Limousine Rental Myths of 2018

What do you think when you hear “Limousine Service”? Class, Elegance, Wealth, Long Fancy Car, Mini Bar, Chauffeur, Professional, Business man, etc. etc.

There’s an abundance of people who never attempt to hire a limousine service for special occasions or business meetings because they confuse limo service myths with facts.

If you’re thinking about hiring a luxury limo rental for an event, you must avoid falling prey to these myths. Don’t fall victim to rumors!

MYTH: Limos are Exclusive Vehicles for the Rich

Ever heard of the phrases; “Dress for the job you want?” or “Dress how you’d want to be adressed” ?

  • Well these aren’t to far from the truth! You want to be the boss? Dress and act like a boss. Limousine rentals aren’t just for the rich, they are affordable for anyone! Luxury Ground Transportation can be cheaper than a taxi cab and….even….Uber. Yes we’ve said it, Uber.


  • Hiring a luxury car service for any event or business travel is achievable for anyone. What a great way to have that taste of luxury on the drive to your business meeting. Hiring a luxury car service goes into the same logic as; “Dress how you’d want to be adressed”. What do I mean? Well, a limousine goes well with your professional ensemble. 


FACT: Anyone can hire a Limousine / Luxury Ground Transportation Service without breaking the bank. 

MYTH: Limousines Are Not Suitable for Long Drives

  • If you think luxury cars are only a showpiece and not sturdy enough for long drives…Think Again: You can ride in a limo for 24 hours or more and it would withstand the miles of the travel. If you have to be somewhere, we can take you.


  • Trust me, you won’t be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Limousine Rental companies take their client’s need to arrive to their destination on time and safely a priority. Car inspections are put in action regularly to assure your luxury ride is safe and reliable.

MYTH: Limo Services Are Only for Corporate Executives

Where are you getting these myths from? A luxury Car Service can be For Anyone….

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Date Night


Wedding / Reception


 Business Travel

Bachelor / Bachelorette party

Anniversary Date


Airport Transfers

 Event Travel

 Parties / Celebrations 

Night On The Downtown

Job Interview

School Events

Sporting Events

ETC. ETC. and the list goes on!


MYTH: Limousines are Just Available in Black 

  • Most limousine companies do have black luxury cars available, however it’s not their only choice in color.  Even tho black is sophisticated and professional, it’s not the only color you can choose from.


  • White is another common color limousine companies carry in stock. When you rent a luxury car or limousine for your event be sure to let the company know what color you’d like ahead of time to be sure they can accommodate accordingly.


  • There are usually changeable lights inside of limos. For example if you want a particular theme in color, you can usually request ahead of time to see if they can cater to you (which they most likely would).


  • Your local limousine service may provide additional colors other than just black or white (even tho they are the most elegant of car colors), contact your limousine service ahead of time and just ask them! You can even try to request one.

MYTH: Getting in Touch with Reputable Company is Difficult


There are many ways you can contact a reliable limousine company: 

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