How to Find the Best Limo Service in Town: Your Ultimate Guide

Thinking about hiring a limo for a special occasion? Whether you’re planning transportation for a wedding, prom, or business event, pulling up in a limo is the way to arrive in style.

However, if you’ve never booked a limo before, the process can be a bit daunting. With so many cars and companies, how do you make the right choice?

The key is to do your homework. After all, if you turn up with a disappointing vehicle it defeats the purpose of splashing out on a quality ride.

We’re here to help – here’s how to choose the best limo service so you can look forward to turning heads.

Choose Your Fleet

With limos coming in all different shapes and sizes, you should aim to get an idea of the kind of fleet you’re looking for.

Are you looking for a party bus for a birthday? A classic limousine for a wedding? Or a stretch Hummer for large groups?

The type of vehicle you choose will influence the style of limo service you receive, so choose your limo carefully. It all comes down to personal preference, really.

The price will, of course, be a factor in your decision when choosing a limo. Larger and more luxurious vehicles will cost more, as expected.

It’s also important to note that smaller limo companies will provide fewer choices and less availability, so if you’re unhappy with the options available a good idea is to shop around to see what else is out there.

Remember to factor in extra fees to your budget that add on to your base rate. These can include fuel surcharges, administration costs, tolls, and tips for the driver.

If you’re hoping for a cheap limo service, it’s best to agree on an all-inclusive rate so you aren’t left with a hefty bill that’s higher than expected.

Read Reviews, Referrals, and References

As it is in most cases, the best way to find quality service is to scour reviews and references of a company and car. Previous customers’ reviews can provide you with a non-biased account of their limo experience, after all.

Have a search online and read through the references and reviews listed. Are they mainly positive? Is there anything negative that stands out?

A limo company should be able to clearly demonstrate that they’ve been operating for a number of years and have the references and reputation to show it. The proof is in the pudding, after all!

If a limo rental service doesn’t have any reviews, booking with them can be a risky business. However, if they are a new business, it may pay off as you may get away with a cheaper limo service.

Likewise, ask your friends – ‘do you know a quality limo service near me?’ The odds are that if your close peers have had a positive experience with a local limo service, so will you.

Look Before You Book

If you have enough time, make the effort to visit the limo and company in person before making a hire.

You can check the limo yourself to make sure it’s a quality vehicle and that it fits for your event right. That way you can avoid being picked up in an old limo or worn-out party bus!

While you might feel you can get a good sense of the limo by looking at photos online, you’ll experience a sense of relief from seeing it for yourself up close.

By visiting the company in person, you also have the chance to discuss your booking face-to-face with someone working for the company. That way, you can make sure all your requirements are clearly understood and you can receive assurance that all will go as planned.

With some luck, you may even be able to meet your chauffeur. If you get along with your chauffeur, there’s no doubt that the limo experience will be a lot more enjoyable and relaxed.

For really special once-in-a-lifetime events like a wedding, such assurance is so important. There’s nothing worse than a last-minute misunderstanding occurring on the morning of a big day!

If you’re really strained on time, at the very least speak to someone over the phone so you can both communicate openly of your expectations for the limo service.

Stay Safe

It may not be the most exciting aspect of booking a limo but checking the safety of a vehicle is crucial.

Check to make sure the company holds a valid certification, liability insurance, and that the chauffeurs are professionally trained.

Most genuine operators will be more than keen to provide appropriate evidence of their safety procedures and standards.

No matter how incredible a bargain may seem, if there’s seems anything iffy about their safety measures, don’t book it! If you’re concerned, seek a more reputable company elsewhere.

You should also inquire about the company’s cancellation policy and request a copy in writing. This is so you know your rights should any disappointments occur.

Ready to Book the Best Limo Service?

Following our advice, you’ll be able to book the best limo service to help make your event one to remember.

If you’re seeking a safe, distinctive, comfortable, and reliable limo service in the state of Florida, we’re here to help. We hire only the best chauffeurs, performing extensive background checks before they get anywhere near the wheel.

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Calling a Limo Will Never be the Same

Times are changing, everything’s improving and your limo experience will only keep getting better! 

Genuine driving extravagance has for quite some time been characterizing by the escort – being driven rather than driving yourself. Regardless of whether in a limousine, town car, limo car or a premium SUV. Get ready for the future of tech! Your standard limo rental service will be doing a level-up!

What method will driving extravagance be characterizing when everybody is being driven inside completely independent vehicles?

Renault investigates this inquiry with the all-new EZ-Ultimo idea, a comfortable traveling living room upon request by the ride. Hour or day, offering a progressively extravagant and private option in contrast to ride sharing. 

Profound Jump With Luxury Ground Transportation

Renault has completed jump in the excellence of our independent, electric future over the previous year. Starting with Symbioz driving/living idea and stretching out during this present time’s EZ arrangement (From about a year ago).

Recently demonstrating how independence can be adjusted toward ordinary ride-offering to the Geneva-appeared EZ-Go. Moving forward the bundle conveyance with the EZ-Expert presented a month ago.

  • The new car completes the EZ’s family tree, taking a gander at a progressively premium type of self-sufficient ride-offering to the EZ-Ultimo.

Renault’s luxury ground transportation would contend with the Ubers and taxi administrations of things to come. Meeting fundamental urban and rural driving needs. The Dimension 4 EZ-Ultimo, in the mean time, would live more remote up market. Where the present private vehicle and limousine administrations work together.

While the EZ-Go is intend to stack up to six individuals, the EZ-Ultimo is leaning toward three or less, giving people a progressively private, personal driving background for:

Limo Companies Are Moving Towards a New Standard In Luxury

“As consumer trends change and people are enjoying ride-hailing services more and more, a new paradigm for mobility will emerge,” explains Laurens van den Acker, Renault SVP of corporate design.

“Embodying this revolution, EZ-Ultimo offers a unique luxurious experience aboard a robo-vehicle that can be adapted depending on the service provider. Inspired by contemporary architecture, and completely integrating in future smart cities, EZ-Ultimo will provide an exclusive experience for all.”

Much more than your basic airport shuttle, the EZ-Ultimo estimates a large portion of a meter (1.6 feet) longer at 5.7 m (18.7 feet), its wheels pushed out in a 3.88-m (12.7-foot) wheelbase. All that space is utilizes to make an ultra-open parlor for its three travelers.

