How to Make Homecoming Night Special With Limousine Services

Homecoming is a special night when high schools and colleges welcome  their alumni and former students to a grand event. While the NCAA, Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy! has credited University of Missouri as the originator of homecoming in around 1911, the activity can be traced back to 1870s when Harvard-Yale started inviting alumni at the annual football game.

The start of the tradition is largely contested. What’s certain, however, is that today it is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm all over the US. If you have been invited to a homecoming this year, you can make it memorable and one-of-a-kind event by riding to the event in a limousine.

Benefits of Hiring a Limousine Service for Homecoming

A limousine is a symbol of luxury and style. When it comes to luxury, comfort, cost effectiveness, and convenience, not many vehicles can match a limousine.  Limo rental can make your homecoming night fun and exciting without having to pay top dollars.

A limo service is perfect for attending a homecoming event with friends. Riding in a limo is a safe and convenient way to arrive at the destination in style. The impeccably dressed chauffeurs can make sure that the passengers enjoy a smooth and safe ride. They know the best route to take bypassing congested traffic areas. They can make sure that everyone remains safe heading to and from the homecoming party.

You can select different types of vehicles that suit your budget and comfort requirements. Apart from limos, you can also select party buses, luxury sedans and SUVs. The vehicles are equipped with modern and luxurious amenities such as mini bars, satellite radio with Bluetooth, climate control heating and air conditioning, and comfy leather interior.

Tips for Choosing a Professional Limo Company

Not all companies offer the same limo rental services. When selecting a limo rental coming for a school event, you should make sure that the company maintains a fleet of modern and reliable vehicles. You should check whether the company is registered by a local state agency. Hiring an unlicensed limo company—no matter how cheap the rates—is dangerous. Always ensure that the company is reliable before hiring a limo rental.

Consider asking for original car documents before riding in the car. Also, it’s important that you find out about the chauffeur’s background and profile before hiring a limo. Professional limo companies hire only trained and experienced chauffeurs after conducting a thorough background check. Never sit in a vehicle if the driver is not dressed in appropriate attire.

A1A limo has a fleet of latest model limos that are packed with modern amenities. We have a team of highly courteous chauffeurs dressed impeccably in black suit that receive the guests with a smile. To book a vehicle for the homecoming, simply enter the pickup and drop off location, time, and date, enter number of passengers, select a vehicle and confirm the reservation.

Call us today at 561-622-2222 or email us at to find more information about our professional limo service in Boca Raton. We serve Florida metro areas, and worldwide through our affiliates.

7 Tips to Throw the Perfect Beach Party With a Party Bus

A beach party is always a hit with the guests. Everyone likes the pleasant views and atmosphere at the beach. If you are stuck on a novel party idea for the beach party, here are seven tips to throw the perfect beach party this spring. Your guests will thank you for organizing a great party!


1. Oversize Shells Arrangement

Bring a touch of the seashore to the dining table – and even create a romantic atmosphere – by arranging oversized shells on the table. 

You can buy a Large Lion's Paw Orange Scallop (Lyropecten Subnodosus) from online souvenir shops for a couple of bucks. Just fill a shallow tray with sand and arrange the pairs of shells. You can place a candle at the center of each shell that will leave room for the flames to flicker, creating a beautiful impression.


2. Colorful Party Banner

Set the mood and let your guests know that it’s time to party by hanging a large banner. You can add large colorful banners to welcome your guests to the party. Make sure that the banners are weather-resistant and can be hung outdoors without the message fading.

Sunshine and palm trees are a must on the beach. Consider placing a pair of inflatable palm trees and hang the banners between them for the perfect effect. Complete with coconuts they are a necessary decoration for any beach party.

3. Ocean Scene Setters and Backdrops

Even if you party inside, you should let the guests see the water. Beach scene- setters and backdrops look so real that the guests will think they are on the beach even when inside. All that would be missing will be the seagulls and the breeze.

4. Keep the Guests’ Needs in Mind

Another creative beach decoration idea is to fill a large pail with sunglasses, small beach balls, and sun lotions. The guests can grab the item they need whenever they want. Also, you should place mini coolers or cool boxes filled with drinks and ice at the table.

