2 Upcoming Events Ideal for a Party Bus Arrival

Summer 2017 is at its peak and Boca Raton, like always, has been in the process of enjoying a ‘sun and surf’ mentality for quite a while now! Now, admittedly, the Sunshine State has been experiencing a bit of a rain issue, which is unfortunate for those who wish to make the most of the summer by lounging at the beach or driving a convertible at leisure. However, even though some parades have been rained on lately, it doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop, especially when residents of Boca Raton can enjoy several upcoming events, with a party bus arrival thrown in for good measure!

The city of Boca Raton, according to the general consensus, is known for two things. Number one, the number of rich retirees and affluent longtime locals; and number two; the ample opportunities for fun and adventure, if one knows how to seek out fun. Since the weather of Boca Raton is perpetually beautiful, especially in the summer, it is almost a crime to not seek out opportunities and events which entertain, inspire and delight in equal measure. And when all of that is done with transportation provided by a Boca limo service, it makes no sense to put off the fun any longer!

Boca Raton Events

Since Boca Raton is among the cities more known for the events inside the city than out, the coming days are presenting a treasure trove of opportunity for those who would prefer different types of events, both cultural and artistic. Following are some of those events, along with their dates and details.

Brazilian Beat 2017

Date: September 9th, 2017

Time: 6-11 PM

Location: Mizner Park Amphitheater

Brazil has a history that is rich with vibrant arts and culture; all of which is showcased during the Brazilian Beat festival. Basically a celebration of the Brazilian Independence Day, Brazilian Beat features quintessential Brazilian cultural pieces such as a parade that is similar to the Mardi Gras celebration in Rio, and arts features such as Samba drummers and the traditional Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.

While it is not of the scale which we would get to experience during Mardi Gras, it is beautiful and vibrant nonetheless. Now, while the best way to experience the celebration is to walk along with the parade, however, there is something to be said for arriving at the center of celebrations in a party bus, hired through a Boca limo service. Admission is free for everyone, and there is plenty of food and beverage available for purchase inside the venue. No food from outside is allowed.

The Symphonia Boca Raton: A Space Odyssey

Date: August 12th, 2017

Time: Show begins at 8:00PM and doors close at 7:00PM

Location: Mizner Park Amphitheater

There are not many people, to be honest, who don’t remember the legendary, beloved and revered 2001: A Space Odyssey. And if there is someone who is unfamiliar with it, then they must know Star Wars and Star Trek. If you are someone who appreciated not just the movies and television series, but the music featured in them, then you are in for a treat!


The Symphonia Boca Raton: A Space Odyssey is a collection of classical music pieces that consist of the most epic and nostalgic music from some of the most amazing science fiction movies ever to grace the screen. If you are a lover of classical music, this event will be delightful for you, and if you have a deep and profound dedication to all things classic sci-fi, you would not want to miss it! Travel to the venue with friends in a party bus and discuss the sci-fi masterpieces in detail, while enveloped in luxury.

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