Can Your Body Language Cost You The Interview?

You’re looking for that upgrade in the business world. Your skill-set is amazing and your work ethic is incredible. You’re tired of that underpaying job and it’s time to move on to something better. You work hard and want to show for it, whether it be daily fine dining, cruising around downtown in your luxury car, traveling around the world, take your beautiful girlfriend on a romantic date transporting yourselves in a Luxurious Limousine Rental etc. etc. You are ready to enjoy the finer things in life and make it big in your professional field.


You’ve only landed the interview to the job of your dreams! Your portfolio is incredible! That’s important n’ all…..but….so is your posture and body language during the interview.
You can tank an interview just by sitting slouched and having poor body language. Trust me. It happens. First impressions are important (I’m sure you’ve heard of this saying before and it’s most definitely true).

We’ve got you covered!

Arriving On Time

I know you’re thinking, “What does being on time have to do with posture?”.

It’s because they have to actually see you, usually when you’re not on time for the first interview most hires will call it off, it tells them, “This guy cannot even make it to the interview, what makes me think he can make it here on time on other days?”.

You see?

Failure: Not Making it on time


Decent: Making it to the interview on time


Hired: Arriving about 15 minutes early, it shows not only can you make it, but you can make it there on time with wiggle room.


However, arriving too early can send the opposite message. We don’t want to arrive too early and drink all the office coffee and eat office snacks to shave time. Bad image.

Eating Right Before The Interview

“What does eating have to do with posture and body language? What’s with this list?”. Well, you can have bad breath which is from your body, hence “Body Language”.

Most of us are aware of our health and want to stay in shape and stay on top of our recommended 3 to 4 meals a day.

However, eating a gigantic triple cheese beef burrito drowned in garlic salsa several moments before the interview isn’t a great idea.


Failure: Consuming a massive meal right before the interview. Your breathe is going to be…strong, and the interviewer is going to want to cut the interview short just so the poor soul can get a breath of fresh air.


Also, we don’t want to keep running back and forth to the bathroom.


Decent: Eat a decent meal moments before, and chew several sticks of gum right after eating.


Hired: Eat a small meal from home (something snack sized) and brush your teeth before you leave your house.

Not only will you feel energized and satisfied, but your breath is going to be mint-fresh! You’ll rock that interview!


Not only does slouching make you look like someone who has terrible posture, but it could affect your health in the long run. When you slouch you push your shoulders forward and will affect your back, this could lead to neck pain, back pain and quite possibly jaw pain.

Slouching isn’t a good look, try avoid slouching during an interview as well as any other place you go.

Failure: Slouching like a weirdo.

Decent: Not slouching during the job interview.


Hired: Avoid slouching at all during the interview as well as before the interview when you’re waiting in the lobby. Your first impression starts as soon as you walk through that door. When you notice you’re starting to slouch, correct your posture immediately. Future you will thank you later.


Chewing on your nails during the interview is not only disgusting for the interviewer, it’s not good for you nails. When you chew down your nails you can risk exposing skin as well as risk infection, plus you’ll need nails in case you want to scratch your back or open a soda can.

Failure: Eating your nails as a snack during entire interview.


Decent: Avoid eating your hands.


Hired: You stop eating your nails ahead of time, get an attractive manicure. It shows you care about yourself and your personal hygiene. Plus, having nice nails are pretty awesome and is a much more professional look than having chewed up hands.

Hair Twirling

This goes for mostly girls, but please be aware when during an important interview that’s vital to your professional future to not play with your hair. You want to be listening to every word and detail during this time, so any distractions such as twirling your hair can be interrupting and very unprofessional.

Also, you want both hands free so you can focus on taking important notes about any vital information which might come up in the interview. Taking notes is good, it shows you can be resourceful as well as organized. 


Failure: Twirling your hair throughout the whole interview (How old are we?).


Decent: You avoid playing with your hair, but you push it back away from your face only when it gets in the way.

Hired: Before the interview even started you threw your hair up in a good looking bun.


Nice choice!

Not only does this look professional, but your hair won’t be flying in your face distracting you. You’ll be much more focused on the interview and the person speaking to you.


Less Distractions = Better Chance Of Info Being Retained

Luxurious Ground Transportation

Want to already look like a boss? Hiring a reliable Luxury Ground Transportation service will make you look extremely professional as well get you to your interview on the recommended 15 minutes early.

Excellent body language cause you will be relaxed and stress free knowing you won’t have to worry about a ride over to your interview destination.


Failure: You walk to your destination, end up late, sweaty, and smelly.


Decent: Drive your personal car or have one of your friends drop you off (but do you want to really rely on someone who’s not a professional to get you to point A to point B?).


Hired: You hire a professional Luxury Car Ground Transportation Service and arrive at the interview at the recommended 15 min early, save money because it’s cheaper than a taxi, and look super professional as well as really cool and sharp.


We wish you luck on your interview, just remember to have you portfolio full and in order, take notes if needed and also be aware of your body language. Very important!


Good Luck!


