legroom or luggage space for long haul drives for 25-35 passengers. This is a good option for school trips or business professional groups heading to a conference.

Town cars

The ultimate black car service can transport up to three passengers comfortably. Personal or solo business travel is no reason to skimp on the luxury travel experience.

Have Luxury Vacation Plans?

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Where Your Chauffeur Can Take You

Affordable limousine service is available for nearly any occasion—even just for a night on the town without a special event in mind.

Some popular reasons to book a limo include:

Airport Shuttle Or Limousine Transfer You’ll get to your flight on time and your chauffeur will even help you with your luggage. If you’re flying in, your ride will be waiting for you when you land.

Wedding Party Bus

Bachelor parties or bachelorette parties are more fun when you party in a bus. The fun doesn’t start or stop at the venue—it starts when you climb on board!

Prom Limo Rental

Your child and his or her friends can ride together in a stretch limousine. They’ll feel like real MVPs and you’ll have the peace of mind that they are riding in safe hands.

Anniversary Or Birthday Parties

Spoil your sweetheart with luxury travel. Instead of one of you being stuck behind the wheel, you can enjoy your ride together.

Corporate Travel

Business event transportation is much easier when managed by an affordable limousine service. There’s no need to keep up with cab fare or parking meter receipts. You’ll have one invoice for all of your corporate transportation.

Want To Learn More About Traveling With Luxury Ground Transportation?

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Do Limo Companies Offer More Than Just Limousines?

The best limousine services offer so much more than just luxury ground transportation. A good limo company will get you where you need to go, but a great one will take care of you along the way. Get the most out of your limo rental. Look for an affordable limousine service that offers:

Personal Concierge

These services offer an extra hand when you need it. From drafting travel plans to running errands, the personal concierge has it under control.

Airport Shuttle & Limousine Transfer

Don’t try to fight the airport traffic on your own. Leave it to the professionals with airport shuttle and transfer services.

Looking For Miami Airport Car Service?

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Corporate Travel & Business Event Transportation

Getting back and forth between the airport, hotel, and conference center is a breeze when your chauffeur is a corporate travel transportation expert. When you need affordable limousine service, go with the limo service South Florida trusts. A1A Airport and Limousine Service is based in South Florida and been providing dependable luxury ground transportation services since 1986. We service over 850 cities worldwide through our professional affiliate network. Download the A1A Limo app to access professional black car service wherever you are. Booking your reservation has never been easier!

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Packing For Business Travel: Essential Items To Bring Along

“I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase.”
-Diane von Furstenberg

Packing for business travel isn’t really so different than packing for vacation. Just like you would for any other trip, the first step is to make a list. It should include everything that you need to take with you. Prioritize by placing the most important items at the top.

Lists For Business Travel Packing

As you pack, keep this list with you and check things off of it.

Business Travel Checklist: Packing The Essentials

ID and backups

1) Identification—And Several Backups

You know how embarrassed you feel when you’re out to dinner and realize that you forgot your wallet? Now imagine doing that, but in the security line at the airport. Don’t attempt airport or business travel without your ID.

You’ll not only hold up the line behind you, but you might miss your flight. Make sure that you have the necessary ID when you need it, and bring a backup just in case!

  • Driver’s license (valid) or state ID
  • Passport (valid)
  • Birth certificate and/or Social Security card, if necessary
  • Business Licenses
  • Trade licenses
  • Operating documents
  • Any other badges or ID that may be necessary or helpful
  • First aid certification card
  • Security clearance passes

Approaching October: Event’s Perfect For A Limo Bus

Travel Documents

2) Travel Documents

Many airlines and other transportation companies let you access your documents via smartphone apps. While this is amazingly convenient for most people, pack a backup. Print out copies of your documents ahead of time.

Keep these on you in case your phone dies or won’t scan at the checkpoint.

 Transport Tickets & Passes

  • Many public transportation vehicles won’t take cash or accept only exact change. If you have a pass of any kind, keep it on you. You don’t want to end up late or stranded.

Itinerary  Flight Information

  • Don’t try to memorize flight, gate, or terminal numbers.
  • This information can change.
  • Keep a copy on you to cross-reference with the most up-to-date information.

Ground transportation

Boarding pass

  • You will have to scan your boarding pass and ID so many times, there’s no need to put them away.
  • Keep them handy and everything will go smoothly.

7 Biggest Safety Trips For International Travel

Carry On Bag

3) The Perfect Carry-All

Every business professional needs to carry things.

How you choose to carry them is up to you. Popular options include the traditional briefcase, leather satchel or deep purse. Whatever you choose to carry, make sure you have these things inside:

Printed Copies Of Reports Or Other Documents

Don’t rely on technology for your corporate meeting presentations. Having a slideshow is great, but don’t make that your only visual aid. You don’t want to risk showing up empty handed if your laptop goes missing or gets damaged.

Office supplies:

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Notepad
    Paper clips
  • Envelopes for receipts

When you work in the corporate business world, you’re constantly dealing with papers. Keep them organized on the go with a portable office supply kit. Fill a cosmetic bag or pencil case with small quantities of your most used items.

Leadership Skills That Every Business Professional Can Use

Business professional

4) Business Cards

Never walk into a business meeting—or anywhere, really—without business cards. Every conversation is a networking opportunity.

You don’t have to shove your card at everyone you see. However, it’s best to have them in case your work comes up, even just in passing.

Travel Ins

5) Proof of Travel Insurance

From trip cancellation to a medical emergency, travel insurance policies can really come in handy. International insurance policies are best so that you are covered while traveling anywhere.

Depending on your policy, you may be able to get coverage or reimbursement for unexpected situations.

Could Limousine Rental Be Your Saving Grace This Holiday Weekend?


6) Lodging/Hotel Reservations

Whether you’re taking business or luxury travel, this is important.

There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination to find that there’s no record of your stay. Having your own proof of confirmation could make the difference in getting settled in and scrambling for last minute accommodations.

Clothing Professional

7) Clothing & Attire

This may sound like a given, but put clothes on the list.

Then break it down into types of clothes, or write out outfit descriptions. Remember, not every minute will be spent in a business meeting. You’ll need some everyday clothes, too.

Think of your clothing in terms of a luxury car:

  • You want something comfy, like the plush leather seats of limousine interior.
  • You want business attire that is sleek and classy, like a stretch limousine.
  • Perhaps, you want a nightlife outfit.
    • Think about something flashy and fun, like a party bus.
    • If you want something a little more traditional, go dark like the tint on your limousine windows.
  • Your shoes should be sensible.

