Airport Pick-Up : Why You Might Need an Airport Shuttle

Let’s talk about airport pick-up. Invariably anytime you travel via airplane, you need to find a way to get to the airport and then back home. There are a few steps involved in this:


  • Knowing your flight number and which terminal you’re leaving from.
  • Research the weather ahead of time, so you aren’t caught unaware.
  • Check the traffic ahead of time (any accidents or backups will delay your travel time)



The not so good options:

Driving your own car

Which is great, and you can listen to whatever you want on the radio, but you must pay for parking, which isn’t cheap, and then there is the question of putting your trust in an airport parking garage to keep your car safe until you get back


Looking For An Airport Shuttle Near Me?



Your friend can drop you off and pick you up

However, you’re never sure if they will show up on time and well, sometimes they aren’t the best drivers. What about returning the favor one day when they need it? Or the smoking? Or the speeding? Probably best to not deal with that.



Calling an Uber or Lyft for airport pick-up

This involves getting into a stranger’s personal vehicle. Were you in the mood for rap? How about evangelical preaching? The smell of their perfume or cologne? No? What about the safety of the car? Do you know when the last oil change was? How about the tires?



Calling a taxi

Taxis aren’t always readily available, and rates vary depending on where you are. There are always so many things to consider and plan for.



When to Arrive at the Airport

Let’s face it, travel in all its iterations is inherently frustrating because of everything involved, even if you are going on vacation. If you travel alone, it’s a little easier, but with more than one person, the time involved can be multiplied. Just like your flight, getting to the airport takes planning. As stated before:


  • Allow for travel time, weather, parking and bringing your luggage into the terminal.


  • Have all the proper ID’s, your boarding pass and a large allowance of patience.


  • Allow at least 2 hours before your flight, especially if you are leaving out of an international terminal, to get through security and baggage check and get seated comfortably on the plane.



Airport Parking

One of the hardest things, at least when I have traveled, has been parking at the airport. First you must get into the lot, and hopefully you will find a good spot. Here are a few handy tips:


  • Park your car in a well-lit area
  • Don’t bring any valuables with you (if you do lock them in the truck) 
  • Double check your car windows & doors (lock em’ up!)
  • Bring attire adaptive to weather change



Limo Transportation

Let a Professional Handle the Driving for You

Hiring a professional driver to handle your airport pick-up costs as much, if not less, than a taxi. Your driver is there to get you to the airport, in comfort and relaxation.


Traveling for vacation is leisurely at it’s finest! Although business travel isn’t so stress-free. Can be quite hectic! Here’s your best bet, you can hire a limousine / town car service to get you to your desired destination.


Limo drivers take cleanliness of their vehicles very seriously, so you can rely on a clean ride for sure. In addition, you’ll be driven by a chauffeur who knows the roads from the back of their hand.



These drivers experience these routes on a daily basis. As well as being knowledgeable on which flights come out of which terminal.


Local drivers are also familiar with the area you may be traveling to and can offer suggestions on places to eat and interesting sightseeing attractions.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be wealthy to afford to drive in a stretch limousine. Everyone deserves luxury ground transportation, it isn’t limited to corporate travel.


A professional driver is your personal concierge, and his (or her) job is to greet you, make you feel welcome, and get you to your destination with plenty of time to spare and a whole lot less stress.


You can just sit in the back and have some coffee or a drink, watch a little television and relax on the way. He can help you bring in your luggage, but he can’t help you with the TSA. Sorry.

Airport Safety : Guide To Safe Air Traveling

Traveling can be a fun escape or it may be a necessity for your job. Regardless of how you travel, airport safety is important. With this guide, you can study up on safe-travel tips before you head out for your next flight.


Booking a Town Car Service is Safe as well as efficient!


Sleep In Airport

If you’ve ever taken a long road trip, you know just how tired traveling can make you. It’s amazing how something that seems like you’re doing nothing can really wear you out!


At times like these, you may begin to wonder: Could I sleep in the airport? It’s certainly been done, but it’s up to you to decide where you’re comfortable sleeping.



How to Sleep in the Airport Safely

Taking short naps while waiting for a plane to board is nothing new for frequent fliers. However, staying overnight can be a bit more challenging.


Be sure to do your research to make sure that your airport is a safe place to sleep before settling in for the night.


First of all, you’ll need to have your documentation easily accessible. For example, imagine that a security guard wakes you up asking what you’re doing.


Having your ticket or boarding pass ready shows that you do have a legitimate reason to be on the premises. In addition, this documentation, along with your ID, will help security personnel confirm your identity, if necessary.



Be Aware

Secondly, you’ll need to remain aware of your surroundings. Don’t take airport safety for granted! Try not to sleep with earbuds or a sleep mask, as this will make it harder to hear any important announcements.


Additionally, sleeping with items like these that block your senses can make you more of a target for pickpockets or other shady characters. These incidents aren’t common, but it’s better to e safe than sorry.


If you’re traveling in a group, you may choose to sleep in shifts. Another tip for groups is to designate someone to stay up and wake the others before your flight. If you’re traveling alone, however, you’ll want to make sure that you have an alarm clock to wake yourself.


If you know that you will likely be sleeping in the airport, make sure that you have a few comfort items. You’ll want a travel pillow and blanket or a sleeping bag.


Some travelers even pack inflatable pool floats. Sleeping on these isn’t as comfortable as riding in a limousine car, but it does provide extra support in case you have to sleep on the airport floor.



What if You Don’t Want to Sleep in the Airport?

Book a Hotel Room: Many airports have attached hotels where you can get a room for the night. If yours doesn’t have one attached, there are sure to be hotels relatively nearby.


Rest Ahead of Time: Alternatively, you may prefer to take a nap before heading to the airport.


