Airport Parking Horrors: Why It’s Better to Get a Limo Rental

Elvis Presley once asked his limo driver, “Do you own this limo or do you work for the company?”

He responded, “I work for the company.”

Elvis said, “Well, you own it now.”

The limo driver’s tip was the limo.

We cannot all be so lucky as to be gifted a limousine from the King himself, but riding in a limo rental can really make you feel like royalty. Having the luxury of being able to relax while someone else drives you around is one of the best ways to start off your vacation or business trip.

Whether you’ve got a one-way ticket to paradise or just looking to get away for the weekend, leaving your vehicle behind at the airport can be a real gamble.  Below you’ll find a few points that you may not have realized about airport parking and some reasons to consider a reliable limo service instead.

Fun Fact:

Even commonly used words may be misspelled. Often in travel searches, “luxury” is spelled as “luxary.” Be sure to double-check your search terms before pressing send.

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Paying The Price: Airport Parking Versus Limo Rental

Parking at the airport is expensive, with rates that range from $5-50, if not more, per day.

  • The most convenient lots have the highest costs, so you have to spend a lot of time researching the ideal parking areas.
  • The more desirable lots fill up quickly, which could cause you to waste precious time searching multiple lots for space.
  • If your preferred lot fills up, you may even wind up going over your parking budget by having to park in a more expensive lot than you’d planned.

Now you’ve already had to cut into your travel budget and you’ve only barely made it to the airport.

Booking an airport shuttle ahead of time eliminates a great deal of guesswork. It’s tiresome seeing each day of your vacation as another large chunk of change adding to your parking bill.

You can rest assured that your professional chauffeur is handling all of your transportation needs.

Limo service prices are typically cheaper than taxi cab rates as well as many rental car services.

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Park At Your Own Risk

“An airport is just like a candy store to crooks.”

-Vincent Bonaventura, former general manager of Newark Airport

Anything can happen to your vehicle while you’re gone. Leaving your car unattended instantly increases its odds of becoming a target.

  • Throwing jackets and blankets over valuables in car seats doesn’t fool anyone.
  • If anything, seeing piles of clothing in the seats gives would-be thieves the impression that you really are hiding something.

Your parked car may not be insured against damage or theft of objects inside. Depending on your level of coverage, you might wind up footing the entire bill. You don’t want something to happen to your vehicle while it’s left in a parking lot, especially in cases where there is a lack of evidence by video footage.

Due to limited resources, it is nearly impossible to ensure that every vehicle on site is fully protected. Many airports even post warning that parking is “at-your-own-risk,” and thus the airport itself is not responsible for any damages sustained on the property. This includes vandalism or theft of vehicle parts, vehicle contents, or even the vehicle itself.

When you hire an airport limo service, you have a whole team of professionals on your side.

  • The limousine service can track your flight, ensuring that your ride is there waiting when you land with your chauffeur ready to meet you and even assist with your luggage.

Arranging an airport shuttle for your departing flight will allow you to make sure that you arrive on time for your flight, often with extra time to spare.

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Keeping Everyone Together

For special occasions when you have large groups traveling together, parking can become even more of a nightmare. Imagine, the headache that you’d have for trying to get everyone in one place when every guest to your bachelor party or bachelorette party shows up at the airport in their own vehicle.

Your phone is blowing up with everyone calling to figure out where the rest of the group is and they all want you to reimburse their parking fees.

Instead, you can upgrade from a luxury limo to a party bus. Seating 18-35 passengers, a limo bus can easily fit the entire bridal party or all of the groomsmen in one vehicle with features like a wet bar, TV, and stereo.

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Lost In The Parking Lot

If you’ve used airport parking, your journey isn’t over just because the plane touched down. Next you have to wander the parking lots searching for your vehicle, schlepping your luggage behind.

Booking an airport shuttle means you don’t have to worry about where you parked.

  • The shuttle service will provide you with a hassle-free solution to get you to and from the airport in style and comfort.
  • No trudging across the huge airport parking lots seeking out your vehicle, despite the jet lag and exhaustion from your trip.

Long Term Parking Can Be Detrimental 

Nothing is worse than landing after a long flight and finally locating your vehicle, only to find that it’s not in the condition that you remember. When you leave your car still for too long, time and the elements can take their toll on your vehicle.

  • Tires can dry rot.
  • Seals can lose their lubrication.
  • Batteries can go dead.

When heading out for a long trip, leave your car safe at home in the garage. A trickle charger will keep the battery from going dead. Consider enlisting a friend to come by and drive your car once a week to keep moving parts lubricated and to keep the tires from sitting still in one spot.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith 

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