How To: From Business Professional To Entrepreneur

What’s the life of an entrepreneur in comparison to a business professional?


In any successful business, professionals seem to know exactly the right way to get things done. It seems as if they are the scholars of their time and have this innate ability to make their way through business matters with ease.


However, the newest term that appears to arise from the generation of,”Millennials” is one that is becoming more and more popular. That term would be an “Entrepreneur“.



What Is An Entrepreneur?

Entrepenuers are also known as businessmen or businesswomen. But, instead of working for other people, choose to work for themselves and use their own skill set to achieve goals. This means that they are building their empire for themselves.



Entrepreneur Meaning:

A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.



It’s not to say anyone can or can’t be their own boss. It’s about the amount of effort they will put into their business to achieve the goals they wish to.


  • For some,it may be to ride in a luxury limo any time they decide to go out.
  • Others, it may be to own some land and avoid society.


But, for mostentrepreneurs, it’s simply to be their own boss. Life living under someone else’s micromanaging can get old after a while. Even when you move up in a company, there are still limitations to what of your own you can implement. Is it time to reconsider?



Routines That Can Make You A Better Innovator



How To Be An Entrepreneur

Before you do anything, make sure you have achieved a level of confidence in whatever business you want to conduct.


  1. Have you gotten the proper education or skill set to make a professional statement about your business?
  2. Do you have credentials or certificates that qualify you?
  3. Can you come up with a business plan that suits your 1-3-5 year goals?
  4. Have you done market research to see if there’s a market for your business?
  5. If not, are you willing to do what it takes to learn to create one?
  6. Are you going to have people help you?


Once you have answered all of these questions and you determined that you are ready, there are some other things you need to do first.



Get A Tax ID & Business Name

The one thing that everyone hates is taxes! Unfortunately, as a business owner, you will be solely responsible for paying them. If you have employees, you also have to pay them and they submit tax forms too. More of your hard earned money right to taxes. Schisty!


So, it’s wise to start off with choosing a well thought out name for your business and getting a Tax ID from the state. Then, your business will become official and professionally licensed! Now you can conduct business!


It is a good idea to have a professional handle your taxes. Just keep a record of all of your expenses, investments, and gains.



Looking For An Extra Hand?

Hire A Personal Concierge From Our Team!



Check Your Local Business Regulations

Prior to starting any business or collecting any money for your services, it is important to know the laws regarding the business of your choosing.


Every city,county, municipality, and state have different laws and regulations for businesses. Most will require some form of licensing and/or insurance.


Once this is accomplished, you need to figure out if what you are trying to do is zoned for within the area. If it is, you are good to go!


For those who have an online business, you just need to make sure you use a payment processor like PayPal or Google Pay to have safe transactions that can be easily recorded.


Logo Design

You definitely want to have something that tells a bit about your business within the name, brand, and logo. It’s the way people recognize your business and you should make it professional, clean and keep it simple.


Choose a brand that is easy to remember or something that you can come up with hooks to draw your market in, with ease. You want to be memorable but not excessive. A perfect balance makes all the difference.



Get Your Business Noticed

The time has come! Now is the moment when you get to start telling people about your new business.


What will you say? Who will you tell? These are questions you should write down and answer so you can identify your target market and what you think will engage them the most.


Who will you be marketing to?:

  • Coworkers
  • The Elderly
  • Children
  • Pet Owners
  • Health Conscious Folks


You need to consider how to talk to these kinds of people or how to get through to them in this day in age. Perhaps you want to make something soothing and reflective for those who are looking for a solution to a problem. Your service or product is the solution!


Maybe you want to offer something for fans and certain types of people. Make sure you keep your marketing close to home with them so they feel like your product connects with them. I’ve been using Klonopin for more than three years (on a regular basis). This medicine was prescribed to me by my neurologist, since I’ve suffered from convulsions. My dosage is 1 mg two times a day. You should know that this medicine is far from harmless, but I didn’t have any other option. You can find out more about this drug on Itdefinitelydecreases tremor, but doesn’t cure it.



Platforms For Effective Marketing

Have yourself a website so that the world can see what you are doing. How else can you reach thousands of people at once? The internet!

When you have a business, whether local or international, nationwide or online, you’re going to want people to be able to:

  • See it
  • Search it
  • Easily access your contact information
  • View your services
  • Book appointments
  • Shop


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Social Media & Your Business

Social media can be your best friend if you get to know it well. You can utilize the many benefits of social media and bring loads of traffic to your business.


The most popular social media platforms to use for business are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Medium
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube


Each of these has their own purpose for use and can bring awareness to your company in a variety of ways.


Pro Tip: Quik is a great video making software for mobile phones. Adobe Spark Post is wonderful for posts and ads.


Business professionals have a lot of work to do, as do entrepreneurs. Now that you have a good idea on how to become an entrepreneur, do you think you could make a substantial professional business of your own?


There’s a lot to running a company. That’s why A1A Airport and Limousine Service has black car service that gives you a chance to put your feet up when you’re traveling for business or vacation. From sedans to motor coaches with party buses in between, you can’t choose a better company for worldwide luxury ground transportation.


Don’t get overwhelmed when planning your travel or upcoming events! Hire a travel manager to assist you with your routes, and an event planner to keep your business events organized. If you’re looking for an extra hand, personal concierge or protective services may be what can make your day what it’s meant to be. Contact our professionals today!




2019 Business Ideas for Women

A successful entrepreneur must be outgoing, innovative, and hardworking to get the business off of the ground. However, there do seem to be some differences in business ideas for women and men, according to a Spring 2018 SCORE study.



Some of the study’s findings include:

  • Women may be slightly more likely to start businesses than men.
  • Women-owned businesses tend to be more service-based
  • Men-owned businesses focused on construction or manufacturing.


With these findings in mind, it’s not surprising that some of 2019’s top business ideas for women follow similar trends. With these ideas you can work from home or establish your own office. The possibilities are endless, but it all starts with you.



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Become a Virtual Assistant

The role of personal assistant looks a little different in the digital age. Thanks to modern technology, we can maintain constant connectivity with the internet and other networks.


Virtual assistants, or VAs, make use of these technologies to perform many of a personal assistant’s tasks from a remote location. With more advanced VA work, you may even handle jobs like remote project management.


A typical day may not look the same for any two virtual assistants. Some work from home while others work from an office. VAs may be either self-employed, freelance, or work for a visual assistance agency. This type of work is available in several clerical fields, such as data entry, accounting, and translation.


Since the work varies so widely, the pay does as well. Virtual assistants may charge per task or negotiate an hourly rate. However, glassdoor reports an average base salary as $20-26K. VAs can also pick up gigs on sites like Upwork.




Create a Scene as a Graphic Designer

Behind every image that you see is a graphic designer. From billboards to limousine car emblems, every picture was created by a graphic artist. Much of today’s design work is done digitally, making it easier for these creative professionals to take their work on the go.


Graphic design has grown into a huge industry. It includes typography, web design, branding & marketing, publishing, and so much more. One day you may design a logo for the next big national brand while your colleague is creating new business cards for Miami Airport Car Service.


