Ways To Master Cryptocurrency

Are you still looking for a profitable business to invest your money in? Are you still searching for a professional business opportunity that can produce maximum possible profit and success? Do you know about Bitcoin or Ether? If your answer is yes then you already have a perfect business idea that is total success and if your answer is no then what are you doing? Everyone knows about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as these are the most trending topics in the news and internet is full of cryptocurrency news.

What is Cryptocurrency?

No doubt that banking system and physical currencies are the most important part of our economic systems but do you know why people don’t like banks and this currency? Do you know why professional people are interested in introducing the new system that can replace these traditional banks and physical currencies?

These banks are not only charge a lot of fees for funds transfer but also these processes are slow and takes a considerable time for money transaction from one country to another one. Cryptocurrency is the solution to all of these problems and it is like digital currency where you can transfer you money and funds from one person to other and it is not only cheaper solution but also a faster way of transferring money. It is different from our typical physical currency and notes. It is all about online and digital presence of the funds and money.

You can find detailed articles about cryptocurrency and if you are reading this article then we suppose that you already know about the basics of the cryptocurrency and that’s why let’s jump to the main topic that how to master the cryptocurrency. We will discuss the key points that you should always keep in mind to get the most out of Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency. Here are some professional tips for cryptocurrency trading business and these professional tips can be a big step towards success in this business.

Cryptocurrency is not a Shortcut

You would have seen the stories of many successful cryptocurrency traders who have made millions of dollars with one night trading. This news is true but you need to understand that cryptocurrency is not any shortcut or any shortcut business to success. Cryptocurrency business is tricky and you need to understand the art of this business. You cannot invest in this business just one the basis of these success stories.

First of all, it needs a lot of research and knowledge about the field and you always have to stay updated about the new coins and the currencies. Secondly, be ready to face losses too.

Should you invest in cryptocurrency?

Other than what was at that point stated, there are three great motivations to invest in digital currencies. In the first place, since you need to fence your total assets against the fall of the Dollar imperium, which is expected by numerous individuals to definitely occur eventually. Second, since you bolster the social vision behind digital currencies – that of a free and hard cash for the entire world. Third, since you comprehend and like the innovation so Bitcoin and other currencies are your best choice.

In any case, there are likewise terrible motivations to invest in digital currencies. Numerous individuals succumb to the buildup encompassing 

each digital currency bubble. There is dependably some individual caught by FOMO (dread of passing up a major opportunity), purchasing enormously in at the pinnacle of an air pocket, just in want to profit, while not und

erstanding cryptographic forms of money by any stretch of the imagination. That is an awful reason. Try not. Learn before you invest.

Wait for Good Time

Never fall for fake news and fake dips of any coin. Do a proper research and look for the best possible time when this business is going to get you the highest outcome for your investment. Always invest when a coin is about to jump to high rates. There is no magical way to predict best time; it is all about research and experience.

Use Trusted Exchanges

Like any online business, this business is also risky and there many scammers and that’s why you should choose an exchange that is trusted and have good professional reputation. Binance and cryptopia are among many trusted exchanges where you can exchange your digital currencies.

Buy Low, Sell High

It is the basic rule to make money in cryptocurrency business and this simple rule is obvious to everyone but most of the new traders don’t follow it and face a major lose for their investment. If the value of your coin is going low, then hold your currency and wait for the perfect time.

The Evolution of Convenient Traveling

Luxury travel and comfort has been the first demand of mankind from the very beginning. We are always working to find the best ways to make our lives easier and convenient. There are many business startups that are only selling the services that will make our life easier and luxurious. If you are a professional business man and you travel a lot then you probably know the fatigue of travelling. You cannot quit traveling but you can choose luxury travel and most of the business professionals never compromise on the comfort of travelling.

Technology, in any case, has changed the way our system works. Things are now significantly more advantageous and less demanding. My folks still can’t get over the way that with a tick of a catch, you can have an auto lift you up or food conveyed to your doorstep. With regards to traveling, technology has enhanced such a significant number of parts of it by ten times. Can you imagine traveling with no access to Google maps, flight booking frameworks, in booking stages, or something as essential as not having the capacity to peruse data on online journals and sites?

Despite the fact that I would have wanted to experience traveling during past times worth remembering, generally, they make traveling just a great deal more helpful and moderate. Recorded underneath are a couple of courses on how technology changed the way we travel.

Booking a Flight

Few years ago, smartphones were not so common and only few people had access to smartphones. There was no concept of booking your flight with the help of your mobile phone. Either you are a business professional or a simple school teacher, the only way to book your ticket for your flight was to visit the nearest booking office and get the ticket by hand. That was not only time consuming but standing is long queues was also a big problem.