Guaranteeing they’ll feel alright, making the EZ- Ultimo arguably the best limousine on the market.

Renault’s “restrictive experience” starts when the luxury ground transportation arrival. Within milliseconds of its VIP-type customer exiting their pick up point.

The limo cars’ entryway slides forward to give travelers access, and like the Lagonda Vision Idea. The edge of the rooftop swings up to expand the extent of the passage for progressively agreeable entrance and departure.

Doorway To The Future Of Limos

The door is definitely big enough. Before the entryway opening, the parlor seat – by all signs, the #1 VIP situate – slides to the entryway from its driving position at the front of the vehicle.

The #1 traveler can thud down promptly and pivot and slide again into the right spot. Looking as the unmistakably second class #2 and 3 travelers situate themselves on the back seat.

  • In addition, the storage compartment region deals with baggage with a slide-out cabinet framework.

Limo Inside

Once inside, travelers appreciate a home-like environment completely roused by inside structure and dressed with the best wood, cowhide and marble stylistic theme and trim.

The new limousine has combined the past with the future when it comes to limo transportation. Giving its lodge a traditional vibe with retractable simple controls, lights and parlor seating. In other words, the entire thing feels more like a lodging than the inside of a car. For instance, to call it a town car would be an insult!

Window tinting? Check this out: The new limousine features a faceted glasshouse that gives protection from the outside world. A full all encompassing rooftop gives characteristic light surge access from above. Cool hu?

Business Travel Will Never Be The Same

In conclusion, the new limousine additionally offers another curve with its “enlarged article involvement” (AEX). It’s reveal wow’ed the crowed and tech professional from around the world.

Renault teamed up with the French distributing company, Groupe Difficulties. Teaming up, these guys assembled a progressive method for developing communication content. The AEX delivers customized content by constructing an intelligent, voice-instructed interface that can decode content. Reading the substance anyone might hear and give the perfect blend of internet based life-mix.

In other words, travelers can utilize their extra time for the standard self-governing vehicle exercises:

  • Visiting with one another
  • Loosening up the time away
  • Work on the go
  • Getting a charge out of computerized content

Excellence In Customer Service Will Never Go Out Of Style

Looking for a limo service near me?

Look no further! A1A Limo Service is world-wide. With over 800 affiliates all over you can’t go wrong.

More affordable than a taxi and much more reliable than an Uber driver. Because of this our team strongly believe in good ol’ fashion excellence in customer service. We strive to provide the best possible experience at every level. From the breezy reservation process to the moment your trip ends, our team strive to provide:

  • Excellence in communication
  • Top of the line luxury transportation services
  • Deep regard for your needs & wants

Bold Features That Define Luxury Car

The latest features to make your ride feel luxurious

The definition of luxury varies from person to person, but the sheer comfort of indulgence makes it a worthwhile buy. When riding in a luxury vehicle, one expects:

1) Sleekness

2) Elegance

3) Efficiency

Indeed, it is a tough industry to compete in, so car makers are constantly innovating to quench the thirst of their clientele. Another industry that has profited off the whims of elegance is the black car service.

This service is a high- end customer pick -up and delivery system, where customers can pay to be taken places whilst experiencing excellent customer service as well as: 

  • Luxurious amenities like active suspension
  • Executive rear seats
  • Ventilated seats
  • Massage options, all from the comfort of your vehicle.  

For the less acquainted, this article will outline the features of each.

Active Suspension

Most modern high-end luxury cars offer active suspension, either hydraulically actuated or electromagnetically recuperative.

Sensors continually monitor body movement and vehicle ride level, constantly supplying the computer with new data to adjust the wheel’s movement to minimize the bump’s impact on passengers, which leads to a vastly improved ride.

  • This system is the reason why black car services only use luxury vehicles.

Executive Rear Seats

Executive rear seats are of inexpressible value: Beyond the typical heating service and temperature regulated controls, the best feature these rear seats offer is the adjust-ability of the seats.

  • The seats are fully adjustable, and usually can be reclined, like airplane seats.
  • A full-length center console is in the vicinity, providing boosted audio and climate controls.
  • This feature is a favorite for executives traveling from meeting to meeting because of the luxurious element, combined with the black car service, making for an excellent experience.    

Ventilated Seats

Ventilated seats are the most critical element for the rider’s comfort: They work like heated seats, bringing climate control to the seat itself.

  • Cool air gently circulates through pores in the seats, keeping you cool, which is especially nice after the summer sun has been baking the black leather. Furthermore, there are reversible fans that temporarily draw heat away from your body.

Seat Massager

This is just what the doctor ordered for those long road trips: What more can increase your delight than leather wrapped heating/cooling seats which melt away stress and help to keep the driver aware.

Many luxury vehicles offer massage options: 

  • Full body
  • Upper body- which are tactile adjustable.

Black car services are known for their excellent mixture of unparalleled customer service and the experience of luxurious vehicular amenities.

Limousine Cars Redefining American Luxury

Luxury travel is the most desirable mode of transportation. If you ask people which kind of luxury car they want or limousine cars they prefer, you will notice that they drop several names, each with its own reputation and status level.


How To Find The Proper Luxury Transportation Vehicle For Your Next Event


Limousine Cars Continue To Define American Luxury

In America, consumer choices have shifted between cars depending on the innovation and technology that the car delivers. To that end, limousine cars have been a much-debated topic.

To some, they are just luxury vehicles that people hire for special events. Others purchase their own as a status symbol. Working business professionals often hire these cars for corporate travel. Everyone has their own reasoning for desiring a luxury car. However, there are a few brands that have been mainstays as major players in the car industry over the years.



The company started in 1902 but General Motors acquired the company in its early days. Although, by the time GM took over, Cadillac had already established itself as the premier in the luxury car division in the United States.

Cadillac has long been the pioneer for powerful and luxurious vehicles. Even the President of the United States has a limousine developed by Cadillac. The company also produces other limousine cars that are beloved in the limousine industry as well as by the public.

Today, Cadillac’s Escalade is one of the most favored vehicles among car enthusiasts. However, Cadillac’s rich history is not just limited to the Escalade. Their legacy includes making top-of-the-line, luxurious vehicles that are loved by people all around the world.


