Successful Entrepreneurs Have These Top Traits – Do You?

“Great leaders have three things; inner light, inner vision and inner strength.”

― Amit Ray,

Mindfulness Meditation for Corporate Leadership and Management

It takes more than big dreams to succeed in the business world. There are several traits that the best entrepreneurs tend to have in common. How do you measure up when it comes to these key characteristics?


Top Traits For Successful Entrepreneurs

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? You’ve got to have drive, ambition, a certain level of charm, wit, and many other things. However, there are some foundational traits that make all of the other building blocks of a good business person fall into place. Let’s take a look at them.



While many people will list ambition as a major trait for entrepreneurs, courage takes this concept a step further. Ambition refers to the desire for something, such as success, power, or a certain position within a company. Having a desire to succeed is good, but it takes something more to achieve those desires.

Once you’ve acknowledged what you desire in business, you must also have the drive to reach your goals. This is where many business ideas fail. Many people have good ideas but have no motivation to make them any more than just that. Even worse, some begin their journey to becoming entrepreneurs but lack the courage to take the big plunge.


How To: From Business Professional To Entrepreneur


That is to say, entering into the world of business is no easy thing. It can be frightening to take the necessary steps that require large investments. For example, it takes a lot of money to buy an office or set up a storefront. When your business is in its earliest stages, there is no way to know if that investment will pay off. It takes a lot of courage to make that leap and invest in the future of your business.

Being courageous isn’t about being fearless. It’s about taking chances despite your fears. You may be surprised by how many of the biggest names in business still give themselves a pep talk in the back of a stretch limousine.



Making the big decisions in your business is no easy task. However, these things can’t be put off just because they are difficult. The best that you can do is go about your daily life with integrity. That is to say, you must do the right thing for the right reasons.

It’s not enough to do something nice for someone because that will leave them owing you something in the future. This isn’t really helping. It’s actually quite manipulative. Going about your business in this manner may help you in the short term, but it always results in something negative later on.


Epic Qualities You Will Find In A Chauffeured Limo Service


Instead, try to develop a way of doing business follows good moral and ethical principles. Be compassionate when your employees, clients, or partners fall upon hard times. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to become a pushover. Learning when and how to do the right thing takes time, but your business will be better for it.

Even the smallest decisions in business depend on your sense of integrity. For example, how would you respond to a major client flying into town for a meeting? Sure, they could drive themselves to your office from the airport.

However, you should take into account the fact that this person has likely come a long way to meet with you. It is only right to make them feel comfortable once they are in your area. Sending an airport shuttle to meet them shows that you care about them as a person, as well as a business interest. Your compassion will be remembered and may even be rewarded later.


Breaking the Myths Of Affordable Limousine Service



This is perhaps the most important trait of all. If you are dishonest in business, you cannot act with integrity. In fact, dishonest entrepreneurs often lack the courage to tell the truth when it comes to the harsh realities of the business world.

For example, not every business decision is a good one. If your company is not turning a profit at the moment, admitting it may make you feel like a failure. It stings a bit to learn that you suddenly can’t afford to travel in the best limousine to every business meeting. However, disguising small setbacks doesn’t fix anything, and can, in fact, make matters worse.

Rather than continuing to operate as usual, it is important to be honest with your employees and business partners. You may have to make changes in production. You may even have to lay off part of your workforce. These are not simple decisions, but very few important business decisions are simple.



Although none of these important traits are simple, self-discipline may be the hardest one to learn. This means that you have to be able to make business moves on your own. That is to say that you can’t wait around for someone else to give you direction. As an entrepreneur, it is up to you to decide what needs doing, as well as when it needs to be done.

Long-term planning decisions will often fall on your shoulders. For example, you know that you or your colleagues will need to travel for business sometime. Rather than waiting for your corporate travel dates to sneak up on you, schedule yourself some time to consider your business event transportation options. Knowing the who, when, and where of your employees’ travel needs ahead of time allows you to make better judgments.

When you wait until the last minute, you chance making rushed decisions. This could cause you to make choices without all of the best information in front of you. Self-discipline is the foundation for many skills that entrepreneurs need to succeed, such as time management and other strong leadership skills.


Chauffeur vs. Driver: What’s the Difference?



This is another trait that ties into many other necessary skills for entrepreneurs. Reason is what allows you to make the right choice from your available options. For example, you may have many business plans before you. Several of them may technically work, but good logic and reasoning skills let you see which ones will be better in the long term.

For example, let’s return to the example of business event transportation. Everyone knows that there is no time to waste in corporate travel. However, short-sighted entrepreneurs may only see the quickest choice as the best choice. As such, they may walk off of the plane and hop into the first available taxi. While this quickly solved the immediate issue, there are better ways to handle this situation.

Successful entrepreneurs are focused on the best decisions for the long-term. These are the ones who take time early on in their business journey to develop a good relationship with an affordable limousine service. By establishing this relationship, these entrepreneurs don’t have to stress when it’s time to travel. They know that there is an airport shuttle waiting for them after the flight. They save time on travel arrangements and never have to pay outrageous cab fares.


Ground Transportation

Choosing The Best Limousine Service

When you need corporate travel solutions, call the experts at A1A Airport and Limousine Service. Our professional chauffeurs provide the best in worldwide luxury ground transportation services.

We have been operating based out of South Florida since 1986, making us your trusted local source for Miami Airport Car Service. However, we can handle your limo transportation needs wherever you are.


Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Bold Features That Define Luxury Car

The latest features to make your ride feel luxurious

The definition of luxury varies from person to person, but the sheer comfort of indulgence makes it a worthwhile buy. When riding in a luxury vehicle, one expects:

1) Sleekness

2) Elegance

3) Efficiency

Indeed, it is a tough industry to compete in, so car makers are constantly innovating to quench the thirst of their clientele. Another industry that has profited off the whims of elegance is the black car service.

This service is a high- end customer pick -up and delivery system, where customers can pay to be taken places whilst experiencing excellent customer service as well as: 

  • Luxurious amenities like active suspension
  • Executive rear seats
  • Ventilated seats
  • Massage options, all from the comfort of your vehicle.  

For the less acquainted, this article will outline the features of each.

