3 Myths We Are Taught About Success

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

— Albert Einstein

No matter what we strive for Success is a luxury we all want to aim for in life. To achieve this greatness requires hard work, dedication, as well as common sense. However, there are myths and incorrect words of advise the world will try to tell us that are the keys to success when in fact they aren’t.

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There are some career paths people take cause they believe it will make them successful. But, if you listen to bad advise, you’ll end up overworked reaping no redeeming qualities from it.

Don’t let these myths steer you away or hold you back from greatness, get yourself on the correct path and strive!

7 Business Tips You’ll Need To Know For Success

Myth #1: “If you’re a good worker you’ll get paid more”

“You work hard and you’ll defiantly get that promotion” …not exactly how the real world works. Some people think working hard is bumping up the hours, working more shifts, and doing more physical work.

But in reality, it’s not something that will get you promoted. When you get promoted, it’s because the company see’s you as a potential leader for the work field you’re in. If you’re not a good leader or have any leader qualities (meaning if you cannot think on your own) you will find yourself working in the same job position for a long time.

What’s a difference between and worker and a leader? 


 Someone who’s delegated tasks by a boss, manager / or assistant manager. Usually a standard employee / worker position.

Why are they important? 

A Worker is what keeps the gears running in a company. A manager cannot run a business on their own, they’ll need someone to delegate tasks to, to keep the ball rolling for success. Their responsibilities include, handling tasks that we delegated to them by a manager or business owner.


There are different tiers of what a leader is in a company:

Business owner: Someone who oversee the company as a whole, and manage the managers.

Manager: Responsible for overseeing (or administering) all or part of a company. Delegating tasks to the workers in the company as well as making sure the tasks get completed. It’s a manager’s job to lead the part of the company to a successful path, while making sure the tasks that need to be done, will be completed correctly as well as efficiently.

Assistant Manager: Responsibilities usually include direct supervision of staff, employee evaluation and performing managerial tasks while the manager is unavailable. Basically micro-managing the employees in a company. Simply an extra pair of hands for the manager.

Essentially, you won’t get that promotion by just working hard. You have to work hard towards being a leader. If you don’t have leader qualities, then there’s no reason to promote you. Be innovative and motivate your fellow employees to getting the job done efficiently and successfully. Remember, people are often promoted from within the ranks after being recognized for leadership potential.

Top Reasons Why Business Fail & How To Avoid Them

Myth #2: “Start your career while you’re young”

Age is a factor that don’t matter when trying to climb the ladder of success in your dream career. It’s never too late to start anyone can become anything, you just have to work for it, do your research and prevail.

You can start young while working in the same company for years and never move up anywhere. Why? Well, if you refer to Myth #1, it doesn’t matter how hard you work. It’s how well you do your job and if you have leadership potential. Age is never a factor, it’s all about how important you make yourself in a company. Don’t be wanted, be needed. Become the asset the company needs and move up from there.

Success is all about knowledge, innovative thinking, and professional relationships you’ve built bridges to.

Myth #3: “Stress is something you need to undergo to succeed”

False, not at all true. If you’re stressing about your business or job position then something needs to change. You’re most likely stressing about the unknown or the what ifs. If you’re in wonder about failure scenarios then it’s a gut feeling you’re having which means you’ll need to undergo some changes.

Being stressed about your job requires some changes. Changes that requires you to pin-point what exactly is causing all the stress. It could be anything:

  • The amount of work being handed to you is over-whelming, to resolve this you’ll need to take less work or have an assistant.


  • You’re the business owner of the company and things aren’t going as smoothly as you expected it to be. Instead of viewing your business as a whole, you’ll have to figure out which of the gears is jammed and then fix the problem as you deem necessary.

Need A personal Concierge?

  • You’re relying on all the wrong people with the wrong tasks. Maybe, an employee is holding everyone up because they aren’t on time or working on the tasks ineffectively. Time to have a talk with this employee, or replace if deemed incompetent.

When you hear someone say “Stress comes with success” they are incorrect. When you over exhaust yourself with stress, you’re preparing yourself for potential failure. Find that perfect balance between how much you work and productiveness.

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Don’t be someone who’ll fall victim to these untrue myths about success. Strive for greatness, not only for the company but for yourself, instead of being a follower, be a leader.

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Top Reasons Why Businesses Fail & How To Avoid Them

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

— Steve Jobs

Fresh new businesses spring up all the time, but, only a few really make it. Not everyone can be Mr. Big-Boss-Man-Money-Bags with luxury cars and a limousine ride with hired chauffeur everywhere they go. It takes hard work and planning. You might have a fresh new idea that you find innovating, but is it something that works as a business? Maybe you’re executing your ideals all wrong. Possibly diving into this war zone of competitive businesses too blindly.

Have you ever seen a business open up and close it’s doors within just 2 years? Ever wonder why? We see it happen all the time, but what do these failing businesses all have in common?

Naturally, no entrepreneur (Big or small) want to think about potential failure of their own business. However, knowing what the potential pitfalls of business failure can prevent the inevitable for most people.

Not Being Clear Enough About The Product / Service

You have to know exactly what you want to deliver when running a business. Being crystal clear about your product or service is important when trying to engage with a potential consumer. You have to know what your business is, and be able to effectively communicate with potential customers about your product / service. When you’re unable to communicate your message can be lost in space.