With smartphones and internet apps, you can easily book your flight to your desired destination for your business meeting with just single click. Now, you don’t have to stand in the row for tickets. It is the big step towards the luxury travel. If you are a luxury travel fan, then you will definitely love this evolution.

Renting a Car

Car is the most basic need for of luxury travel and every business professional own a car. It is not possible to take your car everywhere in your business meeting. You can travel by car within city or nearest towns but when you visit any other country then you need a car to travel with ease.

There are many businesses in the world that provide cars for rent. Rent a car is not a new business but technology has totally changed the way of our dealings. Now, you can hire a car for your luxury travel and care will be at your location and you would not have to visit any shop to hire a driver or car. Careem and Uber are two most famous car providers that are using technology and smartphones for this purpose.

Find the Best Things to do

When you visit any new place, you don’t know that which one is the best restaurant in the town. You have no idea that which hotel is offering best facilities and where your stay will be economical. Business professional will not only look for travel luxury but he will also want to stay in best hotel. So if you want to find out anything about any city or county, apps have the solution for you.

Some time ago there was no such thing as Trip Advisor where we could read audits on a company’s’ reputation. It was altogether done on dazzle confidence. Presently, we can in a flash read audits on what to do, and in addition, we can in a split second discover novel and fun activities which coordinate your travel style.

GPS and Emails

You have to stay connected with your loved ones and your office. If you are on a professional business meeting then you will have to update your office about your progress and in the past, post was the only source of sharing information. Now you can send any data and information with just a single click from your computer.

GPS have made travelling fun and convenient. If you are new in the city and don’t know about locations and roads, don’t worry as Google maps use GPS technology and can guide you on each and every step.

Travel Hacks – How to travel and Save Money

Traveling the world is a dream at the top of wish list of every kid. However, as we grow up the responsibilities increase and we get so caught up in life that traveling remains a dream. Most of the people have financial issues due to which they are unable to make their dream come true. If you really want to travel the world money cannot stop you. Here we have the best tips and tricks on how to pinch pennies while traveling.

Get cards that do not charge fee

When you are in another country and you want to transact money from your account you will have to pay $3 ATM fee. If you will have to take out the money every day it will cost you a lot. A better solution to this problem is that you should buy the cards that do not cost any charges. It might be dangerous for you to carry cash around. There are some special bank services that will not cost your money on international transactions. It will help you save a lot of money during your journey.

Look for airline sales

If you are planning to have a business travel but you do not have the money for it do not worry. There are special days in the week on which the airline companies offer special discounts.

  • Different companies have different days at which they offer luxury travel sales
  • Find out the days and the sales of offer they are providing
  • Compare the rates and book the flight on the day sale is offered

You will get the chance to save up to 30% on regular days and if it was a special occasion you might save more.

Secret hotel rooms

A secret tip you can use for saving money is booking the secret hotel room services. it is a special service that most of the tourists do not even know about. You will have to conduct a complete research online. You will notice that the hotel rooms will be perfect for accommodation. You will get all the amenities of life as well as the special services. the only difference is that these rooms are available at the cheapest rate which means you will not have to worry about the hotel charges.

Have your favorite meal at lunchtime

If you are on a business trip most of your time will be spent in the conferences and exploring the areas. Being a professional you will have to visit different restaurants with the company. In this situation, you cannot afford to offer the low-cost meal. The best solution to deal with this situation is ordering a complete meal at the lunchtime. When you will compare the charges for the same meal at lunch time and dinner time you will notice the difference. In this way, you will enjoy the most delicious meals at an affordable rate. It is not necessary that you will get the best meals at the restaurants because some of the best meals are available at the street food.

Use the promo codes

There different service providers that are offering the promo codes. There are some gift card services available as well. You can use the promo codes on the flights and other transportation services. On the other hand, use the gift cards in the restaurants or you can exchange them for money. If the gift card offers a free meal make sure that you do not lose this opportunity and enjoy your time.

Look for cheapest transportation services

When you are in a new country the most difficult situation you will have to deal with is finding the cheap transportation services. You can order the luxury car but it will cost you a fortune. It is better that you think wisely. Pay attention to the pay and the distance of your hotel from the destination. You have to calculate the fair of public transportation and private transportation. Make sure you consider the time they will take. This comparison will provide you the chance to finalize the deal that is more affordable so you will not have to waste money.

Bottom line

When you are on a tight budget you will have to take every step wisely. Remember that your enjoyment is more important than your pocket. You have to save money for exploring the area so that you will not regret that you were unable to visit a tourist attraction because of lack of money. There are applications available that will show you cheap offers to help you manage your expenses.

