3 Ways to Make an Impression on Prom Night

As a high school student, you wait eagerly for prom night all throughout senior year.

Prom night marks the end of something beautiful—the new-found friendships, the small struggles and the perseverance that prevailed.

It also marks the beautiful beginning of a new journey.

While we all go our separate ways, you want to make this moment count.  

For some, prom night is the single most important social event of their high school career; to others, it is less meaningful.

Either way, it is fun, memorable and comes around only once in your life. From dealing with your parents—who unknowingly—and lovingly—embarrass you when your date comes to pick you, to going through all the struggle to secure that perfect date—the entire experience is nothing short of exciting.

Whether prom is just around the corner or you are planning to prepare for it in advance, one thing that can add to the experience is a luxury, first class limo! It is not just about the style or glamour; when you pool in with your friends to rent a limo, you ensure that you make the fun start off right and last longer into the night.

Wondering what you can do make the right impression? Here are three things that will help you leave a flawless, long lasting impression on your friends and batch mates:

Rent a Limo

Every student is left star struck, their eyes fixated on you and the vehicle you’re getting out of, your date being adored by all others.

Is this what your dream prom night looks like? Don’t worry; all your dreams can now be fulfilled by hiring a limo rental.

The impression that is created by coming to prom in a limo cannot be rivaled by anything else. From the look of admiration that you’re bound to get from your date to the gasps of amazement from all other students present, the reaction at prom night will testify the magnitude of the impression created.

Your vehicle is going to be the first thing that everyone sees, so make the first impression as glamorous as possible by hiring a limo rental for prom.

Apart from the impression, the limo will pick you up on time, provide you the assistance of a professional chauffeur, and allow you to extend the fun late into the night.

Dress to Impress

Your attire matters. With everyone turning up in traditional suits, it is up to you to create a differentiation for yourself. The differentiation can either be through the quality of the suit you wear, or the scent you use.

Whatever method you choose to stand out from the scores of other students present, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Make this a rule of thumb—you need to dress classy, look timeless and tasteful.

For men, you want to look like someone who really took control of his style; not someone uncomfortable in their own skin, awkwardly shifting from one foot to the other, uncertain about the million dollar question: do I look good? Make sure you feel good. The rest will follow.  

For all you ladies out there—it is a good idea to bring along one friend who you trust, not an entourage. You need to come off as elegant. Complement your partner’s attire.

Furthermore, it is important to note that your hair should be well done. There must be an aura of perfection about the way you dress and look during the night.

Act Like a Gentleman / Lady

Once you’ve created the right impression—with the perfect ride and just the right outfit—you need to back it up by acting like a complete gentleman during prom night!

Hold the door for her, respect her, and try to have a good time! If you really want to leave a lasting impression, strive for it. Carry yourself well and make sure you help your partner stay in form throughout the event as well.

Ladies, make sure to stick with your crew. This night is about lasting friendships and fun. Be polite. Compliment freely. Spread positive vibes.


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