7 Bachelorette Party Ideas for 2017

Many things generally come to mind when you hear the word, ‘bachelorette party’: clubbing, a lot of drinking, male strippers, and spending a lot of money. But a party given to a woman who is about to tie the knot need not fit the stereotypical image of being dirty and smutty. There are a lot of ‘civilized’ ways to celebrate the woman’s departure from singlehood.

Here are 7 clean and fun ideas for the bachelorette party if the bride-to-be’s style of having fun is more demure than debauchery.

1. Enjoy a Day at the Spa

What better way to pamper the bride-to-be than to take her for a weekend spa. The guests adorned in plush terry robes can have a wonderful time at the spa. The exfoliated elbows and the clean pores will make a trip to the spa well worth it in the end. Consider signing up for a full service spa that provides everything from Swedish massage, mud wraps to manicures and makeovers. The day at the spa will be a stress buster for everyone who will be by the bride’s side on the wedding day, and provide them a gorgeous new looks for the occasion as well.

2. Visit a Comedy Club

Visiting a comedy club represents a step up from the traditional Chippendales since it’s a recipe for hilarity. This is particularly the case when the standup knows that it’s for a bachelorette party. Everyone can forget the load on the shoulder and laugh to the heart’s content at the one liner jokes about mother-in-law and the married sex. Just call the comedy club in advance, tell them about the bachelorette party, and ask them if there would be any discount. Oh, and don’t forget to reserve a table at the front.

3.  Enjoy Grownup Version of Girl’s Only Sleepover

Another great bachelorette party idea that will ensure a memorable event for all is to enjoy a grown up version of sleepover. You can head to the snow-capped mountains or camp in the woods where you can enjoy DIY crafts, caramel apple dipping station, a hot chocolate, and cozying up by the fire. This certainly sounds like a fun and exciting weekend!

4. Visit a Tourist Hot Spot

One sure-fire way to make the bride-to-be forget all about the tensions of the big day is to take a cruise to a tourist location. You can contact a travel agent to know about the places and discounted rates for the groups. If the guests are pressed for time, you can book someplace located nearby.

You can find a lot of places apart from Vegas to spend the bachelorette party. Hot spots include surf camps in Puerto Rico, Wyoming, and Montana. Portland’s West End is another great location that is gaining popularity due to a number of eateries such as the Gruner where you can try Alpine Comfort Food, and Clyde Common where you can enjoy locally sourced fare. Also, you can plan a mini vacation to the outdoors in resorts like The Resort at Paws Up that is at the crossroad between unspoiled wilderness and unmatched luxury. Here you can enjoy guided activities such as hot-air ballooning, off-roading, and horseback riding. You can finish the day by enjoying a gourmet dinner at the Pomp where the cuisine can be classified as refined rustic ranch.

5. Be Close to Nature

If the bride-to-be is not afraid of the great outdoors, you should consider having a party where the wild things are. A back-to-nature party can be as exciting as a trip to a resort full of modern amenities. You can contact the start tourism board to ask about any campsite located nearby. Then, you can ring up the location to find out about rental cabins and tents. Also, find out the activities that are offered at the place such as swimming, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, or fishing. Make sure that the guests know what to pack like food, clothes, or toilet paper to ensure a great day outside.

6. Coordinated Outfit Party

One of the best thing about attending a bachelorette party is getting up all dolled up. After spending a lot of gifts and BM dresses, a new outfit might not be on the priority list. However, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. You can buy Little Black Dress for as little as $23. Consider LBD brigade where all the guests wear one color outfit with the bride-to-be wearing a dress that a shade different than the rest.

7. Hire a Limo for Bachelorette Party

What better way to travel around the town than in a bachelorette party limo. Make the heads turn as the guests arrive at the destination inside a limousine. The brides-to-be will certainly feel like a star when entering and getting out of the limo.

The bachelorette limo will not just take the guests to the desired destination – it will take them there in style. The interior of a limo for bachelorette party is nothing short of exuberant. You can drink as much as you please and feel like a star.

Getting a bachelorette party limo service will make the event memorable for all. The experienced and friendly chauffeur will take the most convenient route without getting stuck in a traffic jam. A limo for bachelorette party is a great way to visit cities and towns that you are not familiar with ensuring a safe and secure journey. You can also hire a wedding limo service for the grand event.

However, if the bachelorette party limo is not your style, you can also hire bachelorette party bus rental.

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