Active Suspension

Most modern high-end luxury cars offer active suspension, either hydraulically actuated or electromagnetically recuperative.

Sensors continually monitor body movement and vehicle ride level, constantly supplying the computer with new data to adjust the wheel’s movement to minimize the bump’s impact on passengers, which leads to a vastly improved ride.

  • This system is the reason why black car services only use luxury vehicles.

Executive Rear Seats

Executive rear seats are of inexpressible value: Beyond the typical heating service and temperature regulated controls, the best feature these rear seats offer is the adjust-ability of the seats.

  • The seats are fully adjustable, and usually can be reclined, like airplane seats.
  • A full-length center console is in the vicinity, providing boosted audio and climate controls.
  • This feature is a favorite for executives traveling from meeting to meeting because of the luxurious element, combined with the black car service, making for an excellent experience.    

Ventilated Seats

Ventilated seats are the most critical element for the rider’s comfort: They work like heated seats, bringing climate control to the seat itself.

  • Cool air gently circulates through pores in the seats, keeping you cool, which is especially nice after the summer sun has been baking the black leather. Furthermore, there are reversible fans that temporarily draw heat away from your body.

Seat Massager

This is just what the doctor ordered for those long road trips: What more can increase your delight than leather wrapped heating/cooling seats which melt away stress and help to keep the driver aware.

Many luxury vehicles offer massage options: 

  • Full body
  • Upper body- which are tactile adjustable.

Black car services are known for their excellent mixture of unparalleled customer service and the experience of luxurious vehicular amenities.

Epic Qualities You Will Find In A Chauffeured Limo Service

There is nothing better than enjoying luxury ground transportation in a high-quality limousine.

When looking for the best available limo service, it’s not just about the limousine cars. It is also very important to consider the quality of the company’s chauffeurs. After all, they will be responsible for passenger safety.

We’ve outlined a list of some epic qualities you should look for in a limo service.

Be sure to hire a chauffeur who measures up to ensure that your luxury ground transportation experience is of the highest standard.

Why Choose Black Car Service?

Riding with a well-trained professional limo driver is essential for any occasion. Your driver needs to be punctual when time is of the essence for business event transportation or corporate travel.

Style and class are paramount for a special party event, wedding transportation, or prom limousines.

  • Navigating airport traffic can be a nightmare, but a professional chauffeur stays calm while driving your airport shuttle. You can even hire a driver for a night out on the town with friends. You can relax and have fun, knowing that everyone has a safe and reliable ride home.

Breaking the Myths Of Affordable Limousine Service


All Chauffeurs Are Not Created Equal

Here at A1A Limousine Service, we pride ourselves in maintaining an impressive and wide variety of limos. Offering diversity within our fleet of limousine cars ensures that we have the perfect one for your personal needs.

We also demand the most highly qualified chauffeurs. An exceptional chauffeur can really make a difference in your limousine experience.

Before You Book, Ask Yourself, Does Your Limo Service Offer These Key Features?

1) Professionalism

Current & Valid License – All chauffeurs are required to have a current and valid license.

Clean Driving Record – Ensuring the safety of all limousine passengers is our top priority. Every chauffeur must have a spotless driving record. Clients should never hesitate to request a review of their limo chauffeur’s driving record.

2) Style & Attitude

Professional Attire and Personal Grooming – It is essential that our chauffeurs also look the part. That means impeccable grooming and appropriate professional attire. You can expect your chauffeur to arrive in the classic black and white uniform, complete with the hat.

Calm and Pleasant Demeanor – No matter what, it is necessary for chauffeurs to maintain a calm and pleasant demeanor. Party limos can get loud. Brides are often nervous. There are times when plans may change at the last minute.

  • Therefore, the limo chauffeur must be adaptable. Chauffeurs must be able to handle a variety of situations and understand that things can change quickly. A professional chauffeur should always demonstrate respect and care for the client.

3) Experience

Proper Training – To provide you with the best luxury ground transportation experience, chauffeurs must be highly trained in all aspects of limo driving. It’s not just about having the best driving ability.

  • Chauffeurs also need extensive firsthand knowledge of the geographical areas that they serve. They must keep up with any current accident reports, construction, or high-traffic areas to avoid.


  • Limousine chauffeurs are trained, prepared and ready to take action to assist passengers. This could mean anything from assisting with the long train of a bride’s gown to helping to steady a disabled patron.

4) Quality Over Quantity 

Customer Service – A limousine chauffeur must offer the highest quality of customer service. Limo service chauffeurs are responsible for providing safe transport in situations both luxurious and mundane. They need to be reliable, versatile, and ready to assist in any way necessary.

  • When alcohol is often involved, the limo chauffeur may need to be more patient and understanding.


  • Discretion is key. This must be guaranteed, because chauffeur may be privy to private personal or corporate information.


  • It is very important that the limo chauffeur enjoy working with people. He or she must be intuitive about when to converse with the passengers and when to give them privacy. There are all kinds of people in the world and every client is different. A professional chauffeur will recognize the best approach to each customer.

What is Town Car Service Without It’s Chauffeur?

Learn More About the Face of Luxury Travel Here


Johnny on the Spot – The professional chauffeur is always ready for emergencies. Limo service is about luxury and convenience. Therefore, a chauffeur should carry essential items, such as umbrellas, a shoe-shine kit, and even a sewing kit.

  • Though the chauffeur should have extensive knowledge of the service area, it’s not enough to rely on memory. They must be ready to divert or change course, as needed or requested. Be sure that your limo service maintains vehicles with GPS onboard for these quick changes.


  • The chauffeur should be prepared for medical emergencies, but also know how to get to the closest hospitals in the area. It is absolutely necessary that the chauffeur understand the possibilities that can arise in these dire situations.

5) Honest & Dependable

Integrity and Honesty – Your limo chauffeur should display integrity, confidence, strength, and dependability at all times. You should be able to trust information from your chauffeur without question. Any limo service hiring less than upstanding chauffeurs is a major red flag.

Punctual and Dependable – Limousine transportation is often time critical. For instance, weddings, bridal showers, business meetings, or airport transports must be on time. No matter what the occasion, the client has the right to a timely arrival and departure.