The Perfect Look For An Elegant Prom Night

Luxury, elegance, sophistication, and style are all key elements of making your prom ensemble a perfect one. 

Ladies First

Tips For That Jaw Dropping Sophisticated Look

Go Up A Size When Choosing Your Dress

  • With the internet making shopping more convenient, just about everyone is shopping online. The dangers of this is, you cannot instantly try on the dress you are trying to purchase and you’ll have to trust the size chart provided, which can be inaccurate since there are many different body shapes and sizes.


  • Always go a size up, this way you’ll be able to fit into the dress, and return it online if needed in exchange for the correct size. You want to AT LEAST fit into the dress to know if it’s really for you or not.


  • When looking for a seamstress, be sure you hire someone who is skilled. You don’t want an amateur butchering your beautiful dress. Having your dress altered accurately to your body shape will shift the gown well ensuring that the dress hugs all the curves on your body. Larger dresses gives enough space for your seamstress to easily adjust your dress to fit you well.

For Dancing

  • You also want to ensure that when dancing, your date won’t see through your gown right?  You can have a friend check it for you before making your way to the date. Either way, try leaning forward to check for any cleavage that may spill over.


  • Now, despite the fact that you want your dress to be tight to give you that killer look, remember that it shouldn’t be too tight.  If it’s too tight, a single dance move would tear the seam, and blow up your dream night. To avoid this, try some dance moves in your house to see how it fits you.


  • When choosing your preferred prom shoes, you may need a pair which matches you gown color. Either way, you may just desire a specific heel height. selecting the right prom shoes is of course as vital as picking the dress.


  • You want a shoe that you’ll look elegant in when you wear them…not looking a baby deer walking for the first time. If you’re struggling in your house walking in your heels practicing for your big dance…then those heels are not for you. Perhaps a cute pair of flats? Or maybe a heel that’s thicker and easier to work with?


  • Being able to walk in your prom shoes are important since you’ll be wearing them all night dancing in them.


  • As we mentioned before it’s generally best to purchase your dress online since it’s convenient and you can order it and have it delivered with just a touch of a button. However, sometimes you can get lucky purchasing one in a store off season.


  • Most of the time stores want to move their old styles out and utilize their space for in season product-attire. Which will result in…Prom dress sales.


  • Be aware that you have to time this wayyyyy ahead of time. Meaning you have to purchase it around the time where Prom isn’t a big priority for stores anymore. A few months or so after prom is the best time to purchase for the upcoming year. Kind of like Valentines Day chocolate, if you wait a day after and you get 70% off chocolate. Penny pinching at it’s finest!


  • Shoes are a bit different cause elegant shoes are always in style. You have to keep an eye out for that luck sale! Sometimes stores might want to push out unwanted older inventory to welcome a newer and better product. They push the old product to utilize space better which can result in a good shoe sale! Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re at the mall with your friends!


  • For one of the most important nights of your teenage life, you want a Prom dress that defines you.


  • Remember One Important Rule: You wear the dress, the dress don’t wear you.Wearing a dress that defines you will automatically boost your confidence. Confidence is the best accessory you can wear!


  • Having a good time and owning the night is the best thing to strive for!



  • Watch the heads turn as you and your best friends arrive in style and step out of a luxurious limousine. You’ll look and feel like a princess on your extravagant Prom night.


Being a true gentlemen never goes out of style

The Tux

Whether you’re wearing a suit or a tuxedo, your luxury attire Can Say A Whole Lot About You.

  • The collar is an important part of your prom ensemble, it’s the closest to your face and adds shape to your shoulders. When you wear a suit you want everything to fit perfectly from top to bottom. Your collar should fit comfortably around your neck without being loose. Tight and snug while being comfy is the general rule.


  • Your collar should leave no bulges or gaps on your shoulders. Instead, it should be lying flat both on the back of your neck and the sides. (If it’s too tight you can defiantly tell cause your whole ensemble will look frumpy and unappealing). A true gentlemen always makes sure his suit collar fits snug and looks professional at all times. 


  • Your jacket should fit snug enough so when buttoned it won’t leave an “X” shape in the middle. When too tight your whole ensemble will look noticeably unbalanced.


  • Your Jacket sleeves should be trimmed around your wrist bone. There should be some space that allows several inches of your shirt to pass through.


  • Your jacket should rest nicely on your shoulders. If too frumpy your shoulders will make you look like Igor from Young Frankenstein. We don’t want that, we are aiming for James Bond 007.  


  • Suit pants if chosen and worn correctly can shape your body giving you the perfect look. For example: pants with stripes going down will make you look taller and slimmer as for pleated pants which will give you the illusion of making you look heavier. Both styles are great depending on what look you are going for depending on your body shape.


  • DO NOT wear a baggy tuxedo, whether you are borrowing it from a family member or you purchased one on sale and they were limited in sizes, get the tux resized by a professional. A fitted tuxedo will always look better than a frumpy over sized suit. You want to wear your suit… don’t want it to wear you!


