5 Tips For Hiring a Bachelorette Limo Service or Party Bus Rental

A bachelorette party is held in the honor of a bride to be. The party is usually organized by the best friend(s) of the prospective bride. One great way to make the event memorable for everyone is to hire luxury car service.

Bachelorette limo service or party bus rental are surprisingly affordable. The price for the luxury car service is charged by the car and not by the number of guests riding the vehicle. The per person cost of the luxury car service makes it a cost-effective transportation medium.

In this article, we have listed five tips to keep in mind when hiring bachelorette limo service or party bus rental.

1. Book the Vehicle in Advance

You should consider hiring the party limo service or party bus rental for bachelorette party well in advance. The reason is that luxury car is usually booked during the weekdays and important occasions. You will less likely face the prospect of all the vehicles being booked if you book the limo or the party bus rental for bachelorette party one or two weeks in advance.  

2. Mention Party Details

When you hire a luxury limo or party bus rental for bachelorette party, you must inform the company about the route and length of time you will require the vehicle. You must also tell the company about the number of persons who will be travelling inside the vehicle. This is important as there are different size of limos and party bus rentals. Different size limos accommodate from eight to 15 passengers. Party bus rentals, on the other hand, have spaces suitable for 18 to 30 individuals. The company will be able to suggest a suitable vehicle based on the size of the guests.  

3. Travel with a Large Group of Friends

Luxury limo and party bus rental for bachelorette party will be more cost effective if you travel with many friends. As mentioned earlier, the price of the bachelorette limo service depends on the number of hours instead of the number of guests. The more guests travel with you and make the contributions, the more cost-effective will be the bachelorette limo service.

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4. Inform About the Event

Some luxury limousine service providers will require that you inform about the occasion. They will then decorate the limousine accordingly. Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary, wedding, or a prom, the limo company will customize the service to provide the best possible service suitable for the event. The more detail you provide about the party, the better the company can tailor the services for you.

5. Ensure Reputable Limo Service Company

Selecting a reputable limo service company is important. Make sure that the company has years of experience in serving the area. Hiring an inexperienced limo service company is risky. You should stay safe by hiring a reputable company having years of experience in providing satisfactory luxury limo service.  

At A1Alimo, we have a fleet of modern and well-maintained vehicles. The vehicles are driven by highly experienced and licensed chauffeurs.  You can rest assured of premium quality bachelorette limo service from us. To know more about our luxury limo service, you can call 561-622-2222, or send us an email at dispatch@a1alimo.com.

4 Interesting But Effective Limousine Uses

You must have heard numerous reasons for taking a luxurious limousine to a wedding party, long road trips, business meetings, etc. Nonetheless, here is our curated list (not in any particular order) of few  reasons to enjoy a limousine ride you might have not heard before.

Reason # 1: Combined studies and business meetings

If you are a group of college students then piling up on one of the friends’ house to have combined studies can bother many people in that household. And if you are businessman then hiring costly conference rooms plus the additional charges of refreshment and food and drinks that you will consume can be stressful and costly.

Henceforth, to have a stress-free team work, you can hire a luxurious limo for few hours where you can discuss all the work problems without disturbing others and without worrying about the additional charges. Luxurious limousine services will comprise of all the essentials and your own people maintaining the privacy and trouble-free environment where you can focus on work seamlessly.  

Reason # 2: Welcoming the new family member

Having your own baby especially for the first time is a very overwhelming experience and can also give rise to a worried parent in you wanting to give all the care that exist in this world to your child. So, in order to bring the mother and the baby home safely, considering luxurious limousine services is the best idea. You can give undivided time and care to the mother and the baby at the back seat without having to care about driving and traffic issues. You and your family can sit back partying in the long luxurious limousine having a cheerful ride, and eventually reaching home safely and comfortably.

Reason # 3: Shifting

Where getting a new house brings lots of excitement and new hopes for the better future, it also brings the pain and stress of shifting to the new location.

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Hiring a grand luxurious limousine or a party bus can reduce your burden and worries drastically. Packing and moving your precious stuff in a limousine is one of the most reliable, secure, and affordable methods

Reason # 4: Exceptional way of partying

Luxurious limousines always double the fun you can have with your friends and families. For instance, if you are planning a destination wedding or a grand beach party or celebrating someone’s return to normal health, traveling in a luxurious limo with your loved ones can instill the scenario of exceptional fulfilled event.

