4 Biggest Safety Tips for International Travel

Business travelers know: international travel can be a nightmare.

From changing time zones and suffering jet lag to the general confusion in a foreign place, there’s plenty to contend with.

Perhaps the biggest concern for business travelers is their personal safety.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, personal safety is one of international travelers’ biggest concerns. Hotel location and safety of ground transportation were concerns, as well.

If you’re anticipating an international business trip, consider these tips for staying safe while abroad.

1. Research Your Destination

Traveling to an unfamiliar city, especially in a new country, brings multiple threats.

Whether it’s a language barrier or cultural differences, it’s important to do thorough research so you can avoid issues once you arrive.

Of course you won’t have time to learn a new language, but you should have language tools available to you.

+ Purchase a translation dictionary.

+ Get apps on your phone that can assist you when you need it.

+ Look up the crime rate of your destination city. Get insight into which areas are least secure and least protected by local law enforcement.

When traveling abroad, knowledge truly is power. Wield that power effectively.

2. Get the Lowdown on Your Hotel

It’s important for any traveler to have the cold, hard facts about the hotel industry.

For instance, hotels are far less secure than you might think. There are multiple areas where intruders or burglars can sneak in undetected.

Skip the hotels that don’t feature modern, electronic guest room locks. Sure, you might save a little money on the less secure hotel, but if you get burglarized, that savings will be wiped out in lost possessions and cash.

If you’re traveling with expensive devices, cash or credit cards, the hotel will likely assume very little responsibility if your room is burglarized.

You’ll have to pay to store your things in a safe, or assume the responsibility of finding more secure storage for them on your own.

You should also consider personal safety. Booking a room on an upper floor (above the 6th floor, specifically) could be deadly if a fire should break out.

You should also consider that many hotels in foreign countries are not fire-safe, and lack the fire-fighting capabilities to extinguish a fire quickly.

The United States, however, offers an online database of hotels and motels of that are certified as fire-safe, so if you’re traveling domestically, you can choose wisely.

3. Clear Your Browser History and Cache

Unfortunately, when traveling internationally, you have to prepare for the worst.

If you have sensitive account information, including credit card and personal business accounts, saved in your laptop’s browser, you must clear them before you travel.

Move the information and passwords into a secure cloud or business database that only you can access.

In the worst case scenario (if you’ve carefully cleared your cache and browser history), a burglar will only be able to steal the device itself, and not your financial and personal information.

4. Choose Ground Transportation You Can Trust

There’s a reason safe ground transportation was a major concern for over a third of business travelers.

Assault, theft and murder are just a few of the crimes that have been committed by cab drivers and ride-sharing drivers.

Business travelers know they are vulnerable, and they want transportation options that offer them more security than ever.

A1A Limo is dedicated to providing business travelers with reliable, safe ground transportation all over the world.

That’s why we’ve developed an affiliate program that is spans the entire globe.

We also have the most rigorous chauffeur-screening processes in the industry, requiring background checks, drug testing and driver history reports before adding a chauffeur to our team.

If safe ground transportation is your concern, consider booking with A1A Limo during your next business trip.

We will ensure that ground transportation is one less thing you have to worry about.

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