  • When looking for a suit or tux sometimes it’s better just to rent one. It’s much cheaper than to purchase one. A good tuxedo can easily steep $400 (for a basic tux sold by a professional). A luxurious suit can cost at least $600 to $1,000 (or more).  Renting one will cost literally the fraction of the price.


  • Borrowing a suit from a family member is always the best idea when pinching pennies for Prom. It’s always respectful to ask permission first before resizing any attire borrowed from anyone else, even if it’s family. Who knows? They might even let you keep it! Most of the time teens who wear a suit for prom go through a growth-spurt a year or so right after, which results in an unfitting suit/tux they just keep in their closet.


  • Guys usually like to buy something once. Meaning they don’t like to shop as much as girls do. So it’s a good idea to purchase good pair dress shoes. Why is this on the budget list if your spending more money on new shoes? Well, if taken care correctly and worn only for formal evens you can keep the shoes for years and not have to worry about purchasing another pair. Spend a little extra money now to save money in the future. It’ll help you out in the long run cause your shoe size generally stays the same all through high school and adulthood.


  • Normally, guys will get a haircut for prom to complete that fresh sharp look. Hair cuts aren’t that expensive but if you REALLY want to pinch pennies, you can always see if a family member, friend’s parents or older sibling can cut hair professionally. They might cut you a deal! NEVER try cutting your hair yourself….don’t forget hair takes a while to grow back and with prom right around the corner…not a bright idea.

Rules To Remember…

  1.  You wear the tuxedo, the tuxedo doesn’t wear you. Be sure the suit is fitted to your height and body type. A fitting suit/tuxedo will automatically boost your confidence.
  2. Always hold the door open for the ladies. It’s a nice gesture and you should always do it just because it’s an awesome thing to do as a gentlemen.
  3. Be positive. Nobody likes a negative Nancy, try to lighten up the party by complimenting others. It’ll brighten the room up with positive vibes and make people around you happier.
  4. Avoid using phrases like, “That’s gay”, “Tide pods are amazing”, “Fleek”, etc. etc. A true gentlemen always thinks before he speaks.
  5. When your parent call or text you, always pick up and give them reassurance so they can be at ease knowing their child is safe.
  6. Learn how to dance. How are you supposed to ask someone to dance with you if you don’t know how to dance? Learn some dance moves before prom! Surprise your friends!

  7. A Limousine Rental; Whether you’re going with your date, or going with a group of friends, renting a limo for prom is the way to go! Have your parents help you accomplish this goal, they know what’s best and know how to research and find an excellent reliable Limo Service that can transport you and your friends to your prom destination. A1A Limo specializes in luxurious ground transportation, and will make sure you and your friends will be transported safely and in style.

Rent The Limo In The Photo Above

From the elegant ensemble to the luxury limousine ride you take, Prom will be held as one of the most memorable nights of your life, that is why it’s important to plan ahead to ensure the night will go as smoothly as possible. Remember, It is more than just a party, it is a rite of passage. Although the details are important to make this night YOUR night, remember to have fun and do not sweat the small stuff. Prepare for what you can and laugh off all the rest, it’ll be the story you’ll remember for the rest of you life.






The Master’s Tournament – Do’s & Don’ts

“The Masters is more like a vast Edwardian garden party than a golf tournament.”- Alistair Cooke

A typical Masters Tournament reeks of class and luxury and is a perfect opportunity for one to have a great time outdoors in beautiful weather while enjoying a wonderful game. However, what’s a golf tournament without a few rules? All Masters Tournaments have a clear set of dos and don’ts laid out for spectators to ensure the event runs smoothly and everyone has an awesome time!

For first timers Masters Tournament attendees, these rules will come in handy to avoid any form of disturbance from officials on the set days. Also, these rules should be abide by to the T as they will not be overlooked by officials.

What to wear?

Generally, the ideal attire for a master’s tournament should be simple and modest.

For women, clothes that are too tight, revealing or just skimpy should be avoided. Brightly colored clothes are also frowned upon and you should stick to more neutral colors like white or grey. Also, since you will be walking around a lot, comfortable shoes instead of heels are advised.


  • Simple sundress
  • Flats
  • Cardigan
  • Short sleeved or sleeveless shirts
  • Visor or cap
  • Capris


  • Spandex
  • Jeans
  • Heels
  • Spaghetti straps or strapless tops
  • Bright-colored and highly graphic shirts

The key is to keep it simple, classy and of course comfortable.

For men, this is not the time to be overly casual as tank tops, jeans and t-shirts are a no for master’s tournaments. You will always be safe with a great pair of shorts and a neutral-colored golf shirt. Oxford shirts are also a great choice especially when buttoned down.


  • Golf shirt
  • Khakis or shorts
  • Cap
  • Wind breaker
  • Tennis shoes or loafers


  • Tank tops or t-shirts
  • Cut-offs
  • Jeans
  • Flip-flops or golf spikes

What to bring?

Certain items like cameras are allowed on the location on practice days but strictly prohibited during tournament days. You are also allowed to bring binoculars so you don’t miss out on any of the action. Sunscreen is also advised to ensure your skin is protected from the harsh rays of the sun. other items like umbrellas, rain poncho, bug spray, a small folding chair and money are allowed on the tournament.

