Breaking the Myths Of Affordable Limousine Service

What an opportunity as a business professional!

Your bags are packed and your flight is already booked for that exciting business travel adventure. Before you could ask Google for a “limousine service near me”, myths are buzzing through your mind. From news-feeds to social media, it’s a cesspool for rumors.

However, you really need to understand the facts or else you might just be “settling” for a lesser quality as an option.

Which one could result in a hassle or hindrance?

A Limousine Service can have several misconceptions,
but here are the myths BUSTED!

Myth busted limousine service

The Misconception on Limo Clientele

“Limousines are for the rich, I could never afford one.”

Limousines are designed to provide top-of-the-line elegance fit for royalty, however, you don’t have to break the break in order to experience a luxury ground transportation service.

Craftsmanship for a luxury car is expensive by design, but your service provider OWNS the vehicle, you’re only just renting it. Depending on what you’re looking for in a luxury transportation service, a vehicle could seat a dozen passengers or more, as well as provide cost-effective options:

  • Tinted Privacy Glass
  • Leather Seating Surfaces
  • AM/FM/Satellite with Bluetooth access
  • Individual Climate Controls
  • Sparkling Water / Mini-bar
  • Dvd Player
  • Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Plenty Of Luggage Room

The average transportation service may be cheap, but you’re going to be getting what you pay for. No privacy, no mini-bar, no elegance, and usually no control of the music they’re playing.

Don’t like Nickleback? Well, too bad.

Taxi service rates are growing more than ever before. Companies like Uber and Lyft are flooding the roads pushing the old guy out. These companies tend to be less reliable with a lack of professionalism.

You can’t go wrong when hiring a professional, they will take the time to study the routes to avoid pesky traffic as well as in-city chaos to get you to your destination on time and in luxury. 

Financial Tip: When you ride with a professional ground transportation service,
you get more bang for your buck.

Business Exec Limousine Service

“You’re talking about corporate travel. What about my wedding, or my niece’s prom? Aren’t limos meant for business execs?”

Limousine (or town car) service is ideal for business travel but meets the needs of various life events, for a reasonable cost. You can book a town car, or even a party van, at an affordable, hourly rate, which will prove very cost effective.

All your bridesmaids, your niece as well as all her friends will enjoy the elegant experience while not breaking the bank.

Need Business Event Transportation? 

We’ve Got You Covered 

The Myth on Model & Availability

“I’m a die hard Ford fan, is a limousine my only option?”

A big misconception many people make is that a limousine is a brand or manufacturer such as GMC or Ford. A limousine is a luxury vehicle, driven by a chauffeur, with a private section for passengers separated from the driver’s cabin.

Many are available in stretch models, and various brands are available such as Ford, GM, the popular stretch Hummer, and, of course, the classic Rolls Royce. A1A Limo has a phenomenal Ford f-550 minibus that any Ford truck lover would enjoy.

Wedding Limousine Service

“My wedding has a VERY specific color scheme and
a black limo just does not work for me.”

That executive look the black town car provides may seem perfect for a business event, but some customers may have a particular need, such as a prom, wedding, and need particular tastes to match.

Limousine services have other color options such as Silver or White.

“What about availability?
I’m sure I’m getting an old model if I’m renting at such a low rate…”

The truth is that the limo business is competitive like any other, and to stay on top of the competition, limousine companies need to keep up to date on their fleet models.

Fleet Photo

Here’s an excellent example of an up-to-date fleet:

Luxury Fleet

The Truth About Your Options

“This meeting is important, my time is limited and I need to eat before it begins. Getting my phone app out and ordering UberEats will just be more convenient.”

Your chauffeur is more than just your driver, they are your personal concierge or personal assistant. UberEats has a terrible track record. A1A chauffeurs will place your order, pick it up, deliver it safely and in a timely manner. You’ll make that meeting on time, as well.

“Plane tickets? I have a terrible fear of flying and
I know limousines can’t transport you from city to city”

Limousines are perfectly legal and safe transport on highways. There aren’t any laws preventing them from doing so. Chauffeurs are trained and accredited to operate certified vehicles in any typical road condition.

Though known to be great as an airport transport shuttle, if flying is out of the question, your chauffeur will deliver you from your front door to your meeting across the state, safe and on time.

Limousine cars can be an ideal option for your travel needs. A1A is an affordable choice for your business event in Boca Raton. If you need a reliable Miami Airport car service to get to your daughter’s wedding on South Beach, book a reservation with A1A.

A taxi or Uber might serve your most basic needs, but our personal concierge and professional chauffeurs will deliver a service far beyond the basic necessities. The fact is you’re getting privacy, safety, speed and convenience that other ground transport service providers cannot match.

Now that you know the truth about limousine service, visit our website and book your reservation today!

Author: Aaron Waters


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