5 Reasons Coach Buses Are The Best For Long Trips

Reclining seats

Seats made from luxurious plush material are adjustable and have a footrest to turn any long ride into a trip of indulgency.

On our buses, everyone gets a window or an aisle seat. So, you don’t need to worry about getting squashed in the middle and having to fight for arm rests.

Coach buses also offer extra leg space to make your travels as comfortable as possible. Feel free to stretch your legs either in the isles or in the extra spacious seats.

Extra legroom/No middle seats


 Our tour bus offers the latest technology to burn fuel cleanly, this reduces emissions and the impact we have on our environment. Coach buses produce the smallest carbon footprint of any mode of transportation. By riding on a coach, you cut your emissions by 55-77% instead of flying or 85% instead of driving.

Overhead storage

You can free up more room around you by putting your carry-on baggage in the storage compartment above your seat. Suitcases and luggage are stored in a compartment underneath the bus. Pack a small bag of essentials to have with you while traveling on the bus. Overhead storage space above each seat is limited. Pack only what is comfortable to have on your lap or at your feet.

Personal power outlets

Keep your devices fully charged on all your trips with outlets all over the bus available to almost every seat. Having a fully charged phone and laptop in essential to travel to a new location to conduct

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