9 Dos and Don’ts When Hiring a Party Bus Rental

Party bus rentals are increasing in popularity all over the US and for good reason. Hiring luxury party buses can make any event a memorable and wonderful one. You and your guests can have a great time inside the party buses. You can hire a party bus rental from a luxury car service provider in your area.

A party bus rental serves as a perfect transportation solution for bachelorette and bachelor parties, family reunions, birthdays, proms, office parties, wedding party, anniversary and many other events. The very name ‘party’ bus evokes the image of fun and festivity.

In order to ensure a positive experience with a party bus rental, here are some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind.

1. Do Ask Questions before Hiring the Party Bus Rental

Before hiring a party bus rental for any event, you should ask questions from the luxury car service provider. This is essential to ensure the safety of the guest. Consider asking the company about condition and model of the party buses. Make sure that the company has a fleet of modern and properly maintained party buses. Make sure that the company has a fleet of modern and properly maintained party buses. 

Avoid booking from a company whose party buses are more than a decade old. Apart from the condition, of the vehicle, it’s also important to make sure that the luxury car rental company is registered. Also, the drivers of the vehicle should not be under the legal age to drive or have a suspended driver’s license. A number of accident cases have been reported where the driver did not have a valid license or was under or over age. In order to ensure safety of the passengers, it’s absolutely vital to ask information about the drivers’ license and age.

2. Don’t Bring Additional People for the Ride

Keep in mind that every party bus has a specific limit as to the number of people it can accommodate. Most party buses have space for 18 to 30 individuals. A full-size coach bus has enough space for up to 55 individuals. It’s important that you ask the luxury party bus rental company about the maximum passenger capacity of the vehicle before bringing additional people for the ride.

3. Do Obtain a Written Agreement

While it is not necessary, a written agreement will ensure that the service and cost are according to what you had expected. The agreement should consist of words such as required deposit, party bus price, and tipping policy.

Also, the party bus rental agreement of the luxury car service provider should mention the additional services such as chilled bottles, entertainment systems, and others included in the party bus.

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4. Don’t Hire the Party Bus Rental at the Last Minute

Ideally, you should consider hiring the party bus rental about a week before the event. Often, people leave the booking of the party buses at the last minute just to find that all the vehicles of the luxury car service provider are booked.  To avoid any inconvenience in booking the party bus rental, make sure that you book the vehicle days before the actual event.  

5. Do Try to be On Time for the Scheduled Pickup and Drop Off

Another important point regarding party bus rentals is that you should always be on time at the designated place for pick up and drop off. Since the luxury car service providers charge an hourly rate for the party buses, you will want to make sure that everyone gets on board as quickly as possible. This will ensure that the party bus price stays within the budget.


6. Don’t Request for Route Change After Booking the Party Bus Rental

After you have booked the party bus rental, you should not demand a change in the route from the driver. The driver of the luxury car service is not authorized to make any changes in the route. If it’s absolutely important to change the route, you should get authorization from the head office. Most drivers are allotted a fixed time for a day. A change in schedule will make them exceed the hours they are allowed to drive the vehicle.

7. Do Remember about Drinking Policy of Minors

Keep in mind that alcohol is not allowed in the party buses carrying minors. In case the minors (under the age of 21) are found bringing alcohol with them, the driver will not permit their entry into the vehicle. The policy about underage drinking is implemented for safety and protection of all the guests.

8. Don’t be Rude with the Driver

The driver of the party bus driver is trained to be respectful and courteous at all times. It’s important to ensure that you remain decorum and avoid mistreating the driver. If you have any complaint, you should contact the company directly instead of fighting with the driver.

In the end hiring, a luxury party bus rental is a wonderful way to make the event memorable and enjoyable for everyone. The party buses are fitted with wonderful amenities including leather seating, beverage station, entertainment system, and many other luxuries. All the guests can have a wonderful time riding in the party bus. There is no need to navigate through the traffic, secure a parking spot, or worry about speeding tickets and fines. The driver of the luxury party bus will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time riding in the party bus.

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