A1A Airport and Limousine Services promises to grant you the most relaxing and cheerful ride of your life. A1A Limo definitely makes the ride most memorable event and provides with the best limousine facilities in the town. To avail the benefits of luxurious limousine ride for any event or any unique reason, you can contact them at (561) 622-2222 or drop them an email at dispatch@a1alimo.com. Also, A1A Limo app gives you the opportunity to book the amazing journey in no time.

4 Reason You Need Black Car Service For Baseball

We Americans get very excited when it comes to sports, particularly when it is about the baseball. If you are one of the devout fans of baseball, just like me, then you must be aware of the fact that reaching the location of the match on time is very tough and can be extremely stressful. Heavy traffic on the roads and hustling through them is the most strenuous part of the journey to the desired destination. However, I have a great solution for your traveling problem in the form of hiring an affordable black car services providing the following benefits.

No hassle of getting your car parked

Driving your own car to the location and then spending enormous time in finding the suitable parking area and then paying huge parking fees would be very annoying. Above that, you will have to wait for your turn to use a shuttle service to reach the main entrance as the parking area would still be very far from the exact location of entrance. 

Henceforth, using affordable black car services will prevent you from so much hassle and will directly take you to the doorstep of the field.  

Sharing good times with your friends

Sharing an affordable black car ride to the baseball match could be the awesome way of sharing the expenses with your friends while enjoying their lovely company in a comfortable ride. You can have a good discussion regarding the match to be held in few hours and share your opinions and predictions made using your previous vast knowledge of the game.

Timely check-in

By using affordable black car services, you will be able to save a lot of time which would otherwise have been wasted in searching for the suitable parking spot and later by standing in the waiting queue lined up for the shuttle service. The amazing black car will directly take you to the main entrance using the route with minimum traffic.  

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Safely returning to your home

No law within the United States bars a limo from being driven on a highway. Limousines can be driven on any stretch of road without any hassle. Although limousines are not seen much on the highways as other cars, this in no way means that they are barred from traveling on the highway. Limo services can be called for a trip out of town too.  

Limousine is the name of a brand

There is a great possibility that while having a company of great friends watching amazing baseball match and having the time of your life, you might end up drinking little too much in the spirit of celebration. Affordable black car services will ensure safe drop off to your home without making you worry about the driving rules in Florida.

So what are you waiting for? Contact the best affordable black car services in the city, A1A Limo  Services and get rid of all the tensions and worries related to traveling. The experienced chauffeurs of the A1A Limo services will take care of all your needs and will provide you with the amazing experience of your life. Don’t forget to inform your friends that the next baseball match would be little more exciting to watch as you all will have great deluxe time during the journey. Affordable black car services are just one click away from you. Get the free A1A App installed and book your journey today or contact the A1A Limo services at (561) 622-2222.

The Best (and the Worst) Time to Visit Florida as a Tourist

For tourists from  other states, Florida evokes the image of clear skies, hot weather, and wide sandy beaches. You can visit many fun and entertaining places in the ‘sunshine state’ riding in a luxury limo or a party bus rental.

The summer months are popular among families because of children’s school holiday. However, this may not be the right time for single parents or solo individuals.

So, what’s the best (and worst) time to visit the southern state? You should continue reading to find that out.

The Best Time to Visit Florida

The best time to visit Florida is from March to May. As you can see in the chart below, the average temperature remains pleasant during the days and nights. What’s best is that since it’s not the peak season, the prices of accommodation are affordable as well.

Florida Climate Chart


Av. Low Temp.

Av. High Temp.










You can hire an affordable limousine service to travel in style. This is the ideal time to visit the state for the lucky adults without children. They can enjoy a perfectly good weather during this time around. They can enjoy time at the beach or take a tour of the cities by hiring an affordable limousine service.

The Worst Time to Visit Florida

The worst time to visit Florida as mentioned earlier is during the summer season. This is when the humidity and heat are generally high. Hotels also take advantage of the summer school holidays to drive up the rate. If you visit Florida at this time around, it’s recommended that you hire limousine service to get around town. The vehicle is packed with luxury features including climate control, chilled beverage, and much more.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the state has a hurricane season that runs from June to November. Florida has experienced the highest average rainfall over the last three decade during this period. Usually, high winds start to flow from the eastern Atlantic to the west. The winds sometimes evolve into a tropical storm and then grow in intensity to a hurricane.  

