2018’s Guide To The Best Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

“It’s the last night on the town before the gown!”

If you’ve been looking for Bachelor and Bachelorette party ideas, you’ve hit the jackpot! We’ve compiled a list from who you should and shouldn’t invite to how to book a lively party bus. When it comes to making this the most memorable experience of your life, we’ve got you covered.

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What Is The Purpose Of The Party, Anyway?

“Bachelor parties are for the married guys.”

If you’ve seen movies likeThe Hangover” or “Very Bad Things,” you probably conceived this pretty wild vision of how these parties should go down. However, if planned right, you won’t need to worry about:

  • The limousine ride that left you waking up in the ‘China Town‘ of another state
  • Getting look-a-like tattoos on your face before the wedding
  • Losing your friend on their special day
  • Waking up to wild animals in your room

Let’s remember, the true purpose of the party is to gather your best friends and celebrate your friendships, from childhood to this very moment, before you say, I do. You want to make sure you have your best man or bridesmaids help you plan this party to make it most enjoyable, after all, they know you best!

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Who You Should, (And Shouldn’t) Invite

“You may want to invite as many people as you can fit into a party bus, but is that the best idea?”

It’s tempting to show off the fact you are getting married and having a celebration! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be invited to quite possibly the best party of their lives? While it looks nice in theory, we’re here to help you remember that it’s an intimate occasion, so invites should be mindful.
Pregame for the big day is coming up and your inner Oprah is urging you to say, “You get an invite! And YOU get an invite!” Some of the things to consider when handing out invitations and hopping into a limo with people are:


  1. Make sure any in-laws of importance are invited. It’s a great way to break the ice if you haven’t fully let loose around them.
  2. Invite all of the Bridesmaids or Groomsmen.
  3. Have the Best Man or Maid of Honor help you with Bachelor/Bachelorette party planning.


  1. You don’t want to invite anyone who brings your energy down.
  2. Don’t let the In-Laws get their invitations last.
  3. Forget to hire an event planner if you get overwhelmed.

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When Is This Legendary Party Going Down?

“Meet me at the club, it’s going down.”

Now that you’ve managed to get together the invites successfully, you have to decide on a date. It’s not recommended to hold the bachelor or bachelorette party directly before the wedding. You may want to space it out a month or so in advance for a few reasons:

  • Keep in line with your budget.
  • Give ample enough time for party recovery.
  • You don’t want to get overwhelmed with all this planning and traveling.
  • Consider the people who are traveling from out of town.

A Bachelor’s Throwdown

For the man, the party is usually thrown and paid for by his best man and groomsmen. When setting a date for the party, think between 2-4 weeks prior to the wedding ceremony itself.
If you don’t give enough notice, some of the people from out-of-town might not be able to make two totally different trips close to the same time.

A Bachelorette’s Showdown

What women want is a little bit different than what men want. When it’s a bachelorette edition of your life, the show must be good! Your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids should be helping plan one last night on the town before the gown!
When choosing a date for this party, like the man’s, you want to give friends and family the courtesy of notice so that they can efficiently plan how they will travel to you. You could even make it easier for them by booking the very best luxury ground transportation ahead of time.

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What’s Your Travel Destination?

“A bright side of your singledom ending means the fun is just beginning!”

Every memorable trip has to start somewhere. You know that you are going to share the time of your life in a luxury party bus with your best mates. But, the questions you should first ask yourself are, where will you travel and what’s your choice of transportation?
First things first, you need to know what your options are. Most people want to have a classy, and luxurious experience that’s loaded with a little risk and a lot of fun!

Choice 2018 Destinations:

Rivera, Maya, Mexico – You need your passport for this one but for an even better experience than Cancun, it’s worth it! Find a designer suite, by Bret Michaels and kick back with some cold ones before exploring the sunny coast of the Carribean.

Austin, Texas – Nothing says a darn good night like an Airbnb right down the street from the hottest venues and best taco’s you’ll ever treat yourself to. Pull up in a limo, feel like a star, and do it big before you do the, I do.

London, France – Enjoy making classic moments in a place of history. Stay at the Ace Hotel in the downtown area where the night comes alive and the party lingers on. Don’t forget to book with a worldwide transportation service for your comfort.

Party Bus Rental

The best mode of transportation is a reliable one that has a spacious feel and pleasantries for everyone. When you’re having a bachelor/bachelorette party, having the essentials is of utmost importance. In a limo service, you should look for:

  1. Ways to keep everyone together. Renting a Party Bus can ensure that you don’t leave anyone behind!
  2. A vehicle that can transport up to 35 passengers.
  3. Luxury and comfort. Amenities are what makes the ride extra special.
  4. Wet bars, beverage stations, beautiful lighting and an excellent chauffeur.

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Choosing The Right Luxury Transportation

“It’s the final countdown!”

Everything is nearly set into place. The only thing left you’ve got to do, is get there! If you choose the right limousine service, you are one step closer to making your dreams come true. Who do you go with and why?
Choosing a limo service can be tricky. Sometimes, you think you’re getting quality service and find out that they aren’t as professional as you’d originally hoped. What makes up the standard for an excellent limousine company?

  • Your chauffeur drives patiently enough to where you won’t spill your drink.
  • Personal belongings and bags will never be left unattended.
  • Never worry about getting the door for yourself.
  • Reliability and timeliness are easily noticeable.
  • You enter a clean and tidy space, every time.

What happens in a limo doesn’t have to stay in the limo. By that, we mean, what your buddy tossed up last night, shouldn’t be the aroma of today. You should always receive the cleanest ride with freshly stocked amenities for your pleasure.

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2018 has been a year of prosperity and celebration. A1A Airport and Limousine Service is happy to provide you with casual or classy ground transportation services for all of your needs. Let us help you make this bachelor or bachelorette party one to remember for life! Book a party bus with us, your chariot awaits! Hire a personal concierge or one of our trusted event planners to guide you through until the end.

Written By: Dee Haller


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