Stylish And Luxurious: The Way Car Service Should Be

Book Your Luxury Ground Transportation Here


In 1915, Cadillac had developed a V8 engine with 70HP which could reach the 65mph mark. At the time, this was not something most roads could accommodate. The excellence of Cadillac’s V8 engines made them one of the most successful players in the industry. Through innovation, Cadillac became a leader in the auto industry revolution.

Over the years, Cadillac has come up with several vehicles that have taken the car enthusiasts by storm. Because of this, the brand holds a special place in their heart. Cadillac continues to deliver both sleek luxury cars and massive vehicles with heavy engines that folks love to own.

The luxury and style of Cadillac make it a top choice for limo transportation and corporate travel. Most business professionals prefer to travel in style in a car that makes a statement. Cadillac does that all and more. At the airport, you will notice that the airport shuttle services often provide Cadillacs due to their luxury and reliability.


What’s In The New 2018 Lincoln Limousine Town Car?



Have you ever searched for “limo service near me”? If so, then you’ve probably noticed that most companies offer Lincoln limousine cars.

Over the years, Lincoln has also established itself as a major player in the limousine and luxury car industries. However, this specialized brand is part of the Ford Motor Company.

The most famous Lincoln vehicle Lincoln is easily the Lincoln Continental. When the Continental was introduced, it immediately became a favorite among car lovers.

This model helped to establish Lincoln as a car brand made for personal luxury purposes. It is also common to see luxury ground transportation companies making use of other highly rated Lincoln vehicles, such as Town Cars. Lincoln has also produced stretch limousine cars for the American market.

Limousines are favored by most business event transportation companies as they can accommodate several passengers. Apart from that, limo transportation has also been a top choice for group parties’ transportation purposes.

Lincoln also had the privilege of producing several official vehicles for the President of the United States over the years.

Though Cadillac and Lincoln have long been synonymous with luxury and powerful vehicles in the American market, both have lost some of their reputations to European and Japanese brands. They were quick to adapt to the changing needs of the people and provide with more luxury-oriented vehicles. They are using these changes to redefine what luxury means in the American automotive industry.


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Mercedes is a German car manufacturer with a global presence when it comes to luxury vehicles. The company is based in Stuttgart but has taken over the world with its powerful luxury and sports vehicles.

As globalization made trade easier and more convenient, Mercedes was quick to adapt its vehicles for the American market. With these changes, the company managed to secure a corner of the market alongside American brands like Cadillac and Lincoln.

Changing trends in the demand for cars show that consumers now prefer SUVs over previously favored sedans. These SUVs give them comfort and luxury at a cost-effective price point.

Despite their major influence in the world of luxury vehicles, Mercedes hasn’t produced many traditional limousine cars. The company’s only actual limousine was the Mercedes 600 stretch limousine, produced from 1963 through 1981. Despite its short run, it was one of the top names in the industry.

Throughout its history, Mercedes maintained its focus on manufacturing personal luxury cars. The E-class and the S-class set a standard higher in the luxury vehicle sector. These vehicles are the embodiment of pure luxury and are used worldwide for corporate travel. It has also become a staple for people demanding more luxurious vehicles for their everyday use. Mercedes is a name that is renowned for luxury and power.


It’s Electric: The Future of Luxury Ground Transportation



Tesla is a newer player in the automotive industry. However, since its launch, Tesla has been winning people’s hearts with new and innovative vehicles. The company shook the automotive industry with its specialty in electric engines.

Unlike other car brands, Tesla offers an environmentally conscious car that delivers uncompromised power, luxury and speed. The company continues to set and break many records. With every passing day, Tesla is improving on their vehicles to become a major player around the world.

Tesla’s sales continue to increase, even at the expense of other luxury vehicle manufacturers. Tesla Model 3 was named as the luxury car for the future. Its impressive statistics include acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.3 seconds.


Limo Car Service Is An Eco Friendly Alternative



Fleet Photo

Luxury Ground Transportation Is Here To Stay

The world of cars is rapidly changing. Each new model year brings innovations from different vehicle manufacturers. There is tough competition at the top, but luxury remains in popular demand. Whether it’s for business event transportation, corporate travel or airport shuttle, luxury vehicles that make an impression are always in season.

For your next trip or event, let A1A Airport and Limousine Service handle your transportation needs. We offer a wide range of services and maintain a fleet that’s just as diverse. Booking your reservation has never been simpler.


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It’s Electric: The Future of Luxury Ground Transportation

The future of luxury ground transportation is here! Elegant electric cars and SUVs are now on the market. Stretch limousine and party bus models may soon follow suit.

Breaking New Ground in Luxury Ground Transportation

Since 2015, Tesla has monopolized the market of luxury electric sedans and SUVs with the launch of the Model X. However, the year 2018 is the year of the luxury electric SUV. This year saw the introduction of Jaguar’s I-Pace, Audi’s E-tron, and Mercedes’ EQC. In addition, BMW shared plans for its up and coming iNext all-electric SUV.

Let’s take a look at how these automakers are changing the future of luxury sedans and SUVs.

Tesla Model X – So Strong It Can Pull An Airplane!


Tesla: The Industry Pioneer

The Model X all-electric SUV was the very first of its kind. This SUV is all-wheel-drive with dual motors, autopilot capabilities, and two battery pack options (75kWh and 100 kWh). The Model X recently received a 5-star rating in every safety category by NHTSA, making it the highest safety-rated SUV on the market. This SUV has the lowest probability of rollover and overall injury of any SUV.

Tesla is expected to launch the Tesla Semi as early as next year and a next-generation Roadster in 2020. Tesla is also currently planning new interior designs for the Model S and X.

Anticipated features for these new models include:

  • larger horizontal touchscreen technology,

  • a single vent air conditioning system that runs along the entire dash,

  • a smaller and more embedded instrument cluster,

  • and a superior autonomous driving system.


Next year’s plans to further enhance the luxury segments of the Model S and X include major changes in the seating. The new models will have improved ventilated seats with softer, superior materials. The rear seats will also get an upgrade with a second-row console.

  • Other new additions are a wireless phone charger, improved front storage, a mobile app that enables access to remotely activate various features of the vehicle, and other connectivity features.

Due to these new features, the base prices of the Model S and X have risen. However, both of these models will offer these premium features as standard.

Tesla is also considering other advanced technical features, such as a dashcam, using its Autopilot cameras. There is even talk of an alert system to notify family members when a Tesla owner selects home as a destination in the navigation system.

