2017 Automotive Trends

2017 has seen a lot of trends that are already revolutionizing the automotive industry. These new trends can be mainly attributed to digitization, and technological advancements. Automakers have realized that they must meet the numerous customer demands for a digitally enhanced experience when researching, buying, and operating. Have a look at the trends that are transforming the auto industry.

Autonomous Driving

A lot of studies show that are almost becoming normal. Most automakers and newcomers in the industry are trying to imagine how bright the future could be with the full implementation of autonomous driving. Google’s self-driving spinoff, announced that the company has built sensors for driving and that they would install the technology on minivans and do tests on the roads this year. Additionally, Ford has announced their latest self-driving vehicle, which they hope will be ready by 2021.

This does not meant that a vehicle you purchase this year will not help you drive it. What we have today is a driver-assist technology that could put you closer to a hands-free future. With this technology, there are sensors activated when you drive close to a car or when there’s a car in your blind spot. Another technology like cruise control adjusts your speed according to the distance of the car that is ahead of you. Rear-view cameras are joined by aerial-view and side-view cameras.

Although, this technology is not in much use, it has gained a lot of ground in 2017, and will continue to become more sophisticated and widely used.

Use of Digital Technology in the Car Buying Process

In the past, the process of purchasing a car used to be quite stressful. You had to engage in deep negotiations with salesmen so as to get your desired deal. At that time, consumers equipped with just a newspaper advertisement felt pressured and ill-informed when purchasing a new vehicle.

Currently, consumers can reach a car of their choice on the internet even before they step foot in a dealership. Thanks to a website like ours, buyers can now access information about various car models in a click of a button. In addition to this, virtual reality is another technology being implemented in the car buying process. A good example is the Audi Virtual Showrooms in London. Here, very few actual cars are on display and. The others are just VR car models. Through this technology, buyers can sneak a 360-degree inside and out, open doors, and also listen to sound effects of the expected new model. In response to customer’s needs and expectations, companies that sell cars are likely to start selling cars and other parts directly through their websites.

More Electric Vehicles

Automakers are now producing all-electric vehicles more than ever before. Ford announced that they were going to release 13 electrified car models by the year, 2020. Volkswagen has 30 of them in the works, while Mercedes will make ten of them by 2025.

Although the market is still yet to get accustomed to electric vehicles, there are many reasons to believe that the market will ripen in the coming few years. The distance that EVs can travel has increased immensely in just a few years. Also, administrations and relevant stakeholders have announced plans to install charging all over America. This is something that will help reduce concerns about what would happen if an EV started to run out of juice.

Furthermore, a good reason why to purchase an electric car is high gas prices, and right now they are quite high. With increased concerns over the environment and fuel economy, electric cars are going to be the next big thing. However, this can only happen through thorough research and development.

The consumer is accustomed to updating their phones over the cloud, they want a similar experience in their vehicle. The coming few years look promising where more vehicles are expected to come with system that can be easily updated and customized by drivers.

Due to this high demand, automobiles now come with Internet connections, offering customers the ability to store information and data on the cloud.

At the moment, the Department of Transportation in the United States proposed that all cars must be able to ‘communicate’ with each other digitally from 2020. Automakers and regulators see the importance of this new technology as it will help to reduce accidents and fatalities.

Getting back to the point about the cloud, the latest cars will open doors to more from drivers being collected and shared more than ever before. Toyota, Ford, and other automakers came together to create a common infotainment system that will connect Apple iOS and Google Android. This will mean that application developers will have the opportunity to adapt their creations for the car easily, and customers will have more ways to integrate their car with their other devices. For instance, Ford announced that some its cars will use virtual assistant Alexa, and Amazon Echo, meaning that you will be able to command your car using your voice.

A Connected Supply Chain and Better Manufacturing

As seen in other industries, digital transformation trends are being utilized to personalize consumers’ experience and customize their desires. The automotive industry works the same way. By digitizing the supply chain, drives down costs involved, collects and uses data to serve customer better, and effectively engages the consumer.

Lately, the industry has moved from the regional and national production to a more decentralized process for both production and supply chains. In addition to lowering costs, a connected supply chain has helped to ensure more transparence in accelerating design, delivery, and manufacturing. Communication that has been enabled by the internet and social media has provided instant feedback about this smart factory. Despite the financial barriers involved in constructing these factories, the great improvements to production, performance, and flexibility will help to overcome this problem.

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Where We Come In!

Given that technology will continue becoming a key factor in the automotive industry, limousine operators ought to ensure that their business is technologically optimized to take part in a network and offer limo service in an on-demand world.