  • Therefore, a limo chauffeur should arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes early. He or she should always be aware of weather reports, accidents, construction, or other road hazards that may cause delays. Your limo service should provide a chauffeur that you can depend on to get you where you need to go.

Company Loyalty – Clients may ask the chauffeur questions about the limousine company. A professional and company loyal chauffeur will promote the limousine service company. He or she will offer information that benefits both the company and the client.

  • In addition, the limousine chauffeur will always do their very best to represent the company with the highest quality of service, safety, comfort, and reliability.


Don’t Book Just ANY Ground Transportation Service…

Trust The Experts!

A1A Limousine Service guarantees the highest quality of affordable luxury ground transportation. We strive to provide excellent customer service. This means ensuring the safety and comfort of every client. It also means guaranteeing the dependability of our chauffeurs and vehicles.

Need help picking the right vehicle for your event?

Check out our guide here!

Fleet Photo

Included in our fleet of luxury vehicles you will find classic limousine cars like Lincoln Town Cars, Mercedes, and Cadillacs.

We also maintain stylish stretch limousine cars and SUVs.

Traveling with a large group? Check out our party buses and executive vans.

Limo Bus Essentials: Everything You Need To Know

Hiring limo transportation is an important part of planning for any event. At least there is a silver lining to making arrangements for larger groups. The size of your party narrows down your options! With so many types of limousine cars out there, sorting through them all can be overwhelming. If this feeling sounds familiar, relax! We’ve got you covered with our handy guide to everything you need to know about renting a limo bus.

If you’re new to the world of limousine cars, you probably have more than a few questions.

Let’s start with the basics.

2018 Ultimate Guide To Booking Luxury Transportation

What Is A Limo Bus Anyway?

There are a few different types of vehicles that could be considered a limo bus. You may also see terms like party van or party bus. These are all interchangeable, but there are different models with varying passenger capacity.

Planning A Party In A Bus?

Click Here For Limo Service South Florida

So, what makes the party van so special? Imagine going to a party on a bus with this amazing limo interior!

Standard party bus interior gives you more seating than a stretch limousine. This makes a limo bus perfect for large groups like wedding parties or business event transportation.

Luxurious amenities bring the party to you! There’s no need to wait until you get to the venue when the ride is half the fun.

  • Dark-tinted windows let you dance like no one’s watching. Party in private knowing that outsiders won’t be able to see through the glass.


  • Premium sound systems let you turn up your way with your personal party soundtrack.


  • Pregame with the onboard wet bar. Stock it with supplies for your favorite drinks. Relax knowing that your professional chauffeur guarantees you a designated driver to transport everyone safely.

Party Bus Interior That Changes The Way You Ride

Who Can Ride In A Limo Bus?

Luxury ground transportation is not an exclusive service. While A-listers and VIPs often prefer limousine travel, they aren’t the only ones who can enjoy its perks.

Start Your Night Off Right
Book The Perfect Ride – A South Florida Limo!

Business professionals may be used to traveling in town cars. When you’re traveling with colleagues, hiring individual cars could become a hassle.

Simplify corporate travel with one of these large-capacity vehicles.

Mercedes Sprinter: 10+ passengers

Ford E-350: 15 passengers

Ford F-450: 25 passengers

The Ford F-550 makes a perfect wedding party bus!

The groomsmen or bridesmaids love to take their soon-to-be-wed friends out for a night on the town before the ceremony.

Limo transportation eases stress on your big day. Getting everyone on the bus ensures that the wedding party arrives together and on time.

See the sights from the motorcoach. Up to 55 passengers can travel comfortably in these huge limo bus vehicles. With onboard restrooms and plenty of storage space, it’s like bringing a piece of home on the road.

A motor-coach is the perfect mode of transportation for:

  • Musicians on tour
  • Pickers or collectors on the roadshow circuit
  • Students on long-distance field trips

It’s Sports Season! Why You Should Book Luxury Transportation To The Game

Where Can The Limo Bus Take You?

Any occasion is a little more special when you can party in a bus on the way.

Consider booking limo transportation for your upcoming:

Booking a party van may be the icing on your event planning cake. But that’s not all a limo bus can do!

There are plenty of other great reasons to book a limo bus, like:

  • Airport transport
  • Corporate travel
  • Business event transportation
  • Art openings
  • Attending the symphony or theatre
  • Any other event where you need to make a good impression while transporting large groups.

Prepare For A Birthday With A Surprise Party Bus

When Should You Make Your Limo Bus Reservation?

Limousine service is typically booked well in advance. If you’re looking to transportation to a major event, limo companies may be booked out for several months. It’s best to go ahead and make your reservation a soon as you learn the date of the event. Try to book three to four months ahead of time, when possible.

Why wait? Book your limo bus today!

A1A Airport and Limousine Service offers a full range of limousine cars for all occasions. From town cars to limo bus options, our fleet has the perfect vehicle for your special event.

All of our drivers are certified chauffeurs and have completed rigorous training. You can rest easy knowing our professionals are behind the wheel.

Making a reservation is easy!

We offer several booking options for your convenience:

Call our helpful staff at  (561) 622-2222 .

Head over to our booking site.

Download our app to reserve right from your smartphone.

Need help with something else?

Click here for our full contact information.

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South Florida Events You Don’t Want To Miss This November

What are you hoping to find on your next visit to South Florida? If you’re looking for a good time, you have come to the right source. There are even plenty of opportunities for business travel. To make your planning a little easier, we’ve listed some upcoming special South Florida events.

Don’t Miss These Exciting South Florida Events

What’s The Weather & Water Like In Boca Raton, FL?

November ArtWalk

Friday, November 2, 2018

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM 

Admission: Free

The Heart of Delray Gallery

1440 North Federal Highway

Delray Beach, FL 33483

You’ll be around 75 unique artists in a refreshing indoor environment with complimentary wine and hors-d’oeuvres. Admission and parking are free.

Without exception, all guests must RSVP via Eventbrite. If you cannot attend, please notify the event organizers as space is limited.

