2017 Automotive Trends

2017 has seen a lot of trends that are already revolutionizing the automotive industry. These new trends can be mainly attributed to digitization, and technological advancements. Automakers have realized that they must meet the numerous customer demands for a digitally enhanced experience when researching, buying, and operating. Have a look at the trends that are transforming the auto industry.

Autonomous Driving

A lot of studies show that are almost becoming normal. Most automakers and newcomers in the industry are trying to imagine how bright the future could be with the full implementation of autonomous driving. Google’s self-driving spinoff, announced that the company has built sensors for driving and that they would install the technology on minivans and do tests on the roads this year. Additionally, Ford has announced their latest self-driving vehicle, which they hope will be ready by 2021.

This does not meant that a vehicle you purchase this year will not help you drive it. What we have today is a driver-assist technology that could put you closer to a hands-free future. With this technology, there are sensors activated when you drive close to a car or when there’s a car in your blind spot. Another technology like cruise control adjusts your speed according to the distance of the car that is ahead of you. Rear-view cameras are joined by aerial-view and side-view cameras.

Although, this technology is not in much use, it has gained a lot of ground in 2017, and will continue to become more sophisticated and widely used.

Use of Digital Technology in the Car Buying Process

In the past, the process of purchasing a car used to be quite stressful. You had to engage in deep negotiations with salesmen so as to get your desired deal. At that time, consumers equipped with just a newspaper advertisement felt pressured and ill-informed when purchasing a new vehicle.

Currently, consumers can reach a car of their choice on the internet even before they step foot in a dealership. Thanks to a website like ours, buyers can now access information about various car models in a click of a button. In addition to this, virtual reality is another technology being implemented in the car buying process. A good example is the Audi Virtual Showrooms in London. Here, very few actual cars are on display and. The others are just VR car models. Through this technology, buyers can sneak a 360-degree inside and out, open doors, and also listen to sound effects of the expected new model. In response to customer’s needs and expectations, companies that sell cars are likely to start selling cars and other parts directly through their websites.

More Electric Vehicles

Automakers are now producing all-electric vehicles more than ever before. Ford announced that they were going to release 13 electrified car models by the year, 2020. Volkswagen has 30 of them in the works, while Mercedes will make ten of them by 2025.

Although the market is still yet to get accustomed to electric vehicles, there are many reasons to believe that the market will ripen in the coming few years. The distance that EVs can travel has increased immensely in just a few years. Also, administrations and relevant stakeholders have announced plans to install charging all over America. This is something that will help reduce concerns about what would happen if an EV started to run out of juice.

Furthermore, a good reason why to purchase an electric car is high gas prices, and right now they are quite high. With increased concerns over the environment and fuel economy, electric cars are going to be the next big thing. However, this can only happen through thorough research and development.

The consumer is accustomed to updating their phones over the cloud, they want a similar experience in their vehicle. The coming few years look promising where more vehicles are expected to come with system that can be easily updated and customized by drivers.

Due to this high demand, automobiles now come with Internet connections, offering customers the ability to store information and data on the cloud.

At the moment, the Department of Transportation in the United States proposed that all cars must be able to ‘communicate’ with each other digitally from 2020. Automakers and regulators see the importance of this new technology as it will help to reduce accidents and fatalities.

Getting back to the point about the cloud, the latest cars will open doors to more from drivers being collected and shared more than ever before. Toyota, Ford, and other automakers came together to create a common infotainment system that will connect Apple iOS and Google Android. This will mean that application developers will have the opportunity to adapt their creations for the car easily, and customers will have more ways to integrate their car with their other devices. For instance, Ford announced that some its cars will use virtual assistant Alexa, and Amazon Echo, meaning that you will be able to command your car using your voice.

A Connected Supply Chain and Better Manufacturing

As seen in other industries, digital transformation trends are being utilized to personalize consumers’ experience and customize their desires. The automotive industry works the same way. By digitizing the supply chain, drives down costs involved, collects and uses data to serve customer better, and effectively engages the consumer.

Lately, the industry has moved from the regional and national production to a more decentralized process for both production and supply chains. In addition to lowering costs, a connected supply chain has helped to ensure more transparence in accelerating design, delivery, and manufacturing. Communication that has been enabled by the internet and social media has provided instant feedback about this smart factory. Despite the financial barriers involved in constructing these factories, the great improvements to production, performance, and flexibility will help to overcome this problem.

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