The Evolution of Convenient Traveling

Luxury travel and comfort has been the first demand of mankind from the very beginning. We are always working to find the best ways to make our lives easier and convenient. There are many business startups that are only selling the services that will make our life easier and luxurious. If you are a professional business man and you travel a lot then you probably know the fatigue of travelling. You cannot quit traveling but you can choose luxury travel and most of the business professionals never compromise on the comfort of travelling.

Technology, in any case, has changed the way our system works. Things are now significantly more advantageous and less demanding. My folks still can’t get over the way that with a tick of a catch, you can have an auto lift you up or food conveyed to your doorstep. With regards to traveling, technology has enhanced such a significant number of parts of it by ten times. Can you imagine traveling with no access to Google maps, flight booking frameworks, in booking stages, or something as essential as not having the capacity to peruse data on online journals and sites?

Despite the fact that I would have wanted to experience traveling during past times worth remembering, generally, they make traveling just a great deal more helpful and moderate. Recorded underneath are a couple of courses on how technology changed the way we travel.

Booking a Flight

Few years ago, smartphones were not so common and only few people had access to smartphones. There was no concept of booking your flight with the help of your mobile phone. Either you are a business professional or a simple school teacher, the only way to book your ticket for your flight was to visit the nearest booking office and get the ticket by hand. That was not only time consuming but standing is long queues was also a big problem.

With smartphones and internet apps, you can easily book your flight to your desired destination for your business meeting with just single click. Now, you don’t have to stand in the row for tickets. It is the big step towards the luxury travel. If you are a luxury travel fan, then you will definitely love this evolution.

Renting a Car

Car is the most basic need for of luxury travel and every business professional own a car. It is not possible to take your car everywhere in your business meeting. You can travel by car within city or nearest towns but when you visit any other country then you need a car to travel with ease.

There are many businesses in the world that provide cars for rent. Rent a car is not a new business but technology has totally changed the way of our dealings. Now, you can hire a car for your luxury travel and care will be at your location and you would not have to visit any shop to hire a driver or car. Careem and Uber are two most famous car providers that are using technology and smartphones for this purpose.

Find the Best Things to do

When you visit any new place, you don’t know that which one is the best restaurant in the town. You have no idea that which hotel is offering best facilities and where your stay will be economical. Business professional will not only look for travel luxury but he will also want to stay in best hotel. So if you want to find out anything about any city or county, apps have the solution for you.

Some time ago there was no such thing as Trip Advisor where we could read audits on a company’s’ reputation. It was altogether done on dazzle confidence. Presently, we can in a flash read audits on what to do, and in addition, we can in a split second discover novel and fun activities which coordinate your travel style.

GPS and Emails

You have to stay connected with your loved ones and your office. If you are on a professional business meeting then you will have to update your office about your progress and in the past, post was the only source of sharing information. Now you can send any data and information with just a single click from your computer.

GPS have made travelling fun and convenient. If you are new in the city and don’t know about locations and roads, don’t worry as Google maps use GPS technology and can guide you on each and every step.

Travel Hacks – How to travel and Save Money

Traveling the world is a dream at the top of wish list of every kid. However, as we grow up the responsibilities increase and we get so caught up in life that traveling remains a dream. Most of the people have financial issues due to which they are unable to make their dream come true. If you really want to travel the world money cannot stop you. Here we have the best tips and tricks on how to pinch pennies while traveling.

Get cards that do not charge fee

When you are in another country and you want to transact money from your account you will have to pay $3 ATM fee. If you will have to take out the money every day it will cost you a lot. A better solution to this problem is that you should buy the cards that do not cost any charges. It might be dangerous for you to carry cash around. There are some special bank services that will not cost your money on international transactions. It will help you save a lot of money during your journey.

Look for airline sales

If you are planning to have a business travel but you do not have the money for it do not worry. There are special days in the week on which the airline companies offer special discounts.

  • Different companies have different days at which they offer luxury travel sales
  • Find out the days and the sales of offer they are providing
  • Compare the rates and book the flight on the day sale is offered

You will get the chance to save up to 30% on regular days and if it was a special occasion you might save more.

Secret hotel rooms

A secret tip you can use for saving money is booking the secret hotel room services. it is a special service that most of the tourists do not even know about. You will have to conduct a complete research online. You will notice that the hotel rooms will be perfect for accommodation. You will get all the amenities of life as well as the special services. the only difference is that these rooms are available at the cheapest rate which means you will not have to worry about the hotel charges.