Model X’s price ranges from $83,000 to $140,000, depending on battery pack options and the choice of other special features. This model’s range is 295 miles on battery alone. It comfortably seats seven, goes from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds, and has a towing capacity of 5,900 lbs.


Ford’s New Self Driving Car Unleashed In 2021: Pros & Cons


Jaguar: Changing the Game

The new I-Pace all-electric SUV is a game changer for Jaguar. Until recently, the company only manufactured luxury sports coupes and sedans.  This new vehicle is a real head turner with the true style and grace of the classic Jaguar.


Basic features include:

  • 18” 15-spoke alloy wheels,
  • LED headlights,
  • 8-way semi-powered Luxtec sports seats,
  • Touch Pro® Duo infotainment system,
  • Interactive Driver Display with a virtual instrument cluster
  • Meridian™ Sound System,
  • Park Package: including park assist, 360-degree parking aid, and rear traffic monitor.


Connectivity features include Remote, Navigation Pro, and a stolen vehicle locator. The Connect Pro technology features Smart setting, Pro Services, and even a 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot. Higher-end models are available with even more features. These add-ons bring in more high-end tech options. For comfort, there’s the 10 or 18-way grained, heated and cooled leather sports seats that remember your preferences.

For better driveability and safety, there’s the Drive package. This package includes blind spot assist, adaptive cruise control with stop and go and high-speed emergency braking, as well as a 360-degree surround camera.

The price for Jaguar’s I-PACE ranges from $69,500 to $85,900, depending on the choice of model and special features. Standard for all three models of the I-PACE are a 90 kWh battery with an estimated range of 234 miles, and accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds.


Party Bus Interior That Changes The Way You Ride


Audi: Modern Advances with Classic Style

The 2018 Sportback E-Tron, Audi’s all-electric SUV, is both stylish and classy. It’s also quite powerful, with nearly instantaneous torque. Its liquid-cooled, permanent-magnet-driven electric motor generates 102 hp of electric power. The acceleration is down-right impressive.

Standard features include heated front seats and a panoramic sunroof, along with keyless ignition and entry. Audi pre sense® front assists the driver prepare for an imminent front-end collision while Audi pre sense® basic aids in securing the vehicle’s seat belts and windows in the event of an emergency maneuver.

The Audi virtual cockpit is a fully digital 12.3-inch screen with easy to program audio, MMI® Navigation plus, classic, and Infotainment viewing modes. In addition, a 7-inch retractable MMI® center console display offers access to driver assistance features and functions with MMI® touch and handwriting recognition technology.


Advanced features are also available on the Premium Plus and Prestige models, such as:

  • Active lane assist,
  • Parking system plus with a rear-view camera,
  • Adaptive cruise control,
  • Smartphone interface,
  • And Bang & Olufsen® Sound System.


Prices for the Audi E-Tron range from $39,500 to $48,100, depending upon the choice of model and special features. Acceleration is 0 to 60 in 7.6 seconds with a 248-mile range.


Breaking the Myths Of Affordable Limousine Service


Mercedes-Benz: Creating New Concepts

The EQC all-electric SUV is still in production. This concept vehicle should be available in the United States around early 2020.

Opinions differ on this SUV in relation to size, range, and performance. Two motors will power the EQC’s 80 kWh battery. The company currently claims that the battery life will be 280 miles. However, they are still using the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) testing protocol versus the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s). Therefore, the actual numbers may be 30 to 50 miles lower.

Several different driving modes are proposed for this vehicle with performance, comfort, high efficiency, low consumption, and maximum range in mind. In addition to the driving modes, Mercedes offers a wide range of regenerative braking options, including one-pedal driving.

Standard features include an onboard infotainment and navigation system, which will plan routes based on the state-of-charge of the battery pack and the location of charging stations. The Ionity charging network in Europe is expected to be significant by the time the EQC is available in Europe next year.

Mercedes will start production in Bremen, Germany sometime in 2019, where the German automaker produces its C-Class and GLC vehicles. Production in China will soon follow. To date, there is no pricing information available. The EQC’s proposed acceleration is 0 to 62 mph in 5.1 seconds with a 280-mile battery range.

Epic Qualities You Will Find In A Chauffeured Limo Service


Evoke: A New Kind of Limousine Company

Evoke is an Australian limousine service whose fleet consists of Tesla electric vehicles. This company was established in 2015 with just one Tesla sedan. They now have a fleet of eight Tesla vehicles that, to date, have driven more than 25 laps around the Earth. The company recently hit a very important milestone, becoming the first to clock up more than 1 million kilometers (over 62,000 miles) with Tesla electric vehicles.

  • Over the past 3 years, the company has served 40,000 customers without a single one left stranded due to a flat battery.

Evoke founder Pia Peterson stated, “A lot of people [have] had misconceptions about electric vehicles…they were worried about the range and if they could book a long distance trip with us. We’ve certainly broken down some of those barriers, and some of those customers have gone on to buy electric vehicles themselves.”

The company plans to expand its limousine service to Sydney, followed by Melbourne and Brisbane markets. According to Peterson, Evoke is the largest Australian limousine exclusively using Tesla vehicles. However, other limousine services have also added Tesla vehicles to their limo fleet.

Peterson has noted that electric vehicles are low maintenance, with zero emissions, and provide customers with a quieter and smoother ride than conventional vehicles. She also reports that electric limousine cars are in a unique situation when it’s time to recharge. They can make downtime productive, such as when passengers are often delayed at the airport or in the city. During these wait times, the vehicles can be charged and ready to go with the ability to travel over 400 km (248 miles) on a single charge.


Ground Transportation

Finding the Best Limousine Service

A1A Limousine Service is based in South Florida but provides affordable luxury ground transportation worldwide. With our services, you can experience the convenience, reliability, and comfort of a luxury limousine car whether you’re planning a vacation, business event transportation, corporate travel, a private party, or just a night out with friends,

South Florida offers incredible beaches, theme parks, amusement parks, shopping, and beautiful scenic walks. You can walk the boardwalks and beaches and let your professional chauffeur meet you wherever and whenever you decide.

There is no need to hunt for a parking place or to retrace your steps back to your car. Our black car service gives you the convenience of arriving at the front door.

Need a ride from the airport?

Personal concierge will greet you and assist with your luggage. Then you can relax after a long flight in first-class luxury ground transportation. Our airport shuttle service provides dependable and safe transportation to your destination.

