4 Tips for Surviving Your Miami Airport Layover


Miami International Airport boasts over 100 air carriers and remains America’s second-busiest airport for international travelers.

However, flight delays and layovers still occur at Miami International, regardless of the time of year or the weather.

You can make the most of your layover or delay, however, with just a few easy tips.

Check out the art galleries throughout the airport.

Who says you can’t enjoy wonderful art at the Miami airport? Thanks to the airport’s Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs, you can explore a vast array of vibrant masterpieces while you wait for your flight to leave.

Miami International is home to contemporary artwork and exhibitions that communicate culture, environment and art resources “of an international scope,” according to the Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs. As such, you can experience a range of colorful galleries and projects that you won’t find anywhere else.

Pass the time during your layover by checking out the artwork scattered across the Miami airport. By doing so, you can take your mind off of your delayed flight, and ultimately, celebrate the beauty of myriad modern works of art.

Go shopping.

The Miami International Airport boasts numerous best-in-class shops, ensuring you can pick up everything you need for your upcoming trip while you wait out your layover.

Some of the top shops at the airport include:

  • Bayside Brush – For the finest brushes and hair accessories, visit Bayside Brush.
  • Bead Factory – A jewelry aficionado’s dream come true, the Bead Factory offers jewelry supplies, beading tools and other products to help you make your own jewelry.
  • Brookstone – Looking for a unique souvenir for a friend or family member? Check out the selection of unique items available from Brookstone.
  • Coach – Show off your personal style with a luxury hand bag from Coach.
  • Hugo Boss – With deluxe watches, designer clothing and much more, Hugo Boss makes it simple to dress for success.

Shop ’til you drop at the Miami airport, and you can find everything you’ll need to stay entertained during your layover.

Grab a bite to eat.

It is try wonderful cuisine at the airport, as this airport features restaurants that offer many different types of beverages, snacks and meals.

Enjoy a first-rate dining experience at one of these Miami airport restaurants:

  • 305 Pizza – Pick up a slice of your favorite pizza variety at 305 Pizza.
  • Bongos – Sample authentic Cuban food at Bongs, a one-of-a-kind Cuban café.
  • BookLink Café – For a cup of Joe, hearty tomato soup or other café favorites, there may be no better choice than BookLink Café.
  • Clubhouse One – Sit down and relax with a delicious sandwich, classic entrée or other exceptional American fare at Clubhouse One.
  • Gilbert’s Food Bar – Treat yourself to cookies, gourmet sandwiches and other delectable food at Gilbert’s Food Bar.

The Miami airport offers no shortage of top-notch dining options. Be sure to grab a bite to eat during your layover at one of this airport’s terrific restaurants, and you can satisfy your hunger pangs before your flight departs.

Get Great Car Service, Enjoy a Tour of Miami.

When it comes to an extended layover, why should you be forced to wait out your time at the airport? When you have the right car service, you can get out of the airport and into the culture and fun of Miami itself.

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Photo Credit: Ines Hegedus-Garcia


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