Find a Pick-Me-Up: If you can’t squeeze sleep into your busy schedule, you could try using coffee or energy drinks to stay awake. Some travelers prefer a sweet energy boost, like chocolate.



Tips For Flying

Being aware of your surroundings is also important when you’re wide awake. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your next flight.


1) Travel Light

Try to limit yourself to packing only carry-on luggage. Many airlines allow passengers a personal item, as well. Pair your carry-on bag with a briefcase, backpack, or purse and you should be able to pack all of the essentials.


2) Dress Comfortably and Purposefully

Odds are that you’re going to be doing a lot of sitting at the airport. Whether that’s sitting in your airplane seat or waiting around for your flight to board, you should be comfortable.


Try to wear loose-fitting clothing and flat shoes. However, make sure that your clothes aren’t baggy, as this could slow you down in the event of an emergency situation. In addition, wearing clothing with pockets makes it easy to keep important documents and devices within reach.


3) Come Prepared

Be sure to have your ID and flight information easily accessible at all times. This will make clearing security checkpoints simpler and quicker.


4) Pay Attention

Sometimes the best airport safety method is simply being aware of your surroundings. Attacks on passengers are uncommon, but there is no such thing as being too safe.


Don’t get stuck in your phone or other distractions. Also, try to avoid hanging out in tight corners and be mindful of others around you.



Travel Safety Tips

We cannot stress enough the importance of doing your research. This is true, whether you’re looking up reviews for limo transportation or choosing a restaurant for dinner. In addition to this basic rule, there are other ways to plan for safe travels.


Blending in is much safer than standing out. Someone who looks like a tourist is much more likely to become a target for criminals. Doing your research beforehand allows you to learn some local customs and ways of dressing.


Keep in touch with friends or family so that someone always knows where you are. If you set an itinerary for your adventure, be sure to leave copies with those you trust back home.


If you feel unsafe somewhere, leave. Then, call and update a friend with your new whereabouts and why you left.


Don’t be afraid to contact the local authorities if you feel endangered. Some police or security forces may even provide an officer to escort you to your destination.



Digital Security

Guard your digital information from hackers. Don’t transmit any sensitive information, such as credit card or social security numbers, over a public Wi-Fi connection.


In fact, you should probably be wary of public Wi-Fi altogether.


If you do need to access it during your travels, be sure that you do so through a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.


Best Limousine Cars, and Other Forms Of Luxury Transportation


Business Travel Safety Tips

Corporate travel isn’t much different from other types of travel when it comes to airport safety. You still want to travel light and dress comfortably. However, the business traveler may be running on a tighter schedule.


Before you leave for your next business trip, remember to also secure what you leave behind. You’ll want to keep yourself safe while traveling, but you also need to lock up your home before you go.


For day trips it may be enough to leave a few lights on. However, for longer trips you’ll need to make a few arrangements.



Asking Friends & Family For Help

You may want to ask a friend to stop by to take care of any pets that stayed home and pick up your mail. If you can’t find someone to house-sit, be sure to stop your mail delivery. This will keep the mailbox from overflowing while you’re away.


As with other types of travel, you’ll want to leave a copy of your itinerary with friends or family. Getting to and from business events on time is crucial. When you reserve luxury ground transportation in advance, you know that you’re getting a quality ride and dependable service.



Luxury Airport Pick Up

Don’t underestimate the benefits of an airport shuttle. An affordable limousine service can get you to your destination quickly, safely, and in style—all without breaking the bank! These services provide a range of vehicles for your airport pick up.


Depending on the size of your party, you may choose from low-key luxury sedans and Town Cars or even the classic stretch limousine. For corporate travel, you may even have the option of an executive van to seat the whole office!


There is another major benefit of booking airport pickup services through a luxury ground transportation service, like A1A Limo. That’s because you aren’t getting just any driver.


For example, when you book Miami Airport Car Service from a limo company, you’ll get a professional chauffeur who knows Miami in and out. Not only do these chauffeurs know they best route to your destination, they can even take the scenic route without getting lost!






Written By: Amber M. Smith

Here Comes The Bride, In A Stretch Limousine!

It’s your special day and you want it to be perfect. Every little detail must be considered. By planning well in advance and focusing on each task separately, planning becomes much easier.


Wedding transportation is crucial. Accompanied by timelessness as well as elegance, stretch limousines are the traditional choice for the bride. And for a good reason too! However, what about the wedding party? Immediate family, and out-of-town guests?


Let’s take a look at the available options, logistics, and potential costs involved in reserving limo transportation. After setting the date, wedding party size, and ceremony/reception sites. Choosing the best limousine service to meet your needs is our specialty. 



When Should You Book Your Wedding Car? 

This should be done at least 6-9 months in advance, especially if your wedding dates in April, May, or June: prom and graduation season, a time when the best limousine services will be in high demand.


Unknowing of what holiday or special events might occur. Don’t risk booking last second. The early bird gets the worm. Or in other words, the early bird gets their dream limo. 


Next, it’s time to decide who you’ll need to transport to the ceremony, reception, and home. This will depend on your budget and distance, if any, between your ceremony/reception sites. There are some practical solutions and many benefits to hiring a professional limo service.


They understand the importance of ensuring your special day goes off without a hitch and can provide safe, reliable and on-time transportation for any number of people.


There are many types of first-class luxury vehicles, such as Town Cars, a wedding party bus, limo bus, and the classic stretch limousine.


The Destinations

There are three destinations to consider:

  1. The trip to the ceremony
  2. Reception
  3. Getaway


The bride and groom usually travel separately to the ceremony, often accompanied by their respective attendants. Therefore, the type of vehicles you use will depend on your preferences, the size of your wedding party, and your budget.