There is a lot of potential in this field for women with an artistic eye. Yearly salaries range from $30-70K, but that all depends on the structure of your business. Freelance artists may not earn as much as those on salary, but they may have more freedom and flexibility.



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Sell Your Wares on Etsy

Another great opportunity for artists and creatives is opening an online store. Whether your product is digital or physical, selling from a website gives your products greater visibility than a traditional storefront.


With Etsy, potential customers can browse your items from their phones just as easily as they can from their computers. That means that they can shop from home or even while riding in a stretch limousine.


There is a lot of earnings potential in this market. Etsy reports that over 33 million buyers purchased more than $3 billion dollars worth of merchandise through its marketplace in 2017. The site features low seller fees and provides tools to help sellers manage their businesses. Visit the site to learn more about how to set up your shop.



Business Ideas For Women

Plan Epic Journeys as a Travel Agent

For those who love making plans, working as a travel agent lets you use your creative skills to make your clients’ vacation dreams come true. This job entails arranging luxury ground transportation, flights, and hotel accommodations based on your clients’ travel goals and personal needs. Median earnings in this field come in around $36K.


No two travel plans are the same, but a good travel agent knows how to find the perfect accommodations for every situation. For example, you may be arranging transportation for personal or corporate travel. Understanding the purpose of each trip is essential to doing this job well. As you build a clientele you will learn things such as who enjoys limo transportation and who prefers riding in Town Cars.


Some of the major qualifications for this career are a strong knowledge of world geography and excellent computer skills. Agents should also be well-traveled and understand the significance of world cultures.


Business Travel

The best way to learn these skills is to have frequent travel experiences of your own. Before you book your next trip, treat yourself to a reservation for luxury ground transportation. Thanks to A1A Limo’s global affiliate network, we provide affordable limousine service to nearly any destination. Download our app today to search for a limousine car, wherever you are!






Written By: Amber M. Smith

Party in a Bus: It Could Boost Office Morale

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.

You find the fun, and – SNAP – the job’s a game!” 

—Mary Poppins


Could a Party in a Bus Help Boost Business?

Productivity is strongly tied to office morale. If you’re wondering how that is, consider the following. The overall outlook of the people that work in an office makes a big difference in how well those people are able to get things done.



That is to say, office morale is a way to gauge employees’

  • Emotions
  • Attitudes
  • Level of satisfaction
  • And overall effectiveness in the workplace


Don’t be fooled into thinking that morale-boosting events are just an excuse to play around at work. Research has shown that taking breaks during working hours can actually help employees to be more productive in the long run. 



Could Your Business Be Saving Money By Using A Limo Service?



Why Does Office Morale Matter?

For an office to have high morale means that its employees are active and productive during work hours. It also shows how satisfied those employees are while working at the office.

The office environment is also a big factor when it comes to retaining employees. Employees prefer not to work in an office with a dull outlook or little colleague interaction. 

Low office morale may cause the company to perform poorly. For example, employees who feel forced to work can be somewhat counterproductive. That is because their negative feelings impact their motivation to work. Therefore, it is in any company’s best interests to ensure that its environment is welcoming to its employees.




How to Boost Office Morale

There are many ways that employers can make their businesses better places to work. The main thing is to keep a close watch on your workplace’s morale.

Should you need to improve the morale in your office, you can do so through on- or off-site activities. These activities are strategically driven to improve participants’ moods, boost camaraderie, and improve the general quality of office life.

These team-building activities may work well within the office itself. However, sometimes it takes a change of scenery to really make a difference.



Corporate Travel to Conference Room: Business Wardrobe Essentials



Take a Break From the Office with a Party in a Bus

It’s time to get out of the office for some team building activities! Now you just have to decide where to go and how to get there. With a party bus rental, the way there is part of the fun. Everyone gets to ride together, rather than arriving separately. This helps to foster the feeling of all being a part of one team. 

As far as where to go, the only limit to your options is your own creativity. However, we’ve got a few ideas to get your brainstorming started.




Looking for For Reliable Business Event Transportation?

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Celebrate Milestones

Celebrating work milestones shows employees that they are doing something meaningful. It helps them to see that what they are doing matters to the company and that their work is appreciated.

Imagine your five-year work anniversary passing by without anyone saying a word. Having major achievements go unnoticed gives employees the impression that neither they nor their work matters. Over time, these perceptions can manifest in decreased productivity.

Milestones should be celebrated for each employee. However, the celebration should be open to everyone in the office. 

One way to celebrate is to host an office block party or bar crawl. The after-work party will boost everyone’s morale and could inspire them toward similar achievements. However, it is important that everyone party responsibly. Hire a party van – sometimes called a party bus – to ensure that everyone gets home safely.

During the party, remember that it’s okay to have fun, but these are your colleagues. It’s important to maintain an appropriate professional relationship between management and employees at all times. Mind the line between true friendship and being friendly.



How To: From Business Professional To Entrepreneur



Puzzle Your Way Out

Put your team’s problem-solving skills to work! Escape rooms are becoming an increasingly popular team-building activity. These are immersive puzzle games where teams are locked into a room which they must solve puzzles and riddles to escape.

These teams must work together to find clues and reach the exit. There is no time to waste, as participants must find a way out before the clock stops ticking. Adventures can be booked with various time slots, but they typically last around an hour.

Escape room scenarios are often inspired by popular cultures and themes. For example, popular themes include surviving a zombie outbreak or prison cell. 

This is also an excellent way to discover your employees’ and colleagues’ hidden strengths. The game sometimes requires skills in science, history, logic, or other important topics. By combining their knowledge and working in a team, your employees will find a way out.

For an added camaraderie bonus, consider hiring a party bus or limousine service. The time your employees spend together in a casual setting will help them bond and build trust among each other. This will be important to their success in any team building activity. In addition, it may also help improve the atmosphere in the office.




Get Out of Town

Some businesses even host weekend retreats for their employees. A trip to another city is an excellent opportunity to take a real break. When the weather is nice for traveling, consider booking a getaway for your employees.

It is customary to allow spouses on these types of trips, as well, since they often have you away from home for several days. This makes the trip more of a real vacation for your staff. It also presents a good opportunity to plan a retreat as part of your employees’ milestone or holiday bonus! What better motivation for success than to enjoy a work-sponsored party in a bus?

Need destination ideas? A trip to the beach can be a great way to refresh your mind and cool down in the summertime. In the winter, this trip would require a destination somewhere warm, like South Florida. The weather there is beautiful year-round, although summers can be pretty wet.

Should you be planning an office outing in the land of endless summer, you’ll want the best South Florida limo company at your service. In fact, A1A Limo isn’t just the best in South Florida limo rental. Our services are available worldwide through our global affiliate network.

Limo Bus Essentials: Everything You Need To Know

Party in a Bus for a Journey That’s as Fun as Your Destination

If your team has recently worked through a period of tough projects, then a trip will be a rewarding break for them. Not only will it help your team build a stronger bond, but it will also make your company stronger as a whole. The trust and bonds formed on a company trip are long lasting and the results are sure to impress.

