4 Corporate Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Business Trip More Productive

Is corporate travel the best way to get up to speed with your pending work? Most definitely!

But do you actually put in those endless hours of traveling to use?

Many people confess that apart from attending those meetings and business events we usually end up doing nothing productive. You can blame this on jet lag and tedious hours of commuting in unprofessional business event transportation services. Or you can be honest and accept that the problem actually lies in your lack of planning. Are we right?

Henceforth, let bygones be bygones and start anew with your corporate travels. This article will teach you how to prep and carry out your business trips efficiently.

Here we present a number of tips and tricks that will boost your productivity levels:

Strategic Packing For Corporate Travel

Wondering what to take on the trip?

We know that traveling alone takes a toll on you because you won’t have anyone else to borrow socks or a toothbrush from when you misplace them. That is probably why your suitcase is stuffed with extra necessities that you might not really need. Not only does this weigh you down, but it adds extra minutes to your airport security check.

We can’t assist you with your corporate wardrobe. But we can lend a hand in letting you know what essentials you will need for a smooth proactive journey:

Go Paperless

Does your corporate travel involve lots of shuffling of papers? Are you helplessly searching for your flight details in the huge stack of documentation? We’ve all been there. We’ve been the target of impatient glares when we hold the queue.

Therefore, it is better to hold soft copies of your documents instead of printing them out. Doing so helps you to pull out the necessary information without fumbling through multiple pages. And just in case you need hard copies then we suggest that you organize the files in proper categories.

Hit the Books 

Not actual books though! That would simply negate our last tip.

We want you to download files or bookmark industry-based articles that have been on your wish list for a while. That is because waiting for delayed flights, airport shuttles and commuting to the corporate events is the perfect time to catch up on those pending researches. Plus, it kills time in a more productive manner, unlike Solitaire.

Pro tip: Pack your luggage in layers to get the most out of the space!

Digital Cooperation

Are you worried about getting lost in the city? Do you have a problem with remembering dates? Has your itinerary gotten out of hands?
Don’t fret! Our electronic gadgets and smart apps are there to assist you without causing any fuss. We feel that the digital era is highly helpful for the up and coming businesses that involve a lot of traveling.

That is because these nifty devices allow you to stay in touch with workers back home. In addition to that, they let you effortlessly keep an eye on what’s next on the agenda.

Here are a few digital companions that can accelerate your productivity:

Smartphones: We all have one. But do you use it for the right purposes?

You should download Google apps (Google Maps and Google Translate) that help you navigate through foreign territories.

Apps like Google Docs and Evernote are ever ready to synchronize your rough drafts/notes to your main system when you are penning them down on-the-go.

MapsWithMe provides you with extensive offline maps when you can neither find a WiFi signal or your destination.

Use social media apps to stay updated with the company’s activities.

Make your business calls and send the outstanding emails when you get a free minute or two between flight transits.

Laptops and Tablets: The advanced technology has made our personal computers handy and portable.

This means that you can travel with your office wherever you do. Just make sure that you have all the important documents downloaded on your personal system.

This allows you to track and monitor changes done by the team when you are up in the air.

Pro tip: Invest in a backup portable charger that lets you work endlessly on your digital devices without facing battery issues.


The Mobile Office, Whether You’re In The Air Or Riding In A Limo

We’ve already proven that you can’t make excuses by going AWOL on work when you have got a phone on you. Therefore, it is better to get crafty by creating a substitute office in your hotel.

And if you are on the road during most of the trip then you should hire town cars or a limo bus. Not only will they accommodate your business equipment but they won’t be leaving you hanging when you call them at odd times.

What does your mobile office need?:

• Your laptop for communication and delegation with your team back home.

• All the important documents and journals you need for the business events

• A little trinket from your office desk to give you the right ‘feel’

• Calendar or planner to help you keep track of your meetings/events

Overall, remember to pack office-related essentials that you will need to put this idea into motion. Moreover, pack the documentation and device in a nice organized manner within your reach.


The Road to Success

It is no secret that your corporate travel involves a lot of commutes. Many companies make the mistake of booking off-site hotels or have arranged meetings all across the city map. That is why it is important that you use limousine cars. It lets you ride in style and prevents roadblocks from hindering your productivity. But that’s not all!

Here are a few solid reasons why you should hire limo transportation:

Cost-Effective: Companies like A1A Limo offer affordable limousine services that are cheaper than taxis or public transport

Efficient: You can avail an on-demand personal concierge that will ensure that your trip runs smoothly

Connectivity: Modern town cars and limousine cars have internet and Bluetooth connectivity. Hence, it lets you make the most of your time when you are stuck in a traffic jam (e.g. business calls, emails and rehearsing presentations).

Professional: The chauffeurs are professional drivers that can navigate your journey using the fastest routes. Therefore, your punctuality will never be compromised.

In short, availing the numerous facilities provided by limo services makes your corporate travel a whole lot easier and stress-free. Plus, it is better than renting cars or driving your own, as it permits you to be hands-on with your work when you are on the road.

Need a limo service?

The A1A Limo Company is one of the leading names in Miami Airport Car Service. They have the shiny fleet of town cars that are bound to make an impression anywhere you go. Additionally, they provide a stretch limousine for luxury ground transportation.

When you are up in the air, no one is breathing down your neck to get things done. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you from making most of your time. After all, corporate travel is all about boosting sales and helping make the company grow when you are on the road. Isn’t it?

Bon Voyage!


Our friendly ground transportation professionals are ready to assist you.