Have your favorite meal at lunchtime

If you are on a business trip most of your time will be spent in the conferences and exploring the areas. Being a professional you will have to visit different restaurants with the company. In this situation, you cannot afford to offer the low-cost meal. The best solution to deal with this situation is ordering a complete meal at the lunchtime. When you will compare the charges for the same meal at lunch time and dinner time you will notice the difference. In this way, you will enjoy the most delicious meals at an affordable rate. It is not necessary that you will get the best meals at the restaurants because some of the best meals are available at the street food.

Use the promo codes

There different service providers that are offering the promo codes. There are some gift card services available as well. You can use the promo codes on the flights and other transportation services. On the other hand, use the gift cards in the restaurants or you can exchange them for money. If the gift card offers a free meal make sure that you do not lose this opportunity and enjoy your time.

Look for cheapest transportation services

When you are in a new country the most difficult situation you will have to deal with is finding the cheap transportation services. You can order the luxury car but it will cost you a fortune. It is better that you think wisely. Pay attention to the pay and the distance of your hotel from the destination. You have to calculate the fair of public transportation and private transportation. Make sure you consider the time they will take. This comparison will provide you the chance to finalize the deal that is more affordable so you will not have to waste money.

Bottom line

When you are on a tight budget you will have to take every step wisely. Remember that your enjoyment is more important than your pocket. You have to save money for exploring the area so that you will not regret that you were unable to visit a tourist attraction because of lack of money. There are applications available that will show you cheap offers to help you manage your expenses.


Geocaching: Everything You Need To Know About This New Fun Game


If you enjoyed popular childhood games likes “hide-and-seek” and “treasure hunt” when you were a kid, then you are not too far off from knowing what geocaching is all about. This new game is fast becoming popular in the UK, US, Australia, and other parts of the world.


What is Geocaching Anyway?

Simply put, geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt. But this time around, you will be making use of Global Positioning System (GPS) to find the treasures. It is a high-tech game that brings back the sweet memory of games we played as kids by combining GPS-tracking with outdoor adventure. What makes geocaching unique is that it is fun for all ages.


What Does Geocaching Work?

Like I mentioned above, you should think of this game as high-tech hide-and-seek game. It involves participants all over the world hiding what is known as “caches” in public locations and then leave clues for other participants to find them.

In some cases, participants leave a trinket inside the cache or a logbook so other participants can record their presence on the site. Once you found the cache, you can trade the goodies inside with one of your own.


How To Play Geocaching

Are you looking forward to joining in this high-tech adventure? Playing geocaching is extremely easy and fun. What makes this good unique is that it is perfect for adults as well as teenagers who want to join you in the hunt.

You can play geocaching in the following steps:

  1. Get a Dedicated GPS Receiver or Download Geocaching App

In the early days of Geocaching, most players made use of dedicated GPS receiver to acquire coordinates. Some players still prefer this method. However, since nowadays mobile phones and devices have GPS feature, the better way will be to download Geocaching app on your smartphone or tablet from PlayStore or App Store.


  1. Create Your Geocaching Account

To join the game, you will need to create an account on a geocaching website. Creating your account will give you access to all the features on the site along with the caching data. Note that not all geocaching sites are free. In most sites, you will need to get a premium member status before you could get access to some of the best features on the site.

I would recommend that you don’t limit yourself to just one Geocaching site. You can explore as many of them as possible.


  1. Start Finding Caches From your Location

The great thing about this game is that geocaches are hidden everywhere. It is a good idea to always begin your search where you are. You are likely to find some of these caches close to your location.


  1. Choose Difficulty Level

On Geocaching website, you can be able to choose the difficulty level that suits your need. If you are just getting started, you may opt for easy caches and then progress to difficult levels as you get more experience.


  1. Get a Gift Item to Trade

Before you proceed on your search, you might want to find a valuable gift to trade. Some geocaching websites follow a theme. If the geocaching website you are following has a theme, ensure you get something that follows the theme. You will trade this gift for the one existing in the cache once you locate it. Some of the items you can trade include trinkets, bug trackers, and Geocoins.


  1. Locate the Cache

With your GPS, you can start locating caches. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. When you find one, take the gift inside and replace it with your own. You can go ahead and register your presence if there is a logbook available. When you are done, place it back exactly the way you found it. Note that geocaches must never be hidden underground to avoid interference.


Benefits of Playing Geocaching

Geocaching is indeed one game for adults that is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Due to the numerous benefits that are associated with this game, a lot of people all over the world are developing an interest in geocaching. Some of these benefits include:

  • It is very fun to play
  • It boosts mental health
  • it’s a fun way to get some physical activities for adults
  • it relieves stress
  • Improves memory
  • It helps you tap into your creativity
  • It promotes eustress
  • It helps to reduce symptoms of depression



There is no doubt that Geocaching is a very fun game with a lot of benefits. Young and old adults can participate in this game. It is a great way to keep your memory and body activate. Besides, the trekking, biking, and hiking that may be involved in your effort to find caches are good enough exercises. But that’s not all, the joy of discovering the box as well as the surprise of the trinkets inside all combine to make this game a must-do for every adult.