Average Costs

Most limousine companies require leasing a vehicle for a minimum of 3 hours. Prices generally range from $250-$500, depending on your choice of vehicles. Typically, the limo transportation waits during the ceremony. However, after transport to the reception, you may want to release the limousine cars until a designated time following the reception.


Finally, even though there’s quite a bit of information online by searching Limo Rental Near Me, don’t rely on Limousine Car Images alone. Physically visit the limo company and examine their fleet to ensure they’re suitable for your needs.


In addition, verify the chauffeurs are professionally trained and properly insured and licensed. You’ll want to also inquire as to what type of attire they will wear for your special occasion. Before signing a contract, make sure all of your specific details are verified and included in the contract.


Stretch Limousine

The type of limo transportation you choose can really enhance your special day and create memories to last a lifetime. An elegant stretch limousine has all of the amenities for a red-carpet wedding, as well as style, comfort, and beautiful aesthetics.

The average stretch limousine holds 8-10 people. However, keep in mind that you and your bridesmaids will be decked out in gowns, so you’ll need extra space for comfort and to prevent gowns from wrinkling. 


Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine : Click Here


Lincoln MKT : Click Here



Bridal party is too large to fit comfortably in a stretch limousine?

Considering separate limo transportation is ideal for a larger wedding party! For example:

  • Limousine Car for the Bridal Party
  • Party Bus for the Groom / Groomsmen


Either way, your attendants and others for whom you provided limo transportation will need a way to the reception. Typically, the bride and groom take a private limousine car to the reception.


Your wedding party can be comfortably accommodated in a stretch limousine. In addition to leaving the ceremony, you and your spouse can ride to the reception in one of the stretch limousines.


While the bridesmaids and groomsmen can share the other. Hiring a professional limo service ensure the availability as well as precise coordination of multiple vehicles. In addition to on time arrivals!


Planning A Bachelor Party? : Click Here


Wedding Party Bus

If you have a large wedding party, immediate family members, and out-of-town guests, you may want to consider renting a wedding party bus. You’ll be amazing at the beauty of the party bus interior and amenities available. Designate a playlist of music for your guests to enjoy, as well as snacks and beverages.


Times and locations for pickup and drop-off points can be scheduled in advance. This is a great practical solution to coordinating safe and fun transportation for everyone. Make sure you specify the minimum/maximum number of passengers in advance to ensure everyone can be comfortably accommodated.



Luxury Ground Transportation

With affordable limousine service, you’re provided with the best in luxury ground transportation. The professionally-trained chauffeurs are dressed in the classic chauffeur attire and your own personal concierge will ensure your limo transportation experience is the very best.



In addition, you’ll enjoy comfort, style, safety, and security to all of your destinations. You’ll receive the red-carpet treatment, including complimentary champagne and your choice of music.



Benefits of Hiring a Professional Limo Service

 Luxury transportation is an important factor when planning for the big day. Your wedding day is the day where you’ll want everything to run smoothly.


Letting a professional handle all the driving is ideal for any event that involves punctuality. Your guests will arrive to the desired destination on time as well as in luxury.


Looking For The Perfect Wedding Car? : Check Out Our Fleet!


Benefits of hiring a professional limo service are:

  • Epic photogenic moments
  • Arrive safely, in style, & on time
  • Sit back relax without the worry of battling traffic
  • Personal concierge services
  • Peace of mind
  • Red-carpet treatment






Written By: Margie Lubin

Limo Car Service Is An Eco Friendly Alternative

It may come to no surprise to learn that the transportation industry is a heavy contributor to harming the environment that we live within each day and you may be amazed that a limo car service can help! 


But when you consider the fact that everyone has somewhere to go, and that it takes fuel to get there, you may begin to wonder where all this fuel comes from and where does it goIn the beginning, it’s pumped from the earth under dangerous conditions that actually have been known to cause harm to the planet.


It is then transported by large vehicles that use more fuel to bring it to fuel pumping centers where consumers purchase multi-grades of fuel for high prices and contribute endlessly to the pollution problem.


There’s An Eco-Friendly Solution:

Limo Service!

What makes a limo eco-friendly?


Fuel Efficiency

When you consider how much fuel is used for transportation, you can indeed agree that it is a lot. There are many vehicles that use fuel nearly non-stop and that is not friendly for the ecosystem.


Buses are always running and slowly on high amounts of gasoline. All of the people using public transportation are creating the constant stops on buses that never turn off for their passenger experience.


Trains have been used for centuries across nations for transportation of things large and small, including people! However, trains pose an excessive amount of locomotive exhaust from their steam engines leaving the air stiff.


Taxi Cabs are probably the worst due to their prices and constant prowling for customers. This, in turn, consumes and wastes gas like no other, further contributing to the pollution problem.



Would You Like To Ride Eco-Friendly?

Book Your Next Transportation Service With Us!




Have you ever carpooled? It’s similar to public transportation in the fact that you probably don’t know the people you are riding with too well and it’s definitely not as crowded.


Forget about mainstream public transportation! The great thing about renting a limo car service is that you can expect those who choose to carpool with you to be business professionals already.


If they can afford to ride in luxury ground transportation, there’s a high chance that you will be compatible in the company of them.


Plus, you get to experience a comfortable ride with plush seating and temperature controlled interior.


Carpooling saves on gas and the carbon pollution that comes along with large buses, trains, Uber’s and taxi cabs. Save the planet when you choose a limo car service by having fewer cars on the street.



How Can Hiring a Town Car Service Be Fuel Efficient? 

Excellent question! A town car service is more than just eco friendly, for the earth. In addition, it’s friendly to the busy roads itself! 

Well, when you hire a luxury ground transportation service to get you to your destination: You’re preventing more cars on the roads. Especially when you carpool! Carpooling is fun as well as cost effective.


