5 Myths About Limo Services

We have all, at some stage of our life, dreamed about getting out of a limo in style for a glamorous event, only to trash the idea because it obviously will not happen. Well, your biggest fantasy is now only a click away from being turned into reality.

Limousine services can now be hired with ease. However, even with the advent of different limo services ready to cater to your needs, there are a few myths that cloud the mind of the user. Falling prey to these myths can stop you from extracting the real fun out of a luxury car service that makes you feel like royalty.

5 of the myths that are acting as a hindrance between you and your dream limo ride are.

Limos are vehicles exclusively for the rich

Well, this statement is not entirely a myth. Limos are priced at the higher end. They look like vehicles that are exclusively for the rich. But who says you have to buy a limo to enjoy the experience? The fun of a limo ride can now be had through the different rental limo services available. The cost per ride on a rental limousine is way less than what most people expect it to be. 

The luxury vehicle can fit up to 8 to 15 people, making it a cost effective option as compared to other private transportation.

Only old model luxury cars are available on rent

The fact is that modern day luxury car services within the market boast a fleet of the most modern limos to reach out to the customer. The limos include artistic amenities incorporated within the car to provide you with the best experience.

Black limos are the only ones available

While the color black looks like it was crafted for the sole purpose of adding an executive touch to the limo, it is not the only color range within the vehicles. White limos can also be chosen to compliment your well thought out wedding decorations.

Limousines should be kept off Highways

No law within the United States bars a limo from being driven on a highway. Limousines can be driven on any stretch of road without any hassle. Although limousines are not seen much on the highways as other cars, this in no way means that they are barred from traveling on the highway. Limo services can be called for a trip out of town too.  

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Limousine is the name of a brand

This is probably the most basic mistake that most people commit. Limousine is not the name of a car manufacturer like Toyota, Honda or Ford. Limousine is the name given to the stretched luxury vehicles. The brand could be a Hummer, a Rolls Royce or even a Ford.

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