This is why we have installed the best and latest technology in our limos so as to offer you with the best luxury car service. Some of the best technologies to offer our limo service include: a navigation system to find the best routes to your destination, booking tools for easier booking, and an easy-to-use billing system for fast payment.

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President Trump’s New Limo Spotted in Recent Road Tests

The New Beast Hitting The Road Soon!

Last month, Donald Trump’s new presidential limo was spotted severally testing on public roads near Milford, Mich. This will be the new “Beast”, otherwise referred to as Cadillac One. It is also codenamed by the Secret Service as Stagecoach.

Various versions of the limo have been seen in road tests since last year. However, Trump is still commuting in the old Beast. This is similar to the same Cadillac that served Obama. Although it is not yet known when the car will officially hit the road, some car enthusiasts like us are eagerly waiting.

The Beast is usually designed from the ground by the United States Secret Service. There are usually multiple copies of the same, but put in rotation, and housed in the Secret Service headquarters, and under 24-hour surveillance. Due to the heavy armoring in the car, and most likely, counter-assault equipment and top-secret protection, these cars are usually quite heavy. In fact, reports indicate that they are as heavy as a tank.

We don’t expect to see so much change in the interior part of the new Beast. It should have the same seating of five, in addition to a passenger and driver upfront. Additionally, it should be bulletproof, bombproof, and also gas-proof. We also expect the use of more advanced and latest communications, bearing in mind that the last Beast was unleashed in the year, 2009. Through the heavy camouflage, it can be seen that the exterior design – a combination of CT6 Sedan and Cadillac Escalade SUV elements – looks tidier now than when the New Beast was spotted in August 2016. The rear quarters look neater, and they comfortably match Cadillac’s modern and restrained approach to styling. General Motors will supply the government with a handful of this version of vehicles. At least two are used for the presidential motorcade to make it harder to know which one is housing the president.

Although the New Beast is shaped like a Sedan, it is typically based on a truck platform. The whole car is reinforced from the roof down to the tread of tires. Due to security reasons, it is impossible to know the safety modifications on this car. However, we can derive some clues from the previous versions, as earlier mentioned.

The Beast's Grill
Photos taken by MotorAuthority

In terms of design, the New Beast could be inspired by a couple of models in the General Motors lineup. Its headlights appear similar to those of the present Cadillac Escalade SUV. In the rear side, the taillights resemble those from the Cadillac XTS or CT6 luxury sedan. The panels are likely to be made from a combination of materials such as aluminum, titanium, steel, and ceramic. This is to help break up any kind of projectiles aimed at the car. Key elements like the fuel system and the engine also need to be protected. Therefore, you can bet that there is a fire suppression system installed. Additionally, there should be an oxygen system in case of a gas attack.

Want to know why The Beast uses this Camo Paint? This Video Below Explains!

Delivery of the New Beast looks imminent, but like every other thing surrounding the heavily armored car, the actual date is classified.

Can We Call The New Beast a Luxury Car?

Nobody would call the Beast handsome - the car is mostly built for safety, which would be hard to balance with elegance. Although there are more stylish cars out there, the Beast is fascinating in its own unique way. First, it’s a limo, and we all know what limousines are associated with – luxury, class, elegance, style, and sophistication. Also, its incredible features makes it go above what we are used to. Additionally, the exterior bits of the Beast leaves us with no doubt that the President of the United States travels in an American Luxury Car.

A luxury car is all about pleasing the senses, and the Beast does exactly that! There is no car enthusiast out there that would hate a ride in this car.

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Want to Experience a Luxury Ride? We Can Help

Would you like to experience a luxury ride similarly to that of the President? Well, you are in the right place. We deliver the very best limousine service. Whether it is an airport transfer, business travel or unique tour around your home, we are up for the task.

Why Choose Us?

If you don’t have the money to buy a luxury car or simply don’t want to purchase one at the moment, you can still enjoy luxury transport with a limo service. A lot of people regard the limousine as a form of luxury transportation related to extravagance and class. However, there are many reasons why limo car services excel today.

Why Should You Hire a Limo Service?


We have been in the limo rental business for quite a while now. Before hiring our chauffeurs, we make sure that they pass various tests such as motor vehicle record check, drug & alcohol screening, and criminal background check. We know our trade and with us, you can be assured that you are getting the limousine service.


Exceeding Expectations

Through a high degree of professionalism, we are able to deliver you with a reliable, authentic, and special limo rental service. With unrivalled commitment to offering a five-star service, we exceed your expectations without any fuss.