However, there are quite a number of items that are prohibited on a master’s tournament such as;

  • Cell phones, televisions, walkie-talkies, iPads, computers and any other electronic devices.
  • Bag packs, bags, purses etc. All packages larger than 10” in width and length.
  • Coolers or beverage containers
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Flags, banners
  • strollers
  • ladders, selfie sticks
  • infants
  • large chairs with arm rests
  • pets

quick tip: rain ponchos is a better choice than umbrellas as they are small and easy to carry around and unlike umbrellas, they won’t block the view of your fellow spectators when opened.


How to get Autographs

You will not be allowed to bother the professional players for autographs on the course during practice rounds or during the actual tournament. The best way to get autographs is to wait at the practice range and often, the players will agree to sign. Also, the limited number of items they have to sign, the better for everyone.

How to get souvenirs

Stands filled with souvenirs are usually placed on the tournament grounds. All merchandise can easily be bought with cash, credit cards or checks and prices of each merchandise vary and depend on the item you want to purchase. One quick tip is to ensure you get great merchandise is to purchase them early on in your trip as they sell out really fast and never return to the stands.

The information in this post will serve as a great guide to ensure you avoid unnecessary problems and distractions during the tournament. Finally, if this is your first time at a master’s tournament, we hope that you have an amazing and highly luxurious time!


Six Amazing Ways To Have A Luxurious Prom On a Budget

Prom is definitely one of the most luxurious and class defining nights of a typical teenager. Your whole life in high school boils down to this night where you get to dress sharp, wear your stunning dress, arrive in a luxury car and have an incredible unforgettable night with your friends. It’s definitely a night to look forward to create some fun memories you’ll never want to forget.

However, prom is known to be a pricey evening. This is due to the fact that you’d want new bags, shoes, expensive makeup and of course, a stunning prom dress or tuxedo. You must be getting a huge headache just thinking about the cost especially if you’re on a tight budget, we know because our heads hurt too. Not to worry, we have an amazing strategy that will help you have the best night of your life and not exceed your budget.

Everyone wants their prom night to be laced with extravagant luxury, but sadly a lot of people can’t afford the costs that come with it. However, contrary to common opinion, you don’t have to break the bank to have a great night. You can experience the perfect prom night on a budget, check this out: 

  1.  Ditch The Spa

  • Don’t get us wrong, you do need the spa treatment to put you in the right mood for your big night, but who says you have to go to the spa to get it? Instead of outrageously expensive spa treatments, you can get ready right from the comfort of your home with a few friends of course.
  • You and your pals can chip in for some face scrubs, bath salts and other beauty remedies and turn your home into a makeshift spa just for prom. Trust us, it is way more fun and relaxing than going to an actual spa.

  1. Salons Are Pricey, Let’s Switch It Up

  • Instead of spending a fortune making a hair appointment at a salon or barber, you can get your hair done at a local cosmetology school and save some money in the process. 
  • This way you can get your hair done affordably and use the money you are saving towards other prom needs.
  • Getting your hair done at a local cosmetology also helps supports local potential professional hair stylists.

  1. Get Makeup Tips Online

  • This don’t really apply so much for the guys but for our ladies this is for you! We are so lucky that we have YouTube now where you can learn to do almost anything. Why hire a makeup artist when you can watch a few videos and learn to do it yourself?
  • Online videos are extremely explicit and you will definitely be able to pick up a few tips that will help you do your own prom makeup perfectly.
  • There are millions to choose from. You can look up any style you want, all you have to do is type it in the search box and BOOM, a step by step how to do your prom make-up perfectly the way you want it.
  • Here’s a good example of one here.

  1. Skip Getting The Nails Done!

  • Yes, we said it! Being on a tight budget, getting your nails done professionally is a luxury you just can’t afford right now. We have a better idea though, Gloves!
  • You can choose to incorporate long gloves into your overall outfit to hide your undone nails and what’s more? It adds a nice touch of class to your overall outfit.
  • For the guys, you don’t have to go to the nail salon either BUT be sure your nails look clean and kept.

  1. Shop For Your Prom Dress Early!

  • One of the easiest ways to get an extravagant prom dress and still minimize cost is to shop for your dress way ahead of time. This is because during this period, these dresses are off season and you can easily get something breathtaking at a really affordable price.


  1. Borrowing

  • One of our favorite cost-saving tips this period is to borrow formal attire from a family member or friend. 
  • It’ll save you so much time and money!
  • Also, if the attire doesn’t fit, you can easily get it adjusted at a very low cost.
  • Maybe you’ll get lucky and someone will let you just keep it!

Conclusively, when getting ready for prom you should try to remember all the details of your day to ensure that you don’t leave anything to chance. Amidst all the tips in this post, what matters the most is that you have the time of your life and still maintain a high level of safety. Once all the details are checked, you can relax and have an amazing night at little or no cost!

