Concierge Job Description : Luxury At It’s Finest

Do you ever find yourself in need of an extra pair of hands? In today’s busy world, most people go through this every day. There’s never enough time in the day for all the errands and other mundane tasks we need to accomplish. Personal concierge services can make your life a lot easier and for a lot less than you may think.


So, exactly what is a concierge’s job description?



Concierge Service’s Meaning

First off, what is the correct concierge pronunciation? It’s a French word, so it can be tricky, CON-SEE-AIR. When most people think of a concierge, high-end hotels come to mind. However, did you know that personal concierge services encompass anything from walking your dog, running errands, grocery shopping, and much more?

Visiting South Florida for Business or Pleasure?

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Personal Concierge Services

Let’s delve a little deeper into just what services are provided by a personal concierge. As any successful entrepreneur knows, delegation is important in all walks of life. We can’t possibly do everything ourselves without compromising the quality of life.

What can you expect when you hire a personal concierge? The answer is just about anything you need help with:

Errands – Every time we turn around there’s an errand that needs to be addressed. It all takes time away from our busy day. If we own a business or have a 9-to-5 job, it requires skipping lunch, taking time off, or trying to fit it all in after hours. However, some establishments aren’t open after hours. In addition, you’ve worked all day long. Is this really what you want to do in your down time?

A personal concierge will ensure all of your important errands are taken care of.


Some examples are:


  • Picking up/dropping off dry cleaning, prescriptions, library books, etc.
  • Returning products to the store
  • Going to the Post Office
  • Setting appointments
  • Taking your vehicle in for maintenance/repairs
  • Picking up lunch/dinner
  • Booking dinner reservations and transportation
  • Planning business events and corporate travel
  • Walking your dog at scheduled times, as well as taking care of them when you’re away
  • Wrapping gifts, addressing holiday cards, or sending out invitations
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Reserving hotel rooms and other accommodations for corporate travel, vacations, or when friends/family visit
  • Watching over your home while you’re out-of-town on business or pleasure, as well as overseeing service calls, repairs, or cleaning services in your home when you’re unavailable
  • Developing/maintaining your social media
  • Arranging a day of golfing, or other entertainment
  • Keeping you organized and efficient
  • Aiding in estate planning

    The list goes on and on!



Luxury Ground Transportation Helps to Make a Good First Impression



If you’re a business professional or frequent traveler, let A1A Limo Service provide you with affordable luxury ground transportation. We provide the very best in limo transportation, as well as any personal concierge services you may require.

Shopping – Going to the store for groceries, gifts, and what not is a real drain on your time. No matter what you need, by providing a list, a personal concierge can take care of all your shopping needs. This can be especially helpful to business professionals, as well as overstretched parents, the elderly or disabled.

Grocery shopping is a necessity, but very time consuming. Stores are often crowded, with only one or two cash registers open. After a long day, this isn’t where you want to find yourself.

Gift shopping can be a real chore and, if it’s during the holidays, you have to deal with crowds of shoppers, parking issues, as well as traffic. By providing a detailed list, your gift shopping will be handled with expert and ease. If there are a few things to choose from, you’ll receive a phone message with photos, pricing information, and any specifications you may need to make an easy decision.

So, whether it’s shopping at the mall, hardware store, a kiosk, toy store, or tractor supply, a personal concierge has you covered.




A1A Limo Service

A1A Airport and Limo Service provides the best in affordable luxury ground transportation and personal concierge services across South Florida. We are dedicated to seeing to your every need with the highest level of service possible.

A1A’s services also include Airport Shuttle, corporate travel and business event transportation, as well as limousine cars for special occasions, weddings, private parties, proms, tours, shopping trips, non-emergency medical transport, and much, much more! We invite you to visit our website and preview our dynamic fleet of late-model limousines, which includes luxury sedans, such as Town Cars, stretch limousines, and limo buses. We can accommodate any size group, so no one is ever left behind.

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Written By: Margie Lubin

Executive Travel: Amenities To Expect From a Charter Flight Service

Corporate travel is considered a given for most business executives. However, just because something is necessary, don’t mean that it has to be boring or inconvenient. Once you’ve experienced executive travel with a charter flight service, you won’t look at airport travel the same way again.



Business Flight

Booking a charter flight for business event transportation is less about luxury for its own sake and more about convenience. In other words, the amenities on board are curated for comfort, productivity, and maintaining your lifestyle during the flight.



Comfortable Travel

Forget about paying more for an airline seat with extra room to stretch your legs. Not even first class on a commercial airline is as comfortable as traveling in a private jet. Each model has its own features, but they typically provide larger seating, more headroom, and the ability to move freely throughout the aircraft.

For Example: It’s not uncommon for business jets to have wrap-around seating, similar to that in limousine cars. Other common features are large tables for where you can work, eat, or even relax with a board game. Larger private jets may even have full bed and bathrooms onboard.



Private Aviation: The Most Convenient Way to Take to the Skies in Luxury



Productivity In The Workplace

Having enough workspace is just one aspect of private aircraft that allows for greater in-flight productivity. You have likely heard of executives taking business calls or entertaining clients in limo transportation. However, what you may not realize is that you can also conduct meetings in the air!


Not only can you bring clients along for an in-flight meeting, but you can also communicate with colleagues on the ground. In-flight Wi-Fi means that you can make:


  • Video calls
  • Access documents in cloud storage
  • Work performance that require internet access


Not having to put your work on pause until you land allows business executives to travel with little downtime.



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Professional Lifestyle

Typical clients who use a charter flight for executive travel aren’t necessarily looking to travel in luxury. Most are actually looking to maintain their lifestyle.

At a public airport, you have to battle traffic along winding roads as you look for the right terminal or parking area. You then have to lug your bags through the airport, wait through long security lines, and remove your coats and shoes for screening. These procedures take a lot of time. So much that most people arrive at the airport approximately two hours before their flights.

Compare that with private aviation. You can book a charter flight with as little as a few hours notice. If you own the plane, you may even be able to fly with a few moments notice.

Once onboard, you won’t be surrounded by sick strangers or crying children. Instead, your fellow passengers may be your:

  • Colleagues
  • Clients
  • Friends


The in-flight menu isn’t limited to a prearranged assortment of dishes. Instead, you may find a full kitchen capable of preparing anything from a basic burger and fries to a hearty meal of steak and potatoes. Private aviation gives to the freedom to enjoy your own lifestyle, even on the go.