5. Create the Perfect Party Ambiance

A creative idea to decorate the dining table is to fill the glass hurricane vases with shells and sand. You can place the vases both inside and out. In addition, balloon bouquets will look wonderful as well. Just remember that helium will wilt in the heat. Instead, you should fill the balloon with air and hold them up. You can even stick the balloons in the pail of sand for creating a festive ambiance.

Beach balls are also a must at the party. You can use them for party favors, games, or just to serve as extra decorations.

The tables should be covered with a brightly colored cloth. In addition, you should use table clips and tapes to ensure that they don’t get to dance with the winds. Also, you should consider wrapping the disposable plastic paper goods in a napkin. Tie the bundles with a string of dolphin beads or raffia.


6. Food Menu Items

Selecting the food items for the beach party need not be challenging. Start with the party items  like hot dogs and burgers — they are a must for any beach party. Don’t forget the mustard, ketchup, mayo, and BBQ sauce.


Don’t forget the buns and charcoal for the event as well. If grilling is not an option, you can make sandwiches and wrap them inside wax paper. Turkey and roast beef are good options as well. Also, you should consider serving individual bags of pretzels and chips. Consider buying disposable cups having lids and fill them with fruit salad, potato salad, and macaroni salad.

Finally, haul a cooler with iced drinks including water, bear, soda and carbonated drinks such as fruit punch and lemonade. For desserts, you should select brownies or cookies.


7. Hire a Limos or Bus Party Rental

Arranging for the beach transportation is often problematic. In order to make the beach party safe as well as memorable for the guests, you should consider hiring a limos or bus party rental.

Limos can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 15 passengers. The luxury vehicles are equipped with various amenities including beverage station, surround sound stereo, TV with DVD player, fiber optic lighting, individual climate control, and Satellite radio.

A party bus is an ideal option if you want to transport a large throng. Party buses can accommodate from 20 to 55 individuals. These luxury vehicles can collect and drop your guests safely.

Full-size motor homes have comfortable seating with space for the luggage. They also have washrooms for the convenience of the guests. Impeccably dressed chauffeurs will drive the vehicle taking utmost care the guests arrive at the destination not just safe and sound, but also with perfect comfort.

A1A Limo is a trusted name when it comes to limo rentals and party bus rentals in Florida. We have a fleet of modern vehicles that are equipped with modern amenities. Booking a vehicle is as simple as 1-2-3. 

Hiring Your Limo

Just enter the ride details including pickup date and time, a number of passengers, the duration for which the luxury ground transportation will be required. Next, choose a vehicle, and then confirm the reservation. Once the reservation is complete, we will send a professional chauffer to the pickup location at the specified time.

We have been offering professional services in Boca Raton, Fl since 1986. We have been providing luxury rental service throughout Florida metro area, and by our affiliates worldwide. If want to enquire about limo or party bus prices, you can contact us by dialing 561-622-2222 or email at We can help you select the right vehicle for the beach party.

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Plan The Perfect Party Bus Adventure

Party buses are a great way to travel while celebrating life’s milestones – prom, weddings, bachelor/ette parties- and party-bus rentals can be the right fit. Party buses can be the perfect solution to a big group. There are so many different options in choosing the right bus. Choose the right bus for the right occasion. Wedding with the family? Bachelorette party with best friends? Fancy dinner? With the right party bus rental company, you will be prepared for a great night. Where else can you drink and ‘drive’ safely?

Party buses don’t even have to be event related. It would be cheaper for you and a big group of people to rent your own party bus and make the journey a party. It could be even cheaper than a regular night out – depending on how many people pitch in. Think about it – drinks, alcohol, music, comfortable seating, and flashy lights –included with all party bus rentals. The best way to have the best night is to plan, and this article helps you choose the right party bus rental.

Choosing a Party-Bus Theme

A fun theme can add great ambience to achieve a magical experience. Party bus rentals offer different themes like multicolored bar lighting, TV options, and alcohol service. Themes can also attract more attention to your party bus, consider wearing matching costumes; one great idea is to wear Bob Ross costumes. There are so many different decorations to try out depending on your event. Balloons, streamers, and banners are all easy to put up and pull down without incurring extra cleaning fees. You can put up a movie or slideshow of fun memories to add to the atmosphere.