Luxury Prom Experience, Best Tips and Tricks

Limo, luxury, friends, the hair-do, shoes with epic shine, the perfect dress, sharp looking tuxedo, it’s almost prom night and it’s right around the corner. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, you only get to have an event like this once in your life. It’s a night where luxury and class is everything. So making it a night to remember for the rest of your life is ideal. Every detail is important and sometimes people tend to overlook important steps when preparing for their special night. Here are a list of important details you might have overlooked when preparing for your luxurious prom night:

A Bright Smile

Smiling is the most beautiful thing anyone can wear, so bring your best smile to prom! It’s ideal to change up your toothpaste at least 3 weeks before the day of prom. Changing up your toothpaste to a product that can better whiten your teeth 3 weeks prior will give you the proper amount of time for your smile to whiten before your big day. Spend the extra money on a better toothpaste, trust me. A brighter smile will make all the difference. Another thing you can do to achieve a brighter smile is going to the dentist a week in advance. The dentist can professionally give you a teeth cleaning and provide a cleaner and whiter smile.

Tan lines

So you were at the beach a couple of months ago and you have still have tan lines on your shoulders. If you’re a girl this can be a problem since the trendiest of all prom dresses are strapless. Be sure within 2 weeks in advance to work out your tan line to even it out. The best way to do that is to lay out in the sun 15 to 20 minutes a day (don’t forget the sunscreen, the sun can be brutal for your skin, and plus you don’t want to be a lobster for your prom night). It’s best to use a good ultra healing lotion after coming back in the house right after laying out in the sun, it’ll assist in achieving your goal of evening out that tan line.

Finding The Right Look…and Shoes

Be sure to assemble formal attire that defines you. It’s your big night that brings together class, luxury and extravagance. Attending prom is the night you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so make every awesome detail count, as well as your choice in attire. Go all out and don’t be cheap when purchasing your extravagant prom dress or renting your sharp tuxedo. How about the icing on the cake? What do I mean? Shoes of course! For the ladies be sure you wear heels (or classy flats) that will make things easy for you to walk around (and dance) in. You don’t want to look like a baby deer walking for the first time, so awkward. So be sure you’re wearing a pair you can comfortably walk in. For the guys a nice pair of loafers. Deep brown and black are safe go-tos since they go with anything. An awesome hint of enhancing shine on loafers is using something as odd as leather couch cleaner. It sounds weird but it really works! Shine up those kicks and be a rockstar at prom!

Deciding On Who To Go With And The Proper Transportation

Thinking about asking that special someone to prom? Why not impress her with flowers, chocolates, and….a limo? Every girl want to be treated like a princess for their prom night. It’s a defining event of extravagance and luxury. Why not make it a special one?

Carpooling with a large group of friends? Depending on the number of passengers you can rent a Stretch Limo that can accompany up to 8 people. Carpooling with more than 8 people? Ever heard of the Luxury Stretch Suv? It’s a luxurious Cadillac Escalade which can transport up to 15 passengers. Wait, now your friends are bringing their friends. Not a problem! Our Luxury Party Bus can accompany up to 30 people! Our Ford f-550 Minibus is a party on wheels! Dvd players, good music, and awesome friends you’ll never forget your amazing night of prom. With tinted windows you’ll feel like you’re in a completely different world. You’ll never forget something so amazing!

Check Out Our Awesome Fleet!

Remember when renting a limo or any luxury transportation to read these import guidelines that more parents overlook before renting a limousine:

Click Here For Crucial Details You Don’t Want To Skip Over

Remember, when looking around for limo rental for prom, as a parent you should be aware of the key elements of safety, reliability as well as authentic and professional Limo Rental Services. Your child will never forget you taking the time and effort to make sure their prom night is a magical and an unforgettable experience. Have a safe and luxurious prom experience.

How to Travel in Style as a Business Professional

Whether you are headed out to a business meeting in a completely different city, traveling to another country or state region, or are packing for a short conference trip, knowing what to pack as a business professional is crucial to looking your best. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while packing up your luggage. The first is where you are headed as the climate that you experience while there will determine what type of clothing you will be able to bring. Once you have determined what the climate will be like, it’s a good idea to get a basic understanding of what type of culture you will be immersed in if you haven’t visited this area before. You want to wear something that makes you look stylish without being insulting in any way. The second thing you will need to consider is how versatile you will need to be with your accessories, shoes, and suit choices. If you have to travel extremely light, you may be required to bring only one or two suits that will have to fit both a business meeting and a casual evening setting.

The Key Elements of a Great Suit

One of the key elements to traveling in style as a business professional is bringing along a versatile suit with you. No matter where you end up, a clean suit with black dress shoes, is almost always more than enough for all professional settings. One thing to keep in mind when picking out your suits is to find one that you are comfortable enough with wearing just the inner jacket. This allows you to pack fewer suits and still get away with both a professional and casual dress code setting. This means that you can head to that business meeting, yet still make that casual client dinner!

If you are headed to a warmer area, choose a summer suit. If headed to a colder region, then bring along a regular business suit and match it with gloves, a scarf, and a non-bulky winter coat.