Private Aviation – How to Find a Private Pilot Near You



Luxury Travel Expert

Another major perk of charter flight executive travel is the ability for high-profile clients to travel inconspicuously. That doesn’t mean that they are hiding anything, though. The reasoning here is comparative to why VIPs use Town Cars or limousine service.

Yes, luxury ground transportation is often more comfortable that traveling in other types of cars. However, it’s also about security and moving efficiently.

If a celebrity were noticed on a commercial flight, he or she may be overwhelmed with fans looking for a chance to get close. This disturbance could delay the flight, or even create an unsafe situation for the passengers. High-profile clients use limousine cars with dark privacy tinting for similar reasons.


Private Aviation

Travel Safety

Booking a private charter flight is often thought to be safer than flying on a commercial airline. This is due, in part, to char flight services maintaining a fleet of newer jet models. Commercial airlines may use the same planes for many years to get the maximum usage out of the aircraft. Although, some feel that the older commercial planes are more likely to have mechanical or other failures.

There are other reasons that private aviation could make travelers feel safer. Some people are uncomfortable around strangers, so the lower passenger capacity alleviates some of that stress. Still others have a hard time sleeping in public and prefer to travel on a business jet with a private bedroom.

Whether or not there is any factual basis to these feelings, the perception of increased safety is important to high-profile and executive travel clients.



Saving Time and Money

In the business world, time is money. Therefore, traveling quickly and efficiently is even more important than the flight’s price tag. In fact, a charter flight may even come out cheaper than some commercial flights.

This is especially true in cases where the passengers split the flight’s operating costs with the pilot. In these cases, the total cost of the flight is calculated with regard to the flight’s length, type of plane, number of passengers, and other variables. Then, those total costs are split by the number of passengers to determine the final cost.

Determining your savings will ultimately depend on how frequently and how far you fly. In addition to monetary savings, you will definitely save time with a charter flight.

You won’t have to worry about finding driving directions to the proper terminal or making sure to wear comfy shoes for the walk from the parking area to the airport itself. For most private flights, your airport shuttle can take you right to your flight. You can also forget about connecting flights, airport transfer time, or long layovers. That’s because your private flight will head directly to your destination.

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll need a ride to your home or hotel accommodations. For the best in luxury ground transportation, make A1A Airport and Limousine Service your source for limo rental and more. Our professional chauffeurs will get you where you need to go, whether you’re looking to take the most direct path or the scenic route.




Written By: Amber M. Smith

What Qualities Make a Successful Entrepreneur?

There are tons of guides out there that claim to have the best advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur. However, many of them just repeat the same tired, common-sense advice.

How many times have you heard lines these lines?

• Work hard and you’ll reach the top
• No pain; No gain
• No vacation ‘til you reach your destination

These phrases are great for those cheesy motivational posters, but real success calls for some advice from the real world.


Top Five Secrets Of A Successful Entrepreneur

The truth is that you can achieve success without working yourself to death. Success isn’t about becoming famous or riding in a limousine car. It’s about realizing your business potential while maintaining a good quality of life.



Develop a Strong Work Ethic

Most people will say that they believe in a strong work ethic. However, some don’t really have a good idea of what that means.

Imagine, for example, someone who works in direct sales. This could be a door-to-door salesperson or someone who is paid on commission. In these types of jobs, your wages depend directly on your sales. This impacts your incentive to network, increase sales, and perform well on the job.

Now compare this to jobs where people are paid on salary or at an hourly rate. When your pay isn’t directly connected to your productivity, it’s more difficult to justify working harder than someone else who is doing the same job.

There are consequences when a workplace doesn’t reward those with a stronger work ethic. Its employees can begin to lose sight of the value of hard work.




Persistence and Perseverance

One of the hardest parts of developing a strong work ethic is building discipline. You will be tested as you build a career in business. However, each of your tests will teach you an important lesson.

Invest in more than just the stock market. You will need to devote time, money, and energy into building your own brand and personal presence. For example, you may need to spend money on professional attire to look the part.

• Learn to deal with rejection. You may make a few bad deals in business. Potential customers may not always go for your sales pitch. These things happen. The difference in a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one is that one never gives up. It takes great strength to keep trying after getting rejected again and again. However, this strength can propel your ventures to greatness.




Improve Your Social Skills

One of the most important aspects of business is networking. This involves getting out and meeting other people with intent to bolster your business. You’ll have to get good at establishing a positive relationship with people within a short time-frame.

When you hear people say that business is about who you know, this is what they are talking about. Making a good impression on an investor that you met at a social function could help you secure funding for your business down the road.




Don’t Be Afraid of Corporate Travel

Most business travel centers around conferences, meetings, and trade shows. When you’re on the road, the way you get around can help or hinder your trip’s success.

First impressions are critical. Therefore, anything that you can do to improve your image is a plus. For example, showing up to an event via limo transportation is a lot more impressive than giving your keys to the valet.

What you may not realize, though, is that there is more to luxury ground transportation than the standard stretch limousine. Solo travelers may prefer Town Cars while large groups may need the greater capacity of a limo bus.

The bottom line is that sometimes just the act of putting yourself out there does a lot for your brand. Attending an event increases your visibility. Therefore, you’ll want to look your best while the world is watching.




Work Smarter, Not Harder

Working at full speed isn’t the only way to succeed. In fact, it could be dangerous. Hard work is important, but it places your body and mind under stress. That’s not good for your health, so make sure to schedule yourself some time to relax. Cialis works, but is very expensive. So I switched to Levitra. The action was not worse. It also acts for male potency but it is several times cheaper. So, I advise it to everyone who has problems after 50.

One way to alleviate some work stress without losing productivity is to take shortcuts when possible, such as when delegating tasks to others. Some upper-level business executives have a personal assistant to help manage day-to-day tasks.

When you’re starting out in the business world, it may take time to earn the profits necessary to employ a full-time assistant. A cost-effective alternative to a personal assistant is a personal concierge service. Since this service is typically booked through an agency rather than directly employed by your business, personal concierge is more affordable and flexible than a full-time assistant.



Looking For A Limo Service Near Me? Look No Further! 



Never Stop Learning

The Art of War is widely read among business professionals. Sun Tzu’s ancient military strategy guide, contains many lessons that could be applied to the business world. One of them is that the way to defeat an enemy isn’t to fight harder or send more troops. Rather, it is better to think outside of the box and outsmart your opponent.