Our chauffeurs are expertly trained and knowledgeable of the area, as well as high traffic zones. Their professional appearance includes arriving well groomed and expertly dressed, ready to provide you with the best quality service in luxury ground transportation.

A1A Airport and Limousine Service offers a wide variety of beautiful luxury sedans, including Town Cars, Cadillacs, and Mercedes, stretch limousine cars, party buses, and vans. No matter the size of your party, we’ve got you covered.

We strive to provide the best in safe, comfortable, reliable luxury ground transportation, locally and worldwide.

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Written By: Ryan Lubin

Ford’s New Self Driving Car Unleashed In 2021: Pros & Cons

“If you think of standardization as the best that you know today,
but which is to be improved tomorrow-you get somewhere.” – Henry Ford

Ford recently announced that it will begin testing it’s self-driving vehicles in Washington, D.C. next year. The announcement is by no means the first of its kind.

Ford Climbs Aboard the Self-Driving Bandwagon

Autonomous Ford vehicles are already being tested in Miami and the company hopes to launch commercial service in 2021.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, launched its own autonomous car unit through its affiliate Waymo. The company currently operates its self-driving cars in Arizona, with plans to launch a taxi service this year.

General Motors also has its own self-driving car subsidiary—GM Cruise—that announced plans to test its autonomous vehicles in Manhattan this year. However, in May the company confirmed that it had yet to receive the necessary permits.

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What Does the Future Hold?

As we look to the future of autonomous vehicles, we have to wonder what impact they will have on other areas of the automotive industry.


Should we expect to see a self-driving stretch limousine? Are autonomous town cars in the cards?

Let’s take a look at these questions and more as we consider the pros and cons of self-driving vehicles.

Did You Know You Could Party in a Bus?

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On the Plus Side:
Positives of Autonomous Vehicles

The Decrease In Distracted Driving

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that over 30,000 people are killed each year in motor vehicle traffic deaths. While we don’t know exactly how many, some of these accidents are caused by distracted drivers. Without a driver behind the wheel, autonomous vehicles cannot be crashed by a distracted driver.

Model Behavior

Humans are unpredictable. Autonomous vehicles are driven by computers, which make calculated movements. Algorithms regular the vehicle’s distance from others around, so they won’t follow too closely or tailgate. Removing the human element from driving removes the possibility of human error from the equation.

Cash Savings

What is the value of a human life? According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, it’s $9.2 million.
With fewer crashes come fewer deaths. Multiplying the lives saved by their statistical value would result in huge potential savings in insurance, healthcare, and other areas. These savings could be applied to improve areas that have been otherwise lacking in funding.

Bolstered Public Transportation

In cities that lack the infrastructure for public transportation, autonomous vehicles could be the answer. They would provide a way to transport citizens without dedicating land or resources to building train lines, buses, or other large transport vehicles.

No Parking Problems

Your autonomous vehicle could drop you at a store’s entrance and park until you are ready to be picked up. It could also circle the block and pick you up on the way back. However, you don’t need a self-driving car for this convenience.

Limo transportation gives you this convenience now by virtue of your chauffeur, who could perform the same tasks.

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On the Other Hand:
Potential Drawbacks to Self-Driving Cars

Reliance on Understanding Technology

Even if a driver’s license was rendered unnecessary, the person utilizing the vehicle would still require some sort of training. The self-driving technology only takes over once the vehicle is operational. A person would still be required to turn the vehicle on, program destination coordinates, or make other arrangements before hitting the road. Most experts acknowledge that there have indeed been such abuses, perhaps on a large scale. They found that 15 percent of the American population used the drugs, as against 17 percent in Belgium and France and 10 percent in Spain. Whenever this will be your initial occasion taking Valium, be confident that this is the correct medicine for your demands. Long the most popular drug in America, Diazepam now ranks fourth.


Dependence on Electronics

Maintenance technicians would be required to have more expertise in electrical troubleshooting.

  • What would happen if the computer suffered a glitch while on the road?Something else to think about is the role of electric vehicles.
  • An autonomous electric vehicle would likely use more battery power than a traditional vehicle. Would the need bigger or stronger batteries?


Like any piece of computerized technology, autonomous vehicles would need to be safeguarded against hackers. If someone were to hack into the vehicle, they could change the destination, override safety settings, or worse. Could high profile persons or CEOs use autonomous vehicles as business event transportation?

It is imperative that VIPs be accounted for at all times. If an autonomous vehicle were to be intercepted, the GPS setting could be tampered with and passenger’s whereabouts could become unknown.


Chauffeurs are also trained as bodyguards. Self-driving vehicles not only eliminate the driver. They are by extension eliminating your protector, as well. Can a self-driving party van – “Sometimes called a party bus,” stand up to a group of raucous partygoers?

Handling a Shifting Timetable

How would a self-driving airport shuttle react to a shift in travel times? Human travel managers can track your flight and dispatch your limousine transfer accordingly. If that information were incorporated into your vehicle’s algorithm, it should help ensure that your ride arrives on time.

However, we cannot predict what would happen to the vehicle should that information change. If your flight lands early, would the vehicle speed up to compensate?

Ride in Style – For Personal or Corporate Travel

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The Bottom Line

Currently, autonomous luxury ground transportation is still a thing of the future. Who knows how limousine car images could change down the line? For now, self-driving vehicles are limited to their test markets.

Even if there were available options for autonomous new limousine or corporate travel vehicles, it would be up to the client whether to make use of them. Would you ride in a self-driving limo bus? Time will tell if we will get to see these ideas realized.

Our Fleet

In the meantime, limo transportation still requires a driver. You want the best ones driving your South Florida limo. With A1A Airport and Limousine Service, we seek to provide the best limousine experience.

We provide affordable limousine service for all occasions, including:

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Luxury Car Interior: Freshen Up With These DIY Maintenance Tips


Calling All Luxury Car Owners!

Car maintenance is important no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Both the luxury car interior and the exterior will look new if general DIY maintenance is performed on a regular basis. We know it can be intimidating, so we have provided very useful information related to the total care of your auto.

In addition to freshening up your vehicle, we have also included some easy, yet very important regular DIY engine maintenance tips, such as:

  • Checking the oil.
  • Changing the oil filter & air filter.
  • Proper handling of the battery & spark plugs.

Let’s get right to a helpful guide on keeping the luxury car interior of your vehicle sparkling like new.

