Best Wine tour/Tastings in the US

Best Wine tour/Tastings in the US

Having a sip of wine takes you into a whole new world every time. Whether enjoying your glass of wine at home or at some party as it always gives you a royal feeling with every sip. Although the region of France or Italy is especially renowned as the wine countries. However, you may also enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the wine country while in the United States. If you are planning to travel the best wine tour/tasting in the US, then here is the list to give you an idea. So all you need is to keep on reading.

Yamhill County, Oregon

If you want to search the best wine destination in the United States then Yamhill County is the best possible answer. With the seven of the country best wineries, this county contains overall 80 wineries. So being a wine lover, Yamhill should be the must in your to-do bucket.

King County, Washington

If you have not yet to king county, then now is the time. The king county is important for making the red wines including Sangiovese. Similarly, if you want to spend your vacations in the best possible way, then king county is the best. This winery contains 60 of the best wineries and these recently opened wine destinations may arrange some of the best wine tours and tastings.

Napa County, California

If there is any famous or the highly recommended wine destination it is the Napa Valley in California. According to an estimate, this place contains the biggest collection of the wineries to give you the luxury of watching and experience the farms.

San Luis Obispo County, California

If you are craving for the wine tours or tastings, then there is no other place much happening than the San Luis Obispo. This county contains almost 100 vineyards and all of them are 15 to 20 minutes away from one another. The beautiful county of San Luis Obispo has been ranked as the best winery in 2016. Plan a tour to the amazing vineyards of SLO and give yourself a retreat.

Sonoma County, California

Although the Napa Valley is considered the best wine tour/ tasting destination, however, the Sonoma Valley is in direct competition when it comes to wine. With one of the finest wine county, the Sonoma County contains the wine yards every 6 square miles. That is not it, if you plan to visit some of the best wine destinations in the world then the county offers littorai Wines along with Banshee.

The wine tour to the Napa or the Sonoma County could be heavy to your pocket and mostly fall into the luxury category of the traveling. However, this tour may give you the memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Alameda County, California

Visiting a wine yard is not free as its cost you’re a heavy sum. Especially the counties like Napa or Sonoma. Visiting wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties can be expensive. However, there is always a better option. Plan a visit to the most suitable and affordable county with the minimum county rates.

Santa Barbara County, California

Santa Barbara County offers the wine lovers a heaven on the earth. Apart from the main county, the other great places to visit are Jaffurs Wine Cellars and Sandhi Wines which have mastered the art of wine over the years. However, the wines including Viognier and Grenache Blanc.

This area along with all of its microelements allow the other growers to grow the wine garden and gives you an opportunity to settle here as it has this area has more opportunities for producing different kinds of wines. So what you are waiting for?

Walla Walla County, Washington

Moving on, now we have Walla Walla Country, Washington which is famous for its economy that circle around agriculture. The farms of Walla Wall country has earned great fame over the years on the global scale. However, the wine farms include Snake River Vineyard, and also the world’s biggest Concord grape vineyard.

Let us add more to our information and that is Walla Walla Country has amazingly more than 50 wineries that is spread within almost on every 21.5 square miles.

San Joaquin County, California

So the next in our list is the most amazing San Joaquin Country Valley, California which is known as one of the best places for growing different kinds of crops which also include wine grapes.

The most interesting fact about this valley is it is also considered as the “Best food basket of the world”. Moreover, if we talk about the wineries in this area, then you will be amazed as it contains almost 35 wineries in which Bokisch Vineyards in Lodi, California is famous. The one Bokisch which is considered at number 10 in the world’s top 100 wineries.

Amador County, California

The next is Amador County, California which is getting famous day by day on ranking top having world’s best wineries. However, according to the records of Census Bureau, this area has the world’s most amazing tasting couple of wineries which will blow your mind. Moreover, the new wineries are opening day by day on a large scale. So in short, the estimated area that every winery covers are 33 square miles.

Another amazing fact is that Amador Country has recently recognized itself for having the best producers of Wines in America for its two wineries.  The wineries including Vino Noceto, which is famous for its sangiovese.

So this is the list of world’s best wine tours in the USA. However, if you are a wine lover and actually want to know the places of amazing tasted wines, then this article is especially for you to read. The world is vast and it contains many amazing places that are fully filled with grape yards and rich with the production of world amazingly tasted wines that give your mouth an experience of taste that you can never forget.

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