You can read books about proven strategies to succeed within your industry. Watch documentaries about successful entrepreneur types in your field. Take a class to learn new skills. You can choose any learning method that works for you, just don’t forget to share what you’ve learned with up-and-comers behind you.



Maintain Work/Life Balance

As cliché as it sounds, there is a bit of truth to this one: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

In other words, working hard is important to becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, focusing on work for too long or too intensely can lead to burnout. When someone burns out, they may react in a number of ways.

The most common way is continuing to do their work, but without the same joy that they used to feel. In these cases, productivity decreases, but so does the person’s quality of life. However, in other cases people are hospitalized or killed due to work-related stress. Therefore, it is essential to make time for rest, relaxation, and fun in your life.

Even small moments of rest can improve your mood and boost productivity. For example, someone who is stressed out after a long flight may begin to relax with an airport shuttle. Having a ride waiting for you is much less stressful than trying to call a cab, or worse, driving through airport traffic! Although it is important to choose the best limousine company for the job.

At A1A Limo, we are dedicated to providing quality service for every client, every time. Our beautiful limousine car fleet is well-maintained to ensure that you turn heads wherever you go. In addition, our professional chauffeurs known their way around the area so you can take the quickest path or the scenic route.

Give us a call or head over to our website to book your reservation today!




Written By: Amber M. Smith

Private Aviation: The Most Convenient Way to Take to the Skies in Luxury

When you think of flying, what comes to mind? First of all, you may imagine the plane itself. However, you may also think about the airport. While some people love visiting different airports and their various shops, others cannot stand the crowded terminals.

If you fall into that latter category, you may be excited to learn that there is a way that you can fly without the crowds and other hassles. Private aviation provides a convenient way to travel, designed with you in mind.




What is private aviation?

Most people are familiar with commercial flight. This is the standard method of air travel, for which passengers must purchase a ticket for their seats. These flights are provided by major airlines and leave from public airports.

There are a few different ways to travel, which all fall under private aviation. The biggest distinction between public and private aviation is who hosts the flight. For instance, when you book a private flight you don’t really buy a seat for the trip.

Typically, passengers will split the flight’s operating costs between themselves and the pilot. That’s because these flights are provided by the pilot as his or her own agent, rather than a commercial airline.



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Why is it so convenient?

When you fly with a major airline, you are limited by predetermined flight times and locations. However, with private aviation, your flight is designed around your schedule and destination.

In other words, you don’t have to drive to Jacksonville, FL to pick up a connecting flight in Atlanta, GA that will take you to your destination in Phoenix, AZ. Rather, a private flight can take you directly to Phoenix. It may even leave from a private airport closer to your home or office, which would eliminate the need for you to drive out of town and fight airport traffic.

It’s not just the location that makes these private flights convenient. The interior of many privately-owned aircraft looks a lot like what you see in limousine car images. That’s fitting, because these planes do for the skies what luxury ground transportation does for passengers on the roads. Their amenities range from comfortable seating and plenty of head space to full kitchens and other rooms that look like they belong in a mansion. The plane and its staff are equipped to meet your every need during your flight.

Some of the world’s most powerful people fly privately, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are some of the top perks that they have cited for why they forgo commercial airlines in favor of private aviation:



1) Making the most of your time

Whether they are flying for corporate travel or pleasure, important people doing like to waste time standing around. When it comes to private aviation, the time between arriving at the plane and take-off is minimal.

There’s no waiting in long security lines and no waiting for the flight attendant to call your zone to board. It’s quite simple to drive right up to the plane, join your small group of passengers, and begin the boarding process.


2) Maintaining control of the situation

High-profile individuals are often used to being the ones behind the wheel, so to speak. They are used to calling the shots in their lives or businesses and would like to continue to do so during their flights.

For example: Rather than racing to get to the airport before the plane leaves, a private aircraft will be there waiting for its passengers. Since there aren’t as many people onboard to prepare meals for, there typically isn’t a standard in-flight menu.

As such, the kitchen can be stocked with the client’s favorite foods so that they can enjoy them on the go.


3) Safety & Risk-Management

Security and taking risks are also major themes for these important clients. Many of them prefer not to fly in older aircraft, due to the increased likelihood of maintenance issues. Private aircraft are typically newer than what commercial airlines can guarantee and thus are often perceived as safer.

Another side of risk-management is that flying privately allows high-profile clients to travel with less chance of being recognized. When A-listers use limo transportation, the dark glass keeps them from being seen inside their Town Cars or other vehicles.

Commercial airlines don’t provide passengers with much privacy, even in first class. As such, private jets give important people the convenience of air travel without the risk of being overwhelmed by fans or other who may recognize them.




Who can fly privately?

Frequent fliers, when it comes to private aviation, tend to be business executives and VIPs. However, private flights are more than just another means of business event transportation. Those seeking luxury travel or heading to little known locations also make frequent use of private aircraft.

Really, anyone can fly in luxury with private aviation. Booking a private flight isn’t much different than booking limousine cars. For example, before riding with a new limousine company, you would want to research the business, check for proper credentials, and consider reviews from previous passengers.

You can take these same precautions when arranging your private flight. You’ll want to research your jet charter company, make sure that the company and pilot are properly licensed, and maybe even learn a little about the aircraft you’ll be taking.



Where can you catch a flight?

In the movies, you often see private aviation in the form of a chopper leaving from a private helipad on top of a skyscraper. However, in reality, most private flights take off from small, private airports.

To take advantage of this method of travel, you don’t have to purchase your own private jet. Other ways include joining a private-flying program such as JetSuite or making a reservation through jet charter programs like PrivateFly.

Once you’ve selected your flight, you’ll need to arrange for a ride there. There’s no need to leave your personal car behind when an airport shuttle can take you all the way to the plane. A1A Limo provides affordable limousine service worldwide, so we can get you to your flight on time and in style, no matter where you are.

If you can’t wait to get the party started, you can even book a limo bus with a premium sound system and beverage station. No matter whether you’re looking to party like a rockstar or travel in anonymity, A1A has got you covered for luxury ground transportation!

Making New Year’s Resolutions Work For Your Business

There’s no better time to review your company’s progress over the past year. To make New Year’s resolutions to gain increased success in 2019. It’s time to truly reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses. So you can better create resolutions that will help you see business growth and also have a positive effect on your personal life.

