5 Ways to Check if a Limo Company (or any company) Website is Legit


Check The Company Website

These days websites and companies can pop up online or be taken down in a matter of hours. With the massive amounts of fake information and scams on the web, it is important to make sure that the limo rental or party bus service you intend to hire is legitimate. One great way to check the legitimacy of a company is to check the website.

Make sure that the website gives the information you would expect to find, rather than just a pretty front-page. It is easy to put a landing page to try and trick clients that do not explore further, but it is difficult to create a true database of useful information.

We strive to bring a consistently easy-to-use design to our website.

Fathers always want their daughters to have the finest promo limo ride, and brides always want their guests to have the very best group transportation. Corporate accounts always are looking to impress through hiring chauffeured exclusive ground transportation.  So, if you notice the website addressing these topics, you are most likely looking at a legitimate website.

Check if they are Creating and Distributing Content

One excellent way of checking if a limo service website is legitimate, is checking their distribution of content. Social media and blog posts are used to stay in contact with the company’s clients and a true business will always try to offer the best experience to their users.

Checking the company’s social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook can give you reassurance that the company is reaching out and staying a part of their community.  Another great way to check legitimacy is to see if their accounts are certified with a blue tick. Companies like ours that maintain a blog are generally inclined to stay active on social media accounts.

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Check For Newsletters & Promotions

A trustworthy company will be sure to reach out to its client base via email and newsletters. Not only does this have the added benefit for you as a customer by receiving promotions, details on sales, and otherwise useful information, but you also are able to see how much the company cares about their clients.

Most newsletters are brief and concise. If the company is sending out newsletters that do not relate to their business or industry, or outright seem like spam, this is a good indication that the company may be less than honest.

Check that the company has consistent branding

A company that is trying to fool users online in order to scam them will generally not put much thought into their presentation. If you notice a company having many different styles of logos, phrases, or slogans, it is a good indicator that you should invest more time in researching them. A legitimate company will put much time and effort into making sure they have a consistent marketing. Marketing materials include the same emotions, colors and style for maintaining brand consistency.

Other forms of advertising

Although email and the web is one of the most effective and accessible forms of reaching out to a company’s client base, it is not the only way a legitimate company will advertise. Make sure to do a little extra research to see if the company has produced other forms of advertising or reaching out to its client base. These can include print-ads, promotional materials, or any other tangible promotion method.

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