A1A Limousine: Your South Florida Concierge of Choice

Need a concierge service that consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty?

Check out A1A Limousine, and you can reap the benefits of a superb concierge service.

Concierge service providers are readily available to help you with information requests, dinner reservations, travel arrangements and more. However, the quality of concierge services varies, particularly when it comes to those offered around South Florida.

Fortunately, A1A Limo functions as South Florida’s premier concierge service provider. We strive for excellence in everything we do, and our team is happy to provide you with any concierge services you need. Therefore, you can depend on us for outstanding support at all times.

A1A Limo offers a top-notch concierge service that stands out for a number of reasons, including:


When it comes to finding a concierge service to help you manage a variety of time-consuming tasks, why should you be forced to settle for anything but the best?

With A1A Limo at your disposal, you can enjoy a reliable concierge service that will make it simple for you to manage your daily schedule.

From taking your car for scheduled maintenance to building and maintaining your online social presence, our concierge service ensures you can maximize your productivity and efficiency.

Plus, if you require concierge services during your business trip to Miami or surrounding areas, we can handle your dry cleaning, take care of your dinner and hotel reservations and even coordinate a fun-filled golf trip for you and your clients.

Attention to detail

Are you planning a business trip or vacation to South Florida?

A concierge service can help you streamline each errand and extra task that crops up during your excursion. And with A1A Limo, we provide a concierge service that is attentive and dedicated to your happiness at every turn.

A1A Limo employs devoted professionals who take pride in their work and pay attention to the minute details. That way, you’re guaranteed to get the support you deserve.

Choosing A1A Limo also guarantees you won’t be forced to settle for a concierge service that lacks the skills and know-how to meet all of your needs.

Simple booking process

Why should spend an extended period of time booking a concierge service that may or may not meet all of your needs?

Comparatively, you can simplify the process of booking a high-quality concierge service with A1A Limo.

We make the booking process quick and efficient, ensuring you will be able to make reservations to take advantage of a best-in-class concierge service in just minutes.

You can book our concierge service online or over the phone. And if you ever have concerns or questions along the way, we’re always happy to respond to your queries instantly.

Select A1A Limo, a first-rate concierge service provider

Unfortunately, no two concierge services are identical. For those who demand the best concierge service possible, however, there is only one choice – A1A Limo.

A1A Limo boasts a sterling reputation across South Florida – just consider some of the recent customer customer testimonials published on Facebook:

  • “Our company always calls on A1A Limo when we have important clients that come into the Miami Airport. The drivers have always been punctual, professional and accommodating. Rates are very reasonable too. Highly recommended!” – Aaron Straub
  • “We spent four days with A1A Limo driving us wherever we needed to go. Thank you A1A for always being on time, make my guests feeling like a VIP and your flexibility.” – Laurence Massem
  • “The best service we have ever used. We came off the ship last week and the driver, Avi, was right there waiting for us. The last car service we used [required us to wait] over an hour. We will only use A1A in the future.” – Jerry Berman

When it comes to finding a top-rated concierge service in South Florida, A1A Limo stands out in a crowded marketplace. Our team offers support where others won’t and will do whatever it can to ensure you are fully satisfied with your experience with us.

Contact A1A Limo to learn more about our concierge services and make your reservation.


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