8 Tips for a Successful Morning

To ensure that you begin your day the right way and start your journey to your day’s destination.

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.”

— Harry Wayne Huizenga

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Creating a morning routine can benefit not only your health, but your work ethic and business too — who would’ve thought? Things as simple as waking up at a time that’s right for you and eating a healthy breakfast every morning can change your entire day.

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Try it by creating a personal mission statement and mentally reciting it to yourself each morning.

See, you’re already halfway there to having a successful day.

Setting your daily goals, or even writing something inspirational on your mirror in lipstick creates momentum in your day and works to build life-changing habits.

Who says the early bird actually gets the worm?

As long as you create a routine that’s yours and works within your own rhythm, you can still have a productive and structured day waking up a little bit after the early bird.


Action: Exercise / Benefit: Wakes Your Brain Up

Exercise… before work? That may seem like a daunting idea, but even light stretches before you begin your day gets your body moving and ready to take on whatever may come at you! Many successful business men and women practice yoga or go for a short swim as a refreshing way to wake their brains up and eliminate that sluggish feel that you wake up with every morning.

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Action: Drinking Water / Benefit: Increased Productivity

There’s no better way to start your day than with a tall glass of water. No, really. Drinking water should be the FIRST thing you do each morning. Set yourself up for success by placing some water in your bedroom to wake up to.

Pro Tip: Room temperature water makes your body super happy!

It absorbs quickly into your body and is able to be put to use immediately. This gets your gears turning and your mind working. Water, especially before coffee, gives you that first little boost you need to take on your day and it ultimately decides how productive your day will be.

Action: Healthy Breakfast / Benefit: Sharpens The Mind

Ever since you were a wee lad, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ has always been a staple in American culture.

Eating a well-rounded breakfast (eggs, bacon, fruits & veggies) each morning ensures that your mind is at its sharpest throughout the day, granting your mind with optimum performance through your job’s toughest obstacles.

Action: Meditation / Benefit: Less Stress & Anxiety

Meditation may be an obscure idea to some people indulged in their work and it surely intimidates others. But I assure you, there is no reason to be scared! Meditation can be as easy as dedicating 5 minutes to yourself to close your eyes and only concentrate on positive thinking.

This process, as simple as it is, creates a more positive path for you to follow throughout your day. Not to mention — it’s scientifically proven to lessen stress and anxiety within the workplace.


Action: Your Biggest Task First / Benefit: Sets Tone For The Whole Day

After you’ve completed your daily morning routine, you should begin the work portion of your day with your biggest and most disconcerting task. Try giving yourself a goal of not checking your social media accounts before you complete this said task.

Completing your greatest task right off the bat of your day gives you a huge sense of accomplishment and sets that tone for the whole day.

Action: Plan The Night Before / Benefit: Best Mindset Before Business

Just as you’re waking up, your mind is not at its peak. Try avoiding major decisions that you know you will have to face throughout the day. Plan the following day the night before to put your head in the best mind-frame before you conduct business.

That way, you can spend your mornings dedicated to your health and body and by the time you get to work, your mind is focused on the tasks ahead. You got this!

Action: Be Organized / Benefit: Improves Work Ethic

Setting your priorities for the day, maybe in a TO-DO list format, will definitely help to keep you on track. Staying organized improves your work ethic by giving you a minor sense of accomplishment (mentioned earlier) each time you complete a task and keeping the ball rolling on your path of finished tasks.

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Action: Dress Simply and Professionally / Benefit: Less Time Wasted Throughout The Day.

Adopting a minimalist approach when it comes to wardrobe really alters one’s look, and with that, changes impressions too. Don’t forget that less is more! Dressing simply and professionally leaves you with less time in the closet and more time working on important tasks.

Spending smaller amounts of time on trivial tasks will motivate you to adopt that same mindset throughout the day and get more done.

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Many famous business professionals include a morning routine to ensure a successful and productive mindset continued throughout their day.

Former President Barack Obama,

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz 

Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg

are all very successful because they implement a structure within their day starting with a routine morning.

Be more like the business successors you look up to and strive for greatness.

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