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, but only a small percentage follows through. This is usually because the goals aren’t realistic or are way too complicated. Careful planning, keeping goals simple, and ensuring the right tools are in place can significantly increase your ability to achieve your goals and keep to those resolutions. If your goals seem insurmountable, reflect on what’s most important and break them down into manageable pieces.

Statistics show that people who share the commitment of resolutions are 65 percent more likely to achieve set goals. The chances of success increase by 95 percent. When regularly-scheduled meetings are held with partners to review progress.
The following New Year’s resolutions will help ensure a better balance in your work life. As well as a business success plan and your well being.


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Developing/Monitoring your Business Plan

If you haven’t already developed a business plan for the New Year, now’s the time to do so. With a good business plan in place, you not only have an excellent way to guide the company to better success. But also a motivator to keep you on track and achieve your goals for 2019.

For instance, if one of your main goals is to attract new customers. Promoting the company should be a priority. You may even consider a marketing consultant to develop a marketing plan.

In addition, create milestones and deadlines for your resolutions, goals, and plans. This creates a realistic approach to achieving your goals that allows for new goals to be set. Once each milestone is accomplished. In other words, step-by-step.

Monitoring your business plan should be part of a weekly or even daily routine. Allowing you to review, adjust, and look ahead to help ensure you’re on track. Involve your employees in the development/monitoring process. So they clearly understand your business objectives and what part they play in the overall business plan.

Most importantly, be persistent! Stick to your goals and objectives and don’t be too hard on yourself. There’re going to be times when things are overlooked or other activities become a priority. Focus on both the long-term goals, as well as the short-term objectives.



Managing Business Finances For Your New Year’s Resolution

One of the biggest reasons businesses fail is lack of proper management of cash flow and expenditures. Accounting software and expense-tracking tools can help keep you on track. Aiding in forecasting potential financial issues. If time is critical in terms of developing or expanding your business, there are some very reputable companies. Who can handle the task of financial planning and projections.


Connecting with Employees/Customers

It’s extremely beneficial to connect with your employees and grow and evolve as a team. Truly listen, take action, and follow up when employees voice concerns or have ideas to improve the business.

Taking a vested interest in what employees and customers have to say is a great motivational tool for everyone involved and good business practice. Remember, everyone appreciates recognition for a job well done and a sincere thank you goes a long way to strengthen bonds with customers, as well.

Companies who offer learning and development programs find this to be very meaningful in terms of retention, loyalty, and growth. Also, it’s a good idea to bring teams together off site on occasion to celebrate completion of milestones or award of a contract. Employees will connect and generate new innovation ideas together.

To afford you an opportunity to get to know them better. This is also true of offering corporate travel or business event opportunities to employees. Your staff’s the most important resource you have, so investing in them should be a high priority this year, resulting in more motivation and improved productivity.

In addition, as a New Year’s resolution, consider a commitment to diversify your team. Companies who hire people across different age groups, backgrounds, genders, and cultures are statistically more likely to show a greater exponential growth as diverse team members offer new and different perspectives and opinions.



Corporate Travel/Business Event Transportation

Corporate travel can be stressful and exhausting! By reserving limo transportation in advance for your business event transportation. You and your employees will enjoy an easier and more pleasurable experience, riding in comfort and style.

Professional chauffeurs are well trained, licensed, and insured, as well as familiar with the geographical locations and high-traffic areas. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, A1A Limo’s fleet features a variety of elegant vehicles of all sizes to accommodate any size group. Let us help you make your New Year’s resolutions a reality.



Improving Communication Skills

Clear and precise communication is important in business. A large part of communication today is accomplished through on-line media, which can cause misunderstandings between recipients.

Your clientele and employees pay close attention to what you post, so it’s vital to focus on the quality of your postings and consider the specific audience you’re interacting with. Improving communication skills can help you better connect with your employees, clientele, and potential customers.



Maintaining Health/Fitness

Running a business requires a lot of time and energy, so staying healthy and fit is an important aspect of your company’s success. Make sure you reserve time for healthy food preparation, a fitness plan, and a good night’s sleep, as well as carving out time for pleasure and even that vacation you so deserve.


Traveling With a Group to Your Business Events?

The best way to travel with your business associates or co-workers is in a new limousine or Limo Bus. It’s more convenient and affordable than car rentals or taxicabs, and more reliable than Uber.

With affordable luxury ground transportation, your professional chauffeur and personal concierge will assist with your luggage and personally ensure your safety and comfort. Arrive in style with the look of a professional and make a great first impression at the same time.




As a business owner, it’s extremely important to recognize the need to delegate. Letting go can be difficult, but delegating tasks to others frees you up to focus on the most important part of running your business. There are always tasks we dread or prefer not to do and delegating can promote a healthier work-life balance.



Learning Something New

Another important aspect to a healthy work-life balance is learning new skill sets and adding different interests to your life. This also opens up opportunities to meet new and interesting people who could potentially become clients, colleagues, or even friends.

This new learning experience can be related or unrelated to your business and can lead to unexpected and rewarding results.




Networking has become a key marketing tool across all business industries and there are many platforms for this interface. More business events are offering networking opportunities. Where business owners meet face-to-face with other entrepreneurs and vendors.

Including sparking new ideas, creating beneficial relationships, and developing new contacts. This can also lead to joining organizations in person or online, which can revitalize you and your business.



Giving Back to the Community

There are many ways to contribute to the community and, by promoting goodwill, you and your business will grow and thrive. So, make a New Year’s resolution to become a mentor, serve on a committee, volunteer or donate to a cause that really matters to you.

Contact someone just starting out in the industry and become a sounding board for advice. In other words, pay it forward. You will be recognized as an expert in the field and also create potential business relationships in the community.



Out with the Old and In with the New

If you’ve been putting off replacing old/ineffective equipment that hampers your ability to perform efficiently, now is the time to upgrade. This is also true if you’re in need of hiring an assistant, or making changes if a specific product/service/sales method/vendor isn’t ideal for your company. 


A1A Limo Service

We are a South Florida-based Limo Service providing affordable, first-class luxury ground transportation worldwide. Make your corporate travel less stressful and more enjoyable by reserving one of our limousine cars.

Your professionally-trained chauffeur and personal concierge will meet and greet you at the airport, assist with your luggage, and provide safe and elegant ground transportation to any of your destinations. A1A’s “on time, every time” guarantee ensures you will arrive on schedule and in style!