Efficient Ways of Travelling to Your Destination


Travel is a compelling route for businesses to obtain new customers and investors– nothing is more impactful than meeting eye to eye with a potential customer. Vast business organizations are regularly very much prepared for travelling for business trips; they have a uniform method and enough cash to help their professional workers with rich cars to help their development. However, for small professional businesses, travel can wind up overpowering and disorderly for business meeting because of absence of fund to give the correct transport help, for example, luxury cars to ease development to meet with customers. The mix of a set number of representatives and an over-yearning or impossible venture design can put a budgetary strain on private business.


The best moderate and productive methods for heading out to business destination and also getting a charge out of it with luxury cars can be further more clarified as we continue;

Going for business can be energizing, however it doesn’t generally abandon you with enough time to truly encounter the city you’re going by. In any case, your business trips don’t need to be all work with no play! With these couple of basic hints, you can satisfy your work business commitments while as yet getting a charge out of the sights and hints of your host city. Expect the time distinction by acclimatizing yourself. A couple of days before flight for a business meeting or a sumptuous vacation, get used to managing your body check by abstaining from sleeping in or remaining up late. This will enable you to adjust all the more effortlessly to your new time zone once you’ve touched base at your business destination. Your booked hotel and luxury car rental office may all offer you membership to their reliability programs when you make your booking. Taking a couple of minutes to do this will open various advantages and spare important time through utilization of traveler profiles and spared preference, express courses, access to the air terminal parlor to unwind or work, mailing of your luxury car enlist receipt and so on. When you are reserving, look out for the words “or comparable” by the sort of car and the sort occasion which you will require it for business meeting or sumptuous vacation. For instance; if you are determined to an official meeting luxury cars, for example, Mercedes, suv, Peugeots are on the whole great decisions while for lavish vacation luxury cars, for example, Mercedes convertibles, Audi A3 Convertible, Ford Mustang Cabriolet and lots more. Be that as it may, they aren’t generally simple to discover and book. So here is a professional manual for what would you be able to rent where, how to go about it, what sort of rates you should pay, and the admonitions and potential traps to pay special mind to a business meeting or a luxury vacation; Rates change immensely, depending upon the luxury car and the area, however the accompanying are rule with air terminal pickups, crash harm waiver protection (CDW) and boundless mileage. For a Ford Mustang Cabriolet or comparable, Zest Car from Orlando, from Las Vegas, from San Francisco. For an Audi A3 Convertible or comparable, Holiday Autos from Nice, from Pisa. Especially higher. For a CDW yet restricted mileage, Holiday Autos for a Mercedes E-Class Convertible, a Ferrari 458 Italia, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Be amicable and professional when you are at your business destination, regardless of whether it’s your customer’s office, a gathering, or another office in your organization. Asking your companions what they like to do at the chance to do in the region is an extraordinary friendly exchange that likewise gives you significant data about the region. Battle your fly slack by tolerating any professional offers from your colleagues or customers to go out after work. They know the best places to go around town, and you’ll make certain to encounter some fun while on your business adventure. Don’t invest the greater part of your free energy amid your business trips divert surfing in your lodging room! Indeed, even with a bustling calendar, there are still a lot of chances to make the most of your destination while going for business. Indeed, even the professionals say you should buckle down and play harder, and with a little research and arranging you will undoubtedly achieve that assignment on your next business trip. Will probably expel an early morning stroll on the beach before making a beeline for the workplace on the off chance that you carried just business clothing with you. Pack a couple of agreeable shoes, a swimming outfit, and your camera to enable you to check out of business hours and genuinely appreciate being a guest in another city.

Communication is the way to any professional arranging or planning. Get some information about your boss’ or customer’s desires and wishes for your business visit. Might they want to eat with you? Is luxury transportation from the hotel to the workplace given? These answers will help you professionally design your own chance amid your business trip. Once you’ve accumulated the majority of the critical subtle elements of your business trip, you can begin to design both your work and individual time. Before you leave for your destination, inquire about some potential nearby attractions, prevalent neighborhoods, and shopping areas that you figure you might want to visit. You’re frequently short on time amid a business journey, and arranging things ahead of time will keep you from losing a couple of hours assembling a venture design. For instance, in the event that you know your organization or customer is furnishing you with day by day luxurious transportation to and from the workplace, request to be dropped off at an exhibition hall or eatery inside strolling separation of your hotel one night.