Professionalism – How to Present Professional Body Language for Success

Professionalism – How to Present Professional Body Language for Success

Studies show that 60% – 90% of the communication we make with others is nonverbal. This simply means that body language is of utmost importance.

When properly implemented, body language can open many doors and be the key to your greater success. It can assist you develop positive business associations, bond with team members, increase your influence, and present your ideas more authoritatively.

Here are a few tips you can use to present the perfect body language for ultimate success:

·         Make Positive Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is of utmost importance especially in a business environment. It goes a long way in telling the other person that you are interested in what they have to say. It conveys confidence and assists you to build trust with people.

Remember to make use of direct eye contact when listening than when speaking.

·         Adopt The Right Posture

Status and confidence are usually nonverbally displayed via height and space. Having an erect posture, keeping your shoulders back, and having your head held up high allows you to look sure of yourself.

As long as you have the right posture, you will look more powerful to onlookers. When you move around, that additional space you take up helps add to that impression. When sitting, you look more confident when you have both of your feet on the ground, and your arms spread away from your body. Putting your belongings on the table helps you claim more territory.

·         Smile Often

Smiles are extremely powerful. Naturally, people prefer happy faces than dull ones. Smiling not only helps to stimulate your sense of wellbeing, but it is also important in telling those around you that you are trustworthy and approachable.

Studies show that people are able to remember those that smile at them, and find them memorable too. Additionally, smiling influences other people’s response to you. When you smile at people, they are most likely to smile back. Since facial expressions trigger emotional feels, the smile you receive changes that individual’s emotional state in a good way.

·         Perfect Your Handshake

An incredible thing about handshakes is that they are usually appropriate in a lot of situations and are seen as a polite gesture. It goes together with appropriate physical contact. Shaking hands creates a welcoming first impression and helps to bring two strangers closer together.

Since it is probably the only form of touch you get with future business partners, it is worth sparing some time to developing a great handshake. This is because a proper handshake can give instant credibility while a wrong one could cost you a contract or a job.

Remember to ensure that your handshake is not too firm or too weak.

If you want to be noticed, heard, and respected at the workplace, you need to have most traits possessed by successful individuals. One thing that is often overlooked by a lot of people is body language.

Body language is an incredible tool that affects how people see you, something that can cause immense effect on your success either positively or negatively. As seen, there are a lot of ways you can implement the power of body language to set you up for success. Using proper body language like having good posture, making eye contact, and using gestures properly can help you in various situations. Such instances could include: job interviews, business meet ups, and presentations.

Apart from body language, is there any other thing you can do to present yourself as a winner and someone that is working for ultimate success?

How about getting professional luxury transport to your next business event? What impression would that give to your potential clients and business partners?

How We Can Give You a Success Boost

As an entrepreneur, business person, or normal employee, there are numerous business conferences and networking events that you will need to attend, which will help to put you on the right path to success.

When attending a special corporate event, hiring a limo service can provide you with a grand entrance. It can help make a great impression of you to potential business partners. If you are attending the event with your colleagues, hiring luxury business travel services can help you and you workmates reach your destination in style.

If you are a regular business traveler or attend numerous corporate events, you already know the amount of challenges likely to face you when finding reliable transportation services to accomplish your desired activities. Well, we have the perfect solution for all your business travel problems.

Benefits of Hiring Our Luxury Transport Service

·         Make a Statement

When you hire taxi to your corporate event, you don’t expect to make any statement. However, when you hire a limo, everything changes. A limo provides a stunning experience that can never be forgotten. If you want to arrive to that event in style, then a limo offers the best option.

·         Enjoy Great Convenience

A great reason why you should definitely think of hiring a limo service is ease and safety. Why would you think of driving yourself while you can sit at the back, relax, and prepare yourself for big event while someone else is driving? Even if you are attending the event with your colleagues, you can discuss important things without any distractions. After the event is over, you won’t have to think about whether you are too tired to drive. Let your chauffer worry about that.

·         Luxury is Our Major Priority

Another reason why you should hire our service is that we pay very high regard to luxury. Our limos are clean and well-maintained. With us, you only have to relax in the backseat and enjoy the ride to your corporate event with zero interruptions.

Interested in Our Limo Service?

All you have to do is contact us to book your limo, relax, and start getting ready for the corporate event or business meeting. You don’t have to bother about how you will get to your destination. Let us worry about that.

Need A Ride? Book with us using the widget above!

Whatever reason you might want to hire a luxury car, it can be concluded that car services offer safety and convenience that cannot be matched with traditional transportation methods.

Experiencing luxury cars like  any of our cars in our fleet is an exciting experience in itself, and no option you choose would ever disappoint. If you would like some suggestions on which ride is best for your event feel free to call us at any time!

