9 Myths About Limo Rental Service

A stretch limousine is associated with prestige, taste, and wealth. Most of the Americans have never ridden in a limo themselves and only know about the luxury vehicle from movies, pop culture, and TV. As a result, there are certain myths concerning the vehicles that are in reality not true.

If you are thinking about hiring a luxury limo rental for an event, then you must avoid falling prey to these myths. To help you make sure that you know everything regarding the vehicle so that you don’t make a wrong decision, we have busted the top nine myths related to limo rental services.

1. MYTH: Limos are Exclusive Vehicles for the Rich

While there is a certain element of truth in this statement, it is not entirely correct. The vehicles are expensive and not everyone can afford the vehicle. But the reality is that through a limo rental service just about anyone can enjoy a ride in the luxury vehicle.

An hour drive in the vehicle can cost less than what you would expect  with inclusive of tips and amenities. The vehicles can accommodate between 8 to 15 people making them cost effective as compared to private transpiration.  However, you should make sure to book the limo rental service in advance, as the cost of last-minute booking can be high.

2. MYTH: Limousines Are Not Suitable for Long Drives

This is yet another untrue statement about the luxury car service. If you think that the vehicle is only a showpiece that is not sturdy enough for long drives, then think again. You can ride in a limo for 24 hours and more and the car would not break down in the middle of the road

Considering the fact that you are riding in complete luxury, the cost of hiring a limo will be worth it in the end. The amenities and luxury available in the limo are not found in many other vehicles making them perfect for celebrating special occasions.

3. MYTH: Only Old Model Luxury Cars can be Rented

The fact is that modern limo rental companies maintain a fleet of the latest model luxury limo cars to remain ahead of the competition. These cars are fitted with state-of-the-art amenities and comfort including plush leather seats, fiber optics lighting, entertainment system, beverage station, and much more.

The vehicles are maintained meticulously so that you won’t have to worry of a breakdown in the middle of the road.

However, this is not really a matter of concern as the expert chauffeurs can take care of any emergency in a highly professional manner. So, all that you have to worry about when in a vehicle is not making the most of the opportunity and having a lot of fun inside the vehicle.  

4. MYTH: Limo Drivers are Not Literate

Another misconception about limo rental service is that the chauffeurs are not literate or fluent in English. The reality, on the other hand, is that most chauffeurs are highly urbane and courteous. Dressed in immaculate dresses, they are trained to greet the guests cordially and show them to the seats. They conduct themselves in a tactful, courteous, and respectful manner when interacting with all the guests. They are responsible for throwing a positive impression on the guests, and conduct themselves accordingly.

5. MYTH: Limo Service is Only for Corporate Executives

Contrary to common perception, Limo service is not just for corporate executives. The limo car service can be hired by anyone – both adults and teenagers. The vehicle can be rented for a special occasion including prom night, graduation, wedding, Easter party, birthdays, to name just a few. Also, kids under 18 can ride inside the vehicle accompanied by adults. Everyone can enjoy the luxury and comfort that are associated with limousines through a limo rental.  

6. MYTH: Limos are Available in Black Color Only

While a black color looks elegant and stylish, you are not restricted to a black colored limo. If you want to complement the wedding decor, white limos can also be rented. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that the rent for white limos is also the same as that of a black one.  Both the vehicles contain the same convenience and amenities with no difference whatsoever, except only the color.

7. MYTH: Getting in Touch with Reputable Company is Difficult

Some people wrongly presume that riding in a limo is dangerous as they are not registered with a state. The fact is you can find reputable limo rental companies that are licensed with the state and the county department.  Licensed companies maintain strict compliance with state regulations for ground luxury transportation.

 That being said, you should beware of limo companies that are not registered with the state authority. Riding in such vehicles can be dangerous.

8. MYTH: Limousines Are Not Meant for the Highways

Just because you don’t see limos on the highways doesn’t mean that they can’t be driven on highways or on the main roads. No law bars limousine from being driven on highways in the US. You can enjoy a ride riding in the vehicle almost anywhere there is a road.

9. MYTH: Limousine is a Brand

Keep in mind that the term limousine is not a brand like GM, Honda, or Toyota; it is a generic term that applies to any stretched luxury vehicle. It could be a Rolls Royce, Hummer, Ford, Lincoln or Cadillac. Limos are different from sedans and SUVs as they can accommodate more people and contain more space.  

Serving Florida metro area and through affiliates all over the US and worldwide, A1A limo has a fleet of modern luxury vehicles that you can hire for different events. We are licensed with the Palm County Department and strictly adhere to all the requirements. We maintain strict industry compliance to ensure a highly safe and secure ride for our guests.  If you want to know more about our luxury limo rental service, you can contact us by dialing 561-622-2222 or email at Dispatch@a1alimo.com  book a vehicle today.