Best Limousine Cars, and Other Forms Of Luxury Transportation

The best limousine services will maintain a modern fleet with enough diversity to handle any size party. We’ll break down the basics of luxury ground transportation: from Town Cars to stretch limousine models and everything in between.


Choosing the Best Limousine Car

There are many different types of vehicles in the world of luxury transportation. However, choosing the right limousine car doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You’ll need to consider:

  • Where you’re going
  • How many people are traveling together
  • Limousine car availability

Next, let’s take a look at some specific types of limo transportation.



Cadillac XTS
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 3

Its sleek style and plush leather seating make the XTS perfect for corporate travel, whether you need to send a chauffeur for a client or make your own travel arrangements.

With rear climate controls, passengers can set the temperature for their comfort. Enjoy whatever music fits your mood with Bluetooth and XM Radio. You can even just sit back, relax, and just enjoy the ride in anonymity, thanks to the car’s dark-tinted privacy glass.



Lincoln Continental
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 3

Did you know that John F. Kennedy’s presidential limo was a blue Lincoln Continental? These days, however, white or black is a much more common color for a limousine car.

Although the Continental went out of production in 2002, it came back with a vengeance for its tenth generation in 2017. The Continental has a much more subtle design than other flashy luxury cars.

It’s jaw-droppingly beautiful without being the center of attention. This makes it a great car for corporate travel, where it can help you make the perfect entrance: classy, but not over the top.



Mercedes Benz S550
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 3

This luxury sedan is in popular demand, and for good reason. Its design is classy and chic while the interior provides a cozy, comfortable ride. The S550 also features amenities that makes it seem less like a sedan and more like the smallest limo.

Like most luxury cars, you’ll ride in comfort on plush leather seating, but there’s more! Heated seats will keep passengers warm in winter while the satellite radio stations allow them to set the soundtrack for their adventure.

If yours is equipped with the onboard WiFi hotspot, you can even stay connected to friends or the office on the go.



GMC Yukon
Vehicle Type: SUV
Passengers: 6

Up to six passengers can ride comfortably in the luxurious GMC Yukon. Its three rows of seating give everyone plenty of space. In fact, the third row is easily accessible from the rear doors to enter the vehicle or retrieve stored cargo.

When it comes to entertainment, this limousine car can really turn it up to 11. The AM/FM/Satellite radio also has Bluetooth access, so you can play your favorite tunes right from your phone.

The 2018 model even comes with a Bose audio system and a nine-speaker setup. Plus, the dark privacy tinting lets you dance like no one’s watching—because no one will be able to see inside!



Cadillac Escalade
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 6

America’s favorite luxury sedan celebrated 20 years on the market in 2018 and is still quite the status symbol. Its sleek styling makes it clear that someone important is inside, while providing enough performance for its driver to move nimbly through traffic.

Three rows of seating allows room for up to six passengers or lots of storage space. Individual climate controls let you tailor the cabin temperature to your preference.

With the 2018 model’s Platinum Package, the interior features exotic wood trim, a suede headliner, and leather seating. Surrounding yourself in this much luxury feels like you’re flying in a private jet without leaving the ground!



Lincoln MKT
Vehicle Type: Stretch Limousine
Passengers: 8

Town Cars are great for transporting solo travelers and groups of three or fewer. The Lincoln MKT Town Car Limousine brings the classic black car experience to larger groups of up to eight passengers.

This limousine car is loaded with tons of comfort and functionality features in both passenger and driver areas. You can rest assured that your driver has the best navigation system and driver-assistance functions, such as the BLIS® Blind Spot Information System.


For passengers, the top-notch entertainment features include:

  •  An 8-inch LCD touch screen
  • AM/FM/Satellite radio, CD/MP3 compatibility & auxiliary input
  • 10-speaker audio setup
  • Multiple power ports keeping devices charged & ready



Limo Facts: What Is a Chauffeur?

In short, a chauffeur is someone whose job is to drive others around. However, chauffeurs are different from other kinds of drivers. They must undergo rigorous training and have a clean driving record. In addition, they must maintain a professional appearance, as well as a personable demeanor.




Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine
Vehicle Type: Stretch Limousine
Passengers: 15

How do you make a Cadillac Escalade better? Stretch it into an SUV limousine! This way, you get all of the perks of the original Escalade but with twice the passenger capacity.

In addition, you’ll have access to the amenities that you’d expect from a stretch limousine such as a beverage station and fiber-optic lighting. This is a popular vehicle for special occasions and bridal parties as well as spicing up a regular evening with a luxurious night on the town.



Mercedes Sprinter
Vehicle Type: Van
Passengers: 11

The Sprinter Van is a favorite for corporate travel. Its no-nonsense design gives everyone his or her own seat, so there’s plenty of legroom and no crowding.

With seating for up to eleven passengers, you can easily transport your whole office or department in one vehicle. In fact, this vehicle is frequently used for business event transportation or as an airport shuttle.



Ford E-350
Vehicle Type: Van
Passengers: 15

The E-350 is similar to the Sprinter van, but can fit more passengers inside. With five rows of seating, it’s the perfect vehicle for event transportation, wedding parties, or even an airport shuttle for large groups.

Its individual seating ensures comfort for every passenger. The dark privacy glass keeps others from seeing into your vehicle. In addition, it also blocks some outside light to helps you rest after a long flight or road trip.



Ford F-450
Vehicle Type: Limo Bus
Passengers: 25

The F-450 provides the functionality of a passenger van in the size of a limo bus. For a night on the town, everyone can ride together with the convenience of your chauffeur acting as the evening’s designated driver.

You won’t have to worry about parking, either, as your chauffeur will drop you off at your party or business event location.



Ford F-550
Vehicle Type: Limo Bus
Passengers: 30

For the ultimate party-on-wheels, you’ll want this awesome limo bus. With 30-passenger capacity and a rockin’ atmosphere you may not want to leave this party in a bus!

Flat screen TVs and a premium sound system let you kick off the evening with your personal party soundtrack or maybe your own rendition of carpool karaoke. Stock the drink station with your favorite beverages and you can even pop bottles (responsibly) on the go!



Vehicle Type: Limo Bus
Passengers: 50

Whether you’re headed out of town or cross-country, a motorcoach will get you there! This limo bus option features overhead cargo space as well as weather-proof compartments for larger luggage.

Onboard restrooms allow you to make your journey in comfort without making unnecessary stops. Climate-controlled A/C and heating ensure that you can keep warm or cool, no matter where you’re headed!



How to Book Your Best Limousine

By reading this guide, you’ve taken the first step. That is, you’re doing your research. Once you pick the right limousine car, research limousine companies in your area.

Keep in mind that smaller companies will have less availability and fewer options that a larger, global luxury transportation service.






Written By: Amber M. Smith


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