Efficient financially! Splitting the bill is always an ideal way of saving your wallet potential emotional damage. 


Remember: You don’t have to give up gas powered transportation entirely. Just be smarter about it! 

  • Carpooling
  • Hire a professional driver (a.k.a. limo driver)
  • Choose a company whose up to date on fleet maintenance 



Types Of Fuels

(E85) FlexFuel is an ethanol-based gas that is renewable and is known to produce 60% fewer emissions to damage the ozone layer, compared to regular fuel. BioDiesel is said to emit up to nearly 90% fewer carbons and gases than average fuels.


(LPG) Liquefied Petroleum Gas has a significantly lowered carbon content than gasoline and burns cleaner than both gas and diesel combined.


(CNG) Compressed Natural Gas is arguably the best in fuel as it emits even fewer greenhouse gas emissions than all of the above. It’s not only more natural, but it is safer.



What Is Hybrid

Running your car on a battery means less fumes. It’s a pretty common thing for limousines to run with hybrid engines, I mean, it just makes sense to if you think about it.


Not only does running off of hybrids save money for the limo car service by having to stop less for gas. There is less fuel you need to put in and also, the battery power helps to run all of the electronics and amenities needed for luxury travel.


Hybrids run on both gasoline fuel and battery power. However, the fuel hybrids use is most likely to be FlexFuel and thus bringing hybrids up to a higher standard in the transportation industry.


When choosing transportation, a limo car service is a great alternative to any other mode!


Limit Your Carbon Footprint On The Planet

It’s true. We all will leave something behind for the world to recognize us by, so why not choose to leave something less?

Less is best, they say, and in the case of reducing greenhouse emissions and limiting the carbon footprint we are leaving on the planet, it’s the right way to go.

You can accomplish this by driving less when you hire a limo car service to transport you around as you travel.

Other ways to reduce your carbon footprint are to:

  • Reduce your consumption of electricity
  • Use fewer gas-powered devices


Best Limousine Cars, and Other Forms Of Luxury Transportation

The best limousine services will maintain a modern fleet with enough diversity to handle any size party. We’ll break down the basics of luxury ground transportation: from Town Cars to stretch limousine models and everything in between.


Choosing the Best Limousine Car

There are many different types of vehicles in the world of luxury transportation. However, choosing the right limousine car doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You’ll need to consider:

  • Where you’re going
  • How many people are traveling together
  • Limousine car availability

Next, let’s take a look at some specific types of limo transportation.



Cadillac XTS
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 3

Its sleek style and plush leather seating make the XTS perfect for corporate travel, whether you need to send a chauffeur for a client or make your own travel arrangements.

With rear climate controls, passengers can set the temperature for their comfort. Enjoy whatever music fits your mood with Bluetooth and XM Radio. You can even just sit back, relax, and just enjoy the ride in anonymity, thanks to the car’s dark-tinted privacy glass.



Lincoln Continental
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 3

Did you know that John F. Kennedy’s presidential limo was a blue Lincoln Continental? These days, however, white or black is a much more common color for a limousine car.

Although the Continental went out of production in 2002, it came back with a vengeance for its tenth generation in 2017. The Continental has a much more subtle design than other flashy luxury cars.

It’s jaw-droppingly beautiful without being the center of attention. This makes it a great car for corporate travel, where it can help you make the perfect entrance: classy, but not over the top.



Mercedes Benz S550
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 3

This luxury sedan is in popular demand, and for good reason. Its design is classy and chic while the interior provides a cozy, comfortable ride. The S550 also features amenities that makes it seem less like a sedan and more like the smallest limo.

Like most luxury cars, you’ll ride in comfort on plush leather seating, but there’s more! Heated seats will keep passengers warm in winter while the satellite radio stations allow them to set the soundtrack for their adventure.

If yours is equipped with the onboard WiFi hotspot, you can even stay connected to friends or the office on the go.



GMC Yukon
Vehicle Type: SUV
Passengers: 6

Up to six passengers can ride comfortably in the luxurious GMC Yukon. Its three rows of seating give everyone plenty of space. In fact, the third row is easily accessible from the rear doors to enter the vehicle or retrieve stored cargo.

When it comes to entertainment, this limousine car can really turn it up to 11. The AM/FM/Satellite radio also has Bluetooth access, so you can play your favorite tunes right from your phone.

The 2018 model even comes with a Bose audio system and a nine-speaker setup. Plus, the dark privacy tinting lets you dance like no one’s watching—because no one will be able to see inside!



Cadillac Escalade
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Passengers: 6

America’s favorite luxury sedan celebrated 20 years on the market in 2018 and is still quite the status symbol. Its sleek styling makes it clear that someone important is inside, while providing enough performance for its driver to move nimbly through traffic.

Three rows of seating allows room for up to six passengers or lots of storage space. Individual climate controls let you tailor the cabin temperature to your preference.

With the 2018 model’s Platinum Package, the interior features exotic wood trim, a suede headliner, and leather seating. Surrounding yourself in this much luxury feels like you’re flying in a private jet without leaving the ground!



Lincoln MKT
Vehicle Type: Stretch Limousine
Passengers: 8

Town Cars are great for transporting solo travelers and groups of three or fewer. The Lincoln MKT Town Car Limousine brings the classic black car experience to larger groups of up to eight passengers.

This limousine car is loaded with tons of comfort and functionality features in both passenger and driver areas. You can rest assured that your driver has the best navigation system and driver-assistance functions, such as the BLIS® Blind Spot Information System.


For passengers, the top-notch entertainment features include:

  •  An 8-inch LCD touch screen
  • AM/FM/Satellite radio, CD/MP3 compatibility & auxiliary input
  • 10-speaker audio setup
  • Multiple power ports keeping devices charged & ready



Limo Facts: What Is a Chauffeur?