For example: if you’re selling heath food products for weight-loss, you don’t want to have a pizza day at your shop.

So what do you have to do?

1) Be Clear: Being clear about your product is important. Knowing what your business delivers to the client will help you better understand your own business and communicate better with a positivist outreach to customers.

2) Brief but Comprehensive: Perfect your selling point with the customer by finding the correct balance of keeping it short and sweet, but getting your message across. In order to do this, you’ll have to fully understand the business.

3) Reeling Them In: Fishermen cast their lines out and reel fish in, same with businesses. Catchy ads, and slogans can definitely reel people into your business if done correctly. Being clean-cut, simple, short, yet persuasive is the perfect formula for ad success.

Having No Online Presence 

This is the age where tech runs the world and social media is social-mandatory. Everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, etc. etc. Businesses are taking the social media leap! What a great way to stay in touch with customers, and keep them posted on new products and services your business has to offer.

A website is also extremely important, it helps authenticate your business & provide much detailed info on what your business / company is really about.

What should your web-page have?

1) Home Page: Having a home page on a business’s website comes obvious for most, but you’ll be surprised how many businesses fail on this one simple thing.

  • Keep your home page short and sweet. Be sure to have effective descriptions of what your business is all about with lists of services and products your company provides.

Want to see an excellent example of what a home page should look like?

Click here

2) About Us: An about us page should be a detailed page about what your company is all about. Detailed information on who you are and what you aim to provide!

Here’s a good example of what an About Us page should look like:

Click Here

3) Contact Information Page: Where you’ll provide the address, e-mail, social media and phone number of your company where clients can know how they’ll be able to contact your business regarding products, services, feedback or someone who’s interested in marketing / collaborating with you on a professional level.

  • Whatever the reason is, having your business’s contact information can help your company out big time!

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These are only but a few basics of what your company’s website should entail. A website is important, it shows authenticity and professionalism of your business.

Wrong Location

Setting up your business in the wrong location is a terrible first move as a business owner. A bad location can mean next to no business traffic, which can be dire for a starting company. Don’t make this heartbreaking move! If you’re targeted audience can’t find you, expect to shut your doors soon.

For Example: You’re a deli opening up in a city where most people are vegan. We can obviously see where things can go wrong in that scenario.

  • Location is important! Another good example is an ice cream shop, let’s say you’re opening up a new ice cream shop business in an area. You will have much more foot traffic if you were located on the beach rather than somewhere that snows most of the year.

What should you do? Do your research first! Scope out the area ahead of time, figure out what the locals are looking for that’s not already provided for them whether it’s a product or service that’s in high demand. Maybe it’s your product they’re looking for. You wont know unless you do your homework first.

  • Find out what the majority demographic is. Whether it be age, gender, interests, etc. etc. Figure out the demographic and see if the majority is the targeted market that’ll drive your business to success.

Poor Choice Of Transportation 

When you’re traveling for business, a.k.a. Business Traveling, it’s always smart as the business owner to have a reliable form of transportation taking you from point A to point B with ease.

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Whether it be for a local business meeting or picking you up from the airport and dropping you off to your meeting in another state, we’ve got you covered. Whether your meeting with a client or fellow entrepreneurs for an important conference, it’s always stress free and beneficial to travel luxuriously to your desired destination.

With affiliates in over 800 cities nationwide, A1A Limo makes it easy to get to your meeting or appointment anywhere in the World. Now that’s quality service!



7 Business Tips You’ll Need To Know For Success

Being a successful business professional is something every entrepreneur wants to achieve. Yeah, you went to school for business and learned a whole lot from the books. But what about the things they DON’T teach you in school? They teach you the important basics of running a business…


Learning just the basics isn’t enough. There’s more to the formula of business success schools and lecture halls cannot teach you. You can only learn it from one way and one way only, and it’s called “Experience”.

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Trusting Your Gut

Everyone’s heard of this phrase, but, do they REALLY understand what it mean? It can be a valuable decision making tool if applied correctly to. So what does it actually mean when we say “Trust your gut?”.

Here are some excellent examples: 

Ever done something that made you go, “Darn! That was a bad idea”. You knew it was gonna happen but you didn’t listen to your gut and did it anyway?

  • Example #1: You sent out some e-mails to potential clients, you knew you should have double checked to where the e-mail was getting sent to, but you didn’t and now the wrong person has that e-mail. Should have trusted your gut to double check!!


  • Example #2: Your gut told you to fire that incompetent worker months ago, but you didn’t. Now the project is due to present to the client and the idiot done nothing for the past few months. Should have trusted your gut and hired a new guy months ago!

Trust your gut and attend: 

Business Events You Don’t Want To Miss This Summer

You Really Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

If you don’t know something, don’t just guess, do additional research and learn it. There’s no such thing as shortcuts when it comes to success. Your work and dedication will defiantly show through your company. A strong foundation is key. If you’re unsure of something, don’t make any hasty business decisions until you’re 100% sure on something. Even if you’re 90% , don’t do it.