First Impressions are Important

Make Yours Stylish with a Stretch Limousine

The Celebration of the Arts Fashion Show

Saturday, November 3, 2018

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

General Admission: $20 +fees, VIP: $150+fees (Non-refundable)


1803 NE 36th St.

Pompano Beach, FL 33062

The Royal Vixenz will celebrate local artists ranging from West Palm Beach to Dade County. It will start off with a networking session amongst all guests who wish to be involved, followed by local artists showing off their arts. There will be fashion collections as well as live musical performances. The closing of this event will be dedicated to the South Florida Fashion Academy (SFFA). A representative from SFFA will inform the audience about its products and services.

Which Luxury Vehicle To Rent For A Night On The Town

Distant Worlds: Music from FINAL FANTASY

Saturday, November 3, 2018

8:00 PM

Admission: $39 – 63

FAU Carole and Barry Kaye Performing Arts Auditorium

777 Glades Road

Boca Raton FL 33431

With this performance, the Final Fantasy game franchise celebrates over 30 years of action, suspense, and success. Grammy Award-winner Arnie Roth conducts the Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus on stage, which includes Susan Calloway – the original vocalist who renders some of the series’ key theme songs. It’s a multimedia feast of sight and sound.

Flying to South Florida?

Beat the Traffic with an Airport Shuttle

Thanksgiving Themed Vegan Potluck

Sunday, November 4, 2018

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Admission: Free, $5 Contribution Fee

Lake Wyman Park

1500 Northeast 5th Avenue

Boca Raton, FL 33432

This celebration combines a pre-Thanksgiving meal and the birthday of area influencer, Emilia Lujan. Lujuan is the founder of My Vegan Daily, as well as the CEO and President of MindBody Expo.

Everyone is welcome to this fall vegan food delight and networking session. All you have to bring is your reusable water bottle and a dish for the potluck. Admission is free, but organizers ask that attendees pay a $5 contribution fee.

Could Limousine Rental Be Your Saving Grace This Holiday Season?

FloraVina DIY Flower Class

Tuesday, November 6, 2018,

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Admission: $39 +fees

Mod Wine Lounge

1828 East Sunrise Boulevard

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

A local flower enthusiast leads the session step-by-step. This new event concept in the creative entertainment space offers a unique night out at the bar. 

Together, you will turn an empty vase into a beautiful arrangement in about an hour and a half. Meanwhile, participants enjoy their favorite cocktails and appetizers with friends and family at the local wine bar.Wine is not included with ticket, but it’s available for local purchase. There is a $25 corkage fee per bottle at The Mod Wine Lounge.

Need an Extra Hand?

Lighten the Load with Personal Concierge

Nourish Kindness Lunch Series November

Thursday, November 8, 2018,

11:45 AM – 1:15 PM EST

Admission: $20 +fees

Kindness Matters 365 Headquarters

20283 State Rd. 7


Boca Raton, FL 33498

Hear from a different inspirational kindness speaker every month at the Kindness Matters 365 Headquarters. Meetings are on the second Thursday of every month, but dates are subject to change. In arranging networking opportunities, the Nourish Kindness lunch series’ objective deliberately includes uniting the community.

Speakers share a variety of relevant first-hand experiences, as well as tools helpful in managing our busy lives. They also hope to empower attendees to participate in giving and acts of kindness. “Together we are the change!” Proceeds from this event will be donated to support KM365 initiatives.

Grab your tickets early, because space is limited to 30 guests.

Experiencing South Florida: Luxury In Boca Raton

Comedy Show at Boca Resto

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Admission: Free

Boca Resto Lounge

3360 North Federal Highway

Boca Raton, FL 33431

This live comedy show features top quality comedians alongside some of South Florida’s foremost new comics. There will be a surprise guest appearance from a top national touring comic!

Breaking the Myths Of Affordable Limousine Service

Don’t stop at booking your tickets for these South Florida events.

Enhance your experience with limo transportation!

Limousine cars offer such quality and efficiency, you’ll feel like a star heading for your own red carpet.

A1A Airport and Limousine Service offers several options for limo service South Florida.

For business event transportation, corporate travel needs are matched with professional service.

Chauffeurs and personal concierge can expedite your missions.

Beat the traffic with an airport shuttle.

Limousine service is great for traditional events like wedding service and bachelor or bachelorette parties. However, it is also appropriate for school trips, sports events, concert or theatre expeditions, and more. Your imagination is the limit!

Make sure you play around with the events at hand. South Florida events bloom with diversity day and night. Exploring new places and events brings you closer to a life well spent and a modern world better traveled. Get there in style with affordable limousine service.

Check out our services for the best in limo rental South Florida.

Written by Fernando Q. Dalisay

Spooky Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Ideas

Planning a fall wedding opens up a whole new world of party theme possibilities.

For the couple who loves the macabre, spooky season can definitely spice up your bachelor or bachelorette party. We’ve put together a list to share our favorite ideas.

Stop Searching for “Limo Service Near Me.”

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Top Five Epic Spooky
Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas

Halloween is a beloved tradition for adults, too. Once we grow up, we don’t get many opportunities to dress up or play pretend. Why not incorporate the fun of Halloween into your wedding festivities with some spooky bachelor and bachelorette party themes?

5. Marrying My “Boo”

This theme is great for those who enjoy spooky season but aren’t into horror and gore.

  • Decorate with cute ghost décor using things you have on-hand like printer paper, scissors and black sharpies.

Check out this how-to video for super cute ghost garland.

Enjoy tasty treats like Ghost Cookies and Graveyard Cake. Find the recipes below!

Warm up with a cup of Ghostly Hot Cocoa!

2018’s Top Rated Halloween Events To Attend

4. Black Cat Strut

Who says black cats are bad luck? We think they make a great outfit or costume inspiration!

LADIES: Hit the town in your best kitty-inspired looks.

  • Accessorize with cat ears.
  • For makeup, pair a classic cat eye with drawn-on whiskers.
  • For those who like to go all out, there are even cat eye contacts!

GENTLEMEN: Guys can go black tie for a tuxedo cat-inspired outfit.

  • Finish off your ensemble with a tail!

EVERYBODY: Don’t forget to book a sleek black luxury vehicle or limousine ride.

  • These limousine cars are big enough for everyone to ride together.
  • Stay safe on Halloween Night with a chauffeur driving you.