Before you set off on that trip, though, be sure that you have reliable transportation. Don’t leave this outing up to chance. Secure a party bus rental and you can leave the driving to the professionals. At A1A Airport and Limousine Service, we have a fleet full of the best limo bus options for any size group.

For example, our largest luxury coach is an air-conditioned bus that seats about 50 people. For smaller groups, we have limousine cars that can seat anywhere from two to thirty passengers.

No matter which vehicle you choose, remember that the most important thing is for you and your employees to have fun. These activities will aid in bringing out the best in your employees while helping your company to achieve its goals.





Written By: Amber M. Smith

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What Qualities Make a Successful Entrepreneur?

There are tons of guides out there that claim to have the best advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur. However, many of them just repeat the same tired, common-sense advice.

How many times have you heard lines these lines?

• Work hard and you’ll reach the top
• No pain; No gain
• No vacation ‘til you reach your destination

These phrases are great for those cheesy motivational posters, but real success calls for some advice from the real world.


Top Five Secrets Of A Successful Entrepreneur

The truth is that you can achieve success without working yourself to death. Success isn’t about becoming famous or riding in a limousine car. It’s about realizing your business potential while maintaining a good quality of life.



Develop a Strong Work Ethic

Most people will say that they believe in a strong work ethic. However, some don’t really have a good idea of what that means.

Imagine, for example, someone who works in direct sales. This could be a door-to-door salesperson or someone who is paid on commission. In these types of jobs, your wages depend directly on your sales. This impacts your incentive to network, increase sales, and perform well on the job.

Now compare this to jobs where people are paid on salary or at an hourly rate. When your pay isn’t directly connected to your productivity, it’s more difficult to justify working harder than someone else who is doing the same job.

There are consequences when a workplace doesn’t reward those with a stronger work ethic. Its employees can begin to lose sight of the value of hard work.




Persistence and Perseverance

One of the hardest parts of developing a strong work ethic is building discipline. You will be tested as you build a career in business. However, each of your tests will teach you an important lesson.

Invest in more than just the stock market. You will need to devote time, money, and energy into building your own brand and personal presence. For example, you may need to spend money on professional attire to look the part.

• Learn to deal with rejection. You may make a few bad deals in business. Potential customers may not always go for your sales pitch. These things happen. The difference in a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one is that one never gives up. It takes great strength to keep trying after getting rejected again and again. However, this strength can propel your ventures to greatness.




Improve Your Social Skills

One of the most important aspects of business is networking. This involves getting out and meeting other people with intent to bolster your business. You’ll have to get good at establishing a positive relationship with people within a short time-frame.

When you hear people say that business is about who you know, this is what they are talking about. Making a good impression on an investor that you met at a social function could help you secure funding for your business down the road.




Don’t Be Afraid of Corporate Travel

Most business travel centers around conferences, meetings, and trade shows. When you’re on the road, the way you get around can help or hinder your trip’s success.

First impressions are critical. Therefore, anything that you can do to improve your image is a plus. For example, showing up to an event via limo transportation is a lot more impressive than giving your keys to the valet.

What you may not realize, though, is that there is more to luxury ground transportation than the standard stretch limousine. Solo travelers may prefer Town Cars while large groups may need the greater capacity of a limo bus.

The bottom line is that sometimes just the act of putting yourself out there does a lot for your brand. Attending an event increases your visibility. Therefore, you’ll want to look your best while the world is watching.




Work Smarter, Not Harder

Working at full speed isn’t the only way to succeed. In fact, it could be dangerous. Hard work is important, but it places your body and mind under stress. That’s not good for your health, so make sure to schedule yourself some time to relax. Cialis works, but is very expensive. So I switched to Levitra. The action was not worse. It also acts for male potency but it is several times cheaper. So, I advise it to everyone who has problems after 50.

One way to alleviate some work stress without losing productivity is to take shortcuts when possible, such as when delegating tasks to others. Some upper-level business executives have a personal assistant to help manage day-to-day tasks.

When you’re starting out in the business world, it may take time to earn the profits necessary to employ a full-time assistant. A cost-effective alternative to a personal assistant is a personal concierge service. Since this service is typically booked through an agency rather than directly employed by your business, personal concierge is more affordable and flexible than a full-time assistant.



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Never Stop Learning

The Art of War is widely read among business professionals. Sun Tzu’s ancient military strategy guide, contains many lessons that could be applied to the business world. One of them is that the way to defeat an enemy isn’t to fight harder or send more troops. Rather, it is better to think outside of the box and outsmart your opponent.

You can read books about proven strategies to succeed within your industry. Watch documentaries about successful entrepreneur types in your field. Take a class to learn new skills. You can choose any learning method that works for you, just don’t forget to share what you’ve learned with up-and-comers behind you.



Maintain Work/Life Balance

As cliché as it sounds, there is a bit of truth to this one: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

In other words, working hard is important to becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, focusing on work for too long or too intensely can lead to burnout. When someone burns out, they may react in a number of ways.

The most common way is continuing to do their work, but without the same joy that they used to feel. In these cases, productivity decreases, but so does the person’s quality of life. However, in other cases people are hospitalized or killed due to work-related stress. Therefore, it is essential to make time for rest, relaxation, and fun in your life.

Even small moments of rest can improve your mood and boost productivity. For example, someone who is stressed out after a long flight may begin to relax with an airport shuttle. Having a ride waiting for you is much less stressful than trying to call a cab, or worse, driving through airport traffic! Although it is important to choose the best limousine company for the job.

At A1A Limo, we are dedicated to providing quality service for every client, every time. Our beautiful limousine car fleet is well-maintained to ensure that you turn heads wherever you go. In addition, our professional chauffeurs known their way around the area so you can take the quickest path or the scenic route.

Give us a call or head over to our website to book your reservation today!




Written By: Amber M. Smith

Making New Year’s Resolutions Work For Your Business

There’s no better time to review your company’s progress over the past year. To make New Year’s resolutions to gain increased success in 2019. It’s time to truly reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses. So you can better create resolutions that will help you see business growth and also have a positive effect on your personal life.

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, but only a small percentage follows through. This is usually because the goals aren’t realistic or are way too complicated. Careful planning, keeping goals simple, and ensuring the right tools are in place can significantly increase your ability to achieve your goals and keep to those resolutions. If your goals seem insurmountable, reflect on what’s most important and break them down into manageable pieces.

Statistics show that people who share the commitment of resolutions are 65 percent more likely to achieve set goals. The chances of success increase by 95 percent. When regularly-scheduled meetings are held with partners to review progress.
The following New Year’s resolutions will help ensure a better balance in your work life. As well as a business success plan and your well being.


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Developing/Monitoring your Business Plan

If you haven’t already developed a business plan for the New Year, now’s the time to do so. With a good business plan in place, you not only have an excellent way to guide the company to better success. But also a motivator to keep you on track and achieve your goals for 2019.

For instance, if one of your main goals is to attract new customers. Promoting the company should be a priority. You may even consider a marketing consultant to develop a marketing plan.