What Is A Limo Service Without Its Chauffeur?

Toiletries for Travel

8) Toiletries

Hotels don’t always provide toiletries.

Pack some of your own, just in case. If you’re flying, make sure you keep in mind the TSA 3-1-1 rule. You can pack 3.4 oz containers into one 1 quart size zip-top bag per person.

Umbrella Travel

9) Umbrella

Booking a limousine service will keep you from having to drive in the rain. Getting caught in a surprise shower on foot is another matter.

You never know when it may start raining, especially if you are unfamiliar with the weather in a new location.

Looking For Limo Service No Matter Where You Travel?

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10) Tokens Of Appreciation

It’s never a bad idea to carry a small gift.

They come in handy for things like:

Host/Hostess Gifts: You may find that you really enjoy your stay at a friends home or local bed and breakfast.

Client Appreciation: A small token of gratitude goes a long way to impress a client.

When traveling, it’s important to make sure that you pack all of your necessities. Sometimes the greatest accessory, though, is a reliable limousine rental.

A1A Airport and Limousine Company can handle all of your luxury ground transportation needs. We are based in South Florida, but service the world through our global affiliate network.

Luxury transportation is so much more than just a limo rental. Our personal concierge service provides an extra hand whenever you need one. Event planners can line up your perfect itinerary. If needed, we even offer personal protection services.

Check out our services today to see how A1A can improve your business travel experience. Continue to follow our blog to keep updated on great posts like this one!

Written By: Amber M. Smith

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8 Tips For Balancing Family Life As A Business Professional

“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.”
―Heather Schuck

Never underestimate the value of keeping a healthy work-life balance. The life of a business professional is about more than just business travel and corporate meeting schedules.

You have to also make time for yourself and for your family. If that seems like an impossible task, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a guide to help you balance work and family life.

balance work and family

8 Work-Life Balance Tips For
The Business Professional

When you spend so much time at the office, it can be difficult to not let it consume you. Remember: A person’s worth isn’t measured by his business meeting attendance.

A major key to success is learning how to balance the levels of work and play in your life. One without the other isn’t good for anybody!

Fix Your Focus

“Most people chase success at work, thinking that will make them happy.
The truth is that happiness at work will make you successful.”
– Alexander Kjerulf

1) Get (and Stay) Organized

Creating an organized plan is a big step in the process of developing a good work-life balance. Knowing what’s on your plate is necessary in order to get everything done in a timely manner, with minimal stress.

  • Find a place for everything in your office and keep it clean.
  • Something as simple as a tidy workspace can seriously boost productivity.

Things are easier to forget when they aren’t written down.

  • Use a planner to keep an eye on upcoming dates, events, airport travel, etc.
    • Then you can see all of your commitments in one place.

Are you a tech junkie or just someone who’s not much into writing?

  • Try using your phone’s calendar and alarms instead.

Looking For Some Fun Things To Do In Boca?

Approaching October: Events Perfect For A Limo Bus!

Prioritize Business Goals

2) Prioritize Goals & Tasks

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”
– Charles Buxton

When you have a lot going on, it’s easy for some tasks to fall by the wayside. Prioritizing these things helps keep them at the forefront of your mind.

Physically write down every task, goal, or event that you have coming up. Number these items by how important they are to complete.

That way the most important things are done first and the lesser things can get pushed back if they need to be.

Which Luxury Vehicle To Rent For A Night On The Town?

Schedule Your Time

3) Stick to a Schedule

Once you’ve prioritized your tasks, make sure to put them on your schedule. Then make sure you complete each item, one at a time.

Multi-tasking is nearly impossible to avoid. You may be surprised to learn that’s it’s not as efficient as you’d think. When your attention is divided, nothing gets done as well as if you had been focusing on that one thing.

Try to plan your day in the most efficient way possible. However, don’t pack your schedule so full that it becomes overwhelming. Always leave enough time in-between meetings in case one runs late. Overbooking yourself is stressful because you can’t be in two places at once.

When you have upcoming travel plans, schedule an airport limo shuttle. Your limo chauffeur will show up on time, help you with your luggage, and get you to your flight early. Waiting around for a taxi could take forever, and even put you running late to your next event.

Don’t Get Stuck Searching For Car Service Near Me!

Reserve Transportation From Wherever You Are

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Care For Yourself

4) Self-Care: Relax & Recharge

Enjoy quality family time.

It’s important to take a little time for yourself. You need part of the day to just relax, without thinking about work.

Learn to say “no.”

  • Block off certain hours of the day for personal time.
  • Don’t work on any projects during this time.
  • Also, don’t feel obligated to accept invitations to events during this time, either.

Do what works for you in your “me” time. You can hit the gym, spa, or wherever your happy place may be. Just make sure that whatever you’re doing is all about you and your self-care.

Schedule Time Off

5) Schedule Time Off

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.”     – Michelle Obama

Everyone needs a vacation sometime. Schedule yourself some time off and enjoy it with your loved ones.

This is a great time to take your family on a grand adventure or simply snuggle up for a movie night at home.

Looking To Spice Up Your Family Vacation This Fall?

Travel With A Luxury Transportation Service!


6) Cut the Cord & Unplug

Notifications are an endless constant in our lives, from emails and text messages to top news headlines and social media. Being always on is just as draining for you as it is for your smartphone battery.

Try these ideas to temporarily disconnect from your tech:

  • Designate a time frame that you are away from your computer
  • Don’t pack your laptop or any work documents if you’re not on a corporate business trip
  • Leave your phone off or in another room while it charges

Family Dinner Event

7) Gather Around (the Dining Room Table)

Have at least one meal a day with your family. It can be anything from a home cooked breakfast or dinner at your favorite restaurant.

The important thing is to just sit down and enjoy a meal and conversation with your loved ones.

Love Nature?

Limo Car Service Is An Eco-Friendly Alternative!

Travel Adventure

8) Get Out of the House

“Always take some of the play, fun, freedom, and wonder of the weekend into your week and your work.”
– Rasheed Ogunlaru

Break up the monotony. Get out of the house with your family for the weekend as often as possible.

Balancing your career with family life can be difficult. If you are a busy business professional, you have to make the most of what time you get at home. Time with the family is often better measured by quality than quantity.

Our Fleet

For your next vacation or night out, spice things up with a limo rental or luxury car.
Treat yourself and your family to the ultimate luxury travel experience with A1A Limousine Service.

With a professional chauffeur behind the wheel, you can focus on spending time with your family instead of fighting with traffic. Choose from our fleet of the best luxury cars to fit your transportation needs.

