7 Ways To Explore Your City


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Have you ever traveled to a new city or state? Well, whether you have or haven’t, you should first ask yourself if you’ve seen everything in your own area.

Here is a list of ways in which you can explore your own area.


#1 Act Like A Tourist

This doesn’t mean that you have to wear a fanny pack or a camera around your neck. Show off your inner tourist, by looking up signature sites and fun places around your area that you’d like to go to. Plan out your day or week in order of distance. You could have an easier time doing this by hiring a Black Car Service.

#2 Get A Room

Sometimes its nice to not make breakfast, not make your bed, not wake up in your room, and not know the area around you. The best way to explore your city is to not follow your everyday routine. You can best do this by getting a room and waking up in a different setting. Being away from home definitely helps this new exploration mood. Black car service can take you around so that you don’t worry about getting lost.

#3 Ask Around

Ask your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors where to go. A lot of times everyone has been somewhere that you haven’t been to yourself. Make sure to ask the most random people. You will definitely find out about some really cool places around your area. This will also help you make new friends and get closer to those who you speak to.

#4 Take Risks

Taking risks in life will help you to grow as a person. Risks also help us to get rid of and face our fears. For example, you can find a great view in your area and go skydiving there. This will make you feel like you can ultimately do anything, and at the same time, you will see a great view that you have never seen before. What better way to explore your city? Click here to book your Black car service to take you to and from skydiving.



#5 Rent A Boat

Renting a boat for a day gives you a completely different view of the area that surrounds you. You can get a nice tan, and even throw a boat party with friends. Since you will probably be having a few drinks with friends or family on the boat, booking with A1ALimo will come to the rescue after your amazing boat party. That way, you can have fun without limits and be able to get home safe and sound.

#6 Take a Helicopter Tour

You’ve probably seen helicopter rides on tv. Famous people and celebrities usually do these things in their free time for fun. Helicopters are a great experience recommended for everyone and anyone! This creates an amazing height for different views of your city.

 #7 Take a Sightseeing Tour

Here are lists of tours that you can choose from:

-Everglades Airboat Rides

This tour includes an airboat ride, a wildlife show, a souvenir tour map, the guided tour of Miami and Everglades National Park and unlimited bottled water.

-Miami City Tours

This tour includes a fully guided tour with music, 6 photo stops at unique locations, a sit-down lunch, free bottled water all day, ocean drive walking tours, Wynwood walls walking tours, little Havana walking tours, and 50% off of beer wine and mojitos.

-Boat Cruise

This includes the Island Queen, which offers a 90-minute cruise along Biscayne Bay. You can see the view of Millionaires’ Row.

-Miami Cultural Tours

You can discover the history and culture of Little Havana, Allapatah, Little Haiti, Downtown Miami, Liberty City, Coconut Grove and Miami Beach Art Deco District.

-Art Deco Walking Tours

This tour is just what the name describes. You can walk around and be guided by a knowledgeable professional around the area.

A few other tours on this site include: Jewish Miami Beach Tour, MiMo Tour, Gay & Lesbian Walking Tour, AUDIO Tour, and Private Art Deco Tours.

-Duck Tours

This is actually Miami’s only land and sea tour. The vehicle will take you around and show you around South Beach Landmarks. Then you can be guided into the water for a Biscayne Bay cruise.


-Eco Adventure Tours

This Eco-tour offers various ways to see Miami by canoe. You can actually paddle through canals on Coral Gables waterway. There is a nighttime canoe trip around Deering Estate and you can also watch the sunset.

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