Budgeting & Knowing Your Finances

You can’t run a business if you can’t budget. How are you supposed to pay your employees and keep the lights on with no money? You can’t. You have to know how much revenue your business is raking in. Not only that but you’ll want to know how much is going back into the business. You’ll also want to know how much of that is profit. So lets take a look at some variables you need to be looking for when budgeting for your business:

1) Cost of employees

2) Maintenance fees; in case the computers / registers go down, leaky faucet, etc. etc. Remember, anything could happen.

3) Amenities like electric, water, internet bills / toilet paper, Windex, paper towels

4) Costs of goods and services to run your business. If you’re a re-seller then the cost of goods for re-sale.

5) The cost of things needed to keep the business running, for example; if you’re a restaurant the cost of plates, napkins, silverware, etc. etc.

Depending on what kind of business you’re running, these are only but a few things a an owner of a company need to think about when budgeting their business for success.

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Protect & Defending Your Property

What do we mean when we say “Protect & defend your property”? Defend what’s yours from idea stealing thieves. They are all over trying to grab other people’s ideas and re-sell them as their own. If you have product you’ve worked hard designing, patent it!

If you have an awesome catchy company / product name, make sure you trademark & patent your product’s name. When you patent and trademark your product you are making it more difficult of someone stealing what’s yours. Claim what’s yours!


In a society ran by tech, it’s common for business to get feedback (reviews) from customers. Whether it be on Facebook, Google, or Yahoo, listen to what they say and take it into consideration. If there’s a common issue with multiple customers on how you’re business is ran, there’s something you need to change in order to have re-occurring customers.

  • Listening to your employees is also a good idea. Listen and take things they might say into consideration. Maybe there’s something the company is doing that’s outdated and needs an upgrade. Could be the services provided, the registers are too old, maybe they need newer and faster internet to run the computer better.

Hotel Customer Service VS Technology: Who Will Prevail?

The Problem Could Be you!

Yeah, we all go through bad employees every now and again, mistakes happen and things don’t always go as planned. Orderly things in the company can fall through and not everything is perfect.

  • However, if things in the company keep going down-under in a repetitive pattern where employees are making the same mistakes over and over again, there’s a possibility it could be the way policies / duties are delivered.


  • Meaning, maybe the business needs to change the way they do things in order to move it towards a positive direction. Could be the way you train new employees, make sure management is doing the job correctly, or maybe it could be you. Possibly not giving management the room to wiggle with the way they need to do things in order to make things successful.

What can you do about this? Have a meeting with your managers and another one with your employees. Ask questions, listen and reflect on what the company needs to run as a flowing business. There will be times where your workers might think they know what they are talking about, but they really don’t. Still, you need to keep and ear out and take things into consideration just in case! You want to always move the business / company forward.

Last But Not Least…Transportation!!

Transportation is one of the most important factors when running a business. You’re always on the go whether it’s for a business meeting with a potential client, meeting up with a fellow business partner for a quick lunch, making connections with other business CEO’s to establish collaboration between companies, or even interviewing someone for advertising.

Whatever the reason is, A1A Limousine Service provides only but the best ground transportation services there is to offer. Whether you are just meeting someone for a business meeting, corporate events or picking you up from the airport, we’ve got you covered. Expect nothing but luxury!

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Good luck on your road to success!!

4 Reasons to Clean Up Your Work Space

Does your work space look as if a tornado just passed through?

Where’s all those important sticky notes? You keep telling yourself you’ll dedicate the time to organize, but procrastination has you beat. Staying organized is the key to success.

A workplace is also a second home, since generally you’re there for the majority of the week. Your desk is your own personal space in your home away from home, your colleagues are like trusted neighbors.

Being a good neighbor is also making sure your home isn’t an eyesore for others.

Higher Productivity & Accuracy

The messy papers that clutter up your desk can be very distracting at times and sometimes we’d rather file them away than get to the nitty gritty of our work.

Fortunately, those who commit even a few minutes each day to keeping their work space clean can reduce or eliminate many of the work space distractions altogether.

  • Getting too distracted? By tidying your work space, you’ll be able to minimize distractions that otherwise could make you less productive and less valuable to your organization. It also increases the accuracy of your work: if you know where everything is, there’s little room for error.


  • Can’t find your pen? Keeping an organized work space ensures you’ll always know where everything is. For those who want to be able to find work files and documents quickly and effortlessly, a clean work space is essential.

Reduced Stress Levels

Believe it or not, a disorganized work space typically leads to a scattered mind.

Clutter can cause higher stress levels that make any work task even more difficult to complete.

  • Stressed at work? An organized work space, on the other hand, may help you reduce stress and bolster your day-to-day productivity by minimizing unnecessary distractions.

Getting rid of this clutter makes remembering important dates and tasks much easier because everything is accessible right in front of you.

  • The reduction of stress also allows your creativity to flow freely. Not worrying about where things are or when you’ll have time to clean next lets your mind focus on creating.

Therefore, take the time to keep your work space organized, and you’ll be able to avoid the stress commonly associated with a messy work environment.

You Can Improve Your Health

Did you know your keyboard could have more germs than a toilet seat?

Not for every situation, but if you’re not careful it could be!

How can you prevent such travesty?

1) Disinfectant wipes, always keep disinfectant wipes on standby. You’ll never know when you’ll need it. Eating lunch at your desk could get a little messy.

  • With less germs floating around, there’s less chance of catching something terrible, like the flu. Keeping the flu and common cold at bay is easy if you keep your work space clean.

