Best Art Museums in South Florida

Looking to check out some of the best art in South Florida? Visit any of the area’s top art museums. 

Some of the best art museums in South Florida include:

1. Boca Raton Museum of Art

Boca Raton Museum of Art offers “the broadest spectrum of visual culture at the highest level of quality.”

Guests can enjoy outstanding exhibitions at this art museum, along with many educational programs that promote cultural diversity.

Furthermore, Boca Raton Museum of Art provides a broad array of art from different eras – everything from modern paintings to ancient artwork.

And with the museum’s distinct sculpture garden, you’re sure to see numerous eye-catching sculptures that will make a long-lasting impression, too.

2. Norton Museum of Art

Since 1941, Norton Museum of Art has introduced visitors to a massive assortment of American art, European masterpieces, spectacular photography and other inspirational pieces.

Norton Museum of Art boasts artwork from legendary artists such as Miró, Monet and Picasso. Also, the museum’s collection continues to grow, ensuring that you can discover new works whenever you visit.

Plan a visit to Norton Museum of Art – you’ll be happy you did! 

3. Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum & Gardens

Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum & Gardens was founded in 1946 as a living monument to World War I and II veterans. And today, this Ormond Beach landmark serves as an art venue like no other in South Florida.

The museum features a variety of professional artwork that you can view at any time. It also boasts a world-class garden that features an array of beautiful plants.

This museum provides art classes, demonstration and lectures as well.

4. Harn Museum of Art

The University of Florida’s Harn Museum of Art provides more than 40,000 feet of exhibition space and 9,000 works of art, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of masterpieces to check out in a large event space any time you visit.

This museum offers an art collection that includes African, Asian and contemporary works. Plus, the museum’s art collection features everything from photography to oceanic pieces that are both thought-provoking and innovative.

Take a trip to the Harn Museum of Art, and you’re sure to find a lot to like about this awe-inspiring art museum.

5. Museum of Art – DeLand

Museum of Art – DeLand serves as a visual arts museum that is committed to the “[collection], preservation, study, display and educational use of the fine arts.”

This museum hosts permanent and rotating exhibits, guaranteeing that no two visits to this museum are ever identical.

The museum also supports the local art community by providing gallery talks and receptions, educational programming and master artist workshops.

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South Florida is an art lover’s dream come, thanks in part to its large selection of art museums.

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