In short, a chauffeur is someone whose job is to drive others around. However, chauffeurs are different from other kinds of drivers. They must undergo rigorous training and have a clean driving record. In addition, they must maintain a professional appearance, as well as a personable demeanor.




Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine
Vehicle Type: Stretch Limousine
Passengers: 15

How do you make a Cadillac Escalade better? Stretch it into an SUV limousine! This way, you get all of the perks of the original Escalade but with twice the passenger capacity.

In addition, you’ll have access to the amenities that you’d expect from a stretch limousine such as a beverage station and fiber-optic lighting. This is a popular vehicle for special occasions and bridal parties as well as spicing up a regular evening with a luxurious night on the town.



Mercedes Sprinter
Vehicle Type: Van
Passengers: 11

The Sprinter Van is a favorite for corporate travel. Its no-nonsense design gives everyone his or her own seat, so there’s plenty of legroom and no crowding.

With seating for up to eleven passengers, you can easily transport your whole office or department in one vehicle. In fact, this vehicle is frequently used for business event transportation or as an airport shuttle.



Ford E-350
Vehicle Type: Van
Passengers: 15

The E-350 is similar to the Sprinter van, but can fit more passengers inside. With five rows of seating, it’s the perfect vehicle for event transportation, wedding parties, or even an airport shuttle for large groups.

Its individual seating ensures comfort for every passenger. The dark privacy glass keeps others from seeing into your vehicle. In addition, it also blocks some outside light to helps you rest after a long flight or road trip.



Ford F-450
Vehicle Type: Limo Bus
Passengers: 25

The F-450 provides the functionality of a passenger van in the size of a limo bus. For a night on the town, everyone can ride together with the convenience of your chauffeur acting as the evening’s designated driver.

You won’t have to worry about parking, either, as your chauffeur will drop you off at your party or business event location.



Ford F-550
Vehicle Type: Limo Bus
Passengers: 30

For the ultimate party-on-wheels, you’ll want this awesome limo bus. With 30-passenger capacity and a rockin’ atmosphere you may not want to leave this party in a bus!

Flat screen TVs and a premium sound system let you kick off the evening with your personal party soundtrack or maybe your own rendition of carpool karaoke. Stock the drink station with your favorite beverages and you can even pop bottles (responsibly) on the go!



Vehicle Type: Limo Bus
Passengers: 50

Whether you’re headed out of town or cross-country, a motorcoach will get you there! This limo bus option features overhead cargo space as well as weather-proof compartments for larger luggage.

Onboard restrooms allow you to make your journey in comfort without making unnecessary stops. Climate-controlled A/C and heating ensure that you can keep warm or cool, no matter where you’re headed!



How to Book Your Best Limousine

By reading this guide, you’ve taken the first step. That is, you’re doing your research. Once you pick the right limousine car, research limousine companies in your area.

Keep in mind that smaller companies will have less availability and fewer options that a larger, global luxury transportation service.






Written By: Amber M. Smith

How To: From Business Professional To Entrepreneur

What’s the life of an entrepreneur in comparison to a business professional?


In any successful business, professionals seem to know exactly the right way to get things done. It seems as if they are the scholars of their time and have this innate ability to make their way through business matters with ease.


However, the newest term that appears to arise from the generation of,”Millennials” is one that is becoming more and more popular. That term would be an “Entrepreneur“.



What Is An Entrepreneur?

Entrepenuers are also known as businessmen or businesswomen. But, instead of working for other people, choose to work for themselves and use their own skill set to achieve goals. This means that they are building their empire for themselves.



Entrepreneur Meaning:

A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.



It’s not to say anyone can or can’t be their own boss. It’s about the amount of effort they will put into their business to achieve the goals they wish to.


  • For some,it may be to ride in a luxury limo any time they decide to go out.
  • Others, it may be to own some land and avoid society.


But, for mostentrepreneurs, it’s simply to be their own boss. Life living under someone else’s micromanaging can get old after a while. Even when you move up in a company, there are still limitations to what of your own you can implement. Is it time to reconsider?



Routines That Can Make You A Better Innovator



How To Be An Entrepreneur

Before you do anything, make sure you have achieved a level of confidence in whatever business you want to conduct.


  1. Have you gotten the proper education or skill set to make a professional statement about your business?
  2. Do you have credentials or certificates that qualify you?
  3. Can you come up with a business plan that suits your 1-3-5 year goals?
  4. Have you done market research to see if there’s a market for your business?
  5. If not, are you willing to do what it takes to learn to create one?
  6. Are you going to have people help you?


Once you have answered all of these questions and you determined that you are ready, there are some other things you need to do first.



Get A Tax ID & Business Name

The one thing that everyone hates is taxes! Unfortunately, as a business owner, you will be solely responsible for paying them. If you have employees, you also have to pay them and they submit tax forms too. More of your hard earned money right to taxes. Schisty!


So, it’s wise to start off with choosing a well thought out name for your business and getting a Tax ID from the state. Then, your business will become official and professionally licensed! Now you can conduct business!


It is a good idea to have a professional handle your taxes. Just keep a record of all of your expenses, investments, and gains.



Looking For An Extra Hand?

Hire A Personal Concierge From Our Team!



Check Your Local Business Regulations

Prior to starting any business or collecting any money for your services, it is important to know the laws regarding the business of your choosing.


Every city,county, municipality, and state have different laws and regulations for businesses. Most will require some form of licensing and/or insurance.


Once this is accomplished, you need to figure out if what you are trying to do is zoned for within the area. If it is, you are good to go!


