6 Tips For Better and Safer Traveling

Identity theft is a problem that everyone needs to worry about and take steps to avoid.  When you are traveling, you also need to take certain steps to avoid identity theft.  There are a number of tips that you should consider which will help you with this.

Unpack Your Critical Documents Before You Travel

A lot of people do not realize the amount of essential documents they carry when they are out traveling.  Your wallet could have your Social Security card, your medical documents, a checkbook and other personal documents.  It is important that you remove these from your wallet before you travel and leave unnecessary ones at home. 

Don't forget to remove important documents you don't need!

Guard Your Documents

One of the tips that you will find in most travel safety articles is to guard your documents.  You should not leave any sensitive documents lying around the hotel room while you are out.  You should also invest in a money belt, document protector and an RFID-blocking wallet to ensure that you are completely safe.

Delete Cookies And Browsing History On Public Computers

If you have to use a public computer, you should never walk away without deleting your browsing history and the cookies.  Computers are able to cache a lot of significant information that you do not want people to have access to.  It is also possible that the terminal is set to keep you logged into websites unless you specifically log off.  While most public computers will delete this information automatically, you should not take the chance and delete this manually for your peace of mind.

Have A Dedicated Travel Email Address

When traveling, you should not use your normal work email address.  If someone gains access to the account, they could do a lot of damage to your livelihood and you will want to avoid this.  While there are times when you need to log into your work account, you should only do this when absolutely necessary.

A good idea is to have a personal email address for when you travel which does not have any other sensitive information.  This ensures that any fake log-ins will not cause problems.  Of course, you will need to tell people about your travel email before you use it.

Only use Bank ATMs

A trend with identity thieves is to install a card reader in an ATM to gain your card number and the pin.  This will often happen at generic, non-bank ATMs such as those found in convenience stores as they have less oversight.  To avoid this as much as possible, you should only use ATMs in the bank which tend to be targeted by thieves less frequently.

If you are taking out large amounts of money or are doing business then a small currency counter maybe a necessity. This can count the bills quickly and easily and ensure all is as it seems. Additionally, you maybe should also consider taking precautions for counterfeiting.

Change Your Passwords And Pins

After your trip, you might want to change your passwords and pins to be on the safe side.  It is important to remember that identity thieves are patient and will often wait for you to settle after your trip before they start using the information they have.  By changing your passwords and pins after your trip, you will make their information obsolete and they will not be able to use it. 

Of course, there are people who like their passwords and pins and would not want to change them.  In these cases, you should look at changing the information before you leave and then change them back to your old password and pin when you get back.

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