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Do it yourself Luxury car maintenance

Helpful DIY Maintenance Guide

1. Keeping Your Vehicle Clean of Harmful Dirt and Contaminants

Whether you enjoy working on your auto, or you find it a chore that you would rather not have to face, it is important to show care. Not only should you care about the maintenance of your vehicle for a more pleasurable ride, but maintenance is also a major factor in the resale value. We have many helpful tips that will make this task easier and even safer for you and the environment.

There is always the option of a professional car wash or an expensive detailing job. The cost of a car wash is relatively inexpensive, but you have no control over the products used and the quality of the car wash is often low and normally does not include the interior. Obviously, detailing by a company would be of a much higher quality, but is quite expensive and inconvenient. If you choose to Do-It-Yourself, you have control of the cost, time, and quality of workmanship.

There are many vehicle cleaning products available on the market for both the exterior and luxury car interior. However, some of these products contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is important to become aware of the market and make the best decision for your individual preferences and needs.

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Luxury Car exterior

2. Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Vehicle

Normally, with almost everything the rule is: “Clean from the top down.”

However, since the tires pick up far more dirt, grease, and grime than the rest of the vehicle, it is good practice to start with the wheels and then proceed with the top-down method. Your tires will not only look nicer – they will have a much longer life on the road.

You will need a few supplies in addition to cleaning products:

  • Bucket(s) – Two buckets help ensure cleaner water throughout the washing process
  • Wash Mitt or Towel (microfiber only – not cotton)
    Buy Yours Here
  • Drying Towels (again, microfiber only)

Please Note: Dish soap is not a good option, as it requires hot water to rinse, which is not easily accessible in most cases.

Using the top-down cleaning approach, only wash small portions of the exterior at a time to prevent solutions from drying before rinsing. A good practice is to continue to keep the entire exterior wet until you are ready to dry the finish to avoid water spots. Using a microfiber drying towel will alleviate the risk of scratching the finish.

There are also some very easy tricks for cleaning your headlights, such as toothpaste (with baking soda) and a toothbrush, or simply vinegar and baking soda.

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3. Cleaning The Interior

In order to properly and safely clean the luxury car interior of your vehicle, it is important to identify what cleaning products (organic or chemical based) are best for your type of upholstery, dash, and accessories. Many products are manufacturer recommended; but, again, if you prefer organic, you will still need to understand the types of products that are best for your specific type of interior.

You will also need:

  • A vacuum (either household with attachments or a commercial dry/wet vacuum) Get Yours Here
  • Glass cleaner (chemical based or vinegar) – available in spray form or convenient wipes
  • Microfiber towels (prevents scratching, lint-free, and picks up more than regular towels)
  • Upholstery cleaner (all natural or chemical based) – be careful of harsh chemical sprays

Regular cleaning helps alleviate build up and makes for ease in the overall cleaning process.

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4. Helpful Guide To Easy DIY Engine Maintenance

Everybody is busy these days, but the consequences of poor engine maintenance lead to systematic and chronic problems.

If you are the Do-It-Yourself type but feel a bit intimidated concerning the engine of your vehicle, we have some very easy-to-follow instructions related to:

  • Oil maintenance.
  • Changing the oil filter and air filter.
  • Checking spark plugs and battery charging.

Oil Maintenance

The oil is the blood of your engine. It is imperative that you have regularly scheduled oil changes every 3,000 miles in most standard vehicles. Periodic checks should be routine to ensure the proper amount of oil remains in your engine at all times.

  • Always wait a period of at least 5 minutes after shutting off the engine before checking the level of oil to ensure all of the oil has drained back into the engine well.
  • Only use the recommended oil for your particular vehicle (e.g., synthetic, synthetic blends, regular motor oil).
  • Check with the manufacturer if you have any questions.
  • Please make sure you know the proper procedure for disposing of the used oil.

Changing The Oil Filter

A clean oil filter is very important in that it prevents dust and particles from entering your engine. Changing the oil filter can be tricky because it involves tapping into the gas line.

Follow this link for a comprehensive guide to this process.

Changing The Air Filter

The air filter prevents dirt and particles from entering your engine as it takes in air for combustion. A dirty air filter can not only affect the engine’s performance but also can greatly reduce gas mileage. It is a very easy process to change your air filter. To learn how to change the air filter, please click this link.

Checking Spark Plugs

To start your vehicle, the spark plugs ignite the gas and the air that ultimately creates combustion. Worn or damaged spark plugs greatly affect gas mileage and can lead to even more serious issues. It is important to check your spark plugs regularly. The following link and chart will assist in identifying problem areas with your spark plugs.

Charging The Battery

Car batteries usually have a long life if your vehicle is driven fairly often and the battery is not too old. However, severe and prolonged cold weather can also have an impact on the battery’s life. If your battery will still hold a charge, usually a jumper cable or battery charger will do the trick.

For further instructions, please refer to the link below. If it becomes necessary to replace your battery, please reference safe battery removal and installation.

Learn How To Charge Your Car Battery In Detail, Here.

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We have the perfect alternative to luxury without maintenance. Rent a luxury stretch limousine or Lincoln Town Car and experience the:

  • Elegance
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What’s In The New 2018 Lincoln Limousine Town Car?

2018 Lincoln Exterior

“Let Anticipation Give Way To Elation.”
– Enjoy Luxury Riding In A New Lincoln Limousine Town Car

What do you look for in terms of elegance and performance in a vehicle? The 2018 Lincoln Town Car has everything and more in the way of comfort, safety, and dependability. This Limousine Town Car is a first-class luxury vehicle.

When traveling around in South Florida, it is not uncommon to spot luxury cars, such as America’s Favorite, The Lincoln Town Car. From limousine companies to personal use, the town cars are perfect for any occasion that needs transportation!

Experience The Beauty And Comfort Of The New 2018 Lincoln Town Car!

The Lincoln Limousine Town Car is changing form to better cater to your comfort and style.

Lincoln is aiming high with the release of the new 2018 Lincoln Town Car with:

  • Dark privacy tinted windows
  • Leather seats with heating and cooling capabilities
  • Upgraded rear air suspension
  • Reverse camera system
  • Upgraded A/C and heat with insulation
  • Parking sensors
  • An updated navigation system
  • Many other advanced safety features

The New Lincoln Town Car is a perfect choice, whether you are planning a party, corporate travel, business event transportation, or for a safe night out with friends.