In addition, create milestones and deadlines for your resolutions, goals, and plans. This creates a realistic approach to achieving your goals that allows for new goals to be set. Once each milestone is accomplished. In other words, step-by-step.

Monitoring your business plan should be part of a weekly or even daily routine. Allowing you to review, adjust, and look ahead to help ensure you’re on track. Involve your employees in the development/monitoring process. So they clearly understand your business objectives and what part they play in the overall business plan.

Most importantly, be persistent! Stick to your goals and objectives and don’t be too hard on yourself. There’re going to be times when things are overlooked or other activities become a priority. Focus on both the long-term goals, as well as the short-term objectives.



Managing Business Finances For Your New Year’s Resolution

One of the biggest reasons businesses fail is lack of proper management of cash flow and expenditures. Accounting software and expense-tracking tools can help keep you on track. Aiding in forecasting potential financial issues. If time is critical in terms of developing or expanding your business, there are some very reputable companies. Who can handle the task of financial planning and projections.


Connecting with Employees/Customers

It’s extremely beneficial to connect with your employees and grow and evolve as a team. Truly listen, take action, and follow up when employees voice concerns or have ideas to improve the business.

Taking a vested interest in what employees and customers have to say is a great motivational tool for everyone involved and good business practice. Remember, everyone appreciates recognition for a job well done and a sincere thank you goes a long way to strengthen bonds with customers, as well.

Companies who offer learning and development programs find this to be very meaningful in terms of retention, loyalty, and growth. Also, it’s a good idea to bring teams together off site on occasion to celebrate completion of milestones or award of a contract. Employees will connect and generate new innovation ideas together.

To afford you an opportunity to get to know them better. This is also true of offering corporate travel or business event opportunities to employees. Your staff’s the most important resource you have, so investing in them should be a high priority this year, resulting in more motivation and improved productivity.

In addition, as a New Year’s resolution, consider a commitment to diversify your team. Companies who hire people across different age groups, backgrounds, genders, and cultures are statistically more likely to show a greater exponential growth as diverse team members offer new and different perspectives and opinions.



Corporate Travel/Business Event Transportation

Corporate travel can be stressful and exhausting! By reserving limo transportation in advance for your business event transportation. You and your employees will enjoy an easier and more pleasurable experience, riding in comfort and style.

Professional chauffeurs are well trained, licensed, and insured, as well as familiar with the geographical locations and high-traffic areas. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, A1A Limo’s fleet features a variety of elegant vehicles of all sizes to accommodate any size group. Let us help you make your New Year’s resolutions a reality.



Improving Communication Skills

Clear and precise communication is important in business. A large part of communication today is accomplished through on-line media, which can cause misunderstandings between recipients.

Your clientele and employees pay close attention to what you post, so it’s vital to focus on the quality of your postings and consider the specific audience you’re interacting with. Improving communication skills can help you better connect with your employees, clientele, and potential customers.



Maintaining Health/Fitness

Running a business requires a lot of time and energy, so staying healthy and fit is an important aspect of your company’s success. Make sure you reserve time for healthy food preparation, a fitness plan, and a good night’s sleep, as well as carving out time for pleasure and even that vacation you so deserve.


Traveling With a Group to Your Business Events?

The best way to travel with your business associates or co-workers is in a new limousine or Limo Bus. It’s more convenient and affordable than car rentals or taxicabs, and more reliable than Uber.

With affordable luxury ground transportation, your professional chauffeur and personal concierge will assist with your luggage and personally ensure your safety and comfort. Arrive in style with the look of a professional and make a great first impression at the same time.




As a business owner, it’s extremely important to recognize the need to delegate. Letting go can be difficult, but delegating tasks to others frees you up to focus on the most important part of running your business. There are always tasks we dread or prefer not to do and delegating can promote a healthier work-life balance.



Learning Something New

Another important aspect to a healthy work-life balance is learning new skill sets and adding different interests to your life. This also opens up opportunities to meet new and interesting people who could potentially become clients, colleagues, or even friends.

This new learning experience can be related or unrelated to your business and can lead to unexpected and rewarding results.




Networking has become a key marketing tool across all business industries and there are many platforms for this interface. More business events are offering networking opportunities. Where business owners meet face-to-face with other entrepreneurs and vendors.

Including sparking new ideas, creating beneficial relationships, and developing new contacts. This can also lead to joining organizations in person or online, which can revitalize you and your business.



Giving Back to the Community

There are many ways to contribute to the community and, by promoting goodwill, you and your business will grow and thrive. So, make a New Year’s resolution to become a mentor, serve on a committee, volunteer or donate to a cause that really matters to you.

Contact someone just starting out in the industry and become a sounding board for advice. In other words, pay it forward. You will be recognized as an expert in the field and also create potential business relationships in the community.



Out with the Old and In with the New

If you’ve been putting off replacing old/ineffective equipment that hampers your ability to perform efficiently, now is the time to upgrade. This is also true if you’re in need of hiring an assistant, or making changes if a specific product/service/sales method/vendor isn’t ideal for your company. 


A1A Limo Service

We are a South Florida-based Limo Service providing affordable, first-class luxury ground transportation worldwide. Make your corporate travel less stressful and more enjoyable by reserving one of our limousine cars.

Your professionally-trained chauffeur and personal concierge will meet and greet you at the airport, assist with your luggage, and provide safe and elegant ground transportation to any of your destinations. A1A’s “on time, every time” guarantee ensures you will arrive on schedule and in style!

Included in our services are Airport Shuttles, corporate travel and business event transportation, as well as special occasions, private parties, weddings, proms, a night out with family or friends, and much more!

We have a beautiful up-to-date fleet of elegant limousine cars, including Town Cars, stretch limousines, and party buses. So, we can accommodate any size group.

Check Out Our Fleet

Call or go online and reserve your luxury ground transportation today!



Written By: Ryan Lubin

4 Corporate Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Business Trip More Productive

Is corporate travel the best way to get up to speed with your pending work? Most definitely!

But do you actually put in those endless hours of traveling to use?

Many people confess that apart from attending those meetings and business events we usually end up doing nothing productive. You can blame this on jet lag and tedious hours of commuting in unprofessional business event transportation services. Or you can be honest and accept that the problem actually lies in your lack of planning. Are we right?

Henceforth, let bygones be bygones and start anew with your corporate travels. This article will teach you how to prep and carry out your business trips efficiently.

Here we present a number of tips and tricks that will boost your productivity levels:

Strategic Packing For Corporate Travel

Wondering what to take on the trip?

We know that traveling alone takes a toll on you because you won’t have anyone else to borrow socks or a toothbrush from when you misplace them. That is probably why your suitcase is stuffed with extra necessities that you might not really need. Not only does this weigh you down, but it adds extra minutes to your airport security check.

We can’t assist you with your corporate wardrobe. But we can lend a hand in letting you know what essentials you will need for a smooth proactive journey:

Go Paperless

Does your corporate travel involve lots of shuffling of papers? Are you helplessly searching for your flight details in the huge stack of documentation? We’ve all been there. We’ve been the target of impatient glares when we hold the queue.