3. Haunted Fairytale

Put an eerie twist on your happily ever after.

Decorate your “castle” with all the finest trimmings.

  • Think candelabras with skull designs, cobwebs in corners, and floating candles hanging from the ceilings.

Dance the night away in your stunning suit or beautiful ball gown.

  • Go for classic blacks and grays or even drab colors, like faded greens and purples.

Dinner display can stay spooky.

  • Set the table with gothic-style dinnerware, like black or silver plates and goblets.

Experiencing South Florida: Luxury In Boca Raton

2. Monster Mash

Have a monstrously good time with your ghoulish friends.

Get Zombified:

There are only two outcomes for this theme:

Survive a zombie attack..


Become one of the undead..

  • If you’re into roleplaying, you can divide your party into teams of zombies and zombie hunters.
  • Dress to impress and hit the field for zombie combat.

Looking for something a little more intense?  

Grab your crew and head to Orlando’s Zombie Outbreak.

  •  For this experience, you will face off against live-actor zombies with realistic weapons.
  • Large parties may have to split up, as they allow groups through with four to five people at a time.

Join a Zombie Pub Crawl event or plan your own.

  • Look for bars or other establishments in your area with a costume contest and you could even bring home a prize!

Vamp It Up:

Vampires are a classic Halloween favorite. You’ll have a fang-tastic time with these ideas.

Vampire costumes are fun and easy to create.

  • All you need is a black suit or dress, cloak, and a nice set of fangs.
  • Add in splashes of color with a shiny red shirt or jewelry.
  • Sip sangria, a Spanish punch made with red wine and fruits. The name translates as “bleeding” and is named after the drink’s dark red coloring.
  • Play fun party games like bobbing for apples. To make it more difficult, require players to wear vampire teeth while they try to bite the apples.

1. Funeral for Our Single Days

For some tongue-in-cheek fun, you can bid adieu to the single life with a mock funeral.

  • If you’re changing your last name, this is a great way to give your old one a send-off. Say R.I.P. to your old name and “long live” to the new!
  • Decorate the party space with photos from your single days. This celebration of life honors the old days while looking forward to your new beginning.
  • The bride or groom to be can make an epic entrance by arriving in a coffin or burial garb. For the “hearse,” book limo transportation or party bus. The guest of honor will arrive in style, and you can use luxury ground transportation throughout the evening.
  • For outfit ideas, consider dying an old wedding dress black and carrying a bouquet of black roses. For the men, you can achieve this look with an all-black suit and black boutonniere.

Looking for a Miami Party Van?

Party on a Bus with this Amazing Limo Interior!

If your bachelor or bachelorette party plans include drinking, be sure to do so responsibly. A convenient option is to reserve a limo bus.

There are several perks when you party in a bus.

  • The party bus interior is unlike that of any other vehicle. It’s big enough to hold everyone. You can decorate the inside to match your theme. Some models even have fiber optic lighting!
  • You can set your soundtrack with the premium sound system. You may even be able to bring a karaoke machine for a spooky sing-a-long.
  • Most importantly, your professional chauffeur will make sure everyone gets home safely. No one has to worry about leaving their car behind or drinking and driving.

The best limousine companies offer much more than town cars and stretch limos. Don’t settle for just any limo service. You’ve got the best limousine service in South Florida right here!

At A1A Airport and Limousine Service, we want to help make your bachelor or bachelorette party one for the record books. Is your long-distance bestie flying in for the party? Let us pick them up with our airport transport service. Planning a party can get expensive, Save money with our affordable limousine service.

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Ford’s New Self Driving Car Unleashed In 2021: Pros & Cons

“If you think of standardization as the best that you know today,
but which is to be improved tomorrow-you get somewhere.” – Henry Ford

Ford recently announced that it will begin testing it’s self-driving vehicles in Washington, D.C. next year. The announcement is by no means the first of its kind.

Ford Climbs Aboard the Self-Driving Bandwagon

Autonomous Ford vehicles are already being tested in Miami and the company hopes to launch commercial service in 2021.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, launched its own autonomous car unit through its affiliate Waymo. The company currently operates its self-driving cars in Arizona, with plans to launch a taxi service this year.

General Motors also has its own self-driving car subsidiary—GM Cruise—that announced plans to test its autonomous vehicles in Manhattan this year. However, in May the company confirmed that it had yet to receive the necessary permits.

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What Does the Future Hold?

As we look to the future of autonomous vehicles, we have to wonder what impact they will have on other areas of the automotive industry.


Should we expect to see a self-driving stretch limousine? Are autonomous town cars in the cards?

Let’s take a look at these questions and more as we consider the pros and cons of self-driving vehicles.

Did You Know You Could Party in a Bus?

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On the Plus Side:
Positives of Autonomous Vehicles

The Decrease In Distracted Driving

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that over 30,000 people are killed each year in motor vehicle traffic deaths. While we don’t know exactly how many, some of these accidents are caused by distracted drivers. Without a driver behind the wheel, autonomous vehicles cannot be crashed by a distracted driver.

Model Behavior

Humans are unpredictable. Autonomous vehicles are driven by computers, which make calculated movements. Algorithms regular the vehicle’s distance from others around, so they won’t follow too closely or tailgate. Removing the human element from driving removes the possibility of human error from the equation.

Cash Savings

What is the value of a human life? According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, it’s $9.2 million.
With fewer crashes come fewer deaths. Multiplying the lives saved by their statistical value would result in huge potential savings in insurance, healthcare, and other areas. These savings could be applied to improve areas that have been otherwise lacking in funding.

Bolstered Public Transportation

In cities that lack the infrastructure for public transportation, autonomous vehicles could be the answer. They would provide a way to transport citizens without dedicating land or resources to building train lines, buses, or other large transport vehicles.

No Parking Problems

Your autonomous vehicle could drop you at a store’s entrance and park until you are ready to be picked up. It could also circle the block and pick you up on the way back. However, you don’t need a self-driving car for this convenience.

Limo transportation gives you this convenience now by virtue of your chauffeur, who could perform the same tasks.

Need an Extra Set of Hands?