Best Wine tour/Tastings in the US

Best Wine tour/Tastings in the US

Having a sip of wine takes you into a whole new world every time. Whether enjoying your glass of wine at home or at some party as it always gives you a royal feeling with every sip. Although the region of France or Italy is especially renowned as the wine countries. However, you may also enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the wine country while in the United States. If you are planning to travel the best wine tour/tasting in the US, then here is the list to give you an idea. So all you need is to keep on reading.

Yamhill County, Oregon

If you want to search the best wine destination in the United States then Yamhill County is the best possible answer. With the seven of the country best wineries, this county contains overall 80 wineries. So being a wine lover, Yamhill should be the must in your to-do bucket.

King County, Washington

If you have not yet to king county, then now is the time. The king county is important for making the red wines including Sangiovese. Similarly, if you want to spend your vacations in the best possible way, then king county is the best. This winery contains 60 of the best wineries and these recently opened wine destinations may arrange some of the best wine tours and tastings.

Napa County, California

If there is any famous or the highly recommended wine destination it is the Napa Valley in California. According to an estimate, this place contains the biggest collection of the wineries to give you the luxury of watching and experience the farms.

San Luis Obispo County, California

If you are craving for the wine tours or tastings, then there is no other place much happening than the San Luis Obispo. This county contains almost 100 vineyards and all of them are 15 to 20 minutes away from one another. The beautiful county of San Luis Obispo has been ranked as the best winery in 2016. Plan a tour to the amazing vineyards of SLO and give yourself a retreat.

Sonoma County, California

Although the Napa Valley is considered the best wine tour/ tasting destination, however, the Sonoma Valley is in direct competition when it comes to wine. With one of the finest wine county, the Sonoma County contains the wine yards every 6 square miles. That is not it, if you plan to visit some of the best wine destinations in the world then the county offers littorai Wines along with Banshee.

The wine tour to the Napa or the Sonoma County could be heavy to your pocket and mostly fall into the luxury category of the traveling. However, this tour may give you the memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Alameda County, California

Visiting a wine yard is not free as its cost you’re a heavy sum. Especially the counties like Napa or Sonoma. Visiting wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties can be expensive. However, there is always a better option. Plan a visit to the most suitable and affordable county with the minimum county rates.

Santa Barbara County, California

Santa Barbara County offers the wine lovers a heaven on the earth. Apart from the main county, the other great places to visit are Jaffurs Wine Cellars and Sandhi Wines which have mastered the art of wine over the years. However, the wines including Viognier and Grenache Blanc.

This area along with all of its microelements allow the other growers to grow the wine garden and gives you an opportunity to settle here as it has this area has more opportunities for producing different kinds of wines. So what you are waiting for?

Walla Walla County, Washington

Moving on, now we have Walla Walla Country, Washington which is famous for its economy that circle around agriculture. The farms of Walla Wall country has earned great fame over the years on the global scale. However, the wine farms include Snake River Vineyard, and also the world’s biggest Concord grape vineyard.

Let us add more to our information and that is Walla Walla Country has amazingly more than 50 wineries that is spread within almost on every 21.5 square miles.

San Joaquin County, California

So the next in our list is the most amazing San Joaquin Country Valley, California which is known as one of the best places for growing different kinds of crops which also include wine grapes.

The most interesting fact about this valley is it is also considered as the “Best food basket of the world”. Moreover, if we talk about the wineries in this area, then you will be amazed as it contains almost 35 wineries in which Bokisch Vineyards in Lodi, California is famous. The one Bokisch which is considered at number 10 in the world’s top 100 wineries.

Amador County, California

The next is Amador County, California which is getting famous day by day on ranking top having world’s best wineries. However, according to the records of Census Bureau, this area has the world’s most amazing tasting couple of wineries which will blow your mind. Moreover, the new wineries are opening day by day on a large scale. So in short, the estimated area that every winery covers are 33 square miles.

Another amazing fact is that Amador Country has recently recognized itself for having the best producers of Wines in America for its two wineries.  The wineries including Vino Noceto, which is famous for its sangiovese.

So this is the list of world’s best wine tours in the USA. However, if you are a wine lover and actually want to know the places of amazing tasted wines, then this article is especially for you to read. The world is vast and it contains many amazing places that are fully filled with grape yards and rich with the production of world amazingly tasted wines that give your mouth an experience of taste that you can never forget.

Whatever reason you might want to hire a luxury car, it can be concluded that car services offer safety and convenience that cannot be matched with traditional transportation methods.