Therefore, it is better to hold soft copies of your documents instead of printing them out. Doing so helps you to pull out the necessary information without fumbling through multiple pages. And just in case you need hard copies then we suggest that you organize the files in proper categories.

Hit the Books 

Not actual books though! That would simply negate our last tip.

We want you to download files or bookmark industry-based articles that have been on your wish list for a while. That is because waiting for delayed flights, airport shuttles and commuting to the corporate events is the perfect time to catch up on those pending researches. Plus, it kills time in a more productive manner, unlike Solitaire.

Pro tip: Pack your luggage in layers to get the most out of the space!

Digital Cooperation

Are you worried about getting lost in the city? Do you have a problem with remembering dates? Has your itinerary gotten out of hands?
Don’t fret! Our electronic gadgets and smart apps are there to assist you without causing any fuss. We feel that the digital era is highly helpful for the up and coming businesses that involve a lot of traveling.

That is because these nifty devices allow you to stay in touch with workers back home. In addition to that, they let you effortlessly keep an eye on what’s next on the agenda.

Here are a few digital companions that can accelerate your productivity:

Smartphones: We all have one. But do you use it for the right purposes?

You should download Google apps (Google Maps and Google Translate) that help you navigate through foreign territories.

Apps like Google Docs and Evernote are ever ready to synchronize your rough drafts/notes to your main system when you are penning them down on-the-go.

MapsWithMe provides you with extensive offline maps when you can neither find a WiFi signal or your destination.

Use social media apps to stay updated with the company’s activities.

Make your business calls and send the outstanding emails when you get a free minute or two between flight transits.

Laptops and Tablets: The advanced technology has made our personal computers handy and portable.

This means that you can travel with your office wherever you do. Just make sure that you have all the important documents downloaded on your personal system.

This allows you to track and monitor changes done by the team when you are up in the air.

Pro tip: Invest in a backup portable charger that lets you work endlessly on your digital devices without facing battery issues.


The Mobile Office, Whether You’re In The Air Or Riding In A Limo

We’ve already proven that you can’t make excuses by going AWOL on work when you have got a phone on you. Therefore, it is better to get crafty by creating a substitute office in your hotel.

And if you are on the road during most of the trip then you should hire town cars or a limo bus. Not only will they accommodate your business equipment but they won’t be leaving you hanging when you call them at odd times.

What does your mobile office need?:

• Your laptop for communication and delegation with your team back home.

• All the important documents and journals you need for the business events

• A little trinket from your office desk to give you the right ‘feel’

• Calendar or planner to help you keep track of your meetings/events

Overall, remember to pack office-related essentials that you will need to put this idea into motion. Moreover, pack the documentation and device in a nice organized manner within your reach.


The Road to Success

It is no secret that your corporate travel involves a lot of commutes. Many companies make the mistake of booking off-site hotels or have arranged meetings all across the city map. That is why it is important that you use limousine cars. It lets you ride in style and prevents roadblocks from hindering your productivity. But that’s not all!

Here are a few solid reasons why you should hire limo transportation:

Cost-Effective: Companies like A1A Limo offer affordable limousine services that are cheaper than taxis or public transport

Efficient: You can avail an on-demand personal concierge that will ensure that your trip runs smoothly

Connectivity: Modern town cars and limousine cars have internet and Bluetooth connectivity. Hence, it lets you make the most of your time when you are stuck in a traffic jam (e.g. business calls, emails and rehearsing presentations).

Professional: The chauffeurs are professional drivers that can navigate your journey using the fastest routes. Therefore, your punctuality will never be compromised.

In short, availing the numerous facilities provided by limo services makes your corporate travel a whole lot easier and stress-free. Plus, it is better than renting cars or driving your own, as it permits you to be hands-on with your work when you are on the road.

Need a limo service?

The A1A Limo Company is one of the leading names in Miami Airport Car Service. They have the shiny fleet of town cars that are bound to make an impression anywhere you go. Additionally, they provide a stretch limousine for luxury ground transportation.

When you are up in the air, no one is breathing down your neck to get things done. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you from making most of your time. After all, corporate travel is all about boosting sales and helping make the company grow when you are on the road. Isn’t it?

Bon Voyage!

How To Boost Business By Keeping The Spirit Of Christmas Year-Round

Any successful business owner will tell you that the secrets to managing a profitable business are kindness, integrity, courage, and honesty.

This is true not only towards customers and clients, but also for their employees. You can boost business by keeping the spirit of Christmas year-round.

Entrepreneurs and managerial personnel should always exercise these attributes throughout the calendar year. Paying attention to what is important in the lives of those around us and showing compassion doesn’t mean allowing others to take advantage, or to impact you in negative ways. It means understanding the importance of keeping control of your business in the professional sense, but also being a good and caring person.

Some large and well-known companies have suffered dramatically from ignoring the needs and sensibilities of their employees. For instance, employees who experience gender or racial bias, sexual harassment issues, or are overworked and under paid are less likely to stay with a company or be productive if management does nothing to correct these abuses.

So, it is vital that all levels of management, including business owners themselves, stay involved and care about the welfare of their staff.

The same is true for clients/customers. A good example is if you have a perspective client, or even a current client, coming to meet with you at your place of business. Whether they are coming from out-of-town or locally, showing them courtesy by arranging safe and comfortable luxury ground transportation can go a long way to improving your customer relations.

Flying Out of Town for Business?

It goes without saying that corporate travel can be exhausting. It often involves long flights to an unfamiliar city. This means dealing with airport traffic and finding your way around a new area. You and your employees deserve better.

By reserving an Airport Shuttle, you ensure that your weary travelers will be met and greeted by a professional chauffeur and personal concierge, who will assist them with their luggage and provide them with a chance to catch their breath before going on to meet with potential clients. It may even allow the time needed to review or even finish that presentation.

Taking this into consideration gives you and your traveling companions a chance to relax on the way to your ground destination. This not only improves the ability to perform, but also is a way of saying thank you for your service. When you show loyalty, so will they!

Need To Book An Airport Transfer?

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The Best Limousine Service in South Florida

By establishing a business relationship with a high-quality and affordable limousine company means you will always have this service available when you need it the most. It also affords discounted prices and ensures that the type of limo you need will be readily available. For instance, for two or three passengers, you will want to consider a luxury sedan, such as a Town Car.

For larger groups, a stretch limousine is usually perfect and, if you have an even larger group of passengers, there are executive vans available. So, there is always room for everyone!

It often takes courage to make the right business decisions. For instance, investing in your employees’ future with profit sharing or contributing to 401(k) plans. Even the small things count, such as finding little ways to celebrate milestones, cultural events, and holidays. You can show appreciation and respect for others throughout the year, resulting in your employees being happier and more productive.

Surprising everyone with seasonal snacks in the break room, or a gift card for special occasions can only improve the quality of the work environment. All work and no play can actually be harmful to your bottom line. So, remember, you can boost your business just by being thoughtful and kind.

What A Luxurious Fleet Should Look Like: 

Check Out Our Fleet

Christmas only comes around once a year, right?

