Can Your Body Language Cost You The Interview?

You’re looking for that upgrade in the business world. Your skill-set is amazing and your work ethic is incredible. You’re tired of that underpaying job and it’s time to move on to something better. You work hard and want to show for it, whether it be daily fine dining, cruising around downtown in your luxury car, traveling around the world, take your beautiful girlfriend on a romantic date transporting yourselves in a Luxurious Limousine Rental etc. etc. You are ready to enjoy the finer things in life and make it big in your professional field.


You’ve only landed the interview to the job of your dreams! Your portfolio is incredible! That’s important n’ all…..but….so is your posture and body language during the interview.
You can tank an interview just by sitting slouched and having poor body language. Trust me. It happens. First impressions are important (I’m sure you’ve heard of this saying before and it’s most definitely true).

We’ve got you covered!

Arriving On Time

I know you’re thinking, “What does being on time have to do with posture?”.

It’s because they have to actually see you, usually when you’re not on time for the first interview most hires will call it off, it tells them, “This guy cannot even make it to the interview, what makes me think he can make it here on time on other days?”.

You see?

Failure: Not Making it on time


Decent: Making it to the interview on time


Hired: Arriving about 15 minutes early, it shows not only can you make it, but you can make it there on time with wiggle room.


However, arriving too early can send the opposite message. We don’t want to arrive too early and drink all the office coffee and eat office snacks to shave time. Bad image.

Eating Right Before The Interview

“What does eating have to do with posture and body language? What’s with this list?”. Well, you can have bad breath which is from your body, hence “Body Language”.

Most of us are aware of our health and want to stay in shape and stay on top of our recommended 3 to 4 meals a day.

However, eating a gigantic triple cheese beef burrito drowned in garlic salsa several moments before the interview isn’t a great idea.


Failure: Consuming a massive meal right before the interview. Your breathe is going to be…strong, and the interviewer is going to want to cut the interview short just so the poor soul can get a breath of fresh air.


Also, we don’t want to keep running back and forth to the bathroom.


Decent: Eat a decent meal moments before, and chew several sticks of gum right after eating.


Hired: Eat a small meal from home (something snack sized) and brush your teeth before you leave your house.

Not only will you feel energized and satisfied, but your breath is going to be mint-fresh! You’ll rock that interview!


Not only does slouching make you look like someone who has terrible posture, but it could affect your health in the long run. When you slouch you push your shoulders forward and will affect your back, this could lead to neck pain, back pain and quite possibly jaw pain.

Slouching isn’t a good look, try avoid slouching during an interview as well as any other place you go.

Failure: Slouching like a weirdo.

Decent: Not slouching during the job interview.


Hired: Avoid slouching at all during the interview as well as before the interview when you’re waiting in the lobby. Your first impression starts as soon as you walk through that door. When you notice you’re starting to slouch, correct your posture immediately. Future you will thank you later.


Chewing on your nails during the interview is not only disgusting for the interviewer, it’s not good for you nails. When you chew down your nails you can risk exposing skin as well as risk infection, plus you’ll need nails in case you want to scratch your back or open a soda can.

Failure: Eating your nails as a snack during entire interview.


Decent: Avoid eating your hands.


Hired: You stop eating your nails ahead of time, get an attractive manicure. It shows you care about yourself and your personal hygiene. Plus, having nice nails are pretty awesome and is a much more professional look than having chewed up hands.

Hair Twirling

This goes for mostly girls, but please be aware when during an important interview that’s vital to your professional future to not play with your hair. You want to be listening to every word and detail during this time, so any distractions such as twirling your hair can be interrupting and very unprofessional.

Also, you want both hands free so you can focus on taking important notes about any vital information which might come up in the interview. Taking notes is good, it shows you can be resourceful as well as organized. 


Failure: Twirling your hair throughout the whole interview (How old are we?).


Decent: You avoid playing with your hair, but you push it back away from your face only when it gets in the way.

Hired: Before the interview even started you threw your hair up in a good looking bun.


Nice choice!

Not only does this look professional, but your hair won’t be flying in your face distracting you. You’ll be much more focused on the interview and the person speaking to you.


Less Distractions = Better Chance Of Info Being Retained

Luxurious Ground Transportation

Want to already look like a boss? Hiring a reliable Luxury Ground Transportation service will make you look extremely professional as well get you to your interview on the recommended 15 minutes early.

Excellent body language cause you will be relaxed and stress free knowing you won’t have to worry about a ride over to your interview destination.


Failure: You walk to your destination, end up late, sweaty, and smelly.


Decent: Drive your personal car or have one of your friends drop you off (but do you want to really rely on someone who’s not a professional to get you to point A to point B?).


Hired: You hire a professional Luxury Car Ground Transportation Service and arrive at the interview at the recommended 15 min early, save money because it’s cheaper than a taxi, and look super professional as well as really cool and sharp.


We wish you luck on your interview, just remember to have you portfolio full and in order, take notes if needed and also be aware of your body language. Very important!


Good Luck!



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