Experiencing luxury cars like  any of our cars in our fleet is an exciting experience in itself, and no option you choose would ever disappoint. If you would like some suggestions on which ride is best for your event feel free to call us at any time!

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US’s Best Food Worth a Road-trip

Despite the many obstacles of driving, encountering heavy traffic, rest stop washrooms, road rage, and the fascination of road trip still goes strong. This is because a road trip is the best ways for the foodies to explore American landscape and try new cuisines on their way to a fantastic and fun filled road trip. There are many food destinations that makes the road trip worth trying at least once on your trip to the US.

Let us explore some of the best road trips with excellent food destinations to discover. While on road trips you may miss the luxury of 

a comfortable travel trip, but would never regret when you end up eating in restaurants that you find during your road trip to U.S

Santa Barbara & Big Sur

After you stop here for a perfect Santa Barbara wine tour and explore majestic 

Hearst Castle, head to a roadside steakhouse located in Buellton for tasty meats that are grilled over and fire in open with excellent wine. Big Sur bakery offers large sized pastries, lovely omelettes and breads baked in wood fires.

Florida- The Overseas Highway & Tropical fish

You can explore around 260 species of different tropical fish in Key Largo, John Pennekamp Coral reef State park. The key fisheries here supply stone-crab claws and Eaton St. Seafood Market prepare amazing crab cakes.

Ancient Monuments & Red Rock Scenic Byway

You can discover the homes of Montezuma Castle National Monument which are nearly 1000 years old and in Sedona at kitchy Coffee Pot Restaurant, the foodies can find 101 different kinds of omelets and the Barking Frog grills is excellent in making cactus fries and buffalo burgers.



New York: Antiquing in the Hudson River Valley

Hudson open the doors to shopping stores like Keystone and to enjoy dining at Hudson you can visit tasty menus at Blue Hill Stone Barns as they use the ingredients that are collected from the farms located right in front of the restaurants and Mercato here is well known for its hospitality and homemade pastas.

Fort Worth, Texas – Black Forest Cake right from Swiss Pastry Shop

Here you get the yummy black forest cake and it is quite different from other cakes as it is gluten free and flourless. It is macaroon cake and you will simply love the cake that you never had before.

Charlotte, North Carolina – BBQ Chicken – Bar-B-Q King

Believe it or not you do not need to even stop during your road trip to reach North Carolina BBQ.  You would love the vinegary sauce and simply order BBQ chicken which is dipped and fried in BBQ sauce they make and you will never forget this tasty and fun filled toad trip.

El Paso, Texas  – Hamburgers – The Great American Land and Cattle Co.

This is a local chain of different steakhouses that specialize in burgers and the best of they make is steakburger. Surely they will get bonus points for their hospitality that includes serving steakburgers with Texas caviar and pineapple colestaw.

Boston,Massachusetts – Clam Chowder from Summer Shack Restaurant

Your road trip may seem to be missing out on something if you do not get to seafood isn’t? Seafood is a must in Boston. Clam chowder is the staple cuisine served here in Summer Shack Restaurant and they make it a little thinner than regular chowder, but it will help you eat one more bowl of chowder.

It is all fun when you choose to go on a road trip in US and it is certainly worth giving a try as you will have experience a different thrill than your regular vacation with all the luxury and hospitality that you get right from your travelling to staying in a hotel and hiring transportation to commute locally to reach each destination.


Gaining Consumer Trust In Car Connectivity

In this day and age, where technology grows ever more complex, day by day, and not only our phones, but our cars have become computers, people want to know a few things. They want to know if this technology helps or hinders them. Does it protect us ,or pose an added threat if something does goes wrong. These and many other questions abound, but the answer to them, is never quite as clear as we hoped, more so melting into the proverbial gray area that is the middle ground between yes and no, good and bad, light and dark.

Individuals who presented in Brussels at the Connected Cars Europe 2017 conference believe unity is the answer. That the industry as a whole, all the networking, applications, services and manufacturing must be made to work together as a cohesive whole, chugging away like a well oiled machine with the sole purpose in mind of delivering unto the customer everything that has been asked of them, with all the assurances of safety and security possible. This is as good a plan as any, and if implemented well, without any interference from one company or the next, it could in all likelihood work to the desired effect.

A big part of this plan, is the creation of automated cars, and not just a car that can drive itself, but a truly automated vehicle, one that is capable of communication with all other cars on the road, alerting them in milliseconds of any accident that may occur. These are the aptly named “Talking Cars” of our future. Ranking in automation from 0 to 5, they stand at the pinnacle of 5, a summit we have not yet been able to climb to. Tesla is beginning manufacturing of cars in the 3 to 4 range, in that they are capable of driving without human assistance, but do not yet have the technology to communicate among themselves.