Choose Your Suit Based on Formality

A suit has several elements to it that determine how formal it appears. When looking through your closet, choose a suit based on how formal the event you are headed to is. If you are just attending a business meeting and nothing else, then a formal suit will work. Here is what you need to know about the formal aspects of suits.

  • A sack suit is hallmarked by the fact that it has a shapeless jacket with it and narrow shoulders. It will always hide the shape of the body underneath and will present that “classic” shape you often see with suits.
  • A fitted silhouette suit is for men who want to flaunt their body’s shape. These types of suits are tailored, have minimal padding, and armholes are used to enhance posture.
  • A structured silhouette suit has the most formal shape to it as the waist is trimmed in, an hourglass appearance is given off, and the shoulders come with padding.

With regards to the lapels, if you need to be at your utmost formal appearance then you want to go for Shawl lapels. These are hallmarked by a continuous curve line and are often seen in full-body tuxedos. If you are going for a casual look, choosing a suit with a Notch lapel is the way to go. These are often found in single-breasted jackets. If you want something in the middle, then choose to go with a suit that has Peak lapels.

Other options that you should be looking at are the pockets of the suit, as Flap and Jetted pockets present the most formal look, while Patch, Ticket, and Angled pockets present a sportier, slimmer, and more casual look. You may also want to take a look at the buttons, as three and four buttons are extremely formal, while one and two are casual.
A suit can say a lot about a person, what does your suit say about you?

Consider The Culture of the Environment You Are Headed To

Although the above aspects are great to take into consideration, they won’t do you much good if you are not aware of the culture you are going to be immersed in. Remember that what is acceptable business attire in one country may be the opposite for another. In some parts of the world, a suit can be considered overkill whereas, other places have strict policies on what is expected at business meetings. If you are unsure of what yo wear, a navy suit that airs on the more professional side and black dress shoes tend to be a good bet.

What to Bring in Terms of Accessories and Essentials

Despite the fact that accessories tend not to take up too much room, don’t get caught up in bringing too many. Choose a white linen pocket square, a few different types of ties, and perhaps one or two solid color pocket squares. In terms of braces, you are going to want to pack elastic ones that are neutral in color. Packing sunglasses is a good idea if you are headed somewhere warmer or don’t want to show off jet-lagged eyes.

With regards to what essentials to pack, you are going to want a versatile dark colored suit, a high-quality leather travel bag, a small shoe shine travel kit, sunglasses, small toiletries, and of course your business accessories. Bring along items like your business cards, a resume, your portfolio, any other important documents, and your confidence. If you are in need of travel services, A1A Limo can transport you and your team to your meeting destination.

How Smartphones Run The Business world

Ever since its inception, smartphones have evolved from being just a luxury to a must-have item for all business. Back then in the 90’s without the smartphone technology, it was difficult to connect with your clients as quickly as it is now since the growing usage of smartphones. In recent times smartphones allow you to perform your job duties anywhere you find yourself and at any point in time. And this being a significant factor for business growth, provides for significant business increment.


The most significant factor for business growth is through marketing and Ads, which can be easily achieved through mobile-friendly marketing strategies.The world has gone digital now so it can be boldly stated that a marketing strategy carried out via smartphone technology is most likely to hit all your target market. Take Facebook and Amazon Ads for example; imagine the rate of clientele a single Ad from one of this social media Giants would reach.


Since the methods by which smartphones run the business world cannot be fully established, here are, some primary means smartphones has been able to revolutionize the business world in a more professional way

Convenience Of Booking

Gone are the days of long queues for ticket bookings and reservations. Smartphones have made bookings more professional. Booking for a flight ticket is possible via a smartphone; this encourages early booking as smartphones are more handy and preferred than any other means of booking. Same goes for cinemas, concerts, hotel reservations, etc. this allows for an increase in sales, time-saving, customer convenience and professional flexibility. Here’s an excellent example of convenient booking.


Easy Interaction With Clients

An average smartphone user reads notifications at least 1hr after receipt. This allows for a quick and easy means of communication with customers. Via social media interaction, you get immediate feedback on your products and services. The introduction of review pages for customers enables them to respond to your service almost immediately. This particular feature in adversely increase customer service and improves your products too.


Highly Flexible

A flexible business stands more chance of sales increase than a non-flexible one. So how does a company become flexible or what do most flexible businesses do?  The ability to reach out to your clientele whenever however and wherever is what flexibility entails. Even if you are away from the office, your customers can still be able to keep up communication with you. The higher your flexibility as a business, the more you show your clients that you are the one to go with. With a smartphone, you can organize business meetings anywhere, schedule interviews and also initiate conference calls. Cell phones increase your ability to multitask.

Makes Online Marketing Easy

Not only does smartphones aid in advertising your products and services, but it also provides a cheaper means of product advertisement. In the early days of internet usage, most people don’t have access to the internet for an extended period. What they do is hey log-on to the internet, surf for a while and then log-off. With a smartphone, your customer base is connected to the internet 24/7. Logging on and logging off is now a thing of the past. Over 90% of Adult Americans own smartphones. Being a necessity, it is convenient to say that smartphones have created a ubiquitous mode of connectivity to your clientele. According to eMarketer, 66.5 billion US local search queries were done in 2015 via smartphones which by far supersedes that of desktop users.

