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Your loved one’s birthday is a very special day. Sometimes the birthday honoree doesn’t feel all that special. What better way to surprise and honor them than with a limo rental!

You’ll definitely want to capture that Kodak moment when the bus pulls up. Your loved one will feel like a VIP while they celebrate in style. We’ve prepared a guide to help you arrange the best birthday surprise.

Milestone Birthday Meaning

Birthday ages that are most celebrated. For example: Sweet 16, 21, 30, 40, 50 and 60. Additionally, more so after the age of 60 the milestones go by 5’s. Like 65, 75, 85, etc. etc.

These age-landmarks are important milestones in a person’s life. Creating a special day for your loved one is ideal. They’re only 21 once, they’re only 30 once, they’re only 40 once, etc. etc. Why not turn it into a huge celebration?

Limo Rental

There’s certain occasions and special events in life that demand something extra. When these occasions arrive, it deserves the enjoyment of the best transportation service available. When booking your limo rental, hiring the best is ideal.

Planning for a surprise birthday party of such caliber requires intense preparation:

  • Booking dinner
  • Venue Decor
  • Music
  • Party Favors
  • Guest Invites

Gathering your party’s needs is an exhausting process for sure. Especially when it’s a surprise party! Booking your limo rental shouldn’t be a difficult venture as well.

Transportation for larger groups can be a pain. Your guest could get lost on the way as well as get stuck in traffic.

Additionally, drinking and driving is a risk! To prevent this, booking a car rental with chauffeur is an excellent addition to your party plans.

When you contact a limo bus service for your next upcoming event, you can rest easy knowing your in good hands.

A limo driver (or limo bus driver, depending on the size of group) can transport you as well as your party goers safely as well as luxuriously.

When you ride in a limo bus, the party will continue.

Limo Rental For Your Special Occasion

Event Planner

Planning a surprise party of epic proportions isn’t a walk in a park. Planning for a spouse or someone close to you? It’s hard enough finding the free-time without them around. Keeping the party organization under wraps is vital. Wouldn’t a personal concierge service come in handy? Or course!

Especially planning for someone’s 21st or 30th birthday. Around this age era, it’s normal for the guest of honor to be excited as their big day closes in. As a result, they’ll grow curious on what you’re planning. Mischievously will snoop your notes, or ask around.

Hire a Party Planner

Limousine companies often offer more than a designated driver service. When asking about event planning services while booking your birthday limo bus, a professional can arrange a party planner for you.

When hiring an event planner, you can rest easy knowing a professional is handling all the party preparations for you.

As a result, the guest of honor won’t be able to bust you on your planning. Of course, planning experts are PROS on keeping your secret safe!

While you’re busy making memories with the ones you love, an event planner can coordinate picture taking.

Furthermore, can work a few photo opportunities at the party venue.

A limousine service can provide anything you need for your special occasion. Transportation is of course their speciality, however making the magic happen is on their agenda as well. When contacting the best limousine service, be sure to ask about “Party & Event Planning” .

Contact a Professional Here : Party & Event Planning

Concierge Service

It never hurts to have an extra set of hands. Hiring an event planner is only the beginning of what options are available. Additionally, hiring a personal concierge for the party is a life saver for anyone planning a special event or occasion.

There’s no need to rush to grab your catering order. Don’t miss quality time with your loved ones to sneak away and decorate the venue. Your hired professional concierge can coordinate everything with ease.

Guest flying in from out of town? No worries! Your second set of hands can arrange their airport limo shuttle with ease. As well as drop them off at the party safe and sound.

Limo Rental Near Me

When looking for a “limo rental near me” it’s ideal to hire a reliable limousine service. With a luxurious fleet and services that’s more than just a designated driver service, you’re hiring an all in one inclusive package!

Book Your Limo Van & Special Occasion

Your guests won’t have to wait to be at the main venue to have a good time. Jamming inside an epic limo is ideal to keep the celebration going. In addition, your limo bus is the absolute perfect travel option for any kind of occasion:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Bachelor Party / Bachelorette party
  • Holiday Get Together
  • Family Reunion
  • Prom
  • Field Trips
  • Anniversary

The sky’s the limit with a limo bus rental! Climb aboard, you’ll see everything you’ll expect from a limo interior and then some.

Additionally, a luxury town car is another excellent form of transportation. Especially for guests who need picking up from the hotel they’re staying at or airport terminal. Hence, an affordable limousine service have a fleet that can accommodate any size. At times, booking different types of vehicles ahead of time can come in handy!

Luxurious Fleet Management : Click Here

Limo Bus Inside

Your limo rental will have the same privacy encouraged tinted windows as a limousine. With unique lighting and premium sound systems, you’re riding in a luxurious party van!

Your party will be exclusive and private. No one will bother you and your party goers. Hence, think of a limo as a stretch limousine…but bigger! Additionally, inviting more guests to the party.

Concierge Service

Booking your party transportation for your guests is only the beginning. Requesting a concierge service will be your party’s life saver! How? Well, your personal chauffeur will also be your driver. In addition, to picking up guests from their work, home, hotel or airport terminal.

What Is a Chauffeur?

Think of a chauffeur as an extra set of hands. Someone who’ll handle the driving, food pick-up, running errands, picking up party favors, etc. etc.

Above all, you’ll enjoy the party and mingle with your guests. Without sweating about the small stuff!

Additionally, included in your concierge service your chauffeur will ensure all your guests get home safely.

No drinking and driving! A professional limo driver know the dangers and will take this seriously.

If you have guests who are under the influence, and need a ride home. You can rest easy knowing your guests are in good hands!

Driving Services

The beneficial outcome when booking a car rental with chauffeur is no one will have to ride in a sketchy Uber, Lyft or taxi cab. Treat your guests as they deserve to be treated! Book them a luxury ground transportation service.

For destination parties, the limo can pick you and your guests up at the airport. In addition your hired limo chauffeur will be there to greet you and help with any bags.

Affordable Limousine Service

Looking for a limousine or party van for your loved one’s special day? Call A1A Airport and Limousine Service, South Florida’s trusted name in luxury ground transportation.

From airport travel to corporate business, A1A can handle your travel arrangements. We also service over 850 cities worldwide, through our global affiliates and partners, so no matter where you go, we are there to pick you up!