Our limousine interior features amenities like:

  • Plush leather seating for a comfortable ride
  • Premium sound systems, flat screen TVs, & CD/DVD players for your entertainment
  • Dark-tinted windows for privacy
  • Beverage station to chill your favorite drinks
  • & more!

A1A Airport & Limousine Company is South Florida’s trusted name in luxury ground transportation.
However, we offer so much more than just a limousine rental. With service to over 800 cities worldwide, A1A has you covered wherever you are.

We also offer personal concierge and other services. Give us a call or visit us online to discover the best packages for your next travel adventure.

Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Leadership Skills That Every Business Professional Can Use

Who’s got skills?

Certain leadership skills are crucial to succeed as a business professional. It’s not just experience that teaches you to lead. Some of the most important skills for corporate business are actually more like personality traits.

They’re sometimes called “soft skills.” We’ve outlined a few of them for you below.

Ingredients for Success As
A Business Professional

How will you achieve success?

Succeeding in the corporate world takes more than a nice suit and a limousine for a business professional. Designing your formula for success is easy, once you cultivate these skills.

Business Skills

1. Communication 

The hardest of them all.

Have you ever left a business meeting with a pounding headache? Odds are that’s because you were frustrated that no one would listen to anything you said.

Or worse, maybe you didn’t want to listen to what anyone else said. Communication skills are the foundation for everything that you do as a business professional.

There Are Four Basic Types Of Communication
That People In Business Use: 

Verbal Communication skills help you to pass on information effectively. Speaking clearly and active listening fall into this category.

Things that apply here are:

  • Assertiveness
  • Projecting your voice
  • Keeping a level head under stress

Nonverbal communication skills include giving or receiving a message without words.

This includes actions like:

  • Body language
  • Facial expressions
  • Posture

Remember the phrase,actions speak louder than words.” You have to pay as much attention to what your conversation partner does as to what they actually say.

Written communication skills are for more than writing speeches.

  • They are also useful for creating reports and drafting proposals.
  • Writing well can help you be taken more seriously when sending emails or letters. Taking good notes during a corporate meeting can also be beneficial.

Interpersonal communication skills are sometimes called “people skills.”

  • If you’ve ever been called a people person,” then you already have them.
  • This type of communication is less about what you say and more about how you say it. It combines verbal and nonverbal communication skills to better deal with other people.

 Are You A Traveling Business Professional?

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business skills

2. Empathy

Put yourself in another’s perspective.

Empathizing with someone is like taking a walk in their shoes. You relate to the way they feel. That also means that you take their feelings into consideration in your interactions.

No matter how much you like your coworkers or staffers, you won’t get along all the time. When disagreements do arise, they can usually be easily solved.

Try to see things from the other person’s side to figure out what needs to change and why.

Empathizing will help you with:


Knowing where the other side is coming from makes you a better negotiator. Say you want to spend a little more time in an area you’ve gone on business travel. Negotiating a later flight can buy you a little more time.

You might have to agree to one more business meeting in the area, but it will be worth it!

Your Next Business Meeting

The art of persuasion can win you many things. Knowing your audience is crucial, though. If you offer a partner something that they want, they are more likely to go along with your ideas.

Maybe you’d like to expand your business outside the current area. You know your partner hates airport travel, so you offer to handle the meetings on location yourself. It’s a win-win.


If you can figure out what your interviewer wants to hear, you have a better chance of providing favorable answers. That doesn’t mean to stretch the truth, though.


Picking up cues from nervous trainees tells you when you need to slow down a bit. If your new assistant hates traffic, don’t ask them to pick you up from the airport. Have them hire you an airport limo shuttle, instead.

Need A Break From Work?

Hire A Chauffeur For A Night On The Town!

business skillset

3. Humility

Humility means keeping a modest opinion about yourself and your own importance. Don’t let your ego get the best of you. You should feel good about your accomplishments. It’s also important to give credit where credit is due.

For example, luxury travel may be a perk that your company offers. Appreciate it like the privilege that it is!

Everyone in your company may not have their own professional chauffeur. It’s fine to discuss your recent travel adventures. You don’t have to brag about every luxury car you rode in along the way.

business skills

4. Flexibility

You should be flexible in the way that you go about things. Coming in with a “my way or the highway” attitude won’t get you far.

Neither will the idea of that’s not my job.” Sometimes you may be the one to get coffee for the boss. Maybe different team members take turns leading meetings.

Getting stuck in a rigid structure can hurt your chances of career advancement.

Everything can’t always go your way, and that’s okay. You don’t have to show up to every event in a stretch limousine.

A classy black sedan will also do the job. Sometimes you may even have to drive yourself.

business skills

5. Adaptability

Change is inevitable.

You need to be able to adapt and take the changes in stride when they come. New ways of doing things will come along eventually.

These new ways may be more efficient or they may not. You’ll never know unless you try them out. Another way to look at it is “rolling with the punches.”

Change isn’t always negative, though. Getting a new job or promotion is often a positive change. That doesn’t mean that is isn’t hard to adjust. If you’ve never ridden in a luxury car, it may take a while to get used to limousine interior.

No matter what stage you are in as a business professional, one thing is universal. You want to make a statement.

One way to do that is to always travel in style. Be sure to develop a good relationship with a quality limousine company.

A1A Airport and Limousine Service offer much more than just limo rental. 

We offer:

• On-time, every-time airport shuttle service
• Friendly limo chauffeur service, to greet you and assist with your luggage.
Party bus and limousine rental for office parties
Business event shuttle service for corporate events
• Personal concierge

Call or visit us online to find out more about A1A Limo Service. We are based in South Florida and have a global network of over 850 affiliates and partners to provide luxury ground transportation wherever you are.

Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Why To Choose A Personal Concierge Over UberEats

Uber Or Limo?

Sometimes life gets a little hectic, but food is important.

It’s tempting to reach for your phone and open the UberEats app. But don’t place that order just yet!
You’d be better off working with a personal concierge service than getting your food from Uber.

Read on to see why.

UberEats Drivers

Choosing the Best Delivery Experience:
Personal Concierge vs. UberEats



Reviews are brutal when it comes to reliability for UberEats. Time and time again you see the same stories.

They range from orders that never showed up to cold meals left abandoned on doorsteps. Sometimes meals showed up hours after the recipient had given up on ever seeing their food.

When you place an order, you expect to get exactly what you ordered when it was promised. That isn’t always the case. When you’re hungry, that’s not really a gamble that you want to make.

Personal Concierge:

When you hire a professional chauffeur, you expect more from them than you would a taxi driver.