We can be reached by phone at 561-622-2222 or by email at Dispatch@a1alimo.com of course if you are ready to Book Now, head over to our reservation page and get ready to experience the best of luxury. 

Gotta Get Away – Places & Tips for Escaping The Business World

Are you suddenly feeling tired of tired of your day-to-day existence? Work got you down, even if it’s the profession you thought you always wanted? Do you find yourself regretting the things you never did? Are you pining for the days of your lost youth? You may be going through a mid-life crisis.

While it can be considered a common tv sitcom trope or a proverbial red letter to mark unusual thoughts or behavior, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re not alone. In fact, most people will likely experience some form of it in their life time. But how do you handle it? Maybe you’re thinking of buying a new car. Something fast and flashy that says to the world “I’m still here and I’ve got a lot to show off”. 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to speak a second language, learn a new skill set or study abroad. Maybe you just need to escape and start over. The key to solving the mid-life crisis is to find out what works best for you. Maybe even try to find the real you. Travel has always been considered a great way to broaden one’s self, so why not take a trip tailored to your personality and needs? Here are a few suggestions to help you along your way.

Decadent Locales

If you’ve got some extra cash saved up and are craving bright lights, high-stakes and living the “suite life”, you might consider one of these locations:


This beautiful Mediterranean country—while being the second smallest next to the Vatican– is home to not only stunning museums and the Monaco Grand Prix race featured in Iron Man 2, but also a grand cathedral where Princess Grace and Prince Ranier III were laid to rest. It is is also notably the location of a gold and marble-clad casino where a certain 00 agent has been known to play baccarat. But if you want to rub elbows with the high-rollers there, keep in mind there is a strictly enforced dress code.

Video from CMX Event Management


Located on the Southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is both a major business hub in the Middle East and the pinnacle of decadence. You can rent a sports car to drive through the sand dunes just outside the city, grab lunch at the 160 story Burj Khalifa tower and take a tour of the city scape by helicopter or hot air balloon. 

Be sure to bring a camera! You won’t want to miss taking a snapshot of the Palm Jumeirah, one of three planned man-made islands shaped like—you guessed it– a palm tree. Dubai contains amusement parks suited to meet anyone’s taste, from water slides to Bollywood themed parks and even a Ferrari park. If that doesn’t scream fancy, not much will.

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Las Vegas

Few places are as well kinown for their flashiness as Vegas. One thought of as a mob-run den of sin, this little desert haven in Nevada has become much more family friendly in recent years. While many of the casinos and burlesque shows are still there, you can also take in musicals, magic shows, all kinds of conventions and see some of your favorite musical acts perform live any day of the week. If sporting events are more your thing, you can catch a major boxing event one of several venues including Mandalay Bay.

Spiritual Journeys

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go to a place with deeper meaning. People from all around the world flock to ancient holy sites in search of something greater than themselves. Whether you’re religious or not, there are many places to visit that hold a great sense of wonder and beauty.

Angor Wat

Originally constructed as a Hindu temple in the Siem Reap region of Cambodia, Angkor Wat was converted to a Buddhist temple city over the centuries. Although it has been heavily damaged by war, weather and other ravages of time, the complex still remains a magnificent site to behold with its unique architecture that has been captured by many traveling artists over the years.

 Legend tells of pilgrims whispering secrets into holes in the rocks near the temple and covering the holes with mud to forever keep that secret hidden. A romantic notion brought to the silver screen in Wong Kar-wai’s film “In the Mood for Love”.

Kinkaku-ji; The Golden Pavilion

Famous long before it was written about by Yukio Mishima, this temple in Kyoto, Japan was built as a villa for Ashikaga Yoshimitsu during the Muromachi Period. It was destroyed in a fire in 1950 but because of its popularity and cultural significance, was later rebuilt on the same site. The temple is indeed gold and is surrounded by a beautiful forest, pond and gardens and houses Buddhist relics.

The Vatican

Ruled over by the Catholic Church with the Pope as its sovereign, the Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world land and population-wise. It has been a destination for many Catholics world-wide for centuries. But its cultural significance has been recognized long before Christianity. The Roman emperor Caligula held chariot races there in Nero’s Circus and even brought the famous obelisk in St. Peter’s square all the way from Egypt. The stunning architecture alone is worth the trip.

How about a road trip?

Sometimes the importance of a journey isn’t in the destination, but in the journey itself. In an effort to find yourself, you may want to just hop in your vehicle and hit the road like Jack Kerouac, Hunter. S. Thompson and Clark W. Griswold. In the United States alone, there are so many different cultures and sites to experience.