It is important to ensure the cleanliness of party buses after your event, so bring decorations that are easy to clean up! This way you can avoid cleaning costs as well.

Costumes can be anything from simple to extravagant. The theme of your party bus rental can set the tone for a silly costume, elegant costume, or scary one!  Masks, wigs, hats and custom t shirts are always useful options, since they can be removed and re -worn easily for the comfort of guests.

Party-Bus Games

The best games for party bus rentals are ones that are simple and engage the passengers. Avoid games that are too elaborate or stationary. Board/ card games like Apples to Apples, Yahtzee, and Old Maid are family friendly, and Cards Against Humanity is for adults only. A racy game of telephone or 20 questions would be exciting for an adult group, and ‘I Spy’ or ‘The License Plate Game” would be great family friendly options. Drinking games are always fun; invent your own using TV cues, or use Never Have I Ever or Truth or Shots to make getting drunk fun. If you’d like to gain some brain cells while drinking, Trivia apps on the app store abound.  Leave the name game to uncomfortable job interviews and party hard.

Party-Bus Food and Drink Ideas

When planning for food on party bus rentals, keep in mind that you’re moving around and you’re drinking a lot. SO, eat like you’re at a cocktail party and stick to finger foods and sweets. Bring a large variety of finger foods, about five different kinds for non -mealtimes or snacks, and around eight for mealtimes. Bring at least 2 finger foods per guest when calculating. A good policy for drinks is to ensure everyone can have two drinks during the first hour and one drink per hour afterwards. This ensures that everyone stays hydrated, well fed and happy.

Yummy and cheap finger foods include baguette slices with brie or cheese on top, caramel popcorn, guacamole or salsa with chips, maybe even chicken fingers or fish fingers. The most cost efficient drinks are powdered mixes because they are delicious and well – known. For alcoholic beverages, margaritas and classic mixes like rum and coke are essential. Long island teas, in this situation, would not be ideal unless they are prepared previously. Avoid alcoholic beverages that can stain, like red wine, in case of sudden stops. This way, your party bus rentals will be lit!

Booking Your Bus

Party bus rentals come in all sizes. They feature compact models that hold around 10 people, and stretches that can accommodate up to 35 people. A helpful tip in choosing the right size is to get more space than there will be guests on the ride. Nobody can have fun in an overly cramped environment. For example: If you’re inviting 15 people, get the 20-person bus. Avoid dealing with common issues like companies having fewer midsized buses and ensuring that there is always extra space to accommodate a new friend on the party bus rental.

Likewise, book at least an hour longer than you think you’ll need. This gives you some stress-reducing flexibility and allows you to ready the bus for return without feeling rushed.

7 Bachelorette Party Ideas for 2017

Many things generally come to mind when you hear the word, ‘bachelorette party’: clubbing, a lot of drinking, male strippers, and spending a lot of money. But a party given to a woman who is about to tie the knot need not fit the stereotypical image of being dirty and smutty. There are a lot of ‘civilized’ ways to celebrate the woman’s departure from singlehood.

Here are 7 clean and fun ideas for the bachelorette party if the bride-to-be’s style of having fun is more demure than debauchery.

1. Enjoy a Day at the Spa

What better way to pamper the bride-to-be than to take her for a weekend spa. The guests adorned in plush terry robes can have a wonderful time at the spa. The exfoliated elbows and the clean pores will make a trip to the spa well worth it in the end. Consider signing up for a full service spa that provides everything from Swedish massage, mud wraps to manicures and makeovers. The day at the spa will be a stress buster for everyone who will be by the bride’s side on the wedding day, and provide them a gorgeous new looks for the occasion as well.

2. Visit a Comedy Club

Visiting a comedy club represents a step up from the traditional Chippendales since it’s a recipe for hilarity. This is particularly the case when the standup knows that it’s for a bachelorette party. Everyone can forget the load on the shoulder and laugh to the heart’s content at the one liner jokes about mother-in-law and the married sex. Just call the comedy club in advance, tell them about the bachelorette party, and ask them if there would be any discount. Oh, and don’t forget to reserve a table at the front.

3.  Enjoy Grownup Version of Girl’s Only Sleepover

Another great bachelorette party idea that will ensure a memorable event for all is to enjoy a grown up version of sleepover. You can head to the snow-capped mountains or camp in the woods where you can enjoy DIY crafts, caramel apple dipping station, a hot chocolate, and cozying up by the fire. This certainly sounds like a fun and exciting weekend!