Global Access

Excellent communication is highly essential to successful business practices. In recent times, smartphones have made it possible to contact clients across the globe. If you travel internationally, you can regularly keep in touch with your clientele. Most smartphones have features that enable you to call for a long period without having to go through the cost of a long distance phone call. With a smartphone, you can write emails, send documents, and access the internet. Smartphones have improved a lot of businesses by allowing international clients gain access to lots of information first hand. Mobile friendly adverts and websites is a preferred choice for in-depth engagement of your customer base.

What Your Suit Can Say About You

Looking through your wardrobe trying to find the right suit to wear for that big business meeting you’ve been waiting for? This opportunity could be the big break you’ve been hoping for in your professional career. You have everything you need packed up in your suitcase ready to go, all you need now is to find something to wear. Your suit can can say a lot about you so wearing the right one is important, since first impressions are crucial. Want to know what your suit says about you? We’ll let you in on what we know:


The Fit

The way your suit fits can say a whole lot about a person. When a suit fits poorly on a person it could possibly mean you’re disorganized and have no care. But you DO care, and you are NOT disorganized. But they don’t know that, first impressions remember?

A suit too tight or too baggy is not okay. How can you tell? Your suit will tell you. You heard me right, it will literally tell you; if your suit is too tight the folds in your suit-jacket will make an “x” shape in center where your buttons are. If it’s too baggy the suit will look droopy. If you’re suit sleeves don’t line up with your thumb knuckle, your sleeves are too short.

When buying a suit make sure you go to a store that specializes in suits. They will most definitely have someone who can give you the proper measurements and help you find the proper suit size just for you! A fitted suit looks good, suave, and very professional.


Did you know color can play a big role with clothes? It can say a whole lot about you. Especially of course, your suit. What does color have to do with picking out a suit? Well, let me explain:

Red is a risky color but can be effective depending on what you’re going for. When you wear red it says “you’re not afraid to stand out” but it could also mean “you’re aggressive”.

Orange is a good color….to wear for brunch! Not a good idea for a professional interview, unless it’s an interview in court…as a convict! Wearing an orange suit in a business meeting is unprofessional, so please no orange suit.
However, if you wear orange for your everyday-wear ensemble, it can say “you are creative and ambitious”.

Green is an interesting one, cause different shades can mean different things. Light green isn’t very professional as a business suit. Light green can say you’re greedy since people associate light green with money. You don’t want to ever come off as greedy in your business meetings. However, a darker earth tone green is very professional and can give your suit ensemble a good pop of color. What does earth tone green mean? It says you’re a relaxed easy going person but at the same time you’re ready to impress and to start business.

Blue is an excellent color choice for your suit. Blue means loyalty and confidence. It says, “I’m a calm and collective person you can trust”. Blue is one of the best choices of color for a business suit. Wearing blue can also mean you’re a team player and excellent working with others.

Black suits are popular as well as the most common. It’s a good neutral color and an excellent go to. Black suits are slimming as well as giving you the classic timeless look. When you wear a well fitted black suit it says “you’re a leader”. But too much black can also mean you’re “Authoritative” which can come off as bossy. Throw in a pop of color like white, and a bit of blue. What a trendy and attractive combo!

Brown is another excellent color. When wearing a brown suit can say “you’re a committed and stable person who is confident” it can also mean you’re “trustworthy and ready to come up with some awesome ideas”. However, too much brown can also say you’re dull and boring.

Grey is the most sophisticated on the list. Grey can be a confidence booster as well as the opposite. Wearing grey for a short time is fine, but when you wear too much of it or all of the time, it can be a downer. Grey is formal as well as a depressing color. Grey is okay when going to an interview, you’ll look good but there are better color choices out there for you.


Color and the way your suit fits can say a whole lot about a person. That first impression is important, always remember to dress to impress when going to any professional or business meeting.

Things To Look Out For When Designing Your Business Card

As an entrepreneur for any business it’s a professional look to have one of your business cards on hand when meeting with a potential client. It shows you come prepared, and is an awesome first impression. Business cards are more personable as compared to just sending the information online which can be impersonable. When you hand someone your business card, not only are they receiving contact information for the business, but gives you the potential of having the opportunity to have a face to face first impression. Having a well designed business card is extremely important. There are definite right and wrong ways of designing a business card.

Card Stock

Also known as pasteboard or cover stock, it’s paper a bit thicker and much durable than regular writing paper. Cards get shared so a good card stock will come in handy when distributing your business cards. You want a stock that will survive wear and tear. Ever seen someone pick up a business card and immediately put it in their pocket? Well, that’s what most people do. If it’s a lightweight stock, they will most likely forget it’s there and boom, in the wash along with those jeans. Gone forever. So remember to use a good stock!