2) Hand sanitizer, come in all shapes, sizes, and scents to keep your hands clean and smelling fresh. It goes a long way for your health and your work place.

  • Those icky germs are everywhere especially on devices that your fingers are constantly tapping away on. Your phone, keyboard and even your stapler at work can all contain the germs needed to get you sick, and ultimately call out from work.

3) Microfiber cloths, reduce the chance of airborne dust declaring war with your allergies. By wiping down your work space windowsills, fans or other places that can accumulate dust.

  • You’ll want to do whatever you can to avoid getting sick and missing work. If you maintain a clean work space (and make use of some Lysol spray) you’ll be able to keep your desk free of germs or viruses that might cause long-lasting health issues.

4) Keyboard Vacuum, makes sure to get every speck from every single office crevice that accumulates over time.

  • Not only is this good for your health, it’s also good for your keyboard’s health, it extends the life of your working tool, your laptop / desktop.

Make A Positive First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

A positive first impression can go a long way toward fostering a long-term business relationship and a clean work space will make it easier for you to showcase your commitment to excellence any time you meet with a colleague or client.

  • Impress workplace visitors by devoting the necessary time and resources to clean up your work space. By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to make a portray an image of competence and professionalism on peers and customers consistently.


  • Remember, your work space serves as a reflection of who you are as a business professional, so you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure your work space offers a distraction-free work environment.

A1A Limo hopes these tips help you improve your work life and your success in business. A1A Limo provides the best ground transportation service from getting you to your business meeting / workplace efficiently as well as on time!

Hiring a professional limousine service is not only classy, but it also makes you look like a boss walking out of your luxurious ride to your business meeting looking fresher than a salad wearing your business suit. (What an epic entrance) .

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you make a great impression during your next business outing.


Guide To An Epic Date Night

What do you think when you think of, date night?

Limousine service, chauffeur, night on the town, candle lights, fine dining, drinks, a romantic walk on the beach, luxurious atmosphere?

No matter what we think of it or how old we get, you feel nothing but butterflies when you think about that first date with someone you like. People can get pretty nervous on their first date.

However, there are ways you can prepare for your date to give you that confidence boost you’ve been looking for.

Coming Up With A Great Date Idea

Coming up with an awesome date idea ahead of time will worry you less as the day gets closer.

Decent Date Ideas:

Movie Date: Movie Dates are always a good go-to when people think of first date. You guys get to choose a movie you both like (great way of finding something in common is to find a movie you’d both love to watch).

Double Date: A double date is an interesting first date idea, but some people prefer it. They see it as, hey, if you can get along with my friends you’re pretty rad. (This depends on the person, most people are not cool about a double first date).


Awesome Date Ideas:

Dinner & Beach: Take your date out to the best restaurant in town and end the night with a romantic walk on the beach. You’ll have so much time to talk and get to know each other. First kiss on the beach with romantic moonlight reflecting on the water is something out of a novel.

Day At The Park: This is perfect for couples who both have a canine companion. Walk around in beautiful weather, talking and play frisbee. What an awesome first date idea!

Epic Date Ideas:

Luxurious Dinner: The date starts from the ride you pick her up in. A luxurious limo is the icing on the cake for any date. A chauffeur will handle all of the driving while you and your date kick back and relax.

  • Choose a restaurant with the best reviews, and book a seat somewhere with an excellent view. For example: Waterfront is always a good choice. Always book the dinner date ahead of time. You don’t want to get there and have a 2 hour wait before you and your date is seated. Awkward.

Theme Park: Going to a theme park is an epic choice. Not only can you just walk around the park and talk, but you can also watch shows.

  • Disney World is a park where you can do it all, and where dreams come true. When the sun’s up enjoy the day in the park and experience awesome attractions Disney has to offer. As soon as it hits night, end the day with an amazing fireworks show.

Your Look

Beard: The fresh clean look is always going to be in. Whether you keep the beard or not. If you have a beard, be sure to trim it to make sure it doesn’t look too crazy and un-kept. Same concept if you have a scruff.

  • You can use beard oils that’s like a beard styling conditioner that smells like cologne. It’s a two in one!

Shoes: Wear something that you’d be comfortable walking in as well as wear to a luxurious fancy restaurant.

  • For the guys, a nice pair of loafers with a nice shine is always an excellent choice.


  • As for the ladies, try avoid wearing those high heels on the first date. You don’t want to look like a baby deer walking for the first time the whole night.

On a side note, always carry a pair of sandals in your car just in case you two decide to walk on the beach.

Make-up: This goes for the ladies, less can be more. Too much make-up can be “too much make-up”. Wear natural colors when applying eye shadow, and don’t use too much liner.

Hair: If you’re a guy a little hair gel won’t hurt anyone. It’s actually a good idea to get a hair cut several days before. For the ladies, ponytail, braid, or even a hair bun is acceptable as long as it doesn’t look like you just threw it up with a hair-tie.

The way you look is important on a first date. If you look your best you’re going to feel your best. What a simple confidence booster!

Hiring Limousine Service

When you hire a limousine service you’re also hiring someone you can trust to take you from point A to point B safely and luxuriously. Hiring a luxury limo service is elegant as well as classy for events like these.