How to Best Enjoy Visit to Florida

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The best way to enjoy a holiday in Florida is by hiring a luxury limousine service. The best thing about the limousine service is that it allows you to ride around towns and cities in perfect luxury. The limousine service chauffeurs are trained to drive professionally to the destination. You won’t have to worry about anything as the professional drivers of the limousine service company will take care of everything.

For the best limousine service prices, you should contact A1alimo. We offer one of the most affordable limousine service prices in Florida. You can rest assured that our affordable limousine service prices won’t create a dent in your wallets. Instead of charging per person, we charge by the hour. This results in the best limousine service prices for our customer.

Whether you want to hire a limo or a party bus rental, you should contact A1alimo. We have a fleet of modern limos and party bus rental. To know more about our luxury car service, you can send us an email at dispatch@a1alimo.com, or call us dialing 561-622-2222.  

You Need Limo Service For These 6 Events

There is no doubt hosting events or even attending one can be extremely taxing especially if it’s a special occasion.  Not only do you have to decide the venue, catering, ambience but a whole array of other aspects that adds to the dexterity involved in event planning. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of the events you should consider hiring a limo service for, so that you don’t fall short in any aspect.


The most important event that is considered incomplete without renting a limousine service are weddings. This is arguably the most important day of your life and is the starts of a new chapter so don’t whisk your loved away in a sedan, rent a limo instead and pamper them until the very last moment.

Romantic Dinner

Really want to surprise that special someone? Want to make them see just how much you love them? Book a romantic dinner at a location of your choice and surprise them by renting a limousine as well. The look on their face when you turn up in a limo will make you realize why it was worth every penny.


Another important event where you should consider hiring a limousine service is when you decide to ask that special someone if they would like to marry you. If they say yes whisk them away in a beautiful limousine, if they say no well at least you have a limousine waiting for you outside.

Night out in the town

If you and your friends are planning a night out where you want to visit multiple events then we would definitely recommend renting a limousine.  First you will end up spending a lot of cash renting taxis and more importantly if you drive up to a club in a limo the bouncers might let you in thinking you are a celebrity!

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Bachelor Party

If you and your friends are planning a night out where you want to visit multiple events then we would definitely recommend renting a limousine. First you will end up spending a lot of cash renting taxis and more importantly if you drive up to a club in a limo the bouncers might let you in thinking you are a celebrity!


Next time you are attending or hosting any of these events please consider hiring a limousine rental service that specializes in an array of events like A1limo. They have an amazing fleet of limousines and have an aptitude in making sure your limo experience is a memorable one.  For more information please call at 561-622-2222 or email at Dispatch@a1alimo.com.

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Limousine service, The Best Transportation For Business

Whatever the occasion, a limo rental service will make the event more enjoyable and fun for everyone. Here are just some of the ways you can benefit from booking a limousine service for the special occasion.

Great for Corporate Events

If you want to impress the corporate clients or business partners, there is no better way to achieve this than by hiring a luxury limousine service. All the guests can ride to the special corporate event in complete elegance and style. The spacious room inside the limo rental vehicle can easily accommodate up to 15 persons.

This makes it a cost-effective transportation as well for transporting the guests to the corporate event.

Safety of the Guests

It’s easy to lose focus when driving to an event our minds drift and we become reckless to our actions. This may cause us to losing focus is the last thing that you should do while on the road as it can compromise the safety of the passengers and the pedestrians. With a luxury car service, you won’t have to worry about driving responsibly.  

The professionally trained chauffeur of the limo rental company will make sure that everyone remains safe inside the vehicle. The safety aspect of the luxury car service is even more important when you are traveling on a foreign road. Whether it’s raining or snowing outside, you can rest assured of reaching safely and securely at the intended destination with a luxury limo rental. The professional chauffeur will reduce the risks of bumps along the way.  