Hiring a personal concierge is like having a personal assistant. You would expect more from them than your typical delivery person. A personal concierge is someone you can count on to be where they should be and on time.

You can expect them to show up with your food exactly as you ordered it. That’s because they aren’t just in a hurry to get back to the store or too worried about getting on to the next customer. They are there at your service, and you can expect them to act like it.

Looking For “Limo Service Near Me?”

Ride With South Florida’s Most Trusted Luxury Transportation Professionals!

Speed of Service

Speed of Service


We’ve mentioned this before, but the speed of service can be an issue with UberEats.

As a business professional, you operate on a tight schedule. Their drivers do not always work on your schedule. This could pose an issue when you expect a delivery at a certain time.

Suppose you are expecting a lunch delivered for a corporate meeting. A late or missing delivery means more than just you going hungry. It could seriously hurt your reputation with your clients.

Personal Concierge:

Corporate business clients are no issue for personal concierge service. When you need a pair of extra hands, they are there.

Need them to pick up lunch for your business meeting? Personal concierge is on it! They will have your order placed and picked up without a second thought. They can even arrange the spread and set the table if you want.

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One of the most common complaints against UberEats is a lack of professionalism. This shows up a lot in customer reviews. It is also acknowledged by the company itself.

Just like regular Uber drivers, UberEats drivers come from a pool of local Average Joes. They are not trained, professionals and are often just trying to make some extra cash on the side.

UberEats drivers are often reviewed as “rude”, “hasty”, “uncaring”, or just “simply irresponsible.” Granted there are some out there who have had great experiences. However, the horror stories are anything but few and far between.

Personal Concierge:

When you hire personal concierge services, you get someone who is a trusted professional. Expect them to be dressed and carry themselves in a professional manner.

They don’t mind running errands or making arrangements. That is what they were hired to do!

Someone in personal concierge expects to be an extra set of hands. They know that means doing the little things that you don’t have time to do. That doesn’t mean you should be barking orders at them, though.

Looking For A Professional To Trust?

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Safety & Protection


Photos attached to customers reviews don’t say good things about your food’s safety. The pictures show:

  • Overturned Plates
  • Abandoned Bags
  • Inaccurate Orders

UberEats drivers will argue that it isn’t their job to ensure order accuracy. To them, their job is only to pick up the order and drop it off. If you have a food allergy, the driver is not going to check to make sure that the allergen isn’t in your food.

Internet forums, like Reddit and others, include tales from drivers that are just awful. Some talk poorly about customers. Others post maps showing delivery addresses. As these drivers are not professionals, they don’t necessarily have training when it comes to privacy.

Personal Concierge:

Safety and discretion are central to personal concierge service. Your food is safe and so is your personal information.

You don’t have to worry about your personal concierge posting pictures of your party bus to Instagram or taking selfies next to your stretch limousine.

Think of the dark windows that keep outsiders from peeking into that limousine. Your personal concierge makes your travel arrangements but keeps them under wraps.

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Personal Concierge



The bottom line is that UberEats drivers do not want to be your personal assistant. They often will not honor special requests. Even simple requests like delivering a message or following simple directions can be too much.

Some reviews claim food was left outside of apartment complexes when the driver wouldn’t wait to be buzzed in. Driver confessions tell of orders canceled because the driver thought that the client was too lazy to leave the office to get lunch.

Drivers often get crabby when they have to travel more than the shortest distances. Sometimes even short distances can make drivers angry. Either way, you don’t need judgment when you’re just trying to order food.

Personal Concierge:

By contrast, a personal concierge will do so much more than deliver your lunch. They can order your lunch, pick it up, and arrange your next business meeting afterward.

Do you have upcoming business travel?

  • A personal concierge can book that, and a luxury car to get you there.

Would you prefer certain amenities when it comes to limousine interior?

  • Your personal concierge will pass that information on to the limousine service.

Heading to the airport?

They will even make sure that your limo chauffeur is waiting and ready to help you with your bags. Whether you need luxury travel arrangements or low-key daily transportation, they’ve got it handled.

Did you know that a limousine company can offer more than just transportation services? From airport shuttle to personal concierge services, A1A Airport and Limousine Service can handle your luxury travel needs!

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Airport Travel: Secrets To Fighting Jet Lag

Are you a frequent flyer of airport travel?

If you’re like many of us business professionals, you will understand the discontent of feeling the effects of jet lag after airport travel. The previous holder for the reputation of being merely a “state of mind”, jet lag has become known to be so much more.

Jet Lag?

As it turns out, recent discoveries in science have unveiled the mystery of jet lag and just how it affects the human body, as well as, the mind.

By understanding what jet lag is and how it affects your body during airport travel, you can better learn how to fight its unfriendly effects.

Jet Lag

Our Seven Secrets To Fighting Jet Lag During Airport Travel

#1. Avoid Booking Night Flights

Purchase a flight with early evening arrival.

If you know you are going to be traveling abroad to destinations that are located within different time zones, then you should be wise to be prepared for entering them.

When you leave from the airport at one particular time zone and end up arriving in another, that is often hours apart from each other, your body and mind have trouble coping with it.

What is really going on here? Your body has a natural biological clock called a “circadian rhythm”. This is basically what tells your body there are 24 hours within a day and that you need to sleep during several of them. If you don’t, then you’ll notice your “sleep schedule” gets out of balance.

When you book flights with early evening arrival:

  • You can give yourself time to set your clocks and watches to the timezone you are going to enter,
  • Catch a decent 2-hour nap
  • If you’re headed east, go to bed earlier
  • If you’re headed west, go to bed later

Choice ground transportation once you exit the plane is an essential need. By booking an airport limo shuttle for getting around after the plane ride, you want to be sure to choose a dependable company that serves worldwide.

Looking For Luxury Airport Shuttles?

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#2 Choose An Airbus

Long haul travel is why the Airbus was created.

Although there are many types of airlines to choose from, were you aware there are actually preferred aircraft to travel in that were created to help bring solutions to the world of traveling on airplanes.

There are two aircraft that are most popular with the frequent users of airport travel. These jets offer the benefits of a luxury limousine, along with amenities tailored to the working business professional.

The Airbus a350

One of the most famous luxury aircraft, the Airbus a350 is what every traveler dreams of.

With its privacy, you get peace and quiet, while feeling safe and at ease.

One of the safety features includes that the plane is made from a reinforced carbon polymer material that allows the vehicle to withstand much higher pressure than your commercial aircraft.