In the end though, what do automated cars mean for us? What do they mean for we the people who will be buying them, being driven by them, and putting our trust in them? Well the most glaring difference in my eyes is that accidents will become all but nonexistent. Short of mechanical failures machines don’t make mistakes. They don’t go 70 on a street where the speed limit is 30, they don’t run red lights, and they certainly don’t get drunk on a Friday night and decide to wing it and drive home anyway. So in theory, it will be safer, much safer.

What though, does this mean for the limousine service of the future? In all likelihood destinations and addresses will be preprogrammed, pickup times neatly scheduled, and the limousine itself will almost never be late. Party bus prices will drop, as they will no longer need a professional driver, only a “party facilitator” if you will, with the job of a DJ while simultaneously watching to make sure all the rules are followed within the vehicle itself in lieu of the driver. The limo service of tomorrow could very well consist of a fleet of “talking cars” or “talking limousines” and a small group of people in an office somewhere to answer the phone calls, schedule the pickups and make sure the whens and wheres are kept in order. It’s almost funny to think that 10 years from now when you search up “car services near me” you will mean exactly that, a car. No well dressed driver in a pressed suit come to get you, just you, and whoever else you’ve brought along, if anyone.

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There are a few companies preparing for this future, so near yet feeling so far away. In Germany data is being analyzed to help create the next generation of technology that performs faster and at a higher level than ever before, but with speed there must also be usability.

A machine that has been made faster than any other of its kind, but that breaks down periodically is unacceptable. Of course perfection is impossible, but to be marketable it must be as close to perfect as possible in order to be marketable at all. It truly will be a challenge, making something never before seen, and having to get it right the first time or fail entirely.

There can be no half measures here, the automotive industry if it hopes to conquer this monumental feat cannot settle for the familiarity of the gray area. They must either go for the gold or give up entirely. 

Whatever reason you might want to hire a luxury car, it can be concluded that car services offer safety and convenience that cannot be matched with traditional transportation methods.

Experiencing luxury cars like  any of our cars in our fleet is an exciting experience in itself, and no option you choose would ever disappoint. If you would like some suggestions on which ride is best for your event feel free to call us at any time!

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Upcoming Events Every Business Owner Should Attend

Want to know why business events are important? We couldn’t say it better than these people:

My life changed of a sudden in 2015 when I began to added high class conferences and corporate event; I met so many dignitaries who offered invaluable assistance to me by giving me business ideas…………… Mark Lee

I met with notable entrepreneurs in the San Francisco corporate web design and UX conference of 2015, we exchanged contacts and formed a sort of mutual friendship, through their channels and connections, and I landed some bank-breaking deals with my transportation company.

Above all, I was inspired by these young, intelligent men and women to be a GO-GETTER, if they can do it, then I can too. ……….. Michael Scott.

Now, going to conferences and a corporate event is not the issue, the major obstacle lies in identifying the ones that are worth your time and money and the ones that are futile.

That’s why we have assisted you in compiling this list with some of the most engaging and beneficial corporate conferences you can attend late this year with some of their venues.

Without further ado, let us begin

1. The Web Summit

The Web summit is taking place on 6th to 9th of November, 2017 in Portugal. Web submit arguably the biggest corporate event of the season with more than forty thousand guests from all over the globe which includes top CEO’s, investors And senior transportation doyens.

When: November 6th to 9th
Where: Lisbon, Portugal

When: November 3rd to 6th
Where: Los Angeles, CA

2. The Summit in LA

The Summit happening at Los Angeles and holding on 3rd to 6th of November. The summit clears the path for you to meet leaders in luxury hotels, culture, and heritage, techs, and startups.

The major objective is to form a convergence consisting of the most intuitive minds from various professions to exchange ideas.

3. Women's summit
organized by

The planets most influential leaders and CEO’s are always present in this mind-blowing corporate event. 2016 women’s summit privileged to welcome the likes of ace tennis player Serena William and Corcoran Barbara as guest speakers.

The gig about this remarkable event is to encourage and motivate women leaders.

When: TBD (2016 was in early November)
Where: New York City, NY

Image of a business conference

4. Lean startup event/conference: it held late October in 2016 so our guess is as good as the same would happen this year, it holds in San Francisco. This corporate event holds for seven days to fully engross its attendees in the techniques of lean startup made famous by Eric Ryes.