If you’re driving around in a car that has a bad transmission, or you haven’t had an oil change in who knows how long, then it’s safe to say your ride isn’t all that reliable. You don’t want to risk you & your date of being stranded in the middle of the road. Akaward first date experience no one wants to undergo.

Cheaper than a cab and much more reliable than an Uber, you can’t go wrong when you hire these guys.

Good luck on that first date! Keep it simple, yet luxurious! 

What to Do If Your Luggage Goes Missing

“The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage” – Mark Russell

1) You took all the necessary steps off booking your flight ahead of time.

2) Made it to the airport bright and early so there’s no way you could miss that flight.

3) You just HAD to be seated next to that obnoxious guy who did nothing but snore the whole flight. 

::Things People Really Need To Stop Doing On Airplanes::

Finally, the plane made it’s landing and you’re ready to catch that chauffeured limo rental just waiting for you to undergo that luxurious ride to your desired destination. But…wait a minute…you’re missing something!

Unable to find your luggage after your flight reached it’s final destination? It can happen to anyone, no need to panic, your bags may have gone missing in transit. 

However, there are steps you can take that can alleviate this situation which could happen to anyone:

Don’t Panic

Easier said than done, hu?

How dare we say “Don’t Panic”, you have that expensive laptop you need for work inside that suitcase! It’s okay we get it. Be aware, panicking would just making finding your luggage much more troublesome. 

Problem: You decided to panic instead of staying calm of the situation. You’re giving the airport staff (and everyone else around you) a difficult time. 

Solution: Panicking only wastes time. Time is money. Ever heard of that saying? Well it’s true. If your there for business travel, wasting time shouldn’t be on your list of things to do. Although your luggage is temporarily missing, it’s unlikely that it’s lost for good.

  • It’s natural to feel worried when you can’t find your personal belongings in a public place. Take a few minutes to re-collect yourself as soon as you discover your luggage is missing, then calmly report the incident to the airline immediately. It’s defiantly not their first rodeo relating to this situation. 

Keeping Your Cool On Check

  • Always remember, airport staff are people too. They are people who are just there doing their jobs and will be more than happy to assist you in locating your missing luggage the best they can. 


  • No one wants to help someone who’s rude and disrespectful. They are PEOPLE too. Remember your first job in customer service? You hated it when Mr. Sir-Yells-A-Lot made the situation that could have been handled calmly difficult. Don’t be that guy. Be someone you’d want to help. 


  • Did you know you may be able to recover “reasonable expenses” from the airline if your luggage goes missing?Typically, an airline will work with you to ensure your lost luggage is recovered and sent to you as soon as possible. They’ll most likely cover various expenses until your luggage arrives.


  • To optimize your return from the airline, be sure to keep copies of your receipts. That way, you have a paper trail that you can provide to the airline for any essential items you need to purchase (clothing, toothbrush, etc.).

 Remain in Touch with the Airline Until Your Luggage Is Recovered

It could take days, weeks or even months for an airline to recover your luggage.

  • But those who remain persistent will dramatically improve their chances of getting their luggage faster than others.


  • Don’t be afraid to contact the airline if you ever have concerns or questions about the status of your lost luggage request.


  • Remember, the longer it takes the airline to recover your lost luggage, the less likely it becomes that the airline will be able to find it. Travelers who stay informed, however, will be able to ensure airline personnel are aware of the missing luggage and are doing everything they can to retrieve it quickly and efficiently.

 File a Claim If the Airline Officially Declares Your Luggage as Lost

  • In the event that the airline cannot locate your luggage, you’ll need to file a claim to ensure you are reimbursed for the cost of items that were included in your bag.


  • The airline will usually require you to complete a claim form, which means you’ll need to describe exactly what was in your luggage.

Claim Form: An official document that you use to request an amount of money from an organization, when you think you are owed it.

  • In addition, it’s inessential to note that many airlines establish a maximum claim allowance that is indicated on the back of any airline ticket.


  • This means if there’s a set limit for a lost luggage reimbursement, you may be unlikely to receive full value for cameras, laptops and other high-priced items that go missing.

When it comes to airline travel, it always is better to err on the side of caution. Therefore, if you have expensive items, you may want to bring them in a carry-on bag.

Streamline your airport ground transportation with support from A1A Limousine

Getting ready for an upcoming flight can be difficult.

Fortunately, a first-rate chauffeured car service is available that will drive you to the airport any time you choose – A1A Limousine.

At A1A Limo, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will do everything we can to ensure you reach your flight quickly and safely.

When you book airport ground transportation with us, we’ll make it easy for you to arrive at the airport in a top-notch vehicle, too.

In fact, we supply a broad array of luxury vehicles day after day, and our vehicle fleet includes:

  • Cadillac XTS This elegant sedan offers tinted windows, plush leather interior and other superb features.
  • Luxury SUV Ideal for up to eight passengers, our luxury SUV ensures you and your friends can reach the airport in a stunning vehicle.
  • Stretch Limousine For those who demand plenty of leg room and luggage space and want to travel like a VIP, there may be no better choice than a stretch limo to take you to the airport.

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What Does Your Tie Say About You?