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2018 lincoln

What To Look For In:
The New 2018 Lincoln Limousine Town Car

 Superior Design And Excellent Performance!

The Lincoln Town Car became the most popular limousine in the United States and Canada. The 2018 Lincoln Town Car will feature: rear-wheel drive and new mechanical components with a chassis modeled after the “Ford: Crown Victoria.” Every new feature is designed for safety, power, and comfort.

This vehicle introduced new technologies and features, such as 4-speed overdrive automatic transmissions, fuel-injected engines, and key-less entry.

Features In 2018

Today, the 2018 Lincoln Town Car is even more innovated with talk of a V-10 engine, rather than the standard V-8. The exterior has also been upgraded with high-quality materials and more aerodynamic properties and elegance.

Fuel economy will be in the range of 22 mpg. Even the visibility has been improved by implementing LED technology, which will aid in inclement weather, such as rain or fog.

Rear passengers can enjoy the added feature of additional airflow vents. What more could you ask for in America’s Favorite Passenger Car?

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Lincoln 2018

There Is Real Beauty In Adaptability

The new Lincoln Town Car provides a unique and comfortable experience!

The interior of the 2018 Lincoln Town Car features new adjustable leather seats with perfect position and active motion. The seat back conforms to you and they are also fashioned with heating and cooling systems for your comfort.

In addition, to provide individual leg comfort, there are powered thigh adjusters that extract and retract to your personal preference. To further elevate your experience, the new 2018 Lincoln Town Car seating also includes massage and heating and cooling technology.

Also, the wheelbase has been extended to improve leg space inside the vehicle. The Town Car also features a smart glass tinted sunroof and storage space that has also been improved since the 2017 model.

As Within, So Without

This New 2018 model of the Lincoln Town Car includes:

  • A new rooftop designed for elegance
  • Brand new advanced navigation systems
  • Much larger display and touchscreen
  • A support tray for tablets
  • Airbags and seat belt technology has been upgraded, along with other safety features.

Now available are state of the art entertainment units with high-quality speakers and other multi-media options. What are you waiting for?

A1A Limousine Company

If you want to experience the comfort, safety, and dependability of a luxury car, the 2018 Lincoln Limousine Town Car is a perfect choice! Better yet, let A1A Limousine Company of South Florida provide you with your own personal chauffeur and concierge.

The high quality and performance of the 2018 Limousine Town Car provide both the excellence and comfort that you would expect from Lincoln Motor Company. Luckily, A1A Limousine Company prides itself on the quality of our luxury car and limousine fleet. No need to worry if a Lincoln Town Car isn’t large enough to fit all of your friends or colleagues. We have an assortment of vehicles that can hold between 2 and 50 passengers!

Our Fleet

When you book a luxury Town Car with A1A Limo, you will receive comfort and premium ground excitement of South Florida, as well as creating new memories with your traveling companions.

For safety and reliability with professionals that you can trust, book your reservation with A1A Limousine & Airport Services. Stay up to date on local events and business conferences when you follow us on our South Florida Limo News Blog.

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Tesla Model X – So Strong It Can Pull An Airplane!

The cars we drive say a lot about us.
– Alexandra Paul

When it comes to strong vehicles, don’t count out electric models. The Tesla Model X SUV is a beast of an electric vehicleIt can even pull an airplane! Read on to find out more about Tesla’s fully electric powerhouse.

Get to Know the Tesla Model X

While it may not look much different than some sedans on the road, it is actually one of the few fully electric SUVs on the market. What sets this vehicle apart from all the other vehicles on the road.

Known To Be The “Safest SUV Ever”

The Tesla Model X boasts a 5-Star Overall Safety Rating. The side collision warning helps you to avoid collisions with other drivers, who might come up quickly before you even notice.

Emergency breaking detects dangerous objects or situations, applying the brakes before you even see the hazard on the road.

Destination Set: Check.

Plane Tickets Booked: Check.

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A Luxury SUV

The sleek exterior is bound to turn heads, whether parked or driving by curious onlookers. As a mid-size crossover SUV, it isn’t the biggest SUV on the market. It is, however, about 10% heavier than the Tesla Model S sedan after which it was modeled.

The falcon-wing doors are a unique feature for the Tesla Model X. These double-hinged doors open up, rather than out. They are also equipped with proximity sensors that let the doors open in tight parking areas.

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Endless Amounts Of Storage

The Model X has enough room to seat seven adults and a 5,000 lb. towing capacity. That means that these vehicles can hold about as many people as a stretch limousine.

The SUV’s towing capacity is similar to the rating for a Buick Enclave, Ford Explorer, or other larger vehicles.

Fantastic Feats & Future Plans

True strength comes from within.

What gives the Model X its strength is really what sets it apart from other SUVs in its class. The Model X’s electric engine works differently than the standard internal combustion engines of other SUVs.

What makes electric and gasoline-powered vehicles so different is the amount of torque produced.

  • Torque is a measure of how much force is created, which in turn propels the vehicle forward.
  • The higher the torque (or force), the stronger the vehicle really is.

For example, the Tesla Model X can produce around nearly twice the torque of a Ford Explorer, giving the Tesla a higher towing capacity.

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The Tesla Model X Helped to Set a World Record

Tesla and Qantas Airways, an Australian airline,
set a Guinness World Record in May of 2018.

The record for “Heaviest Tow By An Electric Production Passenger Vehicle” was set when the Tesla Model X towed a Boeing 787 almost 1,000 feet at the Melbourne Airport.

Check it out below!

Paving the Way for Limousine Cars of the Future

Evoke is an Australian limousine company whose fleet is made up entirely of Tesla cars.

The company started in 2015 with a single Tesla Sedan and has since grown to include eight vehicles. The cars have (collectively) covered enough distance to travel around the world 25 times.

Amazingly, not a single customer has been stranded by a dead battery. Of Evoke’s 40,000 passenger rides, only one driver ran out of range. However, one driver ran out of battery power about one kilometer away from a charging station while heading back to the base.

The Tesla limo transportation service is slowly expanding. Evoke currently has five Tesla sedans and three SUVs under its belt. There are plans to soon expand into the Melbourne and Brisbane areas.

In 2016, Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla has plans to build a Minibus on a Model X chassis. Whether this will be more of a party van—”sometimes called a party bus”— or large public transport-style bus remains to be seen. Could the future of the limo bus be electric?

