5 Tips to Make A Limo Rental More Cost-Effective

If you are planning a limo rental for a formal or informal event, you have your work cut out for you. You have to make sure that the entire trip turns out to be a pleasant experience for everyone. Whether your guests are corporate executives or family members, you need to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time during the trip. You have to stay within the budget, select the right type of vehicleand make sure everything is just right. Before you start planning, here is what you need to do:

1. Count the Guests

You should do a headcount before calling the a limo rental company. This is important to ensure that the services that you opt for not only cater to the existing guests, but also that you don’t overspend on a limo rental as well. There is no point having two luxury sedans lined up when the guests would comfortably sit inside one limo rental.

After you count the exact number of guests, a transportation company will give you a recommendation of the options that will best serve them. You should be specific about the required space and the number of passengers. If you are specific about your requirements when making the reservation, you will have greater chances of selecting the most cost effective option.

2. Think of the Alternatives

When it comes to a limo rental, most people tend to think of a normal black stretched. While they tend to be one of the most luxurious ways to travel from one place to another, they are not the only options. You can select more affordable options that will work out equally well for the group.

3. Book as Early as Possible

The earlier you book the a limo rental, the more likely you are to obtain a good deal. If you wait until the last few minutes to book a vehicle, you will have limited vehicles and pickup times. What’s more, you will end up paying much more since the more economical vehicle might not be available for the booking.

4. Plan the Route Carefully

The best way to ensure cost-effective a limo rental is to plan the route carefully. In case you plan to head to unfamiliar territory, you should talk with the transport company to determine the shortest route to reach the destination. Keep in mind that heavy traffic on the route can add to the cost of the services. So, if you travel during times when the traffic will be less congested, you will not have to pay top dollar for the services. Again, talking with the transportation company will let you know the best time to plan the trip.

4. Compromise on the Options

Most of the executives are used to a certain level of luxury. If you really want to ensure cost effective a limo rental, you need to compromise on certain elements.
Sharing a luxury coach is one way you can cut costs without compromising on luxury. It may not even be as bad as you may think from the point of view of an executive who is accustomed to a luxury sedan.

The compromise in luxury will not be significant. In fact, they come with more options and amenities than present in a sedan. You can talk with the customer service rep of a  limo rental company to know more about the full list of services offered in a luxury coach.

5. Book Directly With a Limo Service

Keep in mind that some companies do not directly provide the a limo rental services. They are the middlemen that connect you to the companies that actually provide the services. When you book through sites such as Limos.com or Uber, you are not actually dealing with a ground transportation company. They normally will add about 20 percent or higher commission to that offered by a normal limousine company.

Instead, when booking you should make sure that you deal with a company that offers limo service in Boca Raton. This will ensure that you don’t end up paying more than you really should for the luxury limo service. The rates that you get for the luxury transport services when you connect with such a company will be much lower than the ones charged by intermediaries. Not only that, you will be surprised to know that the direct transport service provider will be willing to offer you extra in case you repeatedly use their services for the events.

Bottom Line

Organizing cost effective and efficient limo service in Boca Raton for corporate events or conferences does not need to be complex. The tips mentioned here will allow you to plan the most cost-effective plan possible for the group. You can ensure an enjoyable travel for the guests without making a big dent in the wallet by following the tips outlined above.

Lastly, you should select a professional limo service in Boca Raton that provides the ground transportation at affordable rates. At A1A Airport & Limousine Service, we make sure that our customers get the most value for money. We are experienced in planning and supplying efficient and cost effective limo service Boca Raton for formal and informal events. We serve predominantly in the Florida metro area, but also through our affiliates, worldwide. We would love to talk about your travel needs. You can rest assured that our highly courteous and experienced staff and the luxury fleet will be able to not just meet but also exceed your expectations. Call our group bookings team on 561-622-2222 or email at dispatch@a1alimo.com  today to get started.