For those who have an online business, you just need to make sure you use a payment processor like PayPal or Google Pay to have safe transactions that can be easily recorded.


Logo Design

You definitely want to have something that tells a bit about your business within the name, brand, and logo. It’s the way people recognize your business and you should make it professional, clean and keep it simple.


Choose a brand that is easy to remember or something that you can come up with hooks to draw your market in, with ease. You want to be memorable but not excessive. A perfect balance makes all the difference.



Get Your Business Noticed

The time has come! Now is the moment when you get to start telling people about your new business.


What will you say? Who will you tell? These are questions you should write down and answer so you can identify your target market and what you think will engage them the most.


Who will you be marketing to?:

  • Coworkers
  • The Elderly
  • Children
  • Pet Owners
  • Health Conscious Folks


You need to consider how to talk to these kinds of people or how to get through to them in this day in age. Perhaps you want to make something soothing and reflective for those who are looking for a solution to a problem. Your service or product is the solution!


Maybe you want to offer something for fans and certain types of people. Make sure you keep your marketing close to home with them so they feel like your product connects with them. I’ve been using Klonopin for more than three years (on a regular basis). This medicine was prescribed to me by my neurologist, since I’ve suffered from convulsions. My dosage is 1 mg two times a day. You should know that this medicine is far from harmless, but I didn’t have any other option. You can find out more about this drug on Itdefinitelydecreases tremor, but doesn’t cure it.



Platforms For Effective Marketing

Have yourself a website so that the world can see what you are doing. How else can you reach thousands of people at once? The internet!

When you have a business, whether local or international, nationwide or online, you’re going to want people to be able to:

  • See it
  • Search it
  • Easily access your contact information
  • View your services
  • Book appointments
  • Shop


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Social Media & Your Business

Social media can be your best friend if you get to know it well. You can utilize the many benefits of social media and bring loads of traffic to your business.


The most popular social media platforms to use for business are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Medium
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube


Each of these has their own purpose for use and can bring awareness to your company in a variety of ways.


Pro Tip: Quik is a great video making software for mobile phones. Adobe Spark Post is wonderful for posts and ads.


Business professionals have a lot of work to do, as do entrepreneurs. Now that you have a good idea on how to become an entrepreneur, do you think you could make a substantial professional business of your own?


There’s a lot to running a company. That’s why A1A Airport and Limousine Service has black car service that gives you a chance to put your feet up when you’re traveling for business or vacation. From sedans to motor coaches with party buses in between, you can’t choose a better company for worldwide luxury ground transportation.


Don’t get overwhelmed when planning your travel or upcoming events! Hire a travel manager to assist you with your routes, and an event planner to keep your business events organized. If you’re looking for an extra hand, personal concierge or protective services may be what can make your day what it’s meant to be. Contact our professionals today!




Vietnam Food Culture

For all lovers of fine cuisine, there are not many better options than to visit Vietnam. Visiting Vietnam food culture is part of the adventure! Boasting great flavor, Vietnamese food offers a great experience for those who love salty, sour, sweet, or hot.

Next time you decide to travel to Vietnam, planning your itinerary around the great foods that wait for you. In addition it’s important to note that the types of foods are not the only factor to consider when planning your Vietnam travel.

Furthermore, vietnamese cities are notorious for its plethora of street-side food, which may help you plan out the places to visit in Vietnam. For those who are not veterans in travel, these food options from may dictate where to go in Vietnam.


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Mouth watering pho is arguably the most well-known dish to come out of Vietnam food culture. Pho is the Vietnamese adaption of the Fresh soup pot au feu, or French beef stew. It has a savory flavor that is created by layering broth. For the purest form of Pho, a trip to Vietnam is surely riveting!

The two best places to visit in Vietnam for this delicacy are Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city), and the capital city of Hanoi. The tastes of Pho are different in the north than it is in the south, so trying both are a must. While Pho is traditionally thought of as the noodle dish, there are different variations of this dish.



Banh Mi

With a single-serve baguette, the Banh Mi is a delicious Vietnamese sandwich featuring a fusion of meats and vegetables from Vietnamese cuisine. A variation of the Banh Mi sandwich was developed in the 1950s in the city of Saigon and since then has only been handmade to perfection for maximum delight.


Additionally, the insides of the Banh Mi are known to include:

  • Pork belly
  • Vietnamese sausage
  • Grilled chicken
  • Soft pork meatballs (swimming in tomato sauce)
  • Tofu



Banh Xeo (Crispy Pancake)

Banh Xeo is a delicious fried pancake made from rice flour, water and turmeric powder. It can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients according to preference and is served with either vegetables or meat.

You will generally find the best Banh Xeo in Saigon, in either a restaurant or at street-side. Another delicious way to experience Vietnam food culture!



Mi Quang

Mi Quang is a Vietnamese noodle dish that hails from Quang Nam Province in central Vietnam. Served at occasions such as family parties and death anniversaries.


Mi quang is made with:

  • Rice noodles
  • Shrimp
  • pork
  • chicken


In addition, this meal is rich with flavor and is one of the most popular/recognized dishes in central Vietnam. This dish alone makes it worth it to make central Vietnam one of the top places to visit in Vietnam.



Com Tam (Broken Rice)

Vietnam food culture isn’t complete without Com Tam, or broken rice. It’s a dish served with fractured rice gains. This delicacy can be served with vegetables and meat.

Layered with a bed of pork, Com Tam is among the top choices of cuisine in Saigon. Com Tam by itself can be served and eaten with almost any food options within Vietnam’s vast repertoire of dining.



Chao Lau

Delicious Chao Lau is a dish only found in the town of Hoi An, in the Quang Nam Province of Central Vietnam. Chao Lau achieves a very specific taste and texture, aiding by the water and greens only found in the surrounding area.