You can even enjoy how much room you have to stretch out under soft LED lighting. Many international airlines fly a350’s, one we’re sure you’ve heard of is, Delta Airlines.

These bad boys have been made for the long haul trips with intentions of flying up to 19-hour flights.

The Airbus 380

What’s the difference between this aircraft and the last one? It’s double the size! Known as the worlds largest and most spacious aircraft, the engineering behind it took true geniuses.

You can’t afford to lose time with jet lag when your saving grace is right here with the a380.

This particular jet has two full-length widebody decks that contain more seating than any other airline in the world.

Astonishingly, the Airbus a380 has become a proven solution to the congestion within the airport and reduces it down to a comfortable level.

When fighting jet lag, a quiet, spacious and luxurious airplane is the best counter. Make sure that if you can’t get an early evening arrival for a long haul flight, that you can at least travel in comfort.

Destinations That Will Make You Want To Book Your Flight Today

Rent A Limo For The Day

#3 Split Up The Trip

Rent a limo for the day.

Sometimes 19-hour flights just are not bearable. When you come to this road and you’re ready to cross it, know that A1A Limo is waiting for you on the other side.

Renting a limousine for the day when you have a 24-48 hour layover is a solution to when you are feeling burnt out on flying.

Having unexpected situations take precedence over your airport travel is unfortunate, but, we all can testify that it does happen.

Find a local or worldwide limousine company with a trustworthy reputation to show you around the area and give you something nice to look at or fun to do.

Ground Transportation: How It Can Come In Handy


#4 Don’t Drink Booze

Blame it on the alcohol.

It’s easy to want to throw back a few shots on the plane. After all, you’re headed on a new adventure! Or, perhaps you are receiving a promotion.

Regardless of the occasion, if you are trying to avoid jet lag from messing up your circadian rhythm, then you must avoid the booze at all costs.

Sure it sounds great to toss a few cold ones back since you can’t sleep anyway. But, you could wake up more disoriented than you would be from entering a new time zone.

Which is what we’re trying to prevent. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, and so does flying in high-pressure atmospheres. When coupled together, you get a cocktail that the cockpit doesn’t want to hear about.

Be responsible and plan ahead. You wouldn’t want to arrive at your destination and be so unfocused that you miss your airport limo shuttle.

Flying Worldwide?

We Can Still Pick You Up From The Airport!

Set Watch

#5 Remember To Set Your Clocks And Watches

All in good time.

So what happens if you fall asleep on the plane, wake up when it’s time to leave and you check your watch thinking it’s still 6 hours behind? You’d be lost!

It’s imperative to know what time zone you are entering, even when you’re just doing a layover. The reason for this is obvious. If you have no clue what time it is, you may end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The lovely luxury of having the internet and mobile devices that track the location and time zone can be set to automatically update for you. This would help tremendously in a pinch or in the event that you do actually take a nap.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to be late. Rest assured that when you get off that plane, if you call A1A Limo, you will have prompt ground transportation services for yourself or the whole crew!

Tech Trends That Will Change The Business World

Bright Screen

#6 Get A Blue Light Filter If You’re Going To Watch TV

If you watch tv too close, it’s bad for your eyes.

Something that is becoming more prominent in the technological world is blue-light filters. These are handy little filters that change the color of your screen when viewing it.

There is a very good reason for this. Blue-light is the standard in all lighting that comes from screens whether its a computer, tablet, phone, mp3/mp4 player or television screen.

Blue-light is one single step below Ultra-Violet light on the invisible light spectrum. Both are incredibly harmful in their own ways.

UV light damages the skin, eyes and is actually the number one cause of aging.

Blue-light damages the eyes directly and has been known to cause blindness.

There are apps out there that offer a blue-light filter for your screens and for convenience, there are also glasses you can purchase.

Remember, at the beginning of this article we talked about circadian rhythms? Well, blue-light actually plays a large role in disrupting your circadian rhythms and causing you the not be able to fall asleep.

It is suggested to put your electronics down 2 hours before you decide to go to bed, but that can be difficult when you are bored. So blue-light filters are the option to a solution.

Going Out Of Town?

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#7 Wear Comfy Clothes

Comfort is key.

Now, we already stated that you may want to take a nap to help with the laggy effects of jet lag. But, how can you accomplish a comfortable nap when you are dressed to impress?

One of the best things you can pack in your carry on is a nice, comfortable change of clothes. This will benefit you when you do get tired and want to relax.

Some people even bring pajamas, a sweater, a neck pillow and a blanket. It’s entirely up to you what you prefer to wear, but if you want to catch some zzz’s, then consider staying at a level of comfort you can handle.

When it comes to comfort and luxury, A1A Limo is your number one choice! As a worldwide company, we provide more than just ground transportation services. We also have event planners who can help you plan your next big party, travel managers who can get your routes figured out, and even, protective bodyguard services for high-profile clients.

If you’re using airport travel be sure to book an airport limo shuttle from A1A Limo for the very best in luxury ground transportation after the flight. When you are ready for business travel, we have that covered too! In a competent limousine service like A1A, you will find yourself far from disappointed. Enjoy traveling with us today!

Written By: Dee Haller

5 Brain Fuel Foods For Business Professionals

You are what you eat.

In our cases as humans, what we eat is our bodily fuel to get through the day. As a business professionalhow well do you fuel your brain to accomplish daily tasks?

If you aren’t fueling your brain properly, you can end up with brain fog, a condition that comes primarily from malnutrition. Let’s talk about 5 of the best foods you can use to keep your brain powered up for business.

How To Get That Energy Boost In The Office Without Relying On Coffee

5 Brain Fuel Foods For Business Professionals

Fueling your brain is essential to the critical thinking that comes with a professional business.

#1 ) Stay Hydrated With Water & Melons

The key to starting off any day, which you will hear from me time-and-time again, is to stay hydrated.

There are some fickle people out there who don’t like water, for some reason. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck! Water is not the only way to hydrate!

Although we are told by doctors to drink at least half of our body weight in water per day, it’s not always that easy.

What happens if you’re in the middle of a meeting and that 16 oz bottle you just downed 30 minutes ago starts to hit you. Could you make it through the next 30 minutes without interrupting?

A handy solution to not drinking water to stay hydrated is MELONS!

Why Melons?

Whether you choose watermelon, honeydew or cantaloupe, you’re in for a sweet, healthy treat. There is a reason why water is within the name, “watermelon”.