Well, if you wake every morning with excitement and good expectations (like on Christmas morning), you just might find yourself in a very Christmas-y mood throughout the day. Don’t go to bed stressed out and worried about what tomorrow will bring! Be excited about what could happen in the new day and then make it a reality.

Create a list of goals every evening and get excited just as you did when you wrote your Christmas wish list! It will improve your sleep and you will wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world. Part of the equation is gratitude. As a successful business owner, you have a great many reasons to be grateful. Share these ideas with your friends, family, and coworkers and propel the Christmas spirit forward day after day!

Let’s look at some other ways to improve your state of mind:

When traveling for business, you want to show up refreshed and well rested. Limo transportation can save the day! You can say goodbye to road rage, the hassle of rental cars, and parking woes.

Instead, you can relax in the back of a limousine car and leave the driving to the professionals. You will have peace of mind, knowing your chauffeur is professionally trained and cognizant of high-traffic and construction zones.

You can be assured of safety and security, as well. Show your employees and/or clients that their safety and comfort is of the utmost importance. Everyone deserves a little “me-time,” especially with corporate travel, where you are often experiencing general travel chaos. Luxury ground transportation offers the opportunity for personal space even during the work day!

Don’t forget – luxury travel is a gift! Every time that you book business event transportation with a limo service, you are giving yourself or your employees the gift of safe and comfortable luxury ground transportation. You’re improving the quality of their corporate travel experience and, consequently, boosting your business prospects.


A1A Limo Service

We provide affordable, first-class luxury ground transportation worldwide. A1A Limo Service offers:

What this means is that you can send your high-profile executives and clients off in an elegant limo with a personal bodyguard.

We also offer limousine rentals for special occasions, private parties, weddings, proms, sporting events, tours, a night out with family or friends, non-emergency medical transportation, and much more!

Our chauffeurs are professionally trained and well groomed. With meet and greet services at the airport, this is a real welcome for anyone weary after a long flight. Don’t battle the airport traffic, or find your way around a new area! Sit back and enjoy the comfort and safety of our luxury ground transportation.

We have a beautiful up-to-date fleet of elegant Town Cars, stretch limos, and party vans and buses. So, there is always room for everyone!

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Should Your Business Join the Chamber of Commerce?

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce was established for multiple reasons, but its main goal is supporting the business community. It creates a business network on behalf of local, state, national, and international business interests.

This complex network of companies comes together to achieve important objectives, both strategically and operationally. It also assists Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), enabling more competitive and innovative opportunities.

Chamber Facts:

The Chamber of Commerce of New York—the first of its kind in the United States—was established in 1768, during the British Colonial Period.


The Chamber does not have the authority to directly write, regulate, or pass laws that affect businesses. However, they do lobby local and Federal Government entities for the passage of bills related to business practices.

Unlike the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which represents both businesses and the general public, the Chamber of Commerce focuses only on local business interests.

8 Tips For Balancing Family Life As A Business Professional


Bettering the Local Business Community

Local business owners join together to advocate for their individual business communities.

They do this in the interest of improving the area’s economic, civic, and cultural well-being.

Each Chamber of Commerce has its own elected officials to decide its policies.

To do this, each Chamber conducts a careful study of the community’s needs and designs an Action Plan.

The success of each Chamber depends on:

The members’ and elected officials’ level of activity within the Chamber, as well as an Action Plan best suited to the needs of the local community.

Executing a Plan of Action

The goal of the Action Plan is to ensure the community’s economic growth and stability. Furthermore, serves to attract additional customers and income for the business community.

The Action Plan focuses on:

  • Development and expansion in business and industry,

  • Educational opportunities,

  • Development of infrastructure,

  • Marketing and promotional techniques,

Another major focus is networking between businesses locally, statewide, nationally, and even internationally.

Leadership Skills That Every Business Professional Can Use


Working Together, Near or Far

The World Chambers Network is the largest global business network. There are approximately 13,000 Chambers of Commerce registered in its World Chambers Network Registry.

Of those, roughly 4,000 Chambers of Commerce are in the United States. Each one has at least one full-time staff person and thousands more established as strictly volunteer entities.

Each Chamber is incorporated and individually operated.

The Chamber of Commerce is not an agency of the United States Government but often works closely with the local mayor, council bodies, and state representatives to improve the quality of commerce in the region.

Food For Thought:

Check Out These 5 Brain Fuel Foods For Business Professionals

In the United States, Chambers of Commerce operate almost exclusively as non-profit organizations known as 501(c)(6) corporations.

  • Under state and federal tax laws, these 501(c)(6) non-profit entities are able to represent Chamber members in public policy debates through the practice of lobbying and working with local and state representatives.

The senior executive members are often state-registered lobbyist and the use of general fund revenues for Chamber political and lobbying purposes is strictly regulated.

  • The business models and organizational missions of individual Chambers of Commerce may greatly vary from Chamber to Chamber.

Finding a Chamber

The Chamber’s service territory is typically defined by the catchment area and location of its member businesses. This is different than other demographically-focused business groups established in a wider range around the country.

Chambers are often named or trademarked based on their geographic location. Some examples are the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce or Cape May County Chamber of Commerce.

However, there are no rules governing the number of economic advancement groups in an area.

For example: in the city of Chicago, there are currently more than 20 individually run Chambers of Commerce and related organizations.

A company may choose to join multiple Chambers of Commerce to broaden their business opportunities. Logistically, this could create a need for air travel or ground transportation to each location.

Starting A Small Business? Here’s What You Might Have Overlooked


Joining the Chamber

It is not mandatory for business proprietors to become a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, it’s beneficial in terms of business growth and support from both the Chamber and local government officials.

Depending on the size of the region, membership can range from a few dozen firms to more than 20,000. It is important to note that the Chamber member is the business itself, rather than the individuals representing the company.

Each member company pays dues, typically based on its size. This can be measured in terms of employee count or annual revenue.

Senior level employees from each entity are encouraged to participate in the work of the Chamber. This is a good way to advance the company’s market or policy interests.

Top-Rated Chambers of Commerce in the U.S.

Looking for the best-rated Chambers in your area?

These are some of the best in the United States.

Greater New York

20 West 44th Street, 4th Floor

New York City, NY 10036

Improving the business opportunities and general quality of living are the Greater New York Chamber’s top priorities. This Chamber represents over 30,000 business and civic leaders in the New York Metropolitan Area business community.

The Greater New York Chamber also provides member referral services, listings in the Business Directory and Economic Development Guide, networking and educational forums, a business research center, and much more!

Greater Hollywood

330 North Federal Hwy.

Hollywood, FL 33020

Established in 1926, the Greater Hollywood Chamber has a proven record representing local business interests, advancing economic growth, and providing high-quality community leadership.

  • Therefore offering over 230 networking opportunities and educational seminars and promote local businesses through advanced technology. They also offer an interactive Hollywood map and a current list of all upcoming events.


410 N. Michigan Ave., #900

Chicago, IL 60611

Chicagoland’s Chamber is a very influential economic advancement group representing over 1,100 businesses across all major industries. With more than half of Chicagoland’s Chamber members conducting international business, this Chamber provides both regional and global networking.