This dish is made with noodles and pork and brings an array of flavors. The pork generally used from this dish is a Chinese influencing Xa Xiu (Cha siu). Therefore, simply refers to the way the barbecue meat is in preparation for serving with Cao Lau.


Cha ca

Hanoi offers its very own specialty dish of the Cha ca. These fish cakes are lightly seasoned and either fried, steaming or baking to perfection. Usually made with either tilapia or mackerel.

In other words, this dish packs a powerful flavor being marinated in turmeric. In addition is flowing over rice noodles with peanuts and a fermenting in Vietnamese shrimp sauce.


Goi cuon

Goi cuon, or Vietnamese spring rolls, prove to be a fantastic appetizer to begin any great meal. These can be made by combining pork, vegetables, prawn, and other ingredients. It is served with either a delicious peanut sauce or Vietnamese fish sauce.

Common in most establishments throughout the entirety of Vietnam, Goi cuon is a must-try for any lover of fine cuisine.



Bun cha

Bun cha is a dish of grilled pork and Vietnamese noodles. Originating in Hanoi, this dish is best served with grilled fatty pork, over a plate of rice noodles and herbs. Furthermore, it’s customary to have side of dipping sauce with this dish.

Therefore, provides an abundance of flavor and can be a staple in any Vietnamese diet.



Luxury Airport Shuttle Service Worldwide

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It’s safer when you hire a limo driver or town car service. Or when you need a lift from the airport. Unfamiliar areas can get dangerous, hire someone who knows the city well.

In addition, someone who can navigate through highways and avoid pesky traffic. When you hire a luxury ground transportation service, you’re treating you and your family the luxury of:


Renting your next home in Dubai : Expectations vs. Reality

By Q3 in 2018 the rental rates in Dubai had dropped by 8.3%. Nearly all the neighborhoods in Dubai had seen a downtrend in the rental rates in recent years. This comes as good news for those who are newly moving to Dubai.

So you would easily be able to find a suitable apartment that fits within your budget, close to your place of work. When it comes to renting an apartment in Dubai you might start your journey with plenty of expectations. But will the reality turn out to be as you expected?



Finding an apartment

Expectations- you might think that this would be a time-consuming process.

Reality- if you head on to you would be able to find a long list of properties, of all types and not just apartments. All you have to do is to enter your shortlisted neighborhood and filter the results based on the budget criterion, number of bedrooms and other specifications you have in mind.

You would then be able to view the photos of the property, and other details about the apartment and the associated amenities. In addition shortlisting your options from online listings saves your time and also makes your search easier.

Furthermore, can directly get in touch with the landlord or the real estate agent and book a site visit at your time of convenience. Such genuine channels ensure that you only go to genuine property listings without putting your money at risk.


Tenancy contracts

Expectations – your real estate agent would take care of the whole process.

Reality – though it is true that the real estate agent would help you with the tenancy contract procedure you should also spend enough time to read the contract yourself.

There might be some terms of tenancy that are common and permitted in Dubai. However, these might be different from the terms followed in the rest of the world.

Additionally might be additional conditions that the landlord adds to the contract and not all of them might be legally permitted. Thorough understanding of the contract before signing it makes sure that you do not fall prey to any tricky terms in the contract.


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Rental reforms

Expectations – this is one area where it is difficult to live with assumptions as the terms governing the increase in the rents varies from one region to another.

Reality – There’s laws that talk about the caps on the level of increase that can be levied on the rents after a given period of time. There are also specific laws for different regions within Dubai and the specific types of properties.

The range of increase permitted can be understood by referring to a rental increase calculator for Dubai. Your landlord will also have to notify you several days in advance before imposing an increase in the rent.

Furthermore, the same is applicable for eviction and other such unprecedented activities. Understanding all these details in renting a Dubai apartment would ensure that you are protected from being cheated by landlords.


Luxury Shuttle Service Worldwide

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When traveling to a new area, it’s not a bad idea to hire a professional limo driver to transport you to your destinations. The drivers are local and will know the area like the back of their hand! 

In addition in doing so, you’ll avoid: Traffic, bad neighborhoods, dangerous parts of the city,  etc. etc.

Safety is always the smartest way to travel!

2019 Business Ideas for Women

A successful entrepreneur must be outgoing, innovative, and hardworking to get the business off of the ground. However, there do seem to be some differences in business ideas for women and men, according to a Spring 2018 SCORE study.



Some of the study’s findings include:

  • Women may be slightly more likely to start businesses than men.
  • Women-owned businesses tend to be more service-based
  • Men-owned businesses focused on construction or manufacturing.


With these findings in mind, it’s not surprising that some of 2019’s top business ideas for women follow similar trends. With these ideas you can work from home or establish your own office. The possibilities are endless, but it all starts with you.



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Become a Virtual Assistant

The role of personal assistant looks a little different in the digital age. Thanks to modern technology, we can maintain constant connectivity with the internet and other networks.


Virtual assistants, or VAs, make use of these technologies to perform many of a personal assistant’s tasks from a remote location. With more advanced VA work, you may even handle jobs like remote project management.


A typical day may not look the same for any two virtual assistants. Some work from home while others work from an office. VAs may be either self-employed, freelance, or work for a visual assistance agency. This type of work is available in several clerical fields, such as data entry, accounting, and translation.


Since the work varies so widely, the pay does as well. Virtual assistants may charge per task or negotiate an hourly rate. However, glassdoor reports an average base salary as $20-26K. VAs can also pick up gigs on sites like Upwork.




Create a Scene as a Graphic Designer

Behind every image that you see is a graphic designer. From billboards to limousine car emblems, every picture was created by a graphic artist. Much of today’s design work is done digitally, making it easier for these creative professionals to take their work on the go.


