5 Ways To Avoid A Delayed Flight

Even if you think you’re going to be on time to your destination, you’ve done all you can, you beat traffic with your luxury car, survived the bag-check line, and still suffer through a Flight delay.

There’s always something  bound to happen unexpectedly where you have endurer tedious and annoying flight delays.

Or is it…?

Actually, you can follow tactics to keep yourself away from flight delays and save precious time. Even Though flight delays aren’t anyone’s fault, they just happen! You can knock down the chances of missing your flight but still enjoy the savings you get when taking a transit flight.

What exactly is a flight delay? Well, a flight delay is when a you scheduled air travel is postponed from the said destination landing time

Planning your trip ahead of time can assist you in making your flight fashionably on time. You’ll knock down the chances of you missing your business flight.

Tip # 1: Avoid Taking Connecting Flights / Or Any Flights With Stopovers

Connecting Flight: A flight that requires the passengers to hop from one plane / airline to another at an intermediate point, as called a connecting point to reach their desired destination.

Stopovers: Similar to a connecting flight, but with a much longer transition (Waiting time between flights).

  • Chances of your flight being delayed can increase when booking a connecting flight or a flight with stepovers (A.K.A. Transit Flights).


  • However, there are ways to knock down the chances of delays while simultaneously booking this type of flight.

How? Well check this out:

Checking the weather of each stop is ideal when doing your own research when considering transit flights. Be sure to look up different weather types around the time of your desired flight time. Be sure to check the different regions.

For Example: If you’re flying from florida to Canada, and you booked a flight with stopovers, there might be an issue if there’s a hurricane or tornado, in the flight path.

  • What if you have a busy schedule and there’s no way to research all of this? Easy, you can use the inbuilt Wi-Fi during your luxurious limousine ride to the airport to check weather condition prior to ticket confirmation.

Packing light is key for an efficient air ride in the sky experience. When you pack light you can take your luggage on board along with you. This will reduce the chance of something happening to your luggage when switching flights.
Trust me on this one, it’s a hassle when you’re in a different state… and so if your luggage.

Tip # 2: Try “Originating Flights”

 Originating Flight: First flight of an itinerary, the top most flight listed on a ticket.

Booking your ticket online is an excellent idea, however you can call ahead of time and book an originating flight, it’ll help reduce the chance of potential flight delays tremendously. These flights are the earliest ones to take off, not so easily delayed.

Early is key!

Tip # 3: Early Bird Catches The Worm

  • When selecting your flight, be sure to book your flight as early as you can. Never book last second, you’ll risk losing your seat to someone else and have to re-plan your trip. Very time consuming.


  • Selecting flights for the morning will save you from falling into the pit of potential flight delays.Throughout the day, flights have a higher chance of being canceled, anything can happen, weather, plane maintenance, etc.etc.. Let’s choose early morning bookings!

Tip # 4: Opt for the working days

Booking your tickets for the days such as Wednesday and Thursday could be advantageous as in the middle of the week, fewer flights are operating due to lesser number of travelers. Majority of people prefer traveling close to the weekend/holidays and thus more traffic is observed during those days increasing the chances of air travel delays.   

Tip # 5: Limousine ride

If the flight is on time but the delay is from your side that would be further frustrating. Hence, to avoid such circumstances avail airport limo services to the airport which will provide you with classy, comfortable, and stress-free ride making you reach on time. It is said that if you want your business trip to be successful, then you should at least act like a successful businessman. Travelling in a lavish limousine such as A1A’s Limo Airport Shuttle will give you your best limousine experience.  

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