Did you know your tie can talk? It’s talking right now! What’s it saying? Well…

have you ever been stuck in front of the closet deciding on what color tie to wear? It’s a pop of color, a statement, that *ties* an entire business ensemble together. We want to look elegant as we walk out of our limousine. With a whole spectrum of colors to choose from, how can you be sure you’re picking the right one? Follow these tips to know what color is right for every occasion, how others around you will react, and what your tie color says about you.

Red is a bold color that is mostly seen on those who have power.

  • Politicians and businessmen commonly sport this color as a way to portray themselves as confident leaders.


  • If you are going for a more wholesome look, red may not be your color– although this color represents ambition and strength, it may also imply that you are untrustworthy.

Green is usually associated with growth and peace.

  • Show off at your next business meeting by wearing a green tie and present yourself organically.


  • Green can also convey a loud message of money (and sometimes greed), so be careful not to wear a green that’s too bright! You don’t want to be seen wearing light green anyway. Not a good choice when it comes to assembling your professional ensemble.

Blue Looking to come off a little cooler?

  • Blue is usually the go-to color when choosing ties for most people. It shows class, elegance and sophistication.


  • This elegant color sends a calming message to those around you, similar to a refreshing ocean breeze. It also implies that you are self-sufficient and dependable, a perfect color for winning over those prospective employers at interviews. While still calming, navy blues portray more of an authoritative figure and may also imply sincerity and integrity.

Yellow is bright and in your face, just like someone who loves to wear a yellow tie with their suits.

  • Yellow is a bit more casual, but definitely shows your colleagues that you are optimistic about your work.


  • If you see someone in a yellow tie, know that they are prepared and ready to take on whatever life throws at them (especially lemons!)

Black tie affairs call for elegance and exclusivity.

  • You can spot a black tie in any upscale event. Classic and timeless, a plain black tie is a common color to go to for any formal meeting. Be careful in black, someone may mistake you for a government agent or body-guard because with great black ties comes great responsibility.


  • Although a fully black ensemble may come off a bit angsty or even overdressed, it’s a great choice to stay neutral and business-oriented. Too much black can be a bit much. You don’t want to look like an unlockable character from a video-game. You want to dress simplistic as well as elegant, so adding that pop of color can go a long way.

Pattern Do you want to be remembered for the tie you wore or who you are as an individual?

  • A patterned tie is the perfect statement for that creative individual in your life.


  • Patterns can range from simple stripes and polka-dots to intricate floral arrangements and even depictions of murals.


  • There’s so many designs to choose from for every occasion and it’s a sure way to show those around you that you are ready for anything.


  • Too much pattern however can mean you’re chaotic. You want to be wearing something that seems tamed and clean-cut. Too much going on can be distracting. Do you want your colleagues to have their eyes on you when you talk? Or on your crazy tie you decided to put on? Choosing the right pattern can make a huge difference.

Now that you’ve gone through the motions of choosing which tie color is right for you, now is the time to tighten that tie and get moving! Hop in your luxury car and head on your way to blow that next business meeting out of the water.

Business traveling? We got you covered! A1A Limousine Service provides only the best ground transportation services that’s cheaper than a cab and much more reliable than an Uber. You’ll arrive at your business meeting timely and efficiently. You can even start working in the back while the chauffeur drives for you. You’ll arrive in style and look suave walking out of that elegant limousine looking like a boss. A1A Limousine Service is the number one ground transportation travel provider, here to deliver you to any business affair in style across the globe and around the clock.

5 Ways To Avoid A Delayed Flight

Even if you think you’re going to be on time to your destination, you’ve done all you can, you beat traffic with your luxury car, survived the bag-check line, and still suffer through a Flight delay.

There’s always something  bound to happen unexpectedly where you have endurer tedious and annoying flight delays.

Or is it…?

Actually, you can follow tactics to keep yourself away from flight delays and save precious time. Even Though flight delays aren’t anyone’s fault, they just happen! You can knock down the chances of missing your flight but still enjoy the savings you get when taking a transit flight.

What exactly is a flight delay? Well, a flight delay is when a you scheduled air travel is postponed from the said destination landing time

Planning your trip ahead of time can assist you in making your flight fashionably on time. You’ll knock down the chances of you missing your business flight.

Tip # 1: Avoid Taking Connecting Flights / Or Any Flights With Stopovers

Connecting Flight: A flight that requires the passengers to hop from one plane / airline to another at an intermediate point, as called a connecting point to reach their desired destination.

Stopovers: Similar to a connecting flight, but with a much longer transition (Waiting time between flights).

  • Chances of your flight being delayed can increase when booking a connecting flight or a flight with stepovers (A.K.A. Transit Flights).


  • However, there are ways to knock down the chances of delays while simultaneously booking this type of flight.

How? Well check this out:

Checking the weather of each stop is ideal when doing your own research when considering transit flights. Be sure to look up different weather types around the time of your desired flight time. Be sure to check the different regions.

For Example: If you’re flying from florida to Canada, and you booked a flight with stopovers, there might be an issue if there’s a hurricane or tornado, in the flight path.

  • What if you have a busy schedule and there’s no way to research all of this? Easy, you can use the inbuilt Wi-Fi during your luxurious limousine ride to the airport to check weather condition prior to ticket confirmation.

