5 Brain Fuel Foods For Business Professionals

You are what you eat.

In our cases as humans, what we eat is our bodily fuel to get through the day. As a business professionalhow well do you fuel your brain to accomplish daily tasks?

If you aren’t fueling your brain properly, you can end up with brain fog, a condition that comes primarily from malnutrition. Let’s talk about 5 of the best foods you can use to keep your brain powered up for business.

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5 Brain Fuel Foods For Business Professionals

Fueling your brain is essential to the critical thinking that comes with a professional business.

#1 ) Stay Hydrated With Water & Melons

The key to starting off any day, which you will hear from me time-and-time again, is to stay hydrated.

There are some fickle people out there who don’t like water, for some reason. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck! Water is not the only way to hydrate!

Although we are told by doctors to drink at least half of our body weight in water per day, it’s not always that easy.

What happens if you’re in the middle of a meeting and that 16 oz bottle you just downed 30 minutes ago starts to hit you. Could you make it through the next 30 minutes without interrupting?

A handy solution to not drinking water to stay hydrated is MELONS!

Why Melons?

Whether you choose watermelon, honeydew or cantaloupe, you’re in for a sweet, healthy treat. There is a reason why water is within the name, “watermelon”.

Melons, in general, are around 90% water content. These fruity tasting beasts contain vitamins and minerals that are needed to support healthy bodily functions like:

  • Intense Hydration
  • Regulation of Blood Pressure
  • Maintaining Healthy Kidneys
  • Detoxifying Excess Salt From The Body
  • Aiding In Proper Absorption
  • Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory

With all these great qualities, vitamins A, C, E, K, B1-6, Folic Acid and Beta-Carotene, you will start your day off right. The fact that these are naturally hydrating, means that you will get that initial boost for the day without coffee!

#2 ) Revitalize With Citrus!

Citrus is a powerful thing. If you’re from Florida, like us, you will know that is a true fact!

Waking up to the aromatic scents of freshly peeled oranges or grapefruit juice is a great way for a business professional to gain a quick brain boost!

How Can Citrus Boost My Brain?

Fruits that are made of citrus have incredible benefits for your brain. Here’s a list of popular citrus fruits.

  1. Clementines
  2. Limes
  3. Lemons
  4. Kumquats
  5. Grapefruit
  6. Oranges
  7. Pomelos
  8. Tangerines

Some of these benefits include:

  • In a study of 13,000 participants, it was discovered that those who ate citrus daily were 23% as less likely to develop dementia.
    • This means citrus improves your memory.
  • Essential Oils – Citrus gives off natural essential oils from their peels and rinds. The effects of essential oils in aromatherapy is a big study right now and has shown great effects.
    • Alertness (lemon oil)
    • Hangover Helper” (lemon & grapefruit oil)
    • Soothing and Happy (sweet orange oil)
  • Contains flavonoids that serve as an anti-inflammatory protector for the nervous system.
    • This means fewer headaches and less neck & back pain so you can think clearly.

Citrus grows in season during the fall and winter months. Now has never been a better time to enjoy some citrus and its powerful, brain-protecting benefits! Hop into your luxury limousine and ask for orange juice for the ride!

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#3 ) Cacao – A Favorite For The Business Professional

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

More importantly, who doesn’t love that chocolate is considered a brain food! But, this doesn’t mean go to your local gas station and grab a Snickers bar.

However, this does mean that if you get chocolate in its purest form, which is easy to find, then you can have a brain-boosting wake-me-up in no time. This is excellent for the business professional on the go.

So, Cacao Isn’t Cocoa?

That is correct. Cacao and Cocoa are two totally different species.

Cacao (ka-kow) is unprocessed, raw, cacao bean in its purest form. It smells decadent and tastes like buttery chocolate. It is often used as a base in smoothies, chocolate baking, and even skin care!

Cocoa (Ko-ko) is cacao beans that have been heated, processed, sifted, and had caffeine added to it. This is what you see as the “chocolatey colored powder” that you can buy at the store to bake with.

Why Cacao Then?

Cacao is natural and you can get it in the form of nibs. These nibs can be eaten anywhere and give you a pure form of natural energy through:

  • Natural Healthy Fats That Your Body Will Run Off Of
  • Natural Caffeine In The Plant Itself
  • Curbs Hunger

Cacao is loaded with flavonols that are a trademark for boosting the brain functions. Here’s how it works!

Flavonols get deeply into the lobes of the brain that effect:

  • Cognition
  • Memory
  • Reaction time
  • Alertness

That sounds exactly like what a business professional needs enhancement with on a day to day basis.

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#4 ) Spirulina – The Ultimate Brain Food

When you dive deeper into the health and wellness industry, you will find tips and tricks for the business professionals. One of the most highly regarded foods in the health world is Spirulina.

If you haven’t heard of spirulina yet, now’s your chance to take this information and run with it.

Spirulina is an algae. It’s dark green and often found in powdered or gel form at your local health food store for a decent price.

Previously, used for sustainment during space exploration by NASA, spirulina has become quite the craze for supplemental nutrition recently because:

  • Spirulina is a high powered superfood.
  • Known as the oldest living food on the planet.
  • Most superior &  nutritionally dense food you can buy.

Brainy Benefits

Spirulina is one of the most heavily studied topics in the world. The reason being is because it has shown a tremendous capability to assist in healthy brain function, in ways like:

When I bought Accutane, http://www.stmonicaofmobile.com/accutane-info/ I thought: This is my salvation. As it turned out, it did not help. I didn’t notice significant changes in acne. I will say one thing: it dries and reduces inflammation-these were advantages. In general, it’s at your own risk. I can give it C+!

  • Increased blood flow to the brain, improving memory and cognitive processes.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that allow more blood to travel.
  • It’s green benefits the reversal of oxidative stress, acting as an anti-oxidant.
  • A powerful detoxifying tool for the organs, thus reducing brain fog.
  • Alkaline with the perfect pH balance so your brain can tell your body to do less work.

Spirulina can become deliciously addictive. If you’re looking for a good recipe to include it in, it goes excellent with peanut butter, strawberries and apple juice in a smoothie! Grab a smoothie like this at your next travel destination!

#5 ) Cilantro

Life without cilantro is just dull.

If you travel, then there’s a large chance that you have tried cilantro on an authentic Mexican taco, at least once!

Something you probably didn’t know is that Coriander, the tasty spice made from seeds with a lemony flavor, actually comes from the cilantro plant. So not only can you eat the leaves, but the seeds are edible too!

What Can This Magical Plant Do For My Brain?

Cilantro is known for its recent outcomes in the medical journals of today for its incredible ability to connect nerve pathways in the brain.

This inhibits a high standard for health and wellness and has been used to reduce the size of brain tumors significantly due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

High in bioavailable vitamins A, C, E, K, Calcium, Iron, & Magnesium, cilantro is great for calming stress but increasing alertness which is necessary for the life of a business professional.

Now, maybe you have heard that cilantro tastes like soap. Perhaps you are within that 4-14% of people who absolutely hate cilantro.

  • It is suggested that some people are genetically pre-disposed to this due to the way the brain tries to connect everything by memory.
    • This leaves that 4-14% of people recalling the closest mimic to the flavor as soap. 
  • While this is true for a very low percentage of the population, it is not the case for everyone.

So next time you’re having lunch after a corporate event, grab some authentic tacos with cilantro, beef, and onion for the true experience. Or if you’re feeling bold, for a robust flavor, try juicing cilantro!

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