Melons, in general, are around 90% water content. These fruity tasting beasts contain vitamins and minerals that are needed to support healthy bodily functions like:

  • Intense Hydration
  • Regulation of Blood Pressure
  • Maintaining Healthy Kidneys
  • Detoxifying Excess Salt From The Body
  • Aiding In Proper Absorption
  • Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory

With all these great qualities, vitamins A, C, E, K, B1-6, Folic Acid and Beta-Carotene, you will start your day off right. The fact that these are naturally hydrating, means that you will get that initial boost for the day without coffee!

#2 ) Revitalize With Citrus!

Citrus is a powerful thing. If you’re from Florida, like us, you will know that is a true fact!

Waking up to the aromatic scents of freshly peeled oranges or grapefruit juice is a great way for a business professional to gain a quick brain boost!

How Can Citrus Boost My Brain?

Fruits that are made of citrus have incredible benefits for your brain. Here’s a list of popular citrus fruits.

  1. Clementines
  2. Limes
  3. Lemons
  4. Kumquats
  5. Grapefruit
  6. Oranges
  7. Pomelos
  8. Tangerines

Some of these benefits include:

  • In a study of 13,000 participants, it was discovered that those who ate citrus daily were 23% as less likely to develop dementia.
    • This means citrus improves your memory.
  • Essential Oils – Citrus gives off natural essential oils from their peels and rinds. The effects of essential oils in aromatherapy is a big study right now and has shown great effects.
    • Alertness (lemon oil)
    • Hangover Helper” (lemon & grapefruit oil)
    • Soothing and Happy (sweet orange oil)
  • Contains flavonoids that serve as an anti-inflammatory protector for the nervous system.
    • This means fewer headaches and less neck & back pain so you can think clearly.

Citrus grows in season during the fall and winter months. Now has never been a better time to enjoy some citrus and its powerful, brain-protecting benefits! Hop into your luxury limousine and ask for orange juice for the ride!

Luxury Limo Service Near Me?

#3 ) Cacao – A Favorite For The Business Professional

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

More importantly, who doesn’t love that chocolate is considered a brain food! But, this doesn’t mean go to your local gas station and grab a Snickers bar.

However, this does mean that if you get chocolate in its purest form, which is easy to find, then you can have a brain-boosting wake-me-up in no time. This is excellent for the business professional on the go.

So, Cacao Isn’t Cocoa?

That is correct. Cacao and Cocoa are two totally different species.

Cacao (ka-kow) is unprocessed, raw, cacao bean in its purest form. It smells decadent and tastes like buttery chocolate. It is often used as a base in smoothies, chocolate baking, and even skin care!

Cocoa (Ko-ko) is cacao beans that have been heated, processed, sifted, and had caffeine added to it. This is what you see as the “chocolatey colored powder” that you can buy at the store to bake with.

Why Cacao Then?

Cacao is natural and you can get it in the form of nibs. These nibs can be eaten anywhere and give you a pure form of natural energy through:

  • Natural Healthy Fats That Your Body Will Run Off Of
  • Natural Caffeine In The Plant Itself
  • Curbs Hunger

Cacao is loaded with flavonols that are a trademark for boosting the brain functions. Here’s how it works!

Flavonols get deeply into the lobes of the brain that effect:

  • Cognition
  • Memory
  • Reaction time
  • Alertness

That sounds exactly like what a business professional needs enhancement with on a day to day basis.

Routines That Could Make You A Better Innovator

#4 ) Spirulina – The Ultimate Brain Food

When you dive deeper into the health and wellness industry, you will find tips and tricks for the business professionals. One of the most highly regarded foods in the health world is Spirulina.

If you haven’t heard of spirulina yet, now’s your chance to take this information and run with it.

Spirulina is an algae. It’s dark green and often found in powdered or gel form at your local health food store for a decent price.

Previously, used for sustainment during space exploration by NASA, spirulina has become quite the craze for supplemental nutrition recently because:

  • Spirulina is a high powered superfood.
  • Known as the oldest living food on the planet.
  • Most superior &  nutritionally dense food you can buy.

Brainy Benefits

Spirulina is one of the most heavily studied topics in the world. The reason being is because it has shown a tremendous capability to assist in healthy brain function, in ways like:

  • Increased blood flow to the brain, improving memory and cognitive processes.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that allow more blood to travel.
  • It’s green benefits the reversal of oxidative stress, acting as an anti-oxidant.
  • A powerful detoxifying tool for the organs, thus reducing brain fog.
  • Alkaline with the perfect pH balance so your brain can tell your body to do less work.

Spirulina can become deliciously addictive. If you’re looking for a good recipe to include it in, it goes excellent with peanut butter, strawberries and apple juice in a smoothie! Grab a smoothie like this at your next travel destination!

#5 ) Cilantro

Life without cilantro is just dull.

If you travel, then there’s a large chance that you have tried cilantro on an authentic Mexican taco, at least once!

Something you probably didn’t know is that Coriander, the tasty spice made from seeds with a lemony flavor, actually comes from the cilantro plant. So not only can you eat the leaves, but the seeds are edible too!

What Can This Magical Plant Do For My Brain?

Cilantro is known for its recent outcomes in the medical journals of today for its incredible ability to connect nerve pathways in the brain.

This inhibits a high standard for health and wellness and has been used to reduce the size of brain tumors significantly due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

High in bioavailable vitamins A, C, E, K, Calcium, Iron, & Magnesium, cilantro is great for calming stress but increasing alertness which is necessary for the life of a business professional.

Now, maybe you have heard that cilantro tastes like soap. Perhaps you are within that 4-14% of people who absolutely hate cilantro.

  • It is suggested that some people are genetically pre-disposed to this due to the way the brain tries to connect everything by memory.
    • This leaves that 4-14% of people recalling the closest mimic to the flavor as soap. 
  • While this is true for a very low percentage of the population, it is not the case for everyone.

So next time you’re having lunch after a corporate event, grab some authentic tacos with cilantro, beef, and onion for the true experience. Or if you’re feeling bold, for a robust flavor, try juicing cilantro!

Traveling For A Corporate Event?

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For limousine service that is worldwide, you can put your trust into A1A Airport & Limousine Service wherever you depart. We will be there to chauffeur you from the airport by our limo shuttle, or even pick you and your peers or loved ones up in one of our classy tour buses. Never worry about parking again when you use a limo service that is a top choice for the business professional.

Written By: Dee Haller

Your 2018 Guide: Choosing The Right Limousine Service

“Being confident about the limousine service you choose brings peace of mind.”

There’s good and bad in everything. When faced with deciding on a limousine service, the pressure is on! After all, how embarrassing would it be for your chauffeur to take a sharp turn and spill wine on your new suit?

