3 Myths We Are Taught About Success

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

— Albert Einstein

No matter what we strive for Success is a luxury we all want to aim for in life. To achieve this greatness requires hard work, dedication, as well as common sense. However, there are myths and incorrect words of advise the world will try to tell us that are the keys to success when in fact they aren’t.

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There are some career paths people take cause they believe it will make them successful. But, if you listen to bad advise, you’ll end up overworked reaping no redeeming qualities from it.

Don’t let these myths steer you away or hold you back from greatness, get yourself on the correct path and strive!

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Myth #1: “If you’re a good worker you’ll get paid more”

“You work hard and you’ll defiantly get that promotion” …not exactly how the real world works. Some people think working hard is bumping up the hours, working more shifts, and doing more physical work.

But in reality, it’s not something that will get you promoted. When you get promoted, it’s because the company see’s you as a potential leader for the work field you’re in. If you’re not a good leader or have any leader qualities (meaning if you cannot think on your own) you will find yourself working in the same job position for a long time.

What’s a difference between and worker and a leader? 


 Someone who’s delegated tasks by a boss, manager / or assistant manager. Usually a standard employee / worker position.

Why are they important? 

A Worker is what keeps the gears running in a company. A manager cannot run a business on their own, they’ll need someone to delegate tasks to, to keep the ball rolling for success. Their responsibilities include, handling tasks that we delegated to them by a manager or business owner.


There are different tiers of what a leader is in a company:

Business owner: Someone who oversee the company as a whole, and manage the managers.

Manager: Responsible for overseeing (or administering) all or part of a company. Delegating tasks to the workers in the company as well as making sure the tasks get completed. It’s a manager’s job to lead the part of the company to a successful path, while making sure the tasks that need to be done, will be completed correctly as well as efficiently.

Assistant Manager: Responsibilities usually include direct supervision of staff, employee evaluation and performing managerial tasks while the manager is unavailable. Basically micro-managing the employees in a company. Simply an extra pair of hands for the manager.

Essentially, you won’t get that promotion by just working hard. You have to work hard towards being a leader. If you don’t have leader qualities, then there’s no reason to promote you. Be innovative and motivate your fellow employees to getting the job done efficiently and successfully. Remember, people are often promoted from within the ranks after being recognized for leadership potential.

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Myth #2: “Start your career while you’re young”

Age is a factor that don’t matter when trying to climb the ladder of success in your dream career. It’s never too late to start anyone can become anything, you just have to work for it, do your research and prevail.

You can start young while working in the same company for years and never move up anywhere. Why? Well, if you refer to Myth #1, it doesn’t matter how hard you work. It’s how well you do your job and if you have leadership potential. Age is never a factor, it’s all about how important you make yourself in a company. Don’t be wanted, be needed. Become the asset the company needs and move up from there.

Success is all about knowledge, innovative thinking, and professional relationships you’ve built bridges to.

Myth #3: “Stress is something you need to undergo to succeed”

False, not at all true. If you’re stressing about your business or job position then something needs to change. You’re most likely stressing about the unknown or the what ifs. If you’re in wonder about failure scenarios then it’s a gut feeling you’re having which means you’ll need to undergo some changes.

Being stressed about your job requires some changes. Changes that requires you to pin-point what exactly is causing all the stress. It could be anything:

  • The amount of work being handed to you is over-whelming, to resolve this you’ll need to take less work or have an assistant.


  • You’re the business owner of the company and things aren’t going as smoothly as you expected it to be. Instead of viewing your business as a whole, you’ll have to figure out which of the gears is jammed and then fix the problem as you deem necessary.

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  • You’re relying on all the wrong people with the wrong tasks. Maybe, an employee is holding everyone up because they aren’t on time or working on the tasks ineffectively. Time to have a talk with this employee, or replace if deemed incompetent.

When you hear someone say “Stress comes with success” they are incorrect. When you over exhaust yourself with stress, you’re preparing yourself for potential failure. Find that perfect balance between how much you work and productiveness.

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Don’t be someone who’ll fall victim to these untrue myths about success. Strive for greatness, not only for the company but for yourself, instead of being a follower, be a leader.

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