Included in our services are Airport Shuttles, corporate travel and business event transportation, as well as special occasions, private parties, weddings, proms, a night out with family or friends, and much more!

We have a beautiful up-to-date fleet of elegant limousine cars, including Town Cars, stretch limousines, and party buses. So, we can accommodate any size group.

Check Out Our Fleet

Call or go online and reserve your luxury ground transportation today!



Written By: Ryan Lubin

Luxury Travel Trends to Watch in the New Year

It’s a New Year and time to start planning for your 2019 luxury travel. Spontaneous trips can be exciting and fun. However, can be costly due to last-minute reservations. At times can be disappointing if preferred accommodations are not available. For the best luxury travel experiences, it is vital to research and plan your trips. Well in advance! Furthermore enjoy the anticipation of what’s to come!

Travel trends predicted by the experts in the field are also very important to consider. Give your trip a mission statement. Knowledge of these trends will provide the insight you need to plan the best trips for the coming year.

More than ever, world travelers are seeking out destinations. As well as accommodations that are more “green.” Their goal is to enjoy the planet and its natural resources. Ensuring its preservation for generations to come. It’s also expected that, in 2019, there’ll be a lot of interest in national parks, wildlife refuges, as well as other natural conservation efforts, where animals can be observed in the wild.


Luxury Travel Guided Tours

There’s also been a significant increase in the desire for guided tours as a major part of vacation experiences. This enables the travelers to be more in the moment, without the need to be concerned with the details of what to do next. The demand to visit more exotic and out-of-the-way locations also promotes this trend in the coming year.


Exploring the Next Big Thing (Bigger than a limo bus!)

In addition to guided tours, the real explorers are looking for the destinations that allow discovery of lesser known and traveled areas. Numerous countries are offering opportunities for just this type of vacation experience. Such as explorations of hidden islands and enclaves, underground caves, and similar off-the-beaten-path adventures.


Cruises are as Elegant as a Limousine Service (Limo on water!)

Cruises have always been high on the list of vacation destinations and 2019 will be no exception. There are new and better equipped ships being introduced and new and exotic ports of call opening up around the world. A fair amount of river cruising has been noted. However, ocean cruising is expected to be more in demand this year.


Take the Stress Out of your Luxury Travel

Traveling can be stressful and exhausting! Ensure an easier and more pleasurable experience by reserving limo transportation for all of your ground destinations. Professional chauffeurs are well trained, licensed, and insured, as well as familiar with the geographical locations and high-traffic areas. A1A Limo’s fleet features a variety of elegant vehicles of all sizes to accommodate any size group. So, you can sit back and relax after a long flight and leave the driving to the professionals.


Cultural Connection

Another rising trend is the desire to connect with the locals and even live as one of them while visiting the region. Seeking a more authentic experience, today’s vacationers want to really get to know the unique cultures and lifestyles of the many different people of the world. This isn’t only an adventure to remember, but also a worldly learning experience.


Health & Fitness

Health and fitness has become an increasingly popular activity to incorporate into travel plans. There’s a great deal of focus on the fitness craze and it’s growing every year. Organized groups start mornings with yoga, followed by a brisk jog. Continued with scenic walks, or bike excursions. There’s nothing better than joining like-minded people while enjoying fresh air and good healthy exercise.


Foodie Holidays

This is a fairly new trend. 2019 may very well prove that food plays an important role in the decision making when it comes to travel destinations. Some of the most popular vacation hotspots are based around cuisine.

Whether it’s fine dining, street markets, cultural and traditional eateries, or wineries. Additionally, there’s been a dramatic increase in the desire for restaurants that offer organic food and vegan options. This trend has been recognized around the world and is more available than ever.


Weekend Getaways

This year will also be the year for more frequent weekend getaways due to better quality transportation and available flight routes. Planning travel itineraries around a 2 to 3-day time frame allows vacationers to take short trips to different destinations throughout the year, focusing on specific areas of interest for each trip.


In high demand this year is highly personalized itineraries, accommodations, and amenities. Everyone wants to feel special and what better way than individually-curated adventures. As well as explorations. Additionally meal preparation designed and created specifically for you.


Photo Opportunities

Social media has played a huge part in this new trend. Instagram, Facebook, other platforms entice travelers to search for the best photogenic backdrops to share across these portals. Some plan their entire trip around getting the perfect shot. There’s an abundance of professional photography services around the world. To help ensure your special moments are captured on film and available to share online.


Traveling in a Group?

The best way to travel with friends and family is in a stretch limousine or a Party Bus rental. It’s more convenient and affordable than car rentals or taxicabs and far more reliable than Uber. With luxury ground transportation, a professional chauffeur and personal concierge will assist with your luggage and personally ensure your safety and comfort to any of your ground destinations. There is always room for everyone!


Water Wellness

Water has always been a huge draw for many travelers, whether it is water sports, activities, or enjoying time relaxing on a beautiful stretch of beach. However, 2019 adds a whole new concept – the healing effect water can have on individuals through underwater yoga. In addition wave meditation, and sound healing. Look for wellness through water to be an important trend this year.


Nature Calls

A brand new up and coming trend revolves around the beauty of nature combined with creature comfort. In 2019, we will experience more indoor gardens, all-season terraces, and scenic views in hotel design. There’s also luxury-tented jungle villas, as well as igloo-type villas in snowy regions. Both offering a view of the starlight sky and lush backdrop. These types of accommodations are growing very popular around the globe.


Most Popular Destinations for 2019

The predictions are in for the most popular destinations in 2019, including:

South Africa


However, locations such as Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco are growing in popularity due to luxurious vacation spots and high-quality services. India, Brazil, Portugal, and Indonesia are renowned for their cuisine. In addition, cultural offerings and the Caribbean has made a huge comeback following the recovery from hurricanes last year.

Finally, we could never leave out France, Israel, and Germany as some of the best countries to visit. Within the U.S., trendsetters are traveling to lesser-known cities this year and Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia are more popular than New York and Los Angeles for 2019.


A1A Limo Service

A South Florida-based company providing first-class, affordable limo transportation worldwide. Take the stress out of your luxury travel and enjoy a professionally-trained chauffeur and personal concierge. Who’ll meet and greet you at the airport, assist with your luggage, and ensure a safe and comfortable transfer to all of your ground destinations.