When looking for the right service for you, it’s important to keep an eye out for some of these key factors:

Are You Looking For A Limo Rental?

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Are You Getting A Licensed Professional?

Did you know that not all limousine companies are created equal? There are legitimate and phony companies out there. After accepting this fact, it’s necessary to educate yourself on what makes a limousine service legitimate.

Each state and county have their own licensing and zoning laws. It’s a standard to have a valid state ID to drive a motor transport vehicle, such as a luxury car or limo. Some limousine companies have other vehicles to choose from in their fleet, such as:

How The Limousine Became The Symbol Of Luxury

  • Party Buses
  • Airport Shuttles
  • Stretch SUVs
  • Sprinters
  • Motor Coaches

When holding the responsibility of sometimes up to 55 passengers, some states may require a CDL license to operate within the company.

Additionally, the Chauffeur may or may not have to have an Endorsement or Chauffer’s License. However, if the company is worldwide, there’s a higher chance they have an international insurance coverage.

On A Time Crunch?

Don’t Call A Cab, Book A Ride With Us!

Is It Someone You Can Depend On?

Have you ever had a meeting to attend, but couldn’t get a taxi cab to get you there right on time? When you book a limo service, it is one less thing you have to worry about. Or, you expect.

This is a quality expectation that you will receive from a quality service. Chauffeurs are trained to have the utmost respect for your time and diligently do their job to get you there.

Some ways to check the dependability of the limo company you are interested in, are to:

  • Check their reputation by reading reviews.
  • Word of Mouth, Ask colleagues and friends.
  • See how professional their website is.
  • Check the website for information on their drivers/team.
  • Call up and ask them about their services!

A good limo company will transport you, but, a great limo company will give you their time and respect along with luxury ground transportation.

Ready To Ride In Luxury?

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What Are People Saying?

People are always talking, but what are they saying? Any legitimate limousine company has a professional appearing website with:

  • Explanation of their services.
  • View of their fleet.
  • Contact Information.
  • Engaging Blog.
  • Reviews.

Reading reviews are an excellent way of checking out who’s service is the right choice for you. You can look over the website of a company in mind with some of your peers and get their opinions.

Perhaps you want to contact the company yourself and make sure that they have exactly what you are looking for. You should always be able to contact the limo company and that initial interaction will show you what you can further expect.

If customer service answers the phone with elegance and class, you can imagine how prompt and luxurious your chauffeur and limousine will be.

Would You Like To Ride In An Elegant Limousine?

Check Out Our Fleet!

Do You Like The Amenities Offered?

Each limo company has its own unique amenities offered to make your experience the most luxurious. When deciding on which service you want to ride with, pay attention to what the limousine interior looks like in photos.

A truly great limo service will provide a list of the amenities that they offer in each vehicle. Instead of just the basics, you really want to look for the top-notch features to ensure quality. Five-Star features include:

  • Immaculate Interior
  • Professional Chauffeur
  • Privacy Windows, Tinted
  • Beautiful Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Up to Date Technology, like:
    • Bluetooth Capability
    • Premium Sound System
    • Individual Climate Controls
    • Flat Screen TVs
    • Wet Bar and Full Beverage Station

Along with these amazing attributes, you should expect bottled water provided, and plenty of comfortable and plush leather seating. Their selection of sophisticated vehicles should be able to fit solely you alone, or you and 54 others for quality luxury transportation.

Rent A Party Bus Near Me?

Can You Determine Their Level Of Experience?

You don’t want to just hop in a car with anyone and cross your fingers for safe travel. You want to know that you can trust the professionals that you have just put your life behind the wheel of.

What makes a Chauffeur professional and trustworthy? Although, they may vary state-to-state, here are some things you can keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Chauffeur’s that have had extensive training. 
    • They have learned to drive in a way that won’t spill your drink the slightest. It’s imperative to show up at your destination without stains on your clean clothes.
  • They know all of the rules of the road in every area they drive in. 
    • From city-to-city and state-to-state, the traffic laws change. How one may drive in Florida where it’s flat may differ from somewhere in the mountainous terrain.
  • Some have special licenses and/or endorsements specific to their career. 
  • Are adequately trained in professionalism and tidiness.
    • Can you imagine being transported by someone who’s eating fast food and driving with one hand?
    • It’s not uncommon for low-end limousine services to behave in this unprofessional manner.
    • You always want to choose a company that is known for its tidiness and professionalism.

Inexperience is unattractive when you are a professional in a business or someone who just enjoys the grandeur of life. Be confident in what you choose in life by staying educated and up to date with Your 2018 Guide to choosing the right limousine service.

Looking For Quality Limo Service?

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A1A Airport and Limousine Service have your best interest in mind when it comes to luxury ground transportation. We are experienced professionals who work diligently to provide you with the most quality amenities and features. Our goal is to provide you with a unique and memorable experience that will leave you satisfied. Our reputation says it all. Check out our website here and book your next ride with A1A!

Written By: Dee Haller

Free Desktop Programs Every Business Professional Should Have

Non-stop flights, back-to-back meetings, finishing reports from the back of a limousine—it’s all in a day’s work for today’s professional.

As a business professional, most of your work relies on computing. You will want to know that you are using the best, most reliable tools for the job. What you may not realize, however, is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for authentic business software.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular software available as Free Desktop Programs that every professional should have.

Upcoming Business Travel?

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LibreOffice & G Suite 

For: The Business Professional


A free alternative to Microsoft Office, LibreOffice is the successor to OpenOffice. This powerful office suite is compatible document formats created with Microsoft products.

Now you can: 

  • Utilize the same clean, high-quality documents as your colleagues, without monthly or yearly subscription fees.
  • Create and edit word documents with Writer, Create Spreadsheets with Calc, and Design Presentations with Impress.
  • The suite also includes programs for diagrams, databases, and formula editing.

G Suite

Like LibreOffice, G Suite offers a free solution to your need for office suite software. The main difference with G Suite is that it is cloud-based.

G Suite apps include:

  • Docs, a Word Processor.
  • Slides, for Creating Presentations.
  • Sheets, for Managing Spreadsheets.
  • App Maker, which allows you to create your own custom business apps.

Since G Suite relies on Google’s server for storage, rather than your computer’s hard drive, you can access your files anywhere that you have internet connectivity. This opens the doors for you to work from a traditional office or the back of an elegant limousine.

Limo Meaning:

A limousine is a large, luxury automobile, especially one driven by a chauffeur. The limousine car interior typically features seating along the back and sides of the vehicle, as well as a privacy partition to separate the chauffeur and passengers.