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On the Other Hand:
Potential Drawbacks to Self-Driving Cars

Reliance on Understanding Technology

Even if a driver’s license was rendered unnecessary, the person utilizing the vehicle would still require some sort of training. The self-driving technology only takes over once the vehicle is operational. A person would still be required to turn the vehicle on, program destination coordinates, or make other arrangements before hitting the road.


Dependence on Electronics

Maintenance technicians would be required to have more expertise in electrical troubleshooting.

  • What would happen if the computer suffered a glitch while on the road?Something else to think about is the role of electric vehicles.
  • An autonomous electric vehicle would likely use more battery power than a traditional vehicle. Would the need bigger or stronger batteries?


Like any piece of computerized technology, autonomous vehicles would need to be safeguarded against hackers. If someone were to hack into the vehicle, they could change the destination, override safety settings, or worse. Could high profile persons or CEOs use autonomous vehicles as business event transportation?

It is imperative that VIPs be accounted for at all times. If an autonomous vehicle were to be intercepted, the GPS setting could be tampered with and passenger’s whereabouts could become unknown.


Chauffeurs are also trained as bodyguards. Self-driving vehicles not only eliminate the driver. They are by extension eliminating your protector, as well. Can a self-driving party van – “Sometimes called a party bus,” stand up to a group of raucous partygoers?

Handling a Shifting Timetable

How would a self-driving airport shuttle react to a shift in travel times? Human travel managers can track your flight and dispatch your limousine transfer accordingly. If that information were incorporated into your vehicle’s algorithm, it should help ensure that your ride arrives on time.

However, we cannot predict what would happen to the vehicle should that information change. If your flight lands early, would the vehicle speed up to compensate?

Ride in Style – For Personal or Corporate Travel

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The Bottom Line

Currently, autonomous luxury ground transportation is still a thing of the future. Who knows how limousine car images could change down the line? For now, self-driving vehicles are limited to their test markets.

Even if there were available options for autonomous new limousine or corporate travel vehicles, it would be up to the client whether to make use of them. Would you ride in a self-driving limo bus? Time will tell if we will get to see these ideas realized.

Our Fleet

In the meantime, limo transportation still requires a driver. You want the best ones driving your South Florida limo. With A1A Airport and Limousine Service, we seek to provide the best limousine experience.

We provide affordable limousine service for all occasions, including:

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2018’s Top Rated Halloween Events To Attend

“I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air,
the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.”
– Evan Peters

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkins are carved with ghoulish faces. The smells of apple cider and pumpkin spice fill the air. All that’s left to do is put the finishing touches on your costume and decide which Halloween Events you’ll attend.

Need ideas for what haunts to visit this year? Check out which ones made our spooky list.

Favorite Florida Halloween Events

There are tons of Halloween events located throughout Florida, from haunted houses to fall festivals and everything in between. We’ve selected some of the top rated haunts for this year’s spooky season.

Check out the official website for each event to decide if it’s appropriate to attend for your favorite little ghouls and goblins.

Travel Tip: 

Corporate Travel Sending You to South Florida?
Release Workday Tensions with Some Scream-Time!

Boca Raton’s Mid October Events: Party Van Approved

Horror Fan Favorites

1. Halloween Horror Nights 28

Select Nights: September 14 – November 3, 2018

Universal Studios
6000 Universal Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819

Pricing Single Night: $62.99Multiple Nights: $106.99

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights is billed as “The World’s Premier Halloween Event.” The long-running annual event entered its 28th season with more haunted houses than ever before.

This year’s themes include scenes based on horror movies, TV shows, and more. Here are some of the terrifying sights that you can expect to experience.


  • Stranger Things
  • Halloween 4
  • Poltergeist

Scare Zones:

  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space
  • Revenge of Chucky
  • Vamp ‘85 New Year’s Eve

Shows & Attractions:

  • Select rides will remain open into extended hours.
  • Cyberpunk-themed live entertainment from Academy of Villains

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2. Howl-O-Scream

Select Nights: September 21 – October 28, 2018

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
10165 McKinley Dr
Tampa, FL 33612

Pricing – Single Night: $39.99, All 19 Nights: $99.99

Screams of thrill and fright fill the air inside Tampa’s haunting Howl-O-Scream event at Busch Gardens theme park. Pinch yourself all you want. It won’t wake you from the nightmare that is Insomnia. If you do as Simon says, you may just survive Simon’s Slaughterhouse.

Tread carefully through Black Water Bayou, as you try to steer clear of the Voodoo Queen. In addition to these haunted houses, you’ll find thrill rides, shows, and scare zones—like the Meat Market and Maniac Midway.

Spooky Fun for the Whole Family

3. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Select Nights: August 17 – October 31, 2018

Disney’s Magic Kingdom
1180 Seven Seas Dr.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Pricing – Adults: $109, Kids: $104

Mickey knows how to throw a party for those who want to enjoy the spooky season without getting scared senseless. Experience the magic of Disney’s Halloween movie classic with the Sanderson Sisters’ live show – The Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular.

Other fun events include:

Sometimes the Best Views Come from the Back Seat

Relax in One of Our Luxurious Town Cars

4. Harvest Festival at Flamingo Gardens

Select Days: October 6 – 28, 2018

Flamingo Gardens
3750 S Flamingo Rd
Davie, FL 33330

Click Here for the complete list of this weekend’s activities!

This one is more a celebration of the autumn season that an attempt to frighten guests. Each weekend has a different theme, and Halloween weekend is full of spooky surprises.

  • Go trick-or-treating in the gardens.
  • Enjoy free hayrides along the garden tram trail.
  • Purchase a pumpkin from the patch to take home and carve, decorate, or bake into a pie.
  • Taste Yummy Eats & Treats at one of several on-site vendors, like Big Orange or Bob’s Roasted Corn.
  • Participate in the scarecrow contest!

Ride Safely!

Book Your Luxury Ground Transportation Today

Adults-Only Music & Mayhem

5. Moonfest

Saturday, October 27, 2018 @ 8 PM – 1 AM

Downtown West Palm Beach

General Admission: $15.00, VIP Admission: $75.00

The Moonfest Music Festival takes over Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach. Keep in mind that this is a 21-and-over event. Business from the 100-500 blocks will require an entry fee for the event after 8 PM.