A1A’s services include Airport Shuttle and limousine cars for special occasions, private parties, weddings, a night out on the town, corporate travel and business event transportation, and much more!
With a beautiful up-to-date fleet of elegant limousine cars, including Town Cars, stretch limousines, and party vans and buses. So, we can accommodate any size group.

The Secret To Staying Motivated : 2019 Edition

It’s not always easy to stay on-task. Everyone has issues staying motivated from time to time. Whether you’re trying to tackle a major project or just looking for a way to stop daydreaming at your desk, we’ve got a few tips for how to stay motivated at work.


4 Corporate Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Business Trip More Productive


The Key to Staying Motivated: Mind Over Matter

The successful entrepreneur has several tricks up his or her sleeve, but the easiest one to master is the power of one’s own mind. In other words, your path to success may be as simple as opening up new pathways in your way of thinking.

The mind is a powerful thing. The way you think affects everything you do, from the steps in your morning routine to the way you arrange your workspace. To get an idea of just how much your way of thinking affects your judgment, try this quick exercise.

Close your eyes and think about limo transportation.

First of all, you probably imagine a limousine car arriving to pick you up. Some people may see a stretch limousine, while others may envision Town Cars.

As your chauffeur steps out of the car, can you see how he or she is dressed? If so, you’re probably seeing a black suit, white gloves, and chauffeur’s cap.

What does your chauffeur do then? He or she should open the door for you to enter the car. However, if this is an airport shuttle, your chauffeur may first take your luggage.

What would you think of a luxury ground transportation service that didn’t look quite the way that you just imagined it? If any of those pieces are missing, the experience isn’t the same. You may not feel as secure with someone who doesn’t look the part or act with a certain level of professionalism.


Hacking Your Brain For Better Motivation (How To Get Motivated)

Think back to all of those things that you imagined in the limo transportation exercise. Each of these details could be described as cues that your brain recognizes. For example, a luxury car triggers your brain to relax knowing that you have a safe, comfortable ride ahead of you. Similarly, seeing a chauffeur step out of the car in his or her uniform shows that your driver is a professional. This is someone that you can trust to be at your service.

Did you know that you can create your own mental cues to trigger other feelings, mindsets, and even setting routines?


Evaluate Your Sense Of Self

Although it may sound like putting the cart before the horse, having a good sense of your own identity can really help with motivation. Some people get caught up in negative thoughts when they fall into periods of low productivity. They may blame themselves for being lazy or unintelligent. However, these things are rarely true of business professionals, and much less often that they are responsible for lapses in efficiency.

For example, let’s consider someone who is often late for meetings. Beating himself up for being late does absolutely nothing to improve the situation. However, changing his line of thinking can help. For the next week, as he gets ready for work, he looks in the mirror and says, “I am punctual.” The more he thinks of himself as someone who is on-time, the more likely he will be to actually become that person.


Be Confident (Or Fake It ‘Til You Make It)

Similar to our last point is the concept of confidence. That is because the more confident you are, the more of a successful entrepreneur you can become. However, the word can is important here, because confidence isn’t the only skill that you need for success.

What confidence can do for you, however, is closely tied to your sense of self. The greater you perceive your chances of success to be, the more likely you are to achieve your goal. It’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy because what makes confidence work for you is believing that it will and acting as if it already has.

For this example, think about starting a fitness plan. It may sound crazy to think about running a marathon while you’re sitting on the couch. However, if you are confident that you can become a strong runner, you are more likely to stick to an exercise plan geared at preparing for the marathon race.


Confidence is Key, So should Book Your Ground Transportation Service


The Power Of Will : Harness Your Potential

Have you ever met someone who seemed like they were settling or holding themselves back? It’s possible that this is someone who hasn’t learned to master their own willpower. That is, you capable of doing only as much as you think that you can handle.

In other words, focusing on the details can sometimes get people so overwhelmed that they can’t do anything at all. Instead, focus on the big picture from the outset. Then, you can break the big tasks down into smaller ones. Marking the smaller things off of you to-do list can even give you enough of a rush to motivate you to keep going.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sometimes, you even have to learn when to delegate some of your tasks to others. When there is a lot that needs to be done, the most successful people realize that they cannot do everything themselves.

A personal concierge service is a great way to simplify your to-do list. In fact, a personal concierge is not unlike having a personal assistant. This is someone who can help arrange your corporate travel plans, pick up lunch for the office, or handle other tasks that you aren’t required to handle yourself.

Staying motivated is also much easier when your mind is at ease. That peace of mind comes with knowing that you or your employees are in great hands during corporate travel. In addition to affordable limousine service, A1A Limo offers personal concierge, protective services, and more. Give us a call or head over to our website to learn how we can help you become a more successful entrepreneur.



Written By: Amber M. Smith

Private Aviation – How to Find a Private Pilot Near You

Times are changing. Today, flying by private jet is no longer an exclusive club enjoyed only by the wealthy.

Private aviation is evolving and opening up access to far more destinations, offering private charter, as well as ferry flying. This means, more people can afford to use their services.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of traveling on a private jet. There are a few things you need to know, however, before booking with a private aviation company.


What is a Private Aviation?

Private Aviation Vs Public Airports

Service Options

So, what’s the difference between a private charter and a ferry flight?

Private Charter – There’s a lot of benefits to reserving a private charter. As the name implies, it’s a private flight for you and your traveling companions only. You decide the departure time and destination, as well as the type of cuisine and in-flight entertainment. If a group of people want to travel in style, a charter flight’s the perfect choice.

Ferry Flight – Often private jets need to return to base or another location. By reserving exclusive seats on these planes, you’ll enjoy almost 80 percent off the price of an entire chartered flight. However, departure times and destinations are determined by the private aviation company. These flights save time by avoiding long lines at the airport and allow you to arrive just before departure time.


Airport Shuttle Service

A1A Limo Service provides the best affordable limousine service worldwide. Our professionally-trained chauffeurs and personal concierges will ensure you arrive on time, every time. For Limo Service Near Me, contact the best.


Looking For An Airport Shuttle Service Near me?
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What to Consider When Reserving Private Aviation

There are many different types and sizes of private aircraft and services. Several things to consider are:

  • How many are traveling in your group,

  • Distance to your destination,

  • Do they offer service to worldwide destinations,

  • Company safety regulations,

  • Does the company offer discounts/benefits for frequent flyers,

  • Compare pricing information.

