Leadership Skills That Every Business Professional Can Use

Who’s got skills?

Certain leadership skills are crucial to succeed as a business professional. It’s not just experience that teaches you to lead. Some of the most important skills for corporate business are actually more like personality traits.

They’re sometimes called “soft skills.” We’ve outlined a few of them for you below.

Ingredients for Success As
A Business Professional

How will you achieve success?

Succeeding in the corporate world takes more than a nice suit and a limousine for a business professional. Designing your formula for success is easy, once you cultivate these skills.

Business Skills

1. Communication 

The hardest of them all.

Have you ever left a business meeting with a pounding headache? Odds are that’s because you were frustrated that no one would listen to anything you said.

Or worse, maybe you didn’t want to listen to what anyone else said. Communication skills are the foundation for everything that you do as a business professional.

There Are Four Basic Types Of Communication
That People In Business Use: 

Verbal Communication skills help you to pass on information effectively. Speaking clearly and active listening fall into this category.

Things that apply here are:

  • Assertiveness
  • Projecting your voice
  • Keeping a level head under stress

Nonverbal communication skills include giving or receiving a message without words.

This includes actions like:

  • Body language
  • Facial expressions
  • Posture

Remember the phrase,actions speak louder than words.” You have to pay as much attention to what your conversation partner does as to what they actually say.

Written communication skills are for more than writing speeches.

  • They are also useful for creating reports and drafting proposals.
  • Writing well can help you be taken more seriously when sending emails or letters. Taking good notes during a corporate meeting can also be beneficial.

Interpersonal communication skills are sometimes called “people skills.”

  • If you’ve ever been called a people person,” then you already have them.
  • This type of communication is less about what you say and more about how you say it. It combines verbal and nonverbal communication skills to better deal with other people.

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business skills

2. Empathy

Put yourself in another’s perspective.

Empathizing with someone is like taking a walk in their shoes. You relate to the way they feel. That also means that you take their feelings into consideration in your interactions.

No matter how much you like your coworkers or staffers, you won’t get along all the time. When disagreements do arise, they can usually be easily solved.

Try to see things from the other person’s side to figure out what needs to change and why.

Empathizing will help you with:


Knowing where the other side is coming from makes you a better negotiator. Say you want to spend a little more time in an area you’ve gone on business travel. Negotiating a later flight can buy you a little more time.

You might have to agree to one more business meeting in the area, but it will be worth it!

Your Next Business Meeting

The art of persuasion can win you many things. Knowing your audience is crucial, though. If you offer a partner something that they want, they are more likely to go along with your ideas.

Maybe you’d like to expand your business outside the current area. You know your partner hates airport travel, so you offer to handle the meetings on location yourself. It’s a win-win.


If you can figure out what your interviewer wants to hear, you have a better chance of providing favorable answers. That doesn’t mean to stretch the truth, though.


Picking up cues from nervous trainees tells you when you need to slow down a bit. If your new assistant hates traffic, don’t ask them to pick you up from the airport. Have them hire you an airport limo shuttle, instead.

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business skillset

3. Humility

Humility means keeping a modest opinion about yourself and your own importance. Don’t let your ego get the best of you. You should feel good about your accomplishments. It’s also important to give credit where credit is due.

For example, luxury travel may be a perk that your company offers. Appreciate it like the privilege that it is!

Everyone in your company may not have their own professional chauffeur. It’s fine to discuss your recent travel adventures. You don’t have to brag about every luxury car you rode in along the way.

business skills

4. Flexibility

You should be flexible in the way that you go about things. Coming in with a “my way or the highway” attitude won’t get you far.

Neither will the idea of that’s not my job.” Sometimes you may be the one to get coffee for the boss. Maybe different team members take turns leading meetings.

Getting stuck in a rigid structure can hurt your chances of career advancement.

Everything can’t always go your way, and that’s okay. You don’t have to show up to every event in a stretch limousine.

A classy black sedan will also do the job. Sometimes you may even have to drive yourself.

business skills

5. Adaptability

Change is inevitable.

You need to be able to adapt and take the changes in stride when they come. New ways of doing things will come along eventually.

These new ways may be more efficient or they may not. You’ll never know unless you try them out. Another way to look at it is “rolling with the punches.”

Change isn’t always negative, though. Getting a new job or promotion is often a positive change. That doesn’t mean that is isn’t hard to adjust. If you’ve never ridden in a luxury car, it may take a while to get used to limousine interior.

No matter what stage you are in as a business professional, one thing is universal. You want to make a statement.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

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