Looking for free Photoshop online?  GIMP, or, GNU Image Manipulation Program is an excellent alternative to the Adobe software. GIMP’s image editing software is available for most operating systems, including:

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows

The program is loaded with features and customization options, plus it is highly compatible with third-party plugins. Its user-friendly interface makes GIMP easy to work with, no matter if you’re a long-time graphic designer or a novice photographer new to image editing.

Visit their official website for the GIMP Free Download. Then snap a photo of your limo inside and try out your new image editing software!

Comparing limousine prices?

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Trello is great as a way for your team to stay on the same page with a visual representation of current or upcoming tasks and projects. The idea for Trello stems from the Japanese Kanban, “visual signal” or “card” method used by Toyota’s manufacturing line workers as far back as the 1940s.

You can create as many kanban cards or lists as you need to organize your business using the free plan. There’s no need to be stuck in a conference room when you have such incredible tools at your fingers tips.

Stay structured and easily keep in contact with your team back in the office, all while you’re being chauffeured via limo service.

Chauffeured Meaning:

There are drivers, and then there are chauffeurs. Driving around in a strange city, whether as a visitor for business or for leisure, can be stressful. Chauffeur service provides the benefits of having someone else drive you around with the security of riding with a licensed professional, as well as the added perk of arriving at your destination in style.

Chauffeur For Hire Near Me?


With Wave, you get a great free accounting services app. Additional features include payment processing and payroll management, but to access those services you have to pay for the add-ons.

Free features include the ability to create and edit reports, access invoicing, and do tax calculations. Don’t worry if you forgot to add the limo price into your expense report.

You can track income and expenses through Wave, so you can add a line for the limousine hire right into the report. 

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Online Customer Relationship Management from the all-in-one system. Capsule lets you keep information for:

  • All of your Leads
  • Vendors
  • Contacts
    —as well as—
  • Current Customers and Vendors

The CRM allows you to give other members of your Team access to the information they need. Thus, allowing Sales and Customer Service Teams the ability to keep up what each Team Member has done so far.

This improves efficiency by eliminating the need to call and email other departments for progress reports while providing a centralized location for data storage.

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Hiring a driver relieves some of the stress, as you can sit back without having to worry about being the one behind the wheel. However, taxis are expensive.

Services like Uber and Lyft have rates that fluctuate almost as unpredictably as gas prices. Limousine price points are typically much more affordable than a taxi service and definitely more reliable. 

While you focus on keeping your business running smoothly, let the professionals at A1A Limousine Service handle your luxury ground transportation needs. Whether you need a ride to the airport or an event planner for your next company get-together,  we can handle the details.


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Posture Is Everything: How To Have Excellent Posture As A Business Professional

Looks aren’t everything, but they can take you a long way as a business professional. You can tell a lot about a person by the way he carries himself. Having great posture is just one way to make sure that you always look your best.

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“A strong confident person can rule the room with knowledge, personal style, attitude and great posture.”
― Cindy Ann Peterson

What is posture?

According to the American Chiropractic Association, posture refers to the way you hold your body, specifically while sitting, standing, or lying down. When you keep good posture your body parts are properly supported, maintaining the proper level of muscle tension against gravity. Your body does most of the work for you when it comes to the basic elements of posture, but it does take some effort to keep from developing bad habits that could damage your body, as well as your image.

Good Posture:

It has been said that confidence can get you a long way. Good posture gives you the look of confidence and commands attention, simply by carrying yourself well as you enter a room. Not only that, but the health benefits are great. Keeping good posture helps lower the risk of strain and injury to your bones and ligaments.

You want to look like a confident business professional stepping out of that limousine with excellent posture. Great posture shows great confidence!

Bad Posture:

It’s easy to fall into the trap of bad posture. You may remember schoolteachers’ constant reminders to hold your head up straight, not to slouch, etc. If so, know that they weren’t just yelling at you for fun. They were trying to do you a favor. Poor posture looks sloppy and can cost you great opportunities. It can also cause strain on your body, often resulting in severe pain.

Examples of poor posture include:

  • Slouching
  • Leaning too far forward
  • Crossing your legs
  •  Locking your knees
  • Improper backrest placement in office chairs
  •  Sitting or standing for too long in one place
  •  Staying stiff/not relaxing your shoulders, etc.

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How to Correct Bad Posture

The best way to correct bad posture is simply to be aware of it. Try to make conscious assessments of your posture throughout the day. 

Are you crossing your legs? Uncross them.

Are you feeling stiff? Stretch your neck, arms, shoulders, and legs to relax a bit.

It will take a concerted effort, because you are essentially making a lifestyle change, but poor posture can be corrected. You will thank yourself later.

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How Good Posture Can Get You in the Door

Remember: Body language is a major way of communicating without saying a word.

1) Keep your head up. Avoid looking down at the ground. Not only does it make you look sad or nervous, but you are also quite likely to run into something or someone.

2) Make eye contact. Along with other body language tells such as a warm, genuine smile and a firm, unwavering voice, maintaining eye contact shows that you are taking the situation seriously. You want whomever you’re speaking with to know that you are paying attention and that you value his or her time.

3) Have a good, firm handshake. In fact, try to be the one who initiates the handshake. It shows that you are outgoing and not intimidated. Be careful, though. A soft handshake can be mistaken for weakness, fear, or uncertainty. An overzealous handshake or hard squeeze can be intimidating. It may give the impression that you are trying exert dominance or overcompensate for any feelings of doubt.

4) Don’t fidget. Most people have some nervous ticks, such as wringing your hands or pacing. While a mild level of stress is normal and healthy, coming off as too anxious can hurt you. Be aware of the ways that you show nervousness and work towards eliminating some of these tells.

5) Don’t appear standoffish. Simple things that you may not even notice can easily send the wrong message. Crossing your arms can make you appear closed-off, angry, or uninterested. Nervous ticks such as, drumming your fingers, can make you look impatient. This can give whomever you’re speaking with the idea that you feel as if they are wasting your time.

6) Don’t take up too much space. You want to appear open and inviting, but at the same time you don’t want to take liberties with other people’s personal space. Imagine that you finally land your dream job, but the moment you climb into that luxury limousine with the CEO he takes up three seats by himself. Don’t be that guy.

Keeping excellent posture definitely makes any business professional look good. Another way to look your best is use the best luxury transportation service available. Whether you need a chauffeur for hire on your next luxury travel excursion or an affordable limo for a corporate event, let A1A Limousine Service take care of your ground transportation needs.


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Written By: Amber M. Smith 

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