2019 Business Ideas for Women

A successful entrepreneur must be outgoing, innovative, and hardworking to get the business off of the ground. However, there do seem to be some differences in business ideas for women and men, according to a Spring 2018 SCORE study.



Some of the study’s findings include:

  • Women may be slightly more likely to start businesses than men.
  • Women-owned businesses tend to be more service-based
  • Men-owned businesses focused on construction or manufacturing.


With these findings in mind, it’s not surprising that some of 2019’s top business ideas for women follow similar trends. With these ideas you can work from home or establish your own office. The possibilities are endless, but it all starts with you.



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Become a Virtual Assistant

The role of personal assistant looks a little different in the digital age. Thanks to modern technology, we can maintain constant connectivity with the internet and other networks.


Virtual assistants, or VAs, make use of these technologies to perform many of a personal assistant’s tasks from a remote location. With more advanced VA work, you may even handle jobs like remote project management.


A typical day may not look the same for any two virtual assistants. Some work from home while others work from an office. VAs may be either self-employed, freelance, or work for a visual assistance agency. This type of work is available in several clerical fields, such as data entry, accounting, and translation.


Since the work varies so widely, the pay does as well. Virtual assistants may charge per task or negotiate an hourly rate. However, glassdoor reports an average base salary as $20-26K. VAs can also pick up gigs on sites like Upwork.




Create a Scene as a Graphic Designer

Behind every image that you see is a graphic designer. From billboards to limousine car emblems, every picture was created by a graphic artist. Much of today’s design work is done digitally, making it easier for these creative professionals to take their work on the go.


Graphic design has grown into a huge industry. It includes typography, web design, branding & marketing, publishing, and so much more. One day you may design a logo for the next big national brand while your colleague is creating new business cards for Miami Airport Car Service.


There is a lot of potential in this field for women with an artistic eye. Yearly salaries range from $30-70K, but that all depends on the structure of your business. Freelance artists may not earn as much as those on salary, but they may have more freedom and flexibility.



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Sell Your Wares on Etsy

Another great opportunity for artists and creatives is opening an online store. Whether your product is digital or physical, selling from a website gives your products greater visibility than a traditional storefront.


With Etsy, potential customers can browse your items from their phones just as easily as they can from their computers. That means that they can shop from home or even while riding in a stretch limousine.


There is a lot of earnings potential in this market. Etsy reports that over 33 million buyers purchased more than $3 billion dollars worth of merchandise through its marketplace in 2017. The site features low seller fees and provides tools to help sellers manage their businesses. Visit the site to learn more about how to set up your shop.



Business Ideas For Women

Plan Epic Journeys as a Travel Agent

For those who love making plans, working as a travel agent lets you use your creative skills to make your clients’ vacation dreams come true. This job entails arranging luxury ground transportation, flights, and hotel accommodations based on your clients’ travel goals and personal needs. Median earnings in this field come in around $36K.


No two travel plans are the same, but a good travel agent knows how to find the perfect accommodations for every situation. For example, you may be arranging transportation for personal or corporate travel. Understanding the purpose of each trip is essential to doing this job well. As you build a clientele you will learn things such as who enjoys limo transportation and who prefers riding in Town Cars.


Some of the major qualifications for this career are a strong knowledge of world geography and excellent computer skills. Agents should also be well-traveled and understand the significance of world cultures.


Business Travel

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Written By: Amber M. Smith


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