Local members employ 400,000 people and create more than $24 billion in local annual revenue. This Chamber conducts over 100 educational conferences, seminars, and networking events every year, providing vast opportunities for local businesses.

Charleston Metro

4500 Leeds Ave., Suite 100

North Charleston, SC 29405

The Charleston Metro Chamber was the first municipal Chamber of Commerce in the United States. It was established in 1773 and now has a 243-plus-year legacy of supporting and strengthening the local area’s business community.

In 2017, it received its third consecutive 5-Star Accreditation from the U.S Chamber of Commerce (USCC).

Representing approximately 1,600 members, the Charleston Metro Chamber strives to be a leader for regional advancement and an international leader in the Chamber profession.

Los Angeles Area

350 Bixel Street,

Los Angeles, CA 90017

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice and advocate for over 235,000 businesses in the metro area. This Chamber was established in 1888. It now represents over 1,650 companies and 650,000 employees.

Its small, medium, and large businesses encompass more than 35 industry sectors. This Chamber has made over 40,000 direct referrals to member companies and offers more than 120 business and professional development programs.

  • In addition, they offer a civic leadership program. The program’s nearly 100 graduates further support the LA youth with over 10,000 job opportunities and internships. 

Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber

1402 N. Corinth St., Suite #225

Dallas, TX 75215

For over 77 years, the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has promoted the growth and support of the Hispanic business community in Northern Texas. 

This Chamber’s mission is to represent and assist corporations, government entities, non-profit organizations, and small business owners to achieve their goals in the Hispanic and minority communities.

To Better Serve its Communities Chamber Of Commerce Provides:

  • Corporate Advisory Council

  • Economic Development Committee

  • North Texas Advertising and Media site

  • Gulf Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center

  • ESL Entrepreneurship Program

  • President’s Advisory Board

  • & Procurement Series

Montgomery County

51 Monroe St., Suite 1800

Rockville, MD 20850

The Montgomery County Chamber (MCCC) provides a network of progressive and future-focused business leaders. Therefore, they have many unique programs and events, which create a platform for a multitude of connections.

These connections may be:

  • Business to business

  • Business to government

  • Local to national

  • SMEs to Fortune 500’s

  • Leader to leader

This Chamber advances their members’ success by strategically planning and assisting local business owners in achieving their goals and objectives.

As an advocate, MCCC focuses on policies to ensure policy changes have a positive impact on local businesses and link thought leaders from all industry sectors through unique programs and events and market-based resources.

Could Your Business Be Saving Money By Using A Limo Service?


Need A Town Car?

Corporate travel can be exhausting and expensive. Generally, Chamber of Commerce locations are in high traffic areas, like downtown. You can avoid the hassles of renting a car and learning your way around a new area.

Black Car Service ensures that you arrive at each destination in a timely & luxurious fashion!

You can relax in a luxury Town Car or stretch limousine with a professional chauffeur and your own personal concierge. Use this opportunity to further prepare for your business meeting.

However,it’s important to do some research before choosing a luxury ground transportation company. Whether you need a stretch limousine or prefer town cars, make sure that you’re riding with a professional.

It’s not enough to provide affordable limousine service. Make sure that your chauffeur has the proper licensing and insurance.

Fleet Photo

A1A Limo: Your Corporate Travel Experts

A business professional needs a reliable ride service while attending business with the Chamber of Commerce.

 A1A Limousine Service provides the best in luxury ground transportation.

All of our chauffeurs are professionally trained. Thanks to their knowledge of the local areas and high-traffic zones, you’ll always take the best route.

Our chauffeurs are well groomed and expertly dressed to further demonstrate the quality of the service that we provide. Enjoy your own personal concierge, who will assist you with your luggage and ensure safe and comfortable transport to your destination.

A1A offers a beautiful fleet of luxury limousine vehicles, including

Lincoln Town Cars,

Mercedes sedans,

Cadillac sedans and SUVs,

stretch limos,

party vans

and buses.

So, no matter how many you have in your party, we’ve got you covered.

A1A Limousine Service provides airport shuttles, business event transportation, and corporate travel options. We also offer limousine service for private personal parties and special occasions.

We guarantee the best in comfort, safety, and luxury ground transportation worldwide.

Contact us to book one of our first-class limousines today!


Written By: Ryan Lubin

October 2018: Corporate Travel Conferences In Boca Raton


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
– Henry Miller

In the business world, corporate travel is a major part of life. One of the beautiful things about South Florida is how popular an area is for business conferences! For companies based in the area, there are lots of opportunities to attend trade shows and other corporate events.

With Miami International Airport nearby, even business professionals from outside the area can travel conveniently to South Florida business events.

Fl events

Top 5 Upcoming Corporate Travel Events:
Boca Raton Edition

Whether you’re a local or someone planning corporate travel to the Boca Raton area, you’ll be sure to find something going on within your industry. There are plenty of events throughout the year to help you educate your employees and improve your business.

Check out these upcoming conferences, all within an hour of beautiful Boca Raton.

Leadership Conference

#1. Authentic Leadership For
Progress, Peace & Prosperity

International Leadership Association – 20th Anniversary
Global Conference

October 24-27, 2018

Palm Beach County Convention Center
650 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Learn the latest strategies and theories on leadership from the experts. This conference features over 200:

  • Workshops
  • Panels
  • Symposiums
  • Interactive discussions

Meet new industry colleagues and grow your network.

Don’t miss this year’s keynote speakers:

  • Barbara Kellerman (James MacGregor Burns Lecturer in Public Leadership, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School) speaks on “Standards”
  • Caroline Kisia (Executive Director, Action Africa Help International) presents “Authentic Leadership: From Crises to Peace”
  • Donna Ladkin (Professor of Leadership and Ethics, Faculty of Leadership and Change, Antioch University) teaches “Why Self-Constitution Trumps the True Self as the Foundation for Leading Authentically”

First Impressions Are Important!

Arrive In Style With Limo Rental South Florida

Latin Festival

#2. Festival of Media LatAm 2018

October 28-30, 2018

Turnberry Isle Miami
19999 W Country Club Dr., Aventura, FL 33180

Join over 1,200 delegates as you learn the latest trends from leaders throughout the Latin American media industry. CEOs and representatives from 300 of the world’s biggest brands are slated to attend.

Some of this year’s big names include:

  • Belen Urbaneja (Director of Corporate Citizenship & Brand Management, The Walt Disney Company Latin America)
  • Carlos Chaves (VP, Fox Lab)
  • Danielle Lee (Global Vice President, Partner Solutions, Spotify)

Don’t Rely on Ride Sharing.

Get Your Own Limousine Florida Style!

Prime Time Business Network – Parkland

October 30, 2018

Hampton Inn & Suites Coconut Creek
5740 SR 7, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

This ongoing networking group is great for budding business professionals or those looking to extend their reach into South Florida. Prime Time Business Network, “South Florida’s premier networking group,” is comprised of over 200 area professionals in seven cities.

The group meets every other week with three convenient locations:

  1. Hollywood, Miami-Brickell or Parkland (Tuesdays)
  2. North Miami or Midtown (Wednesdays)
  3. Aventura or Hallandale (Thursdays)

Want to Take Your Networking on the Road?