5. INC.5000: usually takes place on 10th to 12h of October at the palm desert. The INC 5000 is one of the most celebrated corporate events in history. The INC.5000 welcomes a list of the most promising startups in the USA, in this three days corporate event, you get to listen to motivational speeches and rub shoulders with some of the world’s most influential personnel and controllers of industries aviation, transport business, mining, etc

2018 Events You Don't Want To Miss!

Since we are approaching 2018, we took it upon ourselves to make a comprehensive list of series of corporate events we believe could come in useful in the development of your entrepreneurship journey.

Whatever industry you’re in “transportation business or limo service, mining, agriculture or cosmetics” we are very positive you would see one or two conferences on our list that would grab your attention.

However, because these events are to take place next year, we do not know some of their venues or ticket fee, the card payment and location will be on a “TBD” basis “TO BE DISCLOSED.”

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6. e-Publishing and print conference: this corporate event is going to be happening on the 6th to 8th of June 2018 in New Orleans, here you get to meet with PDF experts, Adobe experts, illustrators, cartoonist, Photoshop gurus and e-pub professional.

Attending this corporate event transforms you into an expert versed in almost anything that has to do with design and publishing.

7. The world business forum: takes place on 31st to 32nd of May, 2017 at Australia. Here, you listen to a memorable speech from amazing groups of entrepreneurs, motivational speakers who are doing extremely well in their respective lines of profession, breaking new grounds every day and setting a pace for others to follow.

Here you would be motivated and moved by cool ideas, innovative strategies you can even adopt in your own business to make a breakthrough.

8. 99U: this corporate event will take place on the 9th to 11th of may at New York, to be candid having good ideas are as good as useless if you can’t engage yourself into turning those great ideas into a profitable solution to others problem.

At 99U summit, you would learn from great visionaries on how they became successful; you also learn how to transform your ideas from just a mere illusion to an active reality.

9. Forbes women’s summit: dates, venue and ticket price is undisclosed, for now. The conference is strictly by invitation. However, interested people can choose to request an invitation, after assessment of such individual by the organizers of the event, an invitation will be granted if the person is found worthy.

If you are looking for a place to learn how to metamorphose a firm or organization with remarking entrepreneurship ideas, then the Forbes women’s summit is just the right place.

In the Forbes women’s summit, you mix with others who are making significant changes in the society, you also learn about the technical know-how of building a startup and most importantly, changing the old perspective of the public when it comes to women in leadership roles.

What Does Your Ride Say About You?

You may have heard how your clothes make you, how they manage your appearance, and signify your personality to the rest of the world. Well, the same goes for your ride.

Ever wonder why people spend ages pondering over the color, shape, and overall look of a ride they mean to buy or rent out? It is because your ride is an extension of you, a display of your taste. Every tiny detail—from the condition of the wheels, to manual or automated functionality of the windows—questions your own judgment regarding the choice of a car.

Lifestyle magazines go as far as predicting the personality of an individual according to the class of car they own. And why not? Just as people still judge a book by its cover, they judge a person by their ride, amongst other things.

Going for the occasion

In a social situation, your ride determines your status. When you wish to stand out amongst everyone else in your social circle, what you do?

You ensure your personal appearance and apparel are the best. You also ensure that your ride is the best.

Take a night out on the town for example. The eateries, the drinks, the dancing, everything is pretty much covered by anyone hosting the occasion. But not everyone focuses on the importance of a great ride.

Say you arrange for a comfortable limousine for your friends or family to take a trip in. Everyone manages to have a lot a fun, all without the discomfort of small cab space or waiting out for a ride to arrive.

In a business situation, your ride determines both your status and your trustworthiness. People tend to trust business people who are organized, ethical and reliable. As a professional, these are the qualities you need to induce in your overall appearance.

A potential client is more willing to associate with you if you have a perfect outlook, conveying that you prioritize perfection in everything else. You may have only one chance to make a positive impression at the very start, which means you have one opportunity to get it right the first time. You need to look like you mean business.

Purpose of a ride

The goal of a getting a great ride in not to show-off just how much you have to spend. That may not be the case; a great ride can simply be sleek car or limo which you’ve rented out through a professional service.

The goal is show how much effort you’ve put into arranging a transport for yourself and anyone else you are escorting.

The goal is also not exactly to look attractive. Your ride may quite attractive in a flashy manner, but if you intended for your ride to be professional, then it fails to make the right impression on a business partner or a client. Or, your ride may be stylish, but the colors are too neutral and there is not enough ‘flash’ for a ride that is supposed to transport people to a party. You may end up putting a damper on the celebrations.

Breaking down the events

When do you need to focus on the type and quality of your ride?

There are a number of events in your life, when you need to make the decision of how you and anyone else with you has to travel, and it all comes down to getting the right ride.

