Airport Travel: Secrets To Fighting Jet Lag

Are you a frequent flyer of airport travel?

If you’re like many of us business professionals, you will understand the discontent of feeling the effects of jet lag after airport travel. The previous holder for the reputation of being merely a “state of mind”, jet lag has become known to be so much more.

Jet Lag?

As it turns out, recent discoveries in science have unveiled the mystery of jet lag and just how it affects the human body, as well as, the mind.

By understanding what jet lag is and how it affects your body during airport travel, you can better learn how to fight its unfriendly effects.

Jet Lag

Our Seven Secrets To Fighting Jet Lag During Airport Travel

#1. Avoid Booking Night Flights

Purchase a flight with early evening arrival.

If you know you are going to be traveling abroad to destinations that are located within different time zones, then you should be wise to be prepared for entering them.

When you leave from the airport at one particular time zone and end up arriving in another, that is often hours apart from each other, your body and mind have trouble coping with it.

What is really going on here? Your body has a natural biological clock called a “circadian rhythm”. This is basically what tells your body there are 24 hours within a day and that you need to sleep during several of them. If you don’t, then you’ll notice your “sleep schedule” gets out of balance.

When you book flights with early evening arrival:

  • You can give yourself time to set your clocks and watches to the timezone you are going to enter,
  • Catch a decent 2-hour nap
  • If you’re headed east, go to bed earlier
  • If you’re headed west, go to bed later

Choice ground transportation once you exit the plane is an essential need. By booking an airport limo shuttle for getting around after the plane ride, you want to be sure to choose a dependable company that serves worldwide.

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#2 Choose An Airbus

Long haul travel is why the Airbus was created.

Although there are many types of airlines to choose from, were you aware there are actually preferred aircraft to travel in that were created to help bring solutions to the world of traveling on airplanes.

There are two aircraft that are most popular with the frequent users of airport travel. These jets offer the benefits of a luxury limousine, along with amenities tailored to the working business professional.

The Airbus a350

One of the most famous luxury aircraft, the Airbus a350 is what every traveler dreams of.

With its privacy, you get peace and quiet, while feeling safe and at ease.

One of the safety features includes that the plane is made from a reinforced carbon polymer material that allows the vehicle to withstand much higher pressure than your commercial aircraft.

You can even enjoy how much room you have to stretch out under soft LED lighting. Many international airlines fly a350’s, one we’re sure you’ve heard of is, Delta Airlines.

These bad boys have been made for the long haul trips with intentions of flying up to 19-hour flights.

The Airbus 380

What’s the difference between this aircraft and the last one? It’s double the size! Known as the worlds largest and most spacious aircraft, the engineering behind it took true geniuses.

You can’t afford to lose time with jet lag when your saving grace is right here with the a380.

This particular jet has two full-length widebody decks that contain more seating than any other airline in the world.

Astonishingly, the Airbus a380 has become a proven solution to the congestion within the airport and reduces it down to a comfortable level.

When fighting jet lag, a quiet, spacious and luxurious airplane is the best counter. Make sure that if you can’t get an early evening arrival for a long haul flight, that you can at least travel in comfort.

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Rent A Limo For The Day

#3 Split Up The Trip

Rent a limo for the day.

Sometimes 19-hour flights just are not bearable. When you come to this road and you’re ready to cross it, know that A1A Limo is waiting for you on the other side.

Renting a limousine for the day when you have a 24-48 hour layover is a solution to when you are feeling burnt out on flying.

Having unexpected situations take precedence over your airport travel is unfortunate, but, we all can testify that it does happen.

Find a local or worldwide limousine company with a trustworthy reputation to show you around the area and give you something nice to look at or fun to do.

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#4 Don’t Drink Booze

Blame it on the alcohol.

It’s easy to want to throw back a few shots on the plane. After all, you’re headed on a new adventure! Or, perhaps you are receiving a promotion.

Regardless of the occasion, if you are trying to avoid jet lag from messing up your circadian rhythm, then you must avoid the booze at all costs.

Sure it sounds great to toss a few cold ones back since you can’t sleep anyway. But, you could wake up more disoriented than you would be from entering a new time zone.

Which is what we’re trying to prevent. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, and so does flying in high-pressure atmospheres. When coupled together, you get a cocktail that the cockpit doesn’t want to hear about.

Be responsible and plan ahead. You wouldn’t want to arrive at your destination and be so unfocused that you miss your airport limo shuttle.

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Set Watch

#5 Remember To Set Your Clocks And Watches

All in good time.

So what happens if you fall asleep on the plane, wake up when it’s time to leave and you check your watch thinking it’s still 6 hours behind? You’d be lost!

It’s imperative to know what time zone you are entering, even when you’re just doing a layover. The reason for this is obvious. If you have no clue what time it is, you may end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The lovely luxury of having the internet and mobile devices that track the location and time zone can be set to automatically update for you. This would help tremendously in a pinch or in the event that you do actually take a nap.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to be late. Rest assured that when you get off that plane, if you call A1A Limo, you will have prompt ground transportation services for yourself or the whole crew!

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Bright Screen

#6 Get A Blue Light Filter If You’re Going To Watch TV

If you watch tv too close, it’s bad for your eyes.

Something that is becoming more prominent in the technological world is blue-light filters. These are handy little filters that change the color of your screen when viewing it.

There is a very good reason for this. Blue-light is the standard in all lighting that comes from screens whether its a computer, tablet, phone, mp3/mp4 player or television screen.

Blue-light is one single step below Ultra-Violet light on the invisible light spectrum. Both are incredibly harmful in their own ways.

UV light damages the skin, eyes and is actually the number one cause of aging.

Blue-light damages the eyes directly and has been known to cause blindness.

There are apps out there that offer a blue-light filter for your screens and for convenience, there are also glasses you can purchase.

Remember, at the beginning of this article we talked about circadian rhythms? Well, blue-light actually plays a large role in disrupting your circadian rhythms and causing you the not be able to fall asleep.

It is suggested to put your electronics down 2 hours before you decide to go to bed, but that can be difficult when you are bored. So blue-light filters are the option to a solution.

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#7 Wear Comfy Clothes

Comfort is key.

Now, we already stated that you may want to take a nap to help with the laggy effects of jet lag. But, how can you accomplish a comfortable nap when you are dressed to impress?

One of the best things you can pack in your carry on is a nice, comfortable change of clothes. This will benefit you when you do get tired and want to relax.

Some people even bring pajamas, a sweater, a neck pillow and a blanket. It’s entirely up to you what you prefer to wear, but if you want to catch some zzz’s, then consider staying at a level of comfort you can handle.

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Written By: Dee Haller


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