The font you use can say a lot about the business. There are correct and incorrect ways of using fonts professionally. Fonts such as comic sans or papyrus are frowned upon, they are very outdated and unprofessional. The human eye is attracted to symmetry, fonts that are imbalanced and disorderly can turn off any reader. Use a font that is balanced, clean and easy to read.


Did you know color psychology can play a huge role in a company? Blue is calming and dependable, green is peaceful, red is exciting and bold, orange is friendly and confident, and yellow leans more towards optimism and clarity. Choosing a color theme for your business card should be balanced out with your company’s logo colors. Too much color on a business card can look disorderly and chaotic. Choose colors that can compliment each other. A simplistic color pallet can go a long way.


Special finishes on a business card like gloss or varnish can bring to life and provide highlight on any specific detail you want to stand out. It also gives the illusion of animation and catches the human eye. It can easily make any business card stand out from all the others.


Texture can make any business card stand out from all the rest. Most business cards use similar cardstock, but you don’t want your business card to be lost in a sea of other common cards. Use a cardstock that has some sort of texture that will stand out from all the rest. Cutting shapes into your business cards can work too! Be sure when ordering a card with cut shapes, the information stays clean and professional. More is not more, less can be more. You don’t ever want to over-do your design. You’ll also want to make sure the information for your business is legible.


When a border is applied correctly on a business card it can easily compliment the logo and catch the eye of someone. For some designs, a border can seem too much. Before you slap a border on your business card take a look at it without one and see if it’ll look better or not. Sometimes that extra white space can be just enough to balance out your design.

Ordering vs Making Your Own

Ordering good business cards can get a little expensive. Making your own is an excellent alternative. All you need is your craft expertise, a paper slicer, and good card stock material (you can recycle your old cards to create new ones). The only downside to making your own cards is finding the time. Making hundreds of cards can take your time away from your actual business. When in a time crunch it’s definitely worth ordering them instead.


Remember, business cards are personable compared to sending the information online. Express your business with your awesome business card design. Use these helpful design tips to assist you in designing your next batch of business cards. Card stock, font, color choice, border, and small details can make your business card stand out from all the rest when done correctly.

Oh and one more thing! First impressions are important. When handing out your business card remember to be enthusiastic yet professional about your business. First impressions are always important. The next time you hand someone your business card they will definitely remember you!


Building The Perfect Business Team

Finding the perfect team is important for any business. Efficient teamwork is a luxury and it takes work to build one. Without a well balanced team and strong work ethic, there’s a good possibility your business will start to crumble. Here are some excellent team building hacks you can apply to build-up any business team.

Value of Worker’s Ideals

Always take any employee’s ideas into consideration or at least a thought. Anytime an employee comes up with an idea for the workplace, this just means this person is passionate enough to take the initiative of going above and beyond of coming up with what they think will make the business better. This shows passion, thought and care for the company.


When leading your successful business team it’s extremely important that your workers and employees stay inspired. It’s important that the people you have working for you stay interested in the job they are working. Let them know that you know they are working hard, for example; when one of your employees is giving it more than 100%, it’s awesome to know that their efforts are being appreciated. It inspires your employee to keep up the good work knowing that all extra effort is being noticed.

Be Clear When Communicating

Anytime you explain a job position, answering any questions, or distributing work to your employees be as clear as possible. When you explain something to your team it’s vital when your workers understand exactly what you are looking for. When unclear, you risk of getting the work done incorrectly. Be sure you explain things verbally, as well as giving a good example of what you’ll be looking with the task.

Distribute Problem Solving Tasks

For your workers, this keeps the job interesting as wells as getting them to think about the business. Every professional company have to resolve problems and overcome road bumps that may slow everything down. You can get your team together to solve minor issues that can help the company move towards a positive direction. Working together and solving problems is good for building your team for success.

Setting Guidelines

Setting guidelines is probably the most important team building hack on this list. Every job should be done in uniform (for the most part). Without guidelines work can look messy and disorderly, and can get very confusing for your other employees. The best way to solve this issue is typing up uniform guides. This makes sure things are done in a proper uniform manner. Efficiency is key, and getting tasks done right the first time will help the workflow move smoothly.

Brainstorming With Your Team

Getting your team together and brainstorming ideas for the business is a good idea. You’ll be surprised by the results you’ll get from everyone who have different perspectives working within company. There might be issues you’ve overlooked that your team can inform you of, and work together to resolve. You can also brainstorm new ideas for the company. A team of thinkers is a successful team.

Roles Are Established

Knowing whose role is what in a company is extremely important. Your team members need to know who’s in charge of what. For example; a cashier isn’t the same role as someone whose in the management position. Or someone’s position as a chef at a restaurant has a completely different role as someone who waits tables. You want your team members to know whose role is what in the company. Team members who manage, distribute work as well as check to make sure tasks are completed correctly.

Having an efficient team is one of the most important things you’ll have to build for your company. A team of people who are inspired and feel like their ideas are appreciated will work harder. These team building hacks are the best for constructing your team for success. Try applying these helpful team building tips to your hired team, and watch them grow from workers to inspired thinkers. They will be happier working for the company and willing work more efficient as a team moving the business in a positive direction.