Our Party Bus Interior Has Room for Everyone!

Social Networking, Social Media & Social Selling: Anniversary Edition

October 30, 2018

Broward County Main Library, 7th Floor
100 South Andrews Ave, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301

Join senior management consultant, brand adviser, and executive coach Patricia Monica Ojeda, for this informative presentation. Ojeda will teach attendees the importance of a strong social network and how to build one for your business.

Additional perks for this meeting:

  • Explore the Broward County Library’s free co-working space.
  • Learn how to utilize the video-conference hub, poster printer, and other techs for your business.

Flying into South Florida?

Book Miami Airport Transport Service!

Party Conference

Social WOW Factor Conference

October 28 – November 4, 2018

Norwegian Cruise Line Dock
1015 North America Way, Miami, FL 33132

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? You’ve heard about large groups getting together to party in a bus. This conference takes the limo bus idea to a whole other level. Set sail from Miami for this conference on a cruise ship.

Enjoy live entertainment, personal development opportunities, and social networking events between stops at:

  • St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • Nassau, Bahamas

Corporate Travel Destination: Set

Bags Packed: Check

What’s Next: Arrange Cruise Port Transportation!

Fleet Photo

How Will You Be Traveling?

Business events are a great break from the daily grind of office life. You get to meet colleagues from around the country—or sometimes around the globe. Exploring a new city or area gives you a chance to learn and try new things.

Planning the itinerary means more than just picking where to go. How you get to your destination is just as important. Don’t underestimate the impact that the right ride can have on your experience. Secure business event transportation and you never have to worry about catching a cab or missing the train.

Upgrade Your Transportation Game
With A South Florida Limo

The best limousine service isn’t just about riding around in a fancy car, though that is a major plus. A good transportation company will hire professional drivers and not shy away from questions. A great limousine company will offer other services as well. They will also seek to make sure that each and every client has the best experience possible.

Luxury ground transportation is about:

Special Event Transportation: Get The VIP Treatment For Your Special Day

Diverse Limo Cars Like:

Don’t compromise quality in search of affordable limousine service.

A1A Airport and Limousine Service is your trusted provider for limo service South Florida and beyond. Our worldwide network allows us to offer the best limousine service, wherever you are.

We maintain a diverse fleet of limousine cars, driven by only the most highly trained professional chauffeurs. Visit us online to see our limousine car images and reserve your corporate travel transport.

Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Leadership Skills That Every Business Professional Can Use

Who’s got skills?

Certain leadership skills are crucial to succeed as a business professional. It’s not just experience that teaches you to lead. Some of the most important skills for corporate business are actually more like personality traits.

They’re sometimes called “soft skills.” We’ve outlined a few of them for you below.

Ingredients for Success As
A Business Professional

How will you achieve success?

Succeeding in the corporate world takes more than a nice suit and a limousine for a business professional. Designing your formula for success is easy, once you cultivate these skills.

Business Skills

1. Communication 

The hardest of them all.

Have you ever left a business meeting with a pounding headache? Odds are that’s because you were frustrated that no one would listen to anything you said.

Or worse, maybe you didn’t want to listen to what anyone else said. Communication skills are the foundation for everything that you do as a business professional.

There Are Four Basic Types Of Communication
That People In Business Use: 

Verbal Communication skills help you to pass on information effectively. Speaking clearly and active listening fall into this category.

Things that apply here are:

  • Assertiveness
  • Projecting your voice
  • Keeping a level head under stress

Nonverbal communication skills include giving or receiving a message without words.

This includes actions like:

  • Body language
  • Facial expressions
  • Posture

Remember the phrase,actions speak louder than words.” You have to pay as much attention to what your conversation partner does as to what they actually say.

Written communication skills are for more than writing speeches.

  • They are also useful for creating reports and drafting proposals.
  • Writing well can help you be taken more seriously when sending emails or letters. Taking good notes during a corporate meeting can also be beneficial.

Interpersonal communication skills are sometimes called “people skills.”

  • If you’ve ever been called a people person,” then you already have them.
  • This type of communication is less about what you say and more about how you say it. It combines verbal and nonverbal communication skills to better deal with other people.

 Are You A Traveling Business Professional?

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business skills

2. Empathy

Put yourself in another’s perspective.

Empathizing with someone is like taking a walk in their shoes. You relate to the way they feel. That also means that you take their feelings into consideration in your interactions.

No matter how much you like your coworkers or staffers, you won’t get along all the time. When disagreements do arise, they can usually be easily solved.

Try to see things from the other person’s side to figure out what needs to change and why.

Empathizing will help you with:


Knowing where the other side is coming from makes you a better negotiator. Say you want to spend a little more time in an area you’ve gone on business travel. Negotiating a later flight can buy you a little more time.

You might have to agree to one more business meeting in the area, but it will be worth it!

Your Next Business Meeting

The art of persuasion can win you many things. Knowing your audience is crucial, though. If you offer a partner something that they want, they are more likely to go along with your ideas.

Maybe you’d like to expand your business outside the current area. You know your partner hates airport travel, so you offer to handle the meetings on location yourself. It’s a win-win.


If you can figure out what your interviewer wants to hear, you have a better chance of providing favorable answers. That doesn’t mean to stretch the truth, though.


Picking up cues from nervous trainees tells you when you need to slow down a bit. If your new assistant hates traffic, don’t ask them to pick you up from the airport. Have them hire you an airport limo shuttle, instead.

Need A Break From Work?

Hire A Chauffeur For A Night On The Town!

business skillset

3. Humility

Humility means keeping a modest opinion about yourself and your own importance. Don’t let your ego get the best of you. You should feel good about your accomplishments. It’s also important to give credit where credit is due.

For example, luxury travel may be a perk that your company offers. Appreciate it like the privilege that it is!

Everyone in your company may not have their own professional chauffeur. It’s fine to discuss your recent travel adventures. You don’t have to brag about every luxury car you rode in along the way.

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4. Flexibility

You should be flexible in the way that you go about things. Coming in with a “my way or the highway” attitude won’t get you far.

Neither will the idea of that’s not my job.” Sometimes you may be the one to get coffee for the boss. Maybe different team members take turns leading meetings.

Getting stuck in a rigid structure can hurt your chances of career advancement.

Everything can’t always go your way, and that’s okay. You don’t have to show up to every event in a stretch limousine.

A classy black sedan will also do the job. Sometimes you may even have to drive yourself.

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5. Adaptability

Change is inevitable.

You need to be able to adapt and take the changes in stride when they come. New ways of doing things will come along eventually.

These new ways may be more efficient or they may not. You’ll never know unless you try them out. Another way to look at it is “rolling with the punches.”

Change isn’t always negative, though. Getting a new job or promotion is often a positive change. That doesn’t mean that is isn’t hard to adjust. If you’ve never ridden in a luxury car, it may take a while to get used to limousine interior.

No matter what stage you are in as a business professional, one thing is universal. You want to make a statement.

One way to do that is to always travel in style. Be sure to develop a good relationship with a quality limousine company.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

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