Don’t Distress, De-Stress: Stress Management for the Business Professional

“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.”
– Valerie Bertinelli

For a business professional, work can sometimes become overwhelming. With better positions, come more responsibility. If you are unable to manage that responsibility, it can create a number of issues that eventually cause stress.

Stress is not uncommon, as almost everyone deals with some sort of it in their life. From stay at home moms stressing about taking care of their child to retired individuals stressing about paying their bill, everyone has to deal with unique issues that cause them stress.

Does that mean everyone is stressed out all the time? Well, the answer to that is no. That’s because even though everyone has their own issues that can cause stress, many have ways to deal with it. To talk about how to reduce stress, especially in a professional environment, we must first talk about what stress actually is for a business professional.


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Sources Of Stress For The Business Professional 

Stress is your body’s reaction to any kind of threat or demand. In the business world, the demands never stop. You have to be constantly vigilant and ready to be on the go when the work requires it. The responsibilities only increase as one becomes more successful in their career.

There are several ways to deal with these issues that cause stress in your work life, so you should start applying them before it starts affecting your personal life. Here are 3 things that might cause you stress and how you can go about minimizing them.


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1. Lack of Breaks

In a demanding workplace, every second is valuable. Due to the belief that people need to be constantly working all the time, many feel pressured to do the same. This constant need to be focused throughout the workday can increase stress, which ironically decreases focus and productivity. Due to the high demand and external pressure, people often forget to take breaks from work so that they can get the time to unwind and collect their thoughts.


Need A Break?

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Solution: Plan breaks from work throughout the day. This does not mean just sitting idly and not working at your desk. You should really consider getting a change in scenery during your break.

As a business professional, you can take a longer lunch break or book a local town car so that you can enjoy your luxurious car ride to lunch. The ride in the town car can be a great way to silently let go of all your worries and actually relax. Even if you don’t have a destination in mind, a ride in a luxury car or black car service might be all you need to recharge your mind before getting back to what you need to do.


2. Personnel Management

After a certain level, your job may be more about managing people than directly getting your hands dirty. As you progress in your career, managing skills become even more important than before. The inability to deal with others can become a huge source of stress in your life. Working with people is one thing. Managing them is a whole new ball game.

Solution: A simple way to reduce the stress of managing employees is to reduce their stress. By having a relaxed and stress-free workforce, you will have to worry less about issues arising. You can help them deal with stress by making small changes, such as allowing them to socialize or increasing small breaks during the workday.


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Let’s take business travel as an example. Instead of booking a plane or bus tickets to get your employees to a business meeting, you can arrange an executive van to transport everyone together. Your employees will feel like they are looked after because of the relaxing way they are traveling. Plus, they get to socialize with their colleagues while enjoying their ride.

You could also arrange limo service for your colleagues as an incentive to push for that extra motivation. These kinds of trips can turn into a relaxing time for anyone involved, thereby reducing your stress as well.


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3. Increasing Workload

As you gain status in your field, your workload is bound to increase. Don’t let this stress you out. As you move along your career path, you need to find ways to manage your workload efficiently. If you are not able to manage your increasing responsibilities, you might remain stagnant in your current position.

Solution: Find ways that will minimize your workload instead of increasing it. By figuring out more efficient ways to solve your duties, you can streamline all of your work, mitigating any stress that may arise due to your work.

A successful business professional is one that works smarter more than harder. Let’s take expense reports as an example. They can be tedious to deal with. Instead of dealing with them one at a time, you can group them up by the use of company accounts.


Expense Reports Got You Stressed?

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For instance, you can start using a reliable luxury ground transportation service that will keep track of and manage all of your business’s transportation expenses. Long gone are the days where you would have to deal with each expense individually. By creating an account with a travel management service, you can receive monthly reports that you will have to deal with just once. Not only will this reduce the work you have to do, but it will also help make your work more efficient.


Relax While You Travel In Luxury

Creating a comfortable work environment reduces stress for yourself as well as your colleagues. By improving a small aspect of work life, such as providing transportation for life’s daily events, you can create a big impact.


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