Take a trip along the Mississippi Delta and enjoy fine Southern dishes such as hot tamales, fried catfish, lutefisk, barbeque and many other tasty treats as you make your way from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Minnesota. Speaking of barbeque, you can take a trip from Tennessee through the Carolinas, St. Louis and even into Kansas City and Texas sampling a plethora of different styles along the way the whole way. The American Southwest has countless dishes to savor as well, from Tex Mex, to chili, to Vietnamese food in Dallas one thing is for sure: you’ll never once want to stop for fast food.


Hike along the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine and take in all the beauty that nature can provide. The Wonderland Trail in Washington state will take you through the wilderness in a 93-mile loop with the inactive volcano, Mount Rainier always in sight. Venture through the national parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone. Witness the power of Old Faithful, a natural geyser in Yellowstone that erupts several times a day. See the buffalo roam along Americas Great Plains. Just be careful of the occasional stampede!


Hollywood is well known for being a major film studio location, but be afraid to think outside the box if you want to see some great locations from classic films. You can take a tour through Philadelphia to many of the places where Rocky was filmed. From the Kensington area where the character of Rocky Balboa lived, tthough the Italian Market where he jogged, to the Philadelphia Zoo where he proposed to Adrian and of course to the Philadelphia Art Museum where he ran to the top of the steps and raised his fists above the Philadelphia skyline in one of cinema’s most triumphant moments. If you like westerns, travel along Highway 163 through Monument Valley which was immortalized in John Ford films like Stagecoach. You might also recognize it from movies like Forrest Gump, Thelma & Louise and National Lampoon’s Vacation. While you’re in the West, you could visit Vasquez Rocks, where Blazing Saddles, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, and Army of Darkness were filmed. Or see the entrance to the Bat Cave also known as Bronson Caves—which is actually located just below the Hollywood sign.

Whatever you’re seeking in your mid-life crisis; whatever you’re missing, you may have to make the escape to find it. Get out there! Find the real you. You may be satisfied with taking a few days or weeks to do so, or you may find that you want to keep the journey going for as long as possible. Whatever the case, there is something out there for you. You just need to start looking.

If you are planning a vacation, getaway, or just need some time to yourself, you can step-up the experience by being taken to your destination in a fantastic ride! A1A Limo offers the best in luxury cars and party busses. Take a look at our fleet and book your ride!

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Getting A Luxury Car Without The Luxury Price

If you’ve been considering upgrading your ride to a luxury car, or maybe just want to reward all your hard work with your dream car, you probably have noticed that the costs can accumulate faster than you expected! You’re not alone! The price of luxury seems to get steeper and steeper with each passing year. This not only has to do with the value of the brand name, but also with all the new bells and whistles these cars come with. No longer are leather seats and a nice exterior the only qualifying factors for top-model cars. We have entered the era where the technology in cars defines their class and thus their price.

Not all hope is lost if your dream car seems out of reach! When buying a new car, you are not only paying for the brand, the design, and tech, but you are also paying for the privilege of being the first person to drive that beauty off the lot. That privilege also comes at a hefty price. Typically the moment you drive your car off the lot and onto the road, the value of your luxury car has plummeted down to the wholesale price. 

Enough With the bad news!
How do I get a luxury car cheaper?

If you’re looking to save a little cash and still get into that new car, you definitely have options available! One way to get that new ride is to purchase a used or certified pre-owned car

Now I know you may be thinking: “I don’t want to inherit someone else’s problems!” but that is rarely the case if you do your due diligence. Often times you can get excellent used cars that will last you for many years to come or even that are almost as good as new! 

2016 BMW 3 Series
The 2016 BMW 3 Series is still considered one of the best used luxury cars to buy in 2017!

Remember that instant depreciation we talked about just a bit ago? That applies to someone who may have bought that same car, realized it wasn’t for them, and took it back to get something else shortly after. It’s a hefty price to pay for jumping the gun on their purchase, but that price is on them! It definitely pays to take advantage of someone else’s indecision. 

Auto Guide has some great recommendations for great luxury cars to buy used!

What should I look for when purchasing a used luxury car?

There’s a saying that the best used car to buy is the newest one you can afford. This is definitely good advice packaged into a simple saying and it’s worthwhile to listen to. Unless the model you’re looking for is a bit older, shopping around and keeping the age of the car in mind is a great practice.

Beyond that, here are some tips that can help you during your shopping experience.

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Have the vehicle scanned & inspected.

Even if the vehicle looks perfect on the lot, any reputable dealer should have no issue taking a car computer to it to show there are no errors appearing. Not only does it show that no errors or issues are hiding beneath that beautiful exterior, but it will also give you peace of mind when taking your new car out!