The five blocks of mayhem will be home to:

  • Food truck invasion
  • Haunted House
  • Costume Contest (with a $1K cash prize)
  • & 3 Stages!

Musical acts include:

  • Stray Cats’ Slim Jim Phantom
  • “The Original” Bow Wow Wow w/ Annabella
  • & many more.

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Home-Grown Horror

6. Enigma Haunt

Select Nights: September 28 – October 31, 2018

1751 N Military Trl
Boca Raton, FL 33486

Admission –  Realms of Terror:  $30.00
 “R.I.P” Priority Pass:  $50.00
Triple Terror:  $35.00
(All 3 Haunts) 

What started as a “home-haunt” seven seasons ago has since grown into one of the nation’s top haunted house events.

Enigma Haunt has been featured in various media, including:

  • USA Today
  • CNN
  • MTV
  • BuzzFeed

The haunt was most recently voted “#1 Must-See Haunt in Florida” for the 2018 season. The best thing about this haunt: its smaller size allows for a more intimate guest experience. Without the long lines of larger parks, it only takes around an hour to get through all of the haunt’s houses.

Once you’ve set your course, it’s time to figure out how you’ll get there. Make the best of your night on the town with luxury ground transportation! Grab your favorite people and climb aboard the party van.

By adding a few personal touches, enjoying the best limousine experience is easy:

  • Decorate Your Party Bus Interior
  • Stock the Minibar with Supplies for Spooky Cocktails
  • Load your Favorite Halloween Music into the Sound System

Party Bus Interior That Changes The Way You Ride

Luxury Limo Interior

You can do all that and more with affordable limousine service from A1A Airport & Limousine Service.

A1A isn’t your average limo transportation company.

We maintain a diverse fleet of limousine cars for all occasions. You will never miss a flight thanks to our airport transport services and “On-Time, Every-Time” guarantee. Our certified chauffeurs undergo rigorous training. Booking your South Florida limo has never been easier! Download our app to make a reservation straight from your phone, wherever you are.

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What’s The Weather & Water Like In Boca Raton, FL?

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”
– John Ruskin

In sunny South Florida, we have the luxury of living in the “Land of Endless Summer.” This is especially true for Boca Raton, with its motto of being a “City for All Seasons.”

This time of year starts to get colder for much of the U.S. When your skies start turning gray, it’s time for you to begin planning your escape to South Florida!

Ride Off Into The Sunset With Your Own South Florida Limo!

Welcome to Boca Raton:
It’s Beautiful All Year-Round

There’s something to be said for the magic of South Florida. Disney World is nearby in Orlando. Miami is the hot party spot. Then there’s Boca Raton. Here you can find miles of beautiful beaches located outside of the bigger cities.

While Boca Raton is not a necessarily a small town, it’s managed to keep the small town feel. That is especially true when compared to its metropolitan neighbors, like Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

Stop Scrolling Limousine Car Images

Make Your Best Limousine Fantasies Into Reality

How’s the Weather?

You could make a good case that Boca Raton really only gets three seasons. It doesn’t get cold enough in Florida to make that transition from fall into what most consider a “real” winter. It doesn’t snow, doesn’t freeze, and the temperature rarely falls below 60 degrees.

Rather than divide the year into traditional seasons, Boca Raton’s weather can be better understood in three phases.

January – April

These months are somewhat of a winter/spring hybrid period. This is also the driest time of year. Outside of hurricane season, South Florida doesn’t see much rainfall.

The coolest months of the year are January and February. Temperatures range from the mid-70s throughout the day to high 50s by night. It feels like spring conditions in most other areas.

It starts to warm up in March and April when the highs approach the low 80s.

What’s the Most Reliable Way to Get Around?

Limo Transportation with a Professional Chauffeur!

May – August

May to August is summer in South Florida. It is hot, humid, and wet. Hurricane season begins in June and runs through November, so this is the time of year when we get the rainiest days.

Temperatures have reached the high 80s by May and peak in the 90s through July and August. Those who enjoy the warmer weather will be happy to learn that travel and hotels are typically cheaper during this season.

Corporate Travel Planning Giving You a Headache?

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September – December

The weather starts to stabilize during this time of year. While September and October are still pretty rainy, the temperature starts to drop by early fall. Peak hurricane season also falls during September and October, but other than that the weather is pretty nice.

November and December are still pretty warm, with average temperatures ranging from low 80s by day to low 60s at night. It is not uncommon to see people wearing shorts on Christmas day!

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Come On Down, The Water’s Fine!

Even the water temperature stays warm throughout most of the year. During the summer, it may rise to the mid-80s, but doesn’t typically fall below the mid-70s.

The beach areas in Boca Raton are:

  • Isolated enough that you can enjoy the beach without a lot of people around.
  • Clean & pristine: Nothing but sand for two miles.
  • Calm & serene: With beautiful, undisturbed dunes and daily lifeguard presence.

You can check the webcam at the South Beach Park Pavilion to get an idea of current conditions.


Luxury Ground Transportation Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

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The Best Time To Visit

Though there’s never really a bad time to visit Boca Raton, the fall is definitely the best overall.

  • Temperatures are cooler.
  • It’s still warm enough to enjoy the ocean and the beaches.
  • Travel and lodging accommodations are typically cheaper.
  • There are tons of events going on!

Don’t Chance Getting Lost in a New City

Get Aa Professional Driver With Limo Rental South Florida

If you’re considering South Florida for a destination event, like a wedding or family reunion, now is an especially great time.

  • Since flights and hotels are cheaper, this will be the most affordable time for your guests to travel.
  • Fewer rainy days means better opportunities for beach photos and outdoor ceremonies.
  • With lower humidity comes more good hair days. The less time you have to spend getting ready, the more time you can spend exploring the city!

Getting Married in South Florida?

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Must-See South Florida Sights

In addition to the beautiful beaches,
there is so much to see on your Boca Raton vacation.

Food & Drink

The area has a blossoming foodie culture, so you can have a great time eating your way around town. Why not make a day of it? Load everyone onto the party van – “sometimes called a party bus” – and make up your own “tasting tour.”