Have You Always Wanted to Party in a Bus?

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Why Do Electric Vehicles Make Great Limo Cars?

“There is a lot of downtime, so we use those gaps in the day to charge the vehicles using Tesla superchargers or back at our base.” – Pia Peterson, Evoke Founder

The fact that limousine cars spend so much time waiting for customers means there is ample opportunity for charging between drives. On a full charge, the Model X has nearly a 300-mile range before changing again.

Peterson pointed out that the since electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, they need less maintenance. This makes the vehicles more cost-effective to own over time.

Since electric vehicles don’t run on fossil fuels, like gasoline, they are better for the environment. Rather than fill up on a take of gas every few hundred miles, you can just plug in your car and wait up 30 minutes for the vehicle to recharge to around 170 miles.

Limo Car Service Is An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Luxury Limo Interior

There aren’t very many luxury ground transportation service companies in the United States that offer Tesla vehicles, yet. As we learn more about electric vehicles, we look forward to seeing new and better technology implemented in the American limousine industry.

At A1A Airport and Limousine Service, we proudly offer the best limousine options to fit your needs. We can arrange your town cars for corporate travel or a limousine transfer to get you between the airport and your hotel.

Affordable limousine service isn’t all that we offer. Our services include:

Let A1A Limo help you find your perfect South Florida limo or luxury transportation services.
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10 Limousine Fun Facts: What You Didn’t Know

Last time I called shotgun we had rented a limo, so I messed up!

— Mitch Hedberg

So, you think you know all about riding in a limousine? Well, think again!

Here are Ten Fun Facts about everyone’s favorite luxury car.

What’s In A Name?

What “limousine” actually means.

Today, the term refers to a luxury vehicle used to transport VIPs or rented out for special occasions.

However, the origins of the word may surprise you.

  • It comes from the Limousin region of France, where shepherds once wore a particular style of cloak.
  • On the early 1900s limo, the roof closely resembled the shepherds’ hoods.

You may not have realized how much debate surrounds the question of what counts as the “first” limo car. There is actually a history of firsts when it comes to narrowing down what types of luxury vehicles are technically limos.

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History Untold

First of all, the rise of the limo service was not the beginning of the chauffeur.

As far back as the 1700s, wealthy persons enjoyed the comforts of the chauffeur service. Back then they weren’t really called chauffeurs yet.

  • The idea of luxury ground transportation involved a horse-drawn carriage, which was often decorated with gold and pulled by the finest steeds.

Flash-forward to the twentieth century where we see what is typically considered the first limo car in 1902.

  • This was a steam-powered automobile that required the driver to sit in a compartment separate from his passengers and “stoke” the engine.
  • This is around the time that the name chauffeur—which literally translates to “stoker”—took off.

Something more closely resembling the modern version came about in 1928.

  • The Armbruster company created a type of limo bus that became famous for transporting big band musicians, like Glenn Miller.
  • This vehicle was dubbed the “Big Band Bus.

In the 1930s, airport limo service was born with the introduction of the Airporter Stretch Coach.

  • This was the introduction of the stretch limousine as a method of luxury travel.
  • Hollywood caught on and soon after the limousine became the new “it” accessory.

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Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Not Your Average Limousine

You won’t see anything like this at your local limousine company. These vehicles aren’t made for everyday transportation.

The world’s longest car is a 100-foot-long limo known as the name, “The American Dream.”

  • Burbank, California’s Jay Ohrberg designed the car, based on a 1970s Cadillac El Dorado.
  • This enormous luxury car is hinged in the middle and has 26 wheels.
  • It also features multiple “rooms,” a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, helipad, and even a water bed!

The title of heaviest limousine goes to the 50,560 lb, “Midnight Rider.”

  • Designed by Californians Pamela Bartholomew and Michael Machado, this enormous vehicle measures 70 feet long and nearly 14 feet high.
    • It is so big that it has to be pulled by a semi-truck.
  • Midnight Rider’s three lounges and bar can carry up to 40 passengers and its five-person crew.
    • Due to its size, the décor has a little more than what you might expect inside a limo.
      • The interior is based on the luxurious mid-1800s Pullman railroad cars.

The world’s longest monster truck began life as a limousine!

  • Brad and Jen Campbell designed the truck to bring the experience of riding in something as close to a professional monster truck to as many people as possible.
  • They took an actual limo body, gutted it, then custom-built it a new frame and roll-cage.

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A Luxury Car of Presidential Proportions

The president doesn’t take just any old car, whether for personal or business travel.

Forget the something old and something new. John F. Kennedy went straight for the something blue with his presidential car.

JFK’s limo was a little different than what you’ll see the President riding in these days.

  • His was a midnight blue 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible, known by the code name, “X-100.”

The car was stretched an extra three and a half feet from the mass-market model and included top-of-the-line features.

For 1961, That Meant Things Like:

  1. Hydraulic seats (that raised over ten inches).
  2. Radiotelephones.
  3. Suped-up heating and air conditioner unit.

After JFK’s assassination, the car stayed in service but underwent some major modifications to improve safety.

  • It got a permanent (non-convertible) top and new armoring.
  • Nowadays, presidential limos since have been outfitted with bulletproof plating.

JFK’s limo is currently housed at The Henry Ford, a museum in Dearborn, MI.

  • It is on display in the Presidential Vehicles exhibit.

The Beast

Truly a one-of-a-kind luxury car, the U.S. presidential vehicle is known as The Beast.

  • This vehicle is unlike any other Cadillac because it is a mash-up of several models.
  • Plus, there some added features not available to the mass-market.
    • The Beast has Escalade headlights and STS tail lights.
    • Its bulletproof windows are almost half a foot thick and darker than night.

Calling this an “armored car” is an understatement. The Beast is more like a tank, with ultra-thick armored plating on its body and with doors as heavy as a Boeing 757’s.

Limousine service has been used by celebrities as a status symbol, VIPs for protection, and attendees of special occasions to arrive in style. Those interested in professional chauffeur service, everyone can agree that a limousine is synonymous with luxury.

Have A1A Airport and Limousine Service set you up with the best luxury cars for your travel needs. Arranging your reservation has never been easier. You can reach us by phone, online, or through our mobile app. Follow our great blog to stay updated on the best luxury travel information and upcoming business events this fall.

Written By: Amber M. Smith 

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