You’ll obviously want to ensure the aircraft is the right size for your requirements. For instance, if there are only a few passengers, you don’t need a jet that seats 18. Likewise, if your destination is fairly close, you’ll only require a Turbo Prop or Light Jet. This will result in better fuel efficiency and, therefore, be more cost effective.

In addition, you’ll want to verify that the aviation company offers services worldwide. Limitations on destinations should not be an issue in today’s market with a reputable company. Private aircraft can land at most airports around the world, even if not serviced by commercial airlines. This has greatly improved connectivity for those harder-to-reach places.

Furthermore, always be sure to choose a company who values safety and compliance. This information should be readily available to consumers. If you are a frequent flyer, ask whether the private aviation company offers special discounts/benefits. This should be an industry standard.

Finally, prices are always a consideration. However, when comparing prices, consider all of the services included in the pricing information. Cheaper isn’t always better! You may find that amenities aren’t up to par or left out completely. When booking private aviation, you want the best experience for the right price.


Arrive In Style & Comfort

Arrive to all of your ground destinations in the same elegant manner with luxury ground transportation. Whether traveling for corporate travel or pleasure, enjoy the convenience and comfort of a beautiful limousine car, stretch limousine, or a limo bus for larger groups. A1A Limo Service provides the best in limo transportation, connecting with you anywhere in the world.


How to Book Your Flight

In the past, it was necessary to book through brokers, often with hidden charges. With the expanding market, private aviation is now in the forefront of the industry. This means services are offered in an easier and safer manner. You’re able to obtain instant quotes and guarantees directly from the company, as well as immediate bookings. Availability on ferry flights are listed on company websites, as well. I’ve had severe anxiety all of my life manifesting in different forms. Xanax is a miracle for this. If I have an event going on that I know is going to take my anxiety over the edge I can take Xanax and it makes me totally comfortable and not sweat uncontrollably like I’m in a sauna. So, you can see at a glance what offers match your needs.


What to Expect With a Private Aviation Flight

In today’s fast-paced world, frequent travel can be exhausting. On a private flight, however, you can expect to enjoy top-rate cuisine and beverages, comfortable and spacious seating, and first-class in-flight entertainment. You’ll have a quiet and private flight with your companions without all of the normal stress of flying.

If you travel for business, your schedule’s always demanding. Being able to relax in comfort before, during, and after your flight will increase productivity and performance and benefit your mental and physical health, as well.

The same applies to your ground destinations. You want the best limousine service available, providing on-time connectivity to meet all of your needs worldwide.

A1A Limo Service

At A1A Limo Service, we provide affordable high-quality luxury ground transportation to meet all of your needs. Being a worldwide company means we will be available whenever/wherever you need limo transportation. Our highly-trained chauffeurs and personal concierges offer first-class service. In addition, they are professional and discreet. We also offer bodyguard services, upon request.

Our beautiful fleet of late-model limousine cars includes luxury sedans, such as Town Cars, stretch limousines, and party bus rentals. So, there’s always room for everyone! We provide transportation for Airport Shuttle, corporate travel and business event transportation, as well as private parties, special occasions, weddings, limousine transfer, non-emergency medical transport, and much more.

Contact us to arrange for your affordable luxury ground transportation today!


Written By: Margie Lubin

Business Events To Boost Your Small Business In 2019

Business events is the best way to get you as well as your team motivated!

As every successful small business owner knows:

Networking and understanding key business strategies are extremely important.

Therefore, when attending business events, such as a small business conference or seminar presents vast opportunities. To establish new business relationships.

In addition, to gain valuable information from other industry professionals.

Likewise, with the numerous small business events scheduled for 2019. It’s imperative to research. Likewise choosing relevant events for your unique business needs.

Further, it’s important to plan ahead for any accommodations you may require, such as:

However, scheduling in advance alleviates a great deal of the stress related to business travel.

Small Business Expo

February 13, 2019, 10:00 a.m.

James L. Knight Center

Admission: Free

Small business owner? This is an event you won’t want to miss!

The Small Business Expo holds some of the largest:

  • Business-to-business trade shows conferences
  • Networking events for entrepreneurs & small business owners 

We’re highlighting the Miami event herein. However this expo is hosted in 16 other major cities in the U.S. throughout the year.

In addition, entrepreneurs will meet face-to-face with vendors across a number of industries.

Moreover, with other small business owners. Most importantly, creating valuable networking tools and developing new business relationships.

Business owners can learn tactics to solve issues impacting their business growth. Of course through this strategic seminar.
Above all, presented by industry experts, you can’t go wrong!

As a special bonus, auditions for ABC’s Shark Tank will be available at the event. Furthermore, this is the place to spark your entrepreneurial spirit. And promote your continued success!

SXSW 2019

March 8 – 17, 2019, 9:00 a.m.

400 Bowie St. Austin, TX 78703

Admission: $495 to $1,450

Since 1987, SXSW has held their annual convention, and this year is no exception. To sum up, the size of this event has grown larger every year. It’s been proven to be the largest gathering of creative minds in the world.

With a conglomeration of:

  • Film
  • Music festivals
  • Interactive media
  • Conferences

In other words, absolutly the perfect venue for professionals. As well as small business owners in the film, music, and art industry gaining:

  • Network
  • Valuable up-to-date information
  • Participate in business motivating events

Corporate Travel and Business Event Transportation

Let’s face it, corporate travel can be stressful and exhausting!

What better way to ensure a pleasurable experience than by reserving a limo transportation.

Moreover, Professional chauffeurs are well trained, licensed, and insured. Meanwhile, being familiar with the geographical locations and high-traffic areas, you’ll arrive on time!

Above all, A1A Limo’s fleet features a variety of elegant vehicles of all sizes to accommodate any size group.


Social Media Marketing World

March 20 – 22, 2019, 9:00 a.m.

San Diego Convention Center

Admission: $297-$1,597

Over 100 of the top media marketing specialists in the world will be presenting at this 3-day seminar. To sum up, these are professionals who specialize in marketing with:

• YouTube for Business
• Linkedln
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Messenger bots
• Live Video
• Snapchat
• Social Strategy
• Content Marketing
• Video Creation
• Analytics

Further, this seminar is designed for marketing professionals. Moreover are small business owners or employees of companies with less than 100 employees.

Most importantly if you’re ready to master social media and learn all of the latest techniques. This is the seminar for you!


Beachpreneurs – Ladies Only Beach Camp

April 12-14, 2019, 9:30 a.m.