Maximum Comfort and Convenience

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A luxury limousine service is unparalleled when it comes to comfort and convenience. You are unlikely to experience the level of the luxury present in a limousine in any other vehicle. Despite the premium quality luxury present inside the limo rental vehicle, it’s surprisingly affordable for most people. A limo rental vehicle is packed with modern amenities. Inside the vehicle, you can find a beverage station, entertainment systems, climate control air conditioning and heating, and many other conveniences

A1A Limo offers the best luxury car service. You can contact them by dialing 561-622-2222. Further information regarding the executive fleet of vehicles can be taken from their website.

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Choose Limo Service For A Flawless Wedding

We prioritize events based on the importance. There are few occasions that we remember through out our life but a wedding is something that last forever. Weddings are undisputedly the most important event in a person’s life. A once in a lifetime event, weddings require a huge amount of planning to be a success. Considering the importance of the day in the life of both the bride and the groom, perfection at weddings is something that should always be strived for.

Weddings need a lot of proper planning to leave a positive impression in the mind of the guests. While weddings are being revolutionized through the use of different innovations in the setup, it is imperative that you stick to the basics and do the best rendition of a classic early 2000’s wedding.

Plan A Flawless Wedding

The first step while hosting, is to plan a wedding which has no visible flaws. The plan should be flawless, planning for anything that can go wrong, so there is a room for error. Furthermore, from the decorations, to the food, everything should be made according to the tastes of the audience. 

If you are hosting an informal event for family and friends, then an exciting theme would do wonders.  But if you plan to invite a formal audience like business associates and colleagues, then it is best that a sober theme is kept.

Arrive in class

Perhaps the best thing you can do at your wedding is to arrive in style. Limos have been best known for the class that is associated with them for ages. Thus, it is best that you hire a limousine service and reach your wedding in a limo.

In recent times, there are plenty of limo services available in case you need them for the much awaited day. The limo service that you choose will send one of their luxury cars to your desired location at the desired time to save you from the hassle of wasting any time.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime affair, thus no compromise can be afforded on any of the aspects, especially on the vehicle that you will be entering the location in. Interestingly, unlike the popular myth associated with limo services, the service will not be too much of a burden on your pockets.

Limo services have provided an interesting choice for couples who want to add luxury to their entrance at the venue.

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A1A Limo, which is a luxury car service, caters to all your needs at this auspicious occasion. The limo service owns some of the best maintained limos that add a new level of classiness to your wedding. The company provides you with exemplary service, luxury cars and a lot more, without being much of a burden on your pockets.

Further information regarding A1A Limo can be taken from their website, which covers all the details. Orders and other queries can be placed through this number: 561 622-2222

3 Reason A Party Bus Is Perfect For You

There are various reasons which signify why party buses are sending ripples across the recreational industry. Hiring a party bus rental is like getting a limo with more room and more fun. With party bus rentals, your excitement of the journey will kick off with its onset.

Commute under one roof

When large groups are traveling through their own cars, friends or family have to split up in different cars and the journey to the countryside, which is promised to be fun, also gets affected. With party bus rentals, all of your friends and family will share the same fun moments and can laugh on the same joke.

Their economy is unrivaled

Party bus prices are unmatchable when it comes to economy. Any recreational place in NYC can’t be rented out in the price in which you can get a party bus in NYC. Especially students with tight budgets will have their best alternative in the form of party bus rentals.

Choose your own itinerary and destination

Party bus rentals will give preference to the route you choose but they can give you some sound suggestions. So have a good time with your friends and loved ones on the route you want.

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You can also take an out of town journey with party bus rentals and party bus prices will still be lesser than the cost of several rental cars for the same purpose.

For Various Social Events

When you have been planning to watch the Super Bowl for so long, but are now facing issues regarding reaching the venue, then what is the best way to reach this exceptional national sporting event other than the Party bus rentals ? With luxury car rentals, you don’t have to worry about the parking or traffic. You just have to sit back and enjoy the ride towards the stadium.
If you get some passes for any award show, then too, it is an appropriate occasion to hire a Party bus because reaching an award show in style will make you look no lesser than the celebrities there. You can also hire a Party bus rentals to reach the graduation ceremony of your children. With the comfortable and luxurious ride, this event will become more memorable for you.

A1A Limo offers the best limo service in the town. We have a complete range of luxury cars and professional chauffeurs and our limo service options are available for all type of events and trips. You can contact us by dialing 561-622-2222. 