Feel fancy while you sip on mint lemonade from the Tin Muffin Café. This quaint lunch spot serves coffee, desserts, and light meals with a home-like feel.

Enjoy a snack or cocktail at the quirky Rebel House.  Enjoy live music during Wednesday nights’ Midweek Melodies session. If you’re lucky, you might even score a free shot with your Rock, Paper, Scissors skills.

You Don’t Have to Be a Celebrity to Travel Like One!

Hit the Hot Spots with Limo Service South Florida

Arts & Entertainment

Shopping, museums, and art galleries are some of the areas major attractions.

Boca Raton Fine Art Show:

November 3-4, 2018

Voted one of the top 100 art shows in America, this event features works from up to up to 175 renowned artists.

Shriek Week:

October 19-20, 25-27, 2018

Enjoy some spooky fun at this family-friendly Halloween festival. From arts and crafts to black light games, there’s something for kids of all ages. There’s even a Giant Robot Show!

Schedule Time Off

What’s the best way to enjoy your Boca Raton vacation? By eliminating as much stress as possible. Personal concierge and that new limousine smell can work wonders on your state of mind! Sit back, relax, and leave the driving to the professionals.

A1A Airport and Limousine Service has been providing limo transportation in South Florida since 1986. Our diverse fleet of limousine cars allows us to provide the best experiences for each client.

Fleet Photo

Town Cars: Classic Black Car Service

Limo Bus: Hit the Town in Style

Stretch Limousine: Elegant Special Event Transportation

We also cover transportation needs for business professionals and travelers alike. Check out our services page to see the full list!

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First Look At Trump’s New Limo: From 2017 ‘Til Now

Creative Commons Up For Use on WikiCommons

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” – Donald Trump

The New Presidential Limo is a stretched limousine version of the Cadillac XT6, designed to protect the commander-in-chief in the event of a terrorist or assassin attack. Appropriately called “The Beast,” Trump’s New Limo weighs about 20,000 lbs and is built on a heavily modified platform of the Chevrolet Kodiak, a heavy-duty General Motors Truck.

The Big Bucks

At a cost of $1.5 million dollars, it is one of a dozen in a contract with General Motors, estimated at $15.8 million dollars. Cadillac has produced all presidential limousines since the 1980’s. President Trump’s New Limo is the first new presidential limousine to be released since President Obama’s 2009 inauguration and it has been in production since 2014.

How The Limousine Became A Symbol Of Luxury

What’s All The Talk?

Two identical versions of the 2018 Presidential Limo will be utilized in order to create a decoy for the president and the fleet will be under the 24-hour protection and housed by the Secret Service. There has been much speculation about Trump’s New Presidential Limo and we have been following the production since 2017.

There have been several versions spotted throughout 2017-2018 and the final product has been long awaited by the industry. In 2017, we saw a camouflaged exterior, which was not well received. All presidential limousines to date have been black with the exception of President Kennedy’s choice of navy blue.

President Trump’s New Limousine is black with a sleek black interior and is built with of a combination of:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic

Each of these is focused on a different threat. In war and peace, President Trump is traveling in unprecedented security and luxury.

Traveling During Election Time? 

Book An Airport Transport Limo For The Ride!

Features Of The New 2018 Presidential Limousine

While we will never know the full extent of all of the classified design and safety features of Trump’s New 2018 Limousine, here is what we do know!

  • The doors alone are 8 inches thick, with 5-inch multilayer windows, making the doors as heavy as those on a 757 jet.
  • Windows that protect the president from projectiles and biochemical attacks.
  • Seating is for seven, which includes Secret Service personnel.

The New Presidential Limo also incorporates:

Loaded with high-tech features suggestive of the intrigue and mystery of James Bond, the 2018 Presidential Limo comes equipped with the following:

For Attacks:

  • Smokescreens
  • Oil slicks, which can cause any vehicle chasing the Presidential Limo to lose control
  • Tear gas
  • Electrified door handlesMultilayered windows and heavily armored 8-inch thick exterior, sealed against biochemical attacks, including gas or atomized particles and substances, as well as projectiles

For Injuries:

  • A full refrigerated supply of President Trump’s blood supply, along with other medical supplies for on-site and on-route medical assistance

For Emergencies:

  • Run-Flat tires inside extra large wheel wells, allowing the Presidential Limo to continue moving during an emergency
  • Night vision sight and weapons

Extra Special Accommodations

For added safety, the Presidential Limousine is backed up by a convoy of Secret Service personnel and a decoy vehicle that mirrors President Trump’s Limousine. The Presidential Limo sports two flags on each front bumper, the American flag and a flag displaying the Presidential Seal.

Recently, the Secret Service released a photo of the New 2018 Presidential Cadillac Limo, along with its double as it was parked at the Wall Street Heliport in lower Manhattan. They tweeted “The Secret Service is ready to roll into #UNGA 2018!”

Secret Service personnel was tasked with developing the plans for the Presidential Limousine from the ground up to ensure the utmost security for Trump in every possible scenario.

Although the Presidential Limo is designed primarily with this in mind, it is also built for comfort, elegance, and excellent performance.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich & Famous To Enjoy Quality

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You Don’t Have To Be The President To Ride In Luxury 

Whether you are planning a vacation, business event transportation, corporate travel, a private party, or just a night out with friends, you can enjoy the amazing experience and comfort of riding in a luxury limousine with A1A Limousine Services. Enjoy your own professional driver and personal concierge with extensive knowledge of Southern Florida.

In Southern Florida, there is so much to see, including beaches, theme parks, amusement parks, as well as scenic walks. Why deal with the hassle of cleaning sand out of your vehicle. Walk the boardwalks and beaches to your heart’s content. Let your limousine driver meet you wherever and whenever you choose.

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Our Fleet

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Here at A1A Limousine in South Florida, we have a wide array of luxury vehicles to choose from in our fleet. Small parties can enjoy a pleasurable ride in one of our:

In addition, we can accommodate up to 50 individuals at a time in our party van (sometimes called a party bus) or limo party bus. We also have wedding and prom stretch limousines. In other words, we have elegant and affordable limousines for every occasion.

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Author: Ryan Lubin