If you aren’t well versed in the auto-repair world, having a friend of mechanic you trust come with you to give a once-over is also a great idea.

Check the center command system & electronics.

Not every issue in a car can be found from a scanner.  Make sure to check all the interior electronics to make sure there are no glaring defects or damage. This car is going to be yours hopefully for years to come, so spending an additional 10-20 minutes checking every gadget is definitely worth the time.

Check for modifications

If the previous owner was an enthusiast or just a tinkerer, you may find that the car has been modified in some way. It is always good to ask if the dealer is aware of any after-market modifications that has been made to the car, and always check it over yourself as well. These modifications can not only jeopardize any remaining warranty the car may have, but if improperly installed it could cause serious problems down the road.

If everything checks out, it's time to check out!

If you’ve found a great deal, or even haggled for a better deal, and everything looks great on the car, you may have found the gem you’re taking home!

Not only will you save yourself the frustration of the instant-depreciation from buying it new, but more than likely you will have a nice luxury car that didn’t cost you anywhere near what the last person paid.

Be sure to buy yourself a new pair of shades with all those savings and take your new ride out for a victory lap!

If you aren’t ready to purchase a luxury car, or you’re out traveling and still want that luxury experience, A1A Limo has best-in-class vehicles ready to take you for a spin. Our chauffeurs will handle all the driving and directions while you can sit back and enjoy the best the cars have to offer, which is extreme luxury. Whether you need a ride to the airport or around town in a towncar or have a larger party in need of our limo service or party bus, we are here ready to help!

We can be reached by phone at 561-622-2222 or by email at Dispatch@a1alimo.com of course if you are ready to Book Now, head over to our reservation page and get ready to experience the best of luxury. 

Easy DIY Maintenance to Keep Your Luxury Car Running Like New!

Whether you own a luxury car or a common sedan appreciating your ride includes more than just driving it. Often times some slight DIY maintenance can bring a whole new level of satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment. Check out these simple tips to take better care of your auto and enjoy it that much more!

Do-it-yourself car repairs are not only about doing your vehicle’s oil change, but also it refers to everything that you can do fix in your car from using jump starter to start your car to changing fuel filters.

The fear factor is the only hurdle in convincing yourself that you can manage car repairs. However, you need to understand that your car is a resilient machine and there are lots of repairs that can become easily possible with your confidence.

Replacing A Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is used to filter anything that falls in the fuel line such as dust and particles before it goes into the engine.

Replacing the fuel filter may sound a daunting task because it involves tapping into the gas line.

Just don’t change it during a lightning storm and you’re good to go!

Check out this Article that sums up the process.

Replacing An Air Filter

There are some quick and simple replacements that can be done on your car. It also includes replacing your car’s air filter.
Generally, you just need to unscrew the plastic lid placed on the side of your car’s engine, remove the old filter and put the new one in its place. 

A dirty filter can directly affect gas mileage and car’s engine performance.

The purpose of the air filter in your car is to prevent dirt and particles from going into your car’s engine when it takes in air.
A clean air filter is very simple, yet important way to maintain optimal performance of your vehicle.

Check & Replace Spark Plugs

The spark plug ignites the gas and the air that together cause combustion. When these start to wear out, it causes the gas mileage to go down, and will eventually cause problems starting your car. Left without replacement it can cause worse issues on your car.

Simply check every once in a while to make sure your spark plugs. This image below can help you know what you’re looking at:

Need A Ride? Book with us using the widget above!

Charging A Dead Battery

With older cars that aren’t driven often, you may find yourself with a dead battery. Before replacing it, check out how to charge your car battery using jump starter,

but it continually bothers you again and again, then you need to change your battery. You should learn how to safely remove the old one and install a new battery to avoid getting stuck somewhere with a dead battery.

Doing Your Oil Change

A car’s oil change should be done every 3000 to 7000 miles in order to avoid having contamination as well as to maintain your engine’s performance.

Make sure to find where you can dispose of your oil before doing it at home!

The Benefits of Using a Limo Service

There are numerous reasons why you should consider hiring a limo service. It’s not all about showing off. Rather, it is a practical way to get around. Have a look at the benefits of hiring a limo service to help you decide whether or not you should hire one.

1. Safety

A limo service means that you will be under the care of a professional chauffeur. You can relax and have the peace of mind since limo companies hire their chauffeurs after they pass a full background check. Therefore, hiring a limousine makes sure that you are in safe hands. Limousines are usually fully insured and safe to travel in.

2. Cost Effective

When you consider the fact that an average limousine can comfortably fit 6 to 10 people, the cost of hiring a limousine is not any different from that of hiring a cab. traveling in a limo also comes with added comfort. After a long flight or trip, there is nothing better than driving to your destination in a limo.