4 Things You Can Expect When You Hire a Top-Notch Luxury Car Service

Hiring a luxury car service to drive you to and from an event or a gathering held during a special occasion, can either the most rewarding experience or a terrible one; depending on the quality of the service in question. With dozens of factors to put into consideration, as well as the number of limo services to choose from, it can become more trouble than it’s worth, especially if you don’t know what you can expect from a top-notch luxury car service.

What to Expect when Hiring a Luxury Car Service

To that end, following is a comprehensive list of all the specifics you can expect when hiring a limo service.

Creature Comforts and Amenities

It is a given that when you are hiring a luxury car service, you will be looking for a certain degree of comfort on your travel via limo. But if you are hiring limo services that specialize in providing the utmost in comfort to the client, you can expect nothing but the best, in terms of ride comfort and necessary amenities.

Limo services, such as A1A Limo, specialize in providing class-leading comfort to passengers, making sure that the journey is well and truly as wonderful as it can be.

Convenient Pick-Up and Drop-Off

While any limo service will include a convenient pick-up and drop-off option, with the best limo services, you can expect that to be a given. A convenient pick and drop would mean that you will be picked up by the driver at the exact time, to the minute, by the limo driver, and dropped off to your destination of choice exactly when you want to arrive. Not to mention, all of that will be done while being enveloped in top-of-the-range luxury, such as that offered by A1A Limo.

Wide Range of Services

 A luxury car service, especially one that caters to the most discerning of passengers, will have a vast range of services on offer. They will cater to a number of occasions and offer various transportation types, as well as trip planning, while providing passengers with a limo that has everything they could need on short and long trips.

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Professionalism Through and Through

From highly professional chauffeurs to the concierge, you can expect nothing but the epitome of professionalism, when you hire top-notch limo services. A luxury car service such as A1A Limo not only conducts regular security checks on the driver staff, but also makes sure that the passenger gets the best, most professional level of service for their journey, no matter how short or long it is.

A1A Limo offers the best limo service in the country. We have a complete range of vehicle and facilities related options available for all manner of events and trips. You can contact us by dialing 561-622-2222. You can also visit our website for information regarding our fleet and limo service.

How to Choose a Luxury Car Service for Interstate Travel

Traveling across states can be quite the road trip in the US, due to the naturally vast and beautiful expanses of land. The roads are often long and winding, and sometimes twisting and curving. For the most part, interstate travel is an experience unto itself, one that can be compounded by traveling across states through a limousine service or a luxury car service.

The Fundamentals of Traveling Across States

Suppose you are a businessman who has to travel between states for a business trips. You have the obvious choice of traveling by air, or even by public transit. But if you are a traveler at heart, and if you enjoy the vast openness of American roads, then the best option for you is to travel by a limousine service. 

This is because a limousine service ticks off the entire checklist of the fundamental requirements of interstate travel; as elaborated in the following points.

Comfort and Luxury are a Necessity

Interstate travel requires you to stay on the roads for extended periods of time, sometimes even days. This is why it is important to travel in luxury in a comfortable limo, with all the modern amenities that a discerning businessman could require from a limo service. Add to that the various natural elements that might affect the passenger’s comfort level during ordinary interstate travel and the necessity for limos, operated by a professional limousine service becomes evident.

Sufficient Entertainment for the Passenger is a Requisite

If you are traveling across states, chances are that your total trip will be long enough to require sufficient entertainment-related amenities from the limo service. 

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This does not mean that you would require a huge stereo sound system, a mini bar and a disco ball! It simply means that the limo in question would need to have a decent sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, a high-tech radio and other entertainment systems installed.

Professional Limo Chauffeurs are an Absolute Must

It is highly unlikely that you would be driving to your destination yourself if you are traveling to another state for a business trip, while at the same time juggling phone calls and various updates. This is why it is absolutely necessary for limousine services to have highly professional and efficient limo chauffeurs, so that you can attend to your matters without having to watch the road as well. In addition to that, a dedicated professional in the driver’s seat will also adept at driving in a way so as to minimize delays and tardiness, allowing you to reach your destination on time, through the limousine service.

A1A Limo offers the best limousine service in the country. We have a complete range of luxury car service and limo service options available for all manner of events and trips. You can contact us by dialing 561-622-2222. You can also visit our website for information regarding our fleet and limo service.