Packing light is key for an efficient air ride in the sky experience. When you pack light you can take your luggage on board along with you. This will reduce the chance of something happening to your luggage when switching flights.
Trust me on this one, it’s a hassle when you’re in a different state… and so if your luggage.

Tip # 2: Try “Originating Flights”

 Originating Flight: First flight of an itinerary, the top most flight listed on a ticket.

Booking your ticket online is an excellent idea, however you can call ahead of time and book an originating flight, it’ll help reduce the chance of potential flight delays tremendously. These flights are the earliest ones to take off, not so easily delayed.

Early is key!

Tip # 3: Early Bird Catches The Worm

  • When selecting your flight, be sure to book your flight as early as you can. Never book last second, you’ll risk losing your seat to someone else and have to re-plan your trip. Very time consuming.


  • Selecting flights for the morning will save you from falling into the pit of potential flight delays.Throughout the day, flights have a higher chance of being canceled, anything can happen, weather, plane maintenance, etc.etc.. Let’s choose early morning bookings!

Tip # 4: Opt for the working days

Booking your tickets for the days such as Wednesday and Thursday could be advantageous as in the middle of the week, fewer flights are operating due to lesser number of travelers. Majority of people prefer traveling close to the weekend/holidays and thus more traffic is observed during those days increasing the chances of air travel delays.   

Tip # 5: Limousine ride

If the flight is on time but the delay is from your side that would be further frustrating. Hence, to avoid such circumstances avail airport limo services to the airport which will provide you with classy, comfortable, and stress-free ride making you reach on time. It is said that if you want your business trip to be successful, then you should at least act like a successful businessman. Travelling in a lavish limousine such as A1A’s Limo Airport Shuttle will give you your best limousine experience.  

You can get the chance to avail A1A Limo Services to have the best limousine experience of your life. Call A1A Limo at (561) 622-2222 or email them at dispatch@a1alimo.com.

The Legendary Guide: Having The Best Night Out

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.

Nightlife Definition: Social activities or entertainment available at night in a town or city, to experience luxury and the finer things in life with good company.

You’ve worked hard, got that promotion you’ve been dreaming of, living comfortably, now looking to buy a house, everything in your life is going smoothly. These are known as the building block years of your life, you’re working hard and moving towards that goal with headstrong determination.

However, sometimes you just need to take a break and enjoy that day off….maybe experience a good night out with some friends. It’s easy to lose yourself and get sucked into the black hole of that consistent work life you forget you’re only human and need to get out and socialize and escape the professional scene every so often. Get out there and just be yourself.

Getting ready for this legendary night out takes preparation. Whether it be for a bachelor /bachelorette extravaganza, a birthday or having a night out Downtown with awesome friends you never see that often, making the best of your nightlife experience starts with the right essentials.

If it IS for a Bachelor / Bachelorette Party: Maid Of Honor & Best Men I’m calling you out! It’s time to step up to the plate. Creating a memorable night for the bride-to-be / Groom-to-be should be the top of your list of priorities.

Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make!

How Many People Are Coming Along On This Quest Of Nightlife?

How many people will be tagging along with you on this epic adventure? This is vital because before you guys can enjoy this epic night out hassle-free….you’ll need to make reservations.

Hiring a reliable limousine service or party bus rental is ideal for nights like this. Not only will you be able to fit everyone in the same luxury car, but you’ll all have your space and no one will have to DD for the rest of the night. A professional chauffeur will handle all of the driving and figuring out convenient routes for you. So no worries! We’ve got you covered!

But knowing how many will be in your party is an important variable to know what kind of luxury car you might be looking for.

You COULD just rent a luxury car….but this is supposed to be the legendary night out. Let’s think bigger, a limousine? Not good enough.

A s t r e t c h Limousine and Party Bus is ideal for nights like this!


1)S t r e t c h Limousine Service:

  • Can Seat up to 8 people comfortably.
  • Comes with superior personal touches such as etched glassware and chilled bottled water.
  • Tinted windows keep the party atmosphere rad and ongoing.
  • AM/FM/Satellite with Bluetooth access



2)Luxury S t r e t c h Suv:

  • Which has all the same amenities as the standard stretch limo, however it can fit up for 15 passengers!

3)Luxury Party Bus:

  • Can fit up to 30 people
  • Leather seating surfaces
  • Mini bar stocked full with refreshing beverages
  • Equipped with flat screen TVs and privacy tinting, allowing you to forget about the world outside.
  • Now that you’ve found the ride and it’s ready for liftoff, call a restaurant ahead of time and make a reservation. You’ll need the nutrition from all that drinking and exploring the Downtown.
  • Be sure if your reserving something for 10+ people, to reserve your spot several days ahead of time so the restaurant workers can prepare some tables for you guys.

Your Gear

Include all necessities that you’ll be needing for your epic night-out. You’ll want to bring some fun accessories like maybe some matching shirts, sparklers, confetti, silly signs or those awesome little mustaches on sticks for the bros who can’t grow a mustache.

If you are a alcohol and tobacco free group, silly party favors can be a big hit along with a sash, hat, or other fashion accessories meant to keep the person being celebrated at the center of everyone’s attention.

Whatever the festivity, creating a perfect night out starts with planning. Don’t miss out on something because you weren’t prepared. Follow your agenda and have a marvelous night!