Graphic design has grown into a huge industry. It includes typography, web design, branding & marketing, publishing, and so much more. One day you may design a logo for the next big national brand while your colleague is creating new business cards for Miami Airport Car Service.


There is a lot of potential in this field for women with an artistic eye. Yearly salaries range from $30-70K, but that all depends on the structure of your business. Freelance artists may not earn as much as those on salary, but they may have more freedom and flexibility.



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Sell Your Wares on Etsy

Another great opportunity for artists and creatives is opening an online store. Whether your product is digital or physical, selling from a website gives your products greater visibility than a traditional storefront.


With Etsy, potential customers can browse your items from their phones just as easily as they can from their computers. That means that they can shop from home or even while riding in a stretch limousine.


There is a lot of earnings potential in this market. Etsy reports that over 33 million buyers purchased more than $3 billion dollars worth of merchandise through its marketplace in 2017. The site features low seller fees and provides tools to help sellers manage their businesses. Visit the site to learn more about how to set up your shop.



Business Ideas For Women

Plan Epic Journeys as a Travel Agent

For those who love making plans, working as a travel agent lets you use your creative skills to make your clients’ vacation dreams come true. This job entails arranging luxury ground transportation, flights, and hotel accommodations based on your clients’ travel goals and personal needs. Median earnings in this field come in around $36K.


No two travel plans are the same, but a good travel agent knows how to find the perfect accommodations for every situation. For example, you may be arranging transportation for personal or corporate travel. Understanding the purpose of each trip is essential to doing this job well. As you build a clientele you will learn things such as who enjoys limo transportation and who prefers riding in Town Cars.


Some of the major qualifications for this career are a strong knowledge of world geography and excellent computer skills. Agents should also be well-traveled and understand the significance of world cultures.


Business Travel

The best way to learn these skills is to have frequent travel experiences of your own. Before you book your next trip, treat yourself to a reservation for luxury ground transportation. Thanks to A1A Limo’s global affiliate network, we provide affordable limousine service to nearly any destination. Download our app today to search for a limousine car, wherever you are!






Written By: Amber M. Smith

Tips for getting to the Grand Canyon

Six million years ago the marvel that is known as the Grand Canyon was created. This wonder of the world measures in at 18 miles wide, 1 mile deep across a plain of 277 miles. While tourists and locals are more than welcomed to drive out to the site, there is nothing better than witnessing the geological wonder from your own Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

These helicopter tours last just over an hour and allow you to experience the Grand Canyon in a whole new light. Instead of waiting in lines or battling people for that perfect photo location, these private air crafts allow you to always get that perfect shot from the comfort of your own helicopter.

Regardless if you are planning on flying or driving out to the Grand Canyon there are a couple of tips that you should be familiar with so that you don’t miss one of the best photo ops of your life. Below we are going to go into more detail of where you should be going to get to the Grand Canyon.


Helicopter Tours

Many people prefer to see the wonder from a helicopter and from such there are many different brands and providers that can offer this service in Las Vegas. A simple Google search or walking down the Las Vegas strip will greet you with hundreds of results allowing you to visit the wonder without the crowds.

Most of these tours include hotel pick up and drop offs to where the helicopter will take off. Others may not be as generous and require you to go to a pick-up point or even go out to the airport yourself. There are three main airports in the Las Vegas area that are commonly used for the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

McCarran Airport

This airport is a 10 min drive from downtown Las Vegas. It’s very easy to get to and relatively cheap if you decide to use a limo shuttle service. A lot of hotels also offer shuttle services to this airport otherwise a taxi costs approximately $15. You will find that a lot of the major and common helicopter tours will depart from this airport.

Henderson Executive Airport

This airport is a 25 to 30 minute drive south of Las Vegas. Some airplane tours depart from here due to how out of the way it is to get there.

Boulder City

The final airport called Boulder City is 30 minutes from Las Vegas where both helicopter and airplane tours depart from. It is important to note that this airport can add an extra one and a half hours to your trip. From so it is important to plan for this extra addition of time due to the extra distance you have to go for the shuttle.

Driving to the Grand Canyon

If you are scared of heights or would simply enjoy the road trip element of seeing the Grand Canyon you can always drive. Be sure to have a fuel tank of gas as the minimum amount of time to get there while driving is about 3 hours.

Las Vegas to the West Rim

The West Rim is the closest to Las Vegas which is why many people opt to drive to this one. The trip takes two and a half hours to get there where you should take the following directions;

  • Take the US 95 south towards Kingman, AZ

  • Turn onto Pierce Ferry Road

  • Take Diamond Bar Road and stay on it

  • Continue to Doe and Buck Road

  • Turn onto the Airport Service Road to the Grand Canyon West airport

Las Vegas to South Rim

The South Rim is the most popular areas of the Grand Canyon to visit so be sure to give yourself some extra time to avoid traffic and crowds. The approximate time for the following route is 5 hours.

  • Take US 95 south towards Kingman, AZ

  • At Kingman take the I 40 east to Williams, AZ

  • At Williams take the Highway 65 north to the South Rim


Las Vegas to North Rim

If the bustling crowds and crammed car parks don’t entice you, you can always go to the North Rim. The North rim is a little bit cooler than its southern counterpart due to it being elevated higher. This area is great for families as it features many different kinds of fauna and even animals.

  • Go north on I 15, past St. George, UT

  • Go east along Rt 9 until you reach Rt 59

  • Continue going east on Rt 59, it will change to Rt 389 past the Utah/Arizona state line

  • Continue going east on Rt 389 to the intersection with US 89a

  • Go east along US 89a to the intersection with Rt 67

  • Go south along Rt 67 until you reach the North Rim


Our friendly ground transportation professionals are ready to assist you.