Residence Inn by Marriott Daytona Beach

Admission: $197

Powerful women entrepreneurs coming together for a professional business learning experience.

Most importantly, you won’t be locked in all day in a conference room. There’s plenty of time invested in learning as well as masterminding with like-minded women entrepreneurs.

For instance, you are free to njoy a 3-hour lunch break. Take a walk on the beach, swim, or explore Daytona.

In addition, one of the most popular events is the table topic sessions. Where speakers and advisers join small groups of attendees. Answering questions, give business and personalized advice.

Further, this beach camp is for female on-line business owners. In addition, who are looking toward business growth. As well as a better lifestyle. Admission price includes a breakfast buffet.

Traveling With a Group to Your Business Event?

The best way to travel with your business associates or co-workers is in a stretch limousine or a Limo Bus.

Furthermore, it’s conveniently affordable than any car rentals, taxicabs, or phone-app drivers. You’ll arrive on time hassle free!

More reliable than Uber and much affordable than a taxi!

Likewise, with luxury ground transportation, your professional chauffeur will assist with your luggage. Personally ensuring your safety and comfort.


Society for Advancement of Consulting (SAC)

May 29, 2019, 8:00 a.m.

Embassy Suites 

Admission: $295-$395

This is the perfect venue for consultants, independent contractors, coaches, or related professional service providers. In addition, the founder of SAC and author of Million Dollar Consulting, Alan Weiss, will be the featured speaker. Moreover along with other experts in the field speaking on the following topics:

• Getting better results: using influence based negotiation to build your consulting business.

• The perfect pivot: How to reach new heights by rethinking your business

• Published: a look at publishing alternatives for consultants.

Importantly, business growth and success is the main focus. As you interact with other successful consultants and professionals from around the world. Furthermore, continental breakfast and lunch buffet are included in the admission price.

A1A Limo Service

A1A Limo worldwide Limo Service providing affordable, first-class luxury ground transportation worldwide.

Make your corporate travel less stressful . Also enjoyable by reserving a new limousine. A1A’s “on time, every time” guarantee ensures you will arrive on schedule and in style!

Likewise, your professionally-trained chauffeur and personal concierge will meet and greet you at the airport. Furthermore, assist with your luggage, and provide safe ground transportation to any and all of your destinations.

Included in our services are:

  • Airport Shuttles
  • Corporate travel
  • Business event transportation
  • Limousine rentals

For special occasions, private parties, weddings, proms and much more!

What’s a limousine service without their beautiful up-to-date fleet?

New Year’s Resolutions For Corporate Travel

Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions, but how do we make them a reality?

Statistically, only about 8 percent of us keep to our resolutions each year. This is especially true for business professionals who spend a great deal of their time on the road or in the air for corporate travel. Let’s face it, frequent travel can be very disruptive to your daily life and can impact your health and home life, as well.

Help is on the way! We have provided some tips to help improve your corporate travel experiences and also how to design your New Year’s resolutions so that they are more realistic and relative to your busy lifestyle. Old habits die hard and new habits take at least a few months to really take hold. Go easy on yourself, forgive any slips, and take the time needed to establish your goals!

Looking For A Limo Near Me? Look No Further!


Keep Your Business Goals Realistic

Often we find that developing a list of goals becomes a major task in and of itself. It is very important to create goals, but you need to keep your goals realistic. Focus on what really matters and don’t make your list too broad and difficult to achieve. In other words, start small. As you find yourself able to start checking things off the list as accomplished, you can then expand on your list of goals.

This is especially important if you frequently travel for business. Your goals and resolutions should include ways in which to create enjoyable moments and health-conscious decisions during corporate travel time.

Reduce Stress by Planning Ahead

There are many ways to reduce the stress of corporate travel and planning ahead is of utmost importance. Booking your air reservations early can save you time and money and also allows you to plan ahead for your other accommodations, such as hotels and ground transportation at the airport and to each business event. Reserve an Airport Shuttle in advance.

Airport traffic is always a nightmare and it is expensive, as well as inconvenient to rent a car. Taxicabs and phone-app drivers are often unreliable and not professionally trained.

Fun Fact: Choosing the best limo service will ensure that you are on schedule and provide time for you to relax after a long flight on your way to your ground destination.

A1A Limo Service

A1A’s “on time, every time” guarantee ensures you will arrive on schedule and in style! Our professionally-trained chauffeur and personal concierge will meet and greet you at the airport, assist with your luggage, and provide safe and elegant ground transportation to any and all of your destinations.

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Stay Conscious of Your Health

Frequent travelers find their normal routine of healthy eating and fitness are interrupted. It is wonderful to enjoy the cultural cuisines of a new city or country, but try not to over indulge. Eating out is known to put on weight, but if we choose a healthy diet and don’t overdo it, we can maintain our normal health-conscious routine. Today, there are many restaurants that offer organic, vegetarian, and other healthy selections. In addition, it is a good idea to bring your running shoes or check out the local gym. This is also a great opportunity to explore the area and enjoy some “me time.”


Get Smart about Your Luggage

Number one – don’t over pack! Typically, we try to plan for every possibility when we pack for corporate travel. With airlines charging for luggage, this can be expensive. So, when packing for your business events, only think essentials. This also saves you room for any gifts you purchase while traveling.

With technology ever moving forward, it is not surprising that there is now “smart luggage” that charges your phone and other devices, weighs itself, and even tracks your luggage if it is lost during air travel. Now that is getting smart about your luggage.


Stay in Touch With Family and Friends

If your business requires frequent corporate travel, time away from friends and family can cause a serious disconnect. Make plans to Facetime with your loved ones at dinnertime, for instance, or watch a show together over the phone in the evening. Children can also feel the impact of an absent parent, so you want to make sure to spend some quality Facetime with them, as well. Be sure to ask them about their day and always call to say goodnight!


Traveling With Business Associates?

When you’re accompanied by business associates, sharing affordable limo transportation makes good business sense. A1A Limo Service offers:

Improve your corporate travel experience by reserving an affordable limo service with a personal concierge.


Make Time to Enjoy the Sights

It’s a busy time, but it is extremely important that you reserve some time to enjoy the sights, as well! If possible, include an extra day or two in your travel plans for pleasure. Take in a museum or explore the city’s local shops. Whether you are traveling in the States or internationally, allow yourself enough downtime to experience and enjoy the local culture.


Our friendly ground transportation professionals are ready to assist you.