We can be reached by phone at 561-622-2222 or by email at Dispatch@a1alimo.com of course if you are ready to Book Now, head over to our reservation page and get ready to experience the best of luxury.


Where You Should Host Your Next Business Meeting

Action is the foundational key to all success.

Planning a business meeting, but you want it to be a luxury and not a disaster?

Jump in your Luxury Car or take a luxurious ride from a professional Limousine Service and head on over to your meeting!

Don’t know where you should have this meeting?

Whether you’re a business owner or manager, it’s important to have professional business meetings every now and again. It keeps everything up to date and in order. What do I mean?


The Importance Of Meetings: Business meetings provide the perfect opportunity to deliver a professional and businesslike environment where people can;

  • Share ideas.
  • Learn new skills and stay up to date on evolving business trends.
  • Collaborate on new developments to stay engaged with your clientele.
  • Finding new people and collaborating with companies and local businesses.
  • Encourage teamwork and keeps everyone freshly motivated to move towards a positive direction in the company.

Be aware that there are pros and cons to business meeting locations depending on how many people will be attending, who, and what the meeting entails. It could be a successful meeting which can move the company forward or crumble like a dry cookie.  

Coffee Shops

For this list let’s start small, a coffee shop is a perfect place for a meeting….well let me rephrase that, a LOCAL coffee shop is a perfect place for a meeting.

Why local and not chain? Well, usually with a coffee shop chain it’s popular….meaning they’ll most likely be busy with people talking, hustling and ordering their drinks throughout the day. You want a location where there aren’t as many distractions.

So local it is!


  • Good for meeting up with someone for a small business, usually someone who owns a company working from home. Having a business meeting in your house is frowned upon as well as weird. Don’t be weird,  just meet up at a local Coffee Shop.
  • It’s perfect if meeting up with a client you’re trying to collab with moving their small business forward as well as yours.
  • Perfect environment for a 4 people meeting.
  • Free wifi
  • You get to experience a delicious sip of local brew and a perfect place for a quick bite.


  • Not a great idea for larger meetings, for example; Anything that requires 6 or more people is frowned upon. Coffee shops aren’t all that big in the first place and your business personnel is taking up a whole lot of space. Rude.
  • Can get cluttered and distracting if you’re trying to get a bigger meeting going. This is someplace you go to have a smaller get together or an introduction for meeting a new client or another business person.  


Depending on the restaurant itself of course, it could be a good or bad choice. For an important business meeting with a client or regular company get together it’s critical to be sure the environment is luxurious as well as closed off.

What do I mean?

Well most restaurants (usually the luxurious ones) have rooms for meetings and private parties you can reserved that’s closed off from the rest of the establishment. The closed off walls will provide less distractions and the luxury atmosphere will provide calmness and good energies for the meeting.


  • Provides a tranquil environment as well as your own space to talk the importance of the company and or discuss what the profession gathering entails.
  • You and the invited guest get to munch on some delicious food as well as staying energized and focused on the job entailed.
  • Excellent for a professional small get together and meeting fellow businessmen and other entrepreneurs.
  • Excellent for a meeting of 10 or more people.


  • If the restaurant cannot provide a private section for you, it’s most definitely not the go-to for your next business meeting. You might get stuck sitting next to a loud family or a crying baby.
  • Sitting along with your colleagues out in the open is distracting and unprofessional. You won’t get the point of the meeting across and discussions can easily get in a disarray.
  • Be sure the location of the private room isn’t somewhere near the kitchen, it can make the meeting hot an unbearable for you and your guests.
  • Most restaurants do not provide complimentary wifi.

Luxury Hotel

For the most important business meetings which requires a massive amount of space, a projector and charts to display the most important information. As well as providing enough space for attendees like CEO, leaders as well as management that keeps the company’s gears spinning.

It’s a perfect location if you’re planning on having a major meeting with the higher-ups of the company and want to make sure everything stays on track with current trends of your company’s services/ or product as well as advertising.


  • Usually when you book a meeting with a hotel they will provide a private room large enough for you and your business meeting. They usually have different rooms of different sizes, so when booking be aware of the variety of options.
  • Hotel personnel usually provides fresh water and something to snack on for you and your guests. Most of the time hotels will provide excellent hospitality for people who rent out meeting rooms. Be sure to read reviews of the desired hotel before booking.  
  • Complimentary WiFi, no need to use-up your phone’s hot-spot!
  • Plenty of room for everyone as well as enough space to use a projector/ and or white board for charts and slide-shows.
  • If some are traveling, they can stay at the hotel. You might even make a deal with the hotel and possibly get an excellent rate.


  • It’s a hotel and like any hotel the quality could be luxurious or a nightmare. Be sure to do your research before booking anything. Reading reviews from various resources can come in handy.
  • The meeting room might be too tiny. As said before, do your research before booking.
  • The wifi might be slow. You don’t want to have a professional business meeting where the WiFi is weak. If you’re spending the money to book that room, might as well find something with excellent WiFi. In a world where WiFi access is just as important as air, better safe than sorry.
  • Make sure the hotel you book isn’t a run-down hotel. Book something luxurious. Don’t go too cheap. You get what you pay for when booking a room. You don’t want to be having a meeting and a roach fleeing across the room. Ew.


Whether it’s a big gathering or a small business get together, good luck on your next business meeting!