2018’s Greatest Of All Time Limousine Features

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury.
– Coco Chanel

When you think of a limousine, what comes to mind? The Chauffeur. The tinted windows. The minibar. These things are classic features, but the main idea is all about comfort.

As you prepare for your next travel adventure, look into your options when it comes to what each limo service has to offer.

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What You Should Expect in a Limousine in 2018

Luxury travel should be just that. It is a way for you to travel luxuriously, in comfort and in style.

Vehicles come standard-equipped with many features today that would have been mind-blowing not long ago. You should expect a luxury car to come with even more amenities.

Modern Tech

Your limo rental should be a help, not a hindrance. You should be able to continue business as usual when traveling for work. For longer rides, you may need to charge your laptop while you finish reports.

When going out for a night on the town, you might want to connect your phone to the sound system or smart TV to play music, show videos, or enjoy pictures taken throughout the night.

Your limo car should at least come with:

How The Limousine Became A Symbol Of Luxury

Sound System

Premium Entertainment System

The best luxury cars come equipped with awesome sound systems. Some even come with TVs and DVD players.

Bluetooth connectivity will let you play your own music and comes standards in most limousines.

Satellite radio (like XM or Sirius radio services) provides a wide array of stations, for your listening pleasure.

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Luxe Interior for the Ultimate in Comfort

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride. The limo interior should feel as good as it looks.

You can expect:

  • Plush leather seats to sit comfortably
  • Plenty of space so that no one is crowded
  • Climate control to keep the limousine interior cool in the heat of the day
  • Heated seats to warm the seating surface when it’s cold out
  • Tinted windows for privacy (and maybe to cast an air of mystery)

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Car Performance

Performance for a Smooth Ride

Your luxury travel experience is about comfort and convenience. Part of the convenience aspect is getting you where you need to go quickly and efficiently.

Your limo chauffeur will know the best way through traffic and how to take detours to avoid slowdowns. Your driver can only work with the machine has to offer, however.

The top luxury cars have outstanding performance specs, like big engines, high top speed, and plenty of horsepower.

Terrain management systems like four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive can help keep you on the road in inclement weather or when driving on less than stellar roadways.

Another part of the experience is putting you in control of your surroundings. It sounds basic, but sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

Don’t underestimate having the ability to control:

  • Powered seats
  • Windows
  • Doors

Individual climate control settings can give the area behind the partition a completely different feel from the front cabin.

Some of the features of your luxury car may go completely unnoticed to you as a passenger, as they are more geared toward making your chauffeur’s job easier.

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Sleek Head Turner

Sleek Style that Turns Heads

There are few cars more beautiful than a black sedan or a stretch limousine. The good news is that a limousine service typically offers both of these types of vehicles, everything in between, and then some.

You’ll love how it lines up. One mark of a luxury car is the seamless integration of its physical features. Lines so smooth that they melt into each other like butter.

Consider This:

  • Trunk latches that you have to feel because they barely stand out enough for you to see.
  • Doors that open smoothly from handles that nearly blend into the car’s body.
  • Low profile mirrors and trim that flows into the rest of the vehicle.
  • Stylish colors (like a clean white or glossy black) shine so bright that onlookers will see their reflections as you pass.
    • Inside a limo, you’ll be riding in style as you watch the world outside.
  • Streamlined body styles look good and are aerodynamic.

Drop off

Pick-up and Drop-off Where and When You Need It

Limo rental truly is a luxury experience. Whether you want transportation to a birthday party or a ride to the airport, it should be easy to book a reservation near you.

Go with a chauffeur service that will come to you where you are and drop you off on time.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

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