Let’s delve into a few examples of common occasions when you need a classy ride for a good impression.


  • Weddings:A traditional vintage car or perhaps a sleek, stretch limo is just what a bride and groom and their family needs to celebrate such a momentous occasion in comfort and style.
  • Business meetings: A classic three-passenger car or a limousinewith a professional interior can kick off a business deal in style. If you need to give your business a more suave touch, you can opt for an SUV that accommodates up to 8 passengers.
  • Corporate events / parties/ picnics/ tours:These occasions consist of similar celebratory aspects, and can be made memorable through a party bus! A classy party bus does not have to be crowded. You can opt for a professional rental service for a spacious party bus with a few entertainment add-ons.

Your ride reflects your conduct and appearance, whether it serves to transport you for personal travel, or serves to increase your prospects in a professional situation.

Owning a great ride is no longer a worry, not with excellent rental services on hand. At A1A Limousine, we understand the importance of quality and appearance of a ride, which is why we offer an exceptional fleet, consisting of vehicles that can be rented for a number of occasions.

Get in touch with us if you want to make arrangements for a superior ride, or if you have any questions about our services.

How to Plan a Luxurious Vacation in Florida

Florida is one of the best places in the world for a summer vacation. The famous ‘Sunshine State’ has a lot to offer in terms of recreational activities.

Students flying down; solo vacations or last-minute getaways; families heading down via party buses to enjoy some time away from home; or a corporate party for deserving employees—everyone can avail the wonders of the beautiful Southern State.

Especially in summers, when the sun is out and beaches are more welcoming than ever, it is worth choosing Florida as a vacation destination.

However, no matter how amazing a place it is, and no matter how easily accessible the necessary amenities may be, it is always better to be well prepared when traveling anywhere.

To that end, following is a list of tips on planning for a Florida vacation.

4 Tips on Planning a Florida Vacation

Choose the Ideal Visiting Time

No matter the location, you have to choose the ideal time to visit, since the biggest vacation destinations around the country are distributed according to seasonal preference—Florida is no different.

If you are planning to rent a party bus and head down to Florida, the ideal time is summer; spring break (if you’re the partying sort); or after, if you’re looking for some time-out, away from the busy life.

If you are visiting Orlando, Florida, there is no “best time”. The temperatures, throughout the year are ideal, making it the perfect getaway spot, regardless of the time of year.

If you’re traveling during the summers, just make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Going out with the family? A snack bag is a must, with plenty of water (not just juices). It ensures that your kids don’t get cranky, are well-fed, and hydrated.  

Make sure you plan your vacation accordingly.  

Book Accommodation Beforehand

Vacation destinations such as Florida are notorious for the unavailability of reliable accommodations due to overcrowding during peak vacation season.

However, there are plenty of affordable and luxurious accommodations around the state if you know where to look and book beforehand. You will find budget-friendly accommodation with this tip.

Many families travelling down to Florida prefer going for vacation rentals instead of hotel rooms. The benefits are obvious: they offer more privacy, space and freedom.

However, for a 3-day vacation, rentals come at a heftier price tag. They’re ideal for longer vacations with a bigger group.

Moreover, availability is another concern. It is always a good idea to look for accommodation advice from a friend or a family member who has been to Florida recently.

Prepare a Detailed Itinerary

It’s easy to get carried away and spend in excess of what you originally planned. If you are planning a luxurious vacation, be sure to prepare a full itinerary in advance, in order to avoid unnecessary hassles.

There is a huge variety of attractions in Florida. From Disney World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center and SeaWorld, it has an endless number of places you will want to visit.

Planning a detailed itinerary in advance will allow you to make the most of your days. Make sure you dedicate each day to each attraction and factor in the time you will take for travelling.

Arrange for Transportation To and Around the Destination

If you want to experience a luxurious vacation, a limo rental is the best choice for you.

A limo rental also has the advantage of being flexible and ideal for travels around a state. Traveling by a limousine is an experience in itself, which you are likely to remember for many years to come.

Limousine companies like A1A Limo offer a variety of options in terms of vehicles as well as amenities.

Consider this; every day, you wake up, there’s a luxurious, high-end limousine waiting for you. Comfortable leather seats, complete surround entertainment systems and mini bars are just some of the features you will get to enjoy when travelling in limos.

Now that you have all the prep tips in your arsenal, all you have to do is book a limousine or a party bus and prepare to have the time of your life!

A1A Limo offers the best limo rental in the country. We have a complete range of vehicle and facilities related options available for all manner of events and trips. You can contact us by dialing 561-622-2222. You can also visit our website for information regarding our fleet and limousine service. Make your vacation one that you will remember!