Business Travel Tips: Winter Packing Without The Bulk

When traveling for business, you need to look your best. Knowing the right type of clothing to pack and the tricks to packing light will ensure you make a great impression and yet not be overburdened with extra luggage. Winter months, especially in the colder climates, can pose problems, as you must consider heavier and more bulky clothing.

This article, you will learn the following tricks:

There are some important business travel tips that can really help in this regard.

Remembering this is “winter” business travel, we’ll discuss how to keep the professional look while staying warm, as you’ll be in business meetings/events all day and business dinners/activities in the evenings. In addition, we’ll consider how many changes of clothing you’ll typically need and how to safely handle toiletries, electronics, and other materials you may require for your business travel.

As a limo service, we know only too well the problems associated with winter business travel. In addition to not knowing your way around a new city, winter roads can be quite hazardous. Reserving the best Airport Shuttle service and business event transportation alleviates the stress and hassles of dealing with airport traffic and treacherous winter roads. A professionally-trained chauffeur and personal concierge will meet and greet you at the airport, assist with your luggage, and provide warm, comfortable, and safe ground transportation in a new limousine. With A1A Limo Service, you will arrive relaxed, on time, and in style.

Preparing for a Week-Long Business Trip

Business Trip

Packing for a full week of business travel requires careful planning, including choosing the appropriate clothing, smart luggage, and knowing how to pack light even in winter months. Considering a week-long itinerary of different meetings/events/activities can cause you to instinctively over pack.

Typically, less is better! Business travel usually means flying, which automatically limits you to one large suitcase, a carry-on, and a personal item, such as a purse or laptop carrying case. Because this is a full week of business travel, it’ll be necessary to pack the bulk of your clothes in a large checked bag. However, a good rule of thumb is to include at least one shirt, a pair of socks, and underwear in your carry-on bag just in case your luggage is misplaced by the airline. This way, you can arrive with at least one set of clothes guaranteed.

The best choice for a carry-on bag is a small rolling model that meets the airline’s dimension requirements. Obviously, any electronics should be either in your carry-on bag or a laptop carrying case.

Regardless of what type of luggage you require for your business travel, let a personal concierge lend a helping hand. After a long flight, you can leave the heavy lifting, as well as the traffic to the professionals. Our chauffeurs are highly trained, licensed, and insured and will guarantee your warmth, comfort and safety in one of our limousine cars. If you’re traveling with associates, you can enjoy the convenience of a stretch limo or limo bus. Remember, A1A Limo Service is the best source for corporate travel worldwide.

Packing for Corporate Travel in the Winter Months

For a week-long business trip during winter months, packing efficiently means no wasted space that would cause clothing and personal items to be jostled around. This shouldn’t be a problem since you’ll need extra clothing for insulation from the cold, such as thermal or silk underwear that matches your skin color and isn’t noticeable beneath your dress wear, heavy socks or thermal tights, and sweaters/jackets. Instead of packing individual outfits for each day, pick out interchangeable clothing items in basic colors. Layering is the way to go in that you can add or take away articles of clothing, as needed, for your own personal climate control.

You also want to ensure comfort during business travel without compromising a professional look. For instance, because travel involves both a lot of movement and sitting, the waistband on pants should give a little and the choice of fabric should allow for a bit of a stretch.

The first thing to pack should be dress suits, followed by shirts/blouses, topped with socks, underwear, and shoes, which should be in plastic bags to keep from soiling the clothing. It’s best to pack wrinkle-free synthetic shirts/blouses, which also provide extra warmth.

For a full week of business events, you will want to include:
• Two suits or skirts and jackets in neutral colors, so you can mix and match. If desired, a sports jacket or blazer for casual events.
• At least four white or light-colored dress shirts/blouses, along with accessories, such as cufflinks or jewelry.
• Comfortable dress shoes that match your choice in suits and don’t forget your work-out shoes.
• A few pocket squares and ties to change the look of your suit and scarves provide both warmth and a unique look.
• Seven pairs of socks, tights, or nylons and underwear.
• Pajamas in case you have to share a room.
• Dopp Kit with all of the basics and don’t forget Chap Stick, TSA/travel-friendly lotion, and boot wipes.

For outerwear in the winter months, wear a stylish winter coat and warm footwear on the plane. However, ensure that your footwear is easy to remove during security checkpoints to prevent delays. Suede or leather gloves, a hat, and scarf should also be worn to the airport. These items, along with a folding umbrella can be stored during flight in your carry-on bag or overhead storage.

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