4. Visit a Tourist Hot Spot

One sure-fire way to make the bride-to-be forget all about the tensions of the big day is to take a cruise to a tourist location. You can contact a travel agent to know about the places and discounted rates for the groups. If the guests are pressed for time, you can book someplace located nearby.

You can find a lot of places apart from Vegas to spend the bachelorette party. Hot spots include surf camps in Puerto Rico, Wyoming, and Montana. Portland’s West End is another great location that is gaining popularity due to a number of eateries such as the Gruner where you can try Alpine Comfort Food, and Clyde Common where you can enjoy locally sourced fare. Also, you can plan a mini vacation to the outdoors in resorts like The Resort at Paws Up that is at the crossroad between unspoiled wilderness and unmatched luxury. Here you can enjoy guided activities such as hot-air ballooning, off-roading, and horseback riding. You can finish the day by enjoying a gourmet dinner at the Pomp where the cuisine can be classified as refined rustic ranch.

5. Be Close to Nature

If the bride-to-be is not afraid of the great outdoors, you should consider having a party where the wild things are. A back-to-nature party can be as exciting as a trip to a resort full of modern amenities. You can contact the start tourism board to ask about any campsite located nearby. Then, you can ring up the location to find out about rental cabins and tents. Also, find out the activities that are offered at the place such as swimming, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, or fishing. Make sure that the guests know what to pack like food, clothes, or toilet paper to ensure a great day outside.

6. Coordinated Outfit Party

One of the best thing about attending a bachelorette party is getting up all dolled up. After spending a lot of gifts and BM dresses, a new outfit might not be on the priority list. However, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. You can buy Little Black Dress for as little as $23. Consider LBD brigade where all the guests wear one color outfit with the bride-to-be wearing a dress that a shade different than the rest.

7. Hire a Limo for Bachelorette Party

What better way to travel around the town than in a bachelorette party limo. Make the heads turn as the guests arrive at the destination inside a limousine. The brides-to-be will certainly feel like a star when entering and getting out of the limo.

The bachelorette limo will not just take the guests to the desired destination – it will take them there in style. The interior of a limo for bachelorette party is nothing short of exuberant. You can drink as much as you please and feel like a star.

Getting a bachelorette party limo service will make the event memorable for all. The experienced and friendly chauffeur will take the most convenient route without getting stuck in a traffic jam. A limo for bachelorette party is a great way to visit cities and towns that you are not familiar with ensuring a safe and secure journey. You can also hire a wedding limo service for the grand event.

However, if the bachelorette party limo is not your style, you can also hire bachelorette party bus rental.

A1A Airport & Limousine services have a range of vehicles including limo for bachelorette party and bachelorette  party bus rental. Our luxury limo service in Boca Raton is ideal for both corporate and informal events. We serve Florida metro area and also worldwide through our affiliates. If you want to book a limo for bachelorette party, you can get started by dialing 561-622-2222 or email us at  today to get started.


How Renting A Party Bus Can Spice Up Your Regular Activities [Video Inside]

Renting a party bus is one of the best ways to put a twist in your parties. Are you going to attend a concert? Are you planning to host a group party? Need a fun vehicle to take you to the prom? Are you going to travel or do you want to go mobile for your wedding reception?

Renting a party bus is an awesome choice for all these festivities!

Renting a party bus from A1A limo assures you that it can cater a large group and everyone can party comfortably non-stop!

For inquiries about our party bus services, you can check out our fleet and book one today! Visit our website or give us a call 561-622-2222! Champagne is on us!

Party Bus Rental Facts: Why Should You Rent A Luxury Party Bus?

a1a party bus rental can make your parties 100x more fun! Book one now!

You don’t have to worry about transporting large groups for your party anymore. A1A Limo offers party bus rental services to put a twist in your parties.

Our luxury party buses are comfortable, flexible and affordable. Whether you hire it for proms, bachelor or bachelorette parties and even weddings.

At A1A Limo, we take great pride in our selection of our executive vans and buses, and our variety ensures that you will never be disappointed with your selection. 561-622-2222