A1A Limo & Transportation Service is your Worldwide Transportation Provider!

3. Ease Of Travel

Another major benefit of traveling in a limo is comfort. It is a widely known fact that there is no vehicle or car more comfortable than a limo. Limos are known for their luxurious interiors and comfortable seats. So, what could be better than traveling in a luxurious and comfortable car to your preferred destination?

4. Allow For Productivity

We all know of the phrase “Time is money”. Time is a critical asset for corporate travels. Therefore, being able to send emails, make calls, and work while traveling to your preferred destination offers convenience. In fact, the cost of traveling in a limo will most likely be made up for by the work put during the trip.

5. Make The Right Impression

A limo is the most ideal vehicle to impress your clients, friends, or acquaintances. And you don’t have to own one. Just make reservations for a limousine service and have them take you to your preferred destination. A limo will help you make the right impression at a business meeting. You could also use it to pick up a client from the office.

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6. Reliability

A traveler’s worst nightmare is arriving late or missing their scheduled flight. So, using a professional limo service is a stress-free and convenient for both business and recreational travelers that need to get to the airport with some time to spare.

A limo service is not only good for travelers, but also ideal for any other individual that needs to get to a certain location easily, fast, and comfortably.

7. Efficient

Traffic delays, timely detours, and road constructions are great stressors that can be avoided. By using a professional limo service, you get a dedicated staff that is able to track traffic patterns and monitor local traffic reports to make sure that the most efficient route is taken. With a limo service, all you have to worry about is making sure that you have your belongings with you. Every other thing will be handled.

8. Create Those Memories

Days like your prom or wedding night only take place once in a lifetime. Therefore, make these events more memorable by gracing them with a limo. One limousine has enough room to hold the bride and her bridal train. It is also large enough for a ladies night out. You are guaranteed of a comfortable ride before and after the event. Additionally, pictures of you arriving in a limousine will look outstanding.

Weigh all the aforementioned benefits against the cost involved in hiring a limo service, and think about what matters to you most. If the benefits outweigh the costs, you know the next thing to do.

How We Can Help You

We have been in the limo service industry for quite a while now and have gained a lot of experience in the same. This expertise helps us to offer you with the very best limo service.

Some Services We Offer Include:

Limousine Services near Me

“Where can I find a limo service near me?” – A common question asked by people in need of limo transportation services. Well, depending on your location, there are numerous companies you can choose from. But, how do you choose the best one?

The answer to this is quite simple – Us. We offer you with the best, safest, most affordable, and reliable limo service.

Party Bus Rentals

One of the main ingredients of any stunning party is a fully-equipped party bus! If you are planning for the best party, then renting a party bus from us can add some glitz and glamor to the celebration. Another incredible thing about a party bus is that your party can travel along with you, no matter the location of your party venue.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Service

Our service providers are highly trained to offer a professional service to you. They go through a rigorous screening process to make sure that they are up for the task. They will pick and drop you in your preferred destination. You are guaranteed of a great experience with us.

We Have the Perfect Ride for any Occasion

We have a wide range of limos and you can choose the one you desire, in terms of space and features, depending on the occasion. For instance, if you are going for a party, you might consider going for our party bus rentals service.

Affordable Service

Renting a hotel room or any venue to house a party can be quite expensive. With our party bus, you can escape unnecessary venue costs. All you need to do is bring in your friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Customized Services

We try to make our services as personalized as possible. We give you the right to make the decision on what you want, and how you want it. For instance, if you hire a party bus from us, you can customize it how you want. This means, your own music, friends, and rules.

Looking for professional limo services? Reach out to us today.

Experiencing luxury cars like  any of our cars in our fleet is an exciting experience in itself, and no option you choose would ever disappoint. If you would like some suggestions on which ride is best for your event feel free to call us at any time!

We can be reached by phone at 561-622-2222 or by email at Dispatch@a1alimo.com of course if you are ready to Book Now, head over to our reservation page and get ready to experience the best of luxury. 

How To Find Quality Foreign Car Services & Repairs

Finding Mechanics That Can Repair Foreign Cars can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to look. If you drive a foreign vehicle, you may encounter mechanics that don’t know how to deal with your car. Thankfully, finding mechanics that can repair foreign cars is much easier than you probably think.

The Lexus LF-LC Concept car

If you have friends or family members that drive foreign vehicles, you should ask them about the local mechanics they have worked with in the past. See if they were satisfied with the work that was done for them.

You should definitely see if you can get some recommendations. If someone you trust has had a positive experience with a local mechanic, you’ll be able to trust that mechanic too. Asking for recommendations can help you to avoid the bad apples and find the best mechanics out there.

Look At What Past Clients Have Said

Start reading over some of the reviews for mobile mechanics you’re thinking about calling. You don’t have to read all of the words from start to finish. Instead, you should look for reviews that specifically mention the make and model of the car that the reviewer drives.

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If you can find reviews from someone else that drives a foreign car, you should put a lot of stock in those reviews. Whether the comments the reviewer makes are positive or negative, you should definitely take their feedback on board.

Interview Mechanics

Even if you need a mechanic to come out and help you right away, you should try to conduct a brief interview over the phone. You should never be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes, a mechanic will give you information that is very helpful to you.

When you’re talking to a mechanic, you should let them know exactly what sort of car you drive. Try to find out whether or not they have experience working on cars like yours. If they don’t have any relevant experience, you may want to try finding someone that is better suited to the job.

Find Mechanics That Have Been Working In Your Area For A Long Time

Even if you need a mechanic to come out and help you right away, you should try to conduct a brief interview over the phone. You should never be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes, a mechanic will give you information that is very helpful to you.

When you’re talking to a mechanic, you should let them know exactly what sort of car you drive. Try to find out whether or not they have experience working on cars like yours. If they don’t have any relevant experience, you may want to try finding someone that is better suited to the job.

If a mechanic has years of experience under their belt, they’ve probably had the chance to work on all kinds of different vehicles. You should aim to find a mechanic that is well-established. If a mechanic has been working for five years or more, they will probably be able to handle a foreign vehicle.

When a mechanic is new to their job, there are still a lot of things that they have to learn. If, however, a mechanic has been working in this field for a very long time, they’ve probably seen it all.

There are a lot of mobile mechanics that are capable of repairing foreign cars. If you stick to the advice above, you’ll be able to work with some of the best mobile mechanics around! Your foreign car will be able to get the kind of care that it deserves.

Whether your ride is one of the finest, or you are working your way to a dream car, experiencing a ride in a foreign Luxury Limo Rentals is an exciting experience in itself. A1A Limo makes some of the best rides in the industry available to you at almost any time.

To book your ride, we can be reached by phone at 561-622-2222 or by email at Dispatch@a1alimo.com of course if you are ready to Book Now, head over to our reservation page and get ready to experience the best of luxury. 

Eco-Friendly Transport Tips

Are you trying to live a more eco-friendly life? Here are a few tips on how to travel green.

Compensate For Flying

Flying has recently become much more affordable and convenient. Some airlines travel specific paths to lower costs, and others simply add more planes to their fleet. Regardless of how convenient it is to fly, economical does not equal eco-friendly. The carbon emissions from planes still contribute to air pollution. While airlines are constantly striving to improve their performance, those who are concerned and interested in going the extra mile are able to help contribute to an environmental cause. For example, you can purchase a carbon offset, which cuts back on greenhouse gases. Two of the airlines that allow passengers to do this are United and Delta. Individuals flying with these airlines can go to their website and look up how much of a carbon footprint they are leaving behind as a result of their flight. The website translates that data into a monetary figure. Passengers are then able to either give miles or money toward a project aimed about carbon reduction.

It is important to note that not everyone is pleased with offset programs. There are complaints that the data from the carbon calculators isn’t quite right; the argument states that the charge does not factor in seating class or extra luggage. That being said, it is still a simple, straightforward way to contributing to a cause.

Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S is an all-electric car that performs like top-quality supercars. Being eco-friendly can't get better than that!

Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

You can make a choice when you get there to take a greener mode of transport than you normally would. This may mean taking public transport for the remainder of your trip. It may also mean considering the car or campervan you will hire. Perhaps instead of a gas guzzler you go for a greener auto that will save on fuel and be more energy efficient, it may also have lower insurance.

Autopilot in a Tesla Model S

Save Paper, Use E-Documents

Whenever you have the option of receiving a document as an e-file, do that instead of printing it out. There are many papers that you simply don’t need to have a hard copy of and that you might just lose anyway.

If you can get an e-document that is easily scanned at airports and other places, do that instead. It’s not only good for the environment, but it is easy for you as well!

Shop Smart

If you are going on vacation it is best to pick up food to eat at your destination. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, only pack food for the trip. Unless you are traveling to a place without a grocery store, you are likely going to spend more and burn more gas on the way.

Hire A Transportation or Limo Service

If you are traveling and need to get around a city, renting a car is often less eco-friendly than taking a hired ride. Not only are some cars in our fleet full EVs we know the most efficient ways around our cities.

If you would like to book a ride, we can be reached by phone at 561-622-2222 or by email at Dispatch@a1alimo.com of course if you are ready to Book Now, head over to our reservation page and get ready to experience the best of luxury.