Customized Service

Different from our competition, we don’t usually have a fixed way of doing things. You only need to tell us your schedule, destination, and any other important thing, and let us handle the rest. We are highly committed to providing you with dependable and reliable transportation service while getting you to your destination. Lastly, with a wide range of limousines, you can be assured that we have the right vehicle to suit your desires.


Photo Credit: MotorAuthority

The President’s New Limo is expected to be an outstanding car and we cannot wait to see it unleashed, and ready for work. Although most details about it are classified, we know that it will have fascinating features such as Bulletproof, gas-proof, and bombproof. These attributes plus its wonderful exterior design, make the New Beast a great luxury and safe car for the President of the United States, Donald Trump

If you would like to experience a similar feeling as experienced in the Beast by those who travel in it, we can help you out. Courtesy of our limo rental services, you can get a limo ride to your preferred destination at a very affordable price. Reach out to us today.

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New Honda Accord is Much Better Than You May Expect

Have you been watching the Honda Accord’s evolution? If you have then the thought of upgrading your car must have crossed your mind. The Accord made its debut in 1976 as a compact hatchback. The 2018 new Honda Accord is now out and has been completely redesigned. There’s a lot to talk about this midsize sedan. Do you have any guesses for the 2018 Accord midsize sedan? The Honda crossovers have really dominated Honda’s sales, however, the accord has always been third in terms of sales that Honda makes. The 2018 Accord one of the affordable and efficient four-door sedan that anyone wishes to own.

It has always been said the regular sedans are getting ‘extinct’ in style and that any car that is not a crossover should start developing a hatchback or just stop designing anymore. The new Accord is just proving that a simple sedan can be a modest mode of transport for a family. Sedans are not getting out of style.

Let’s get to know more about the new Accord

The new Accord may not be a luxury car but it is an amazing and modest midsized sedan that was first manufactured in 1976. Ever since this car has always evolved and new designs integrated into its making. The 2018 model is actually the 10th body style of this car which has a sloped roof. The new accord comes with many features. Prices range between $24000 and $36000, however, these prices depend on the type and number of features that you want.

2018 Honda Accord Interior

The Accord is an American-built vehicle whose all-new turbo engines are built in the states. This simple fact makes it an appealing sedan to the Americans. Everyone wants a luxury car that will provide all the comfort and the luxury that one wants in a great car, however, this would require you to part with a lot of bucks. If you really want to feel the goodness that is presented by luxury cars, it’s never wrong to experience a great ride with a limo service.

The Accord is designed to provide an amazing comfort and competence that is more than what its predecessor offered. All these can be acquired without spending lots of money. The Accord is that one car that will offer its best at reasonable levels thus every evolution of this model is always excelling.

The New Accord's Specs

The Accord’s evolution may not have manufactured a luxury car but the new Accords has amazing specifics. The sedan is lower, wider and possesses a longer wheelbase than its predecessor. When compared to the outgoing vehicle, the new Accord is a bit shorter from the rear to the head, however, this design was done with a purpose which means that the rear passengers will now have an extra legroom and a bigger truck junk capacity.

All About That Style & Power

The new Accord comes with an amazing shape. Its style and fashionable appearance are definitely amazing. Honda’s designers must have been very creative when they were designing this new car. Generally, we can confidently say that the new Accord is the most elegant-looking Accord since the sleek model came into existence.

The 2018 Honda Accord provides two engines which are a 1.5-litre VTEC turbo with a horsepower rated at 192 and the 2.0-litre VTEC turbo which is made from the Civic Type R. The 2.0-litre VTEC engine which is present in the voracious Civic Type R which boasts of a horsepower rated at 306 and 295 lb-ft. These ratings are detuned to 252 HP and 273 lb-ft for this Accord.

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The 2.0-litre Accord has unique pistons and is available in a six-speed manual transmission. The 2.0-litre new Accord is not very aggressive like the Civic Type R since its engine is coupled with the longer clutch travel, longer stick throw and the absence of the automatic rev-matching. All these features make this sedan so smooth and quiet that you would doubt if really it shares anything with the voracious Civic Type R engine.

Midsized sedans that have the stick shifts have since almost disappeared except the Mazda 6. The Accord’s competitors have shifted to the automatic transmission and. The new Accord is, however, saving the manuals by offering a six-speed transmission for both Accord’s engines. Some drivers want to have an engaging driving experience and this is something that is being provided by the new Accord.

The 1.5-litre engine is another option that comes with a six-speed manual which possesses LL-CVT Advance. The CVT has very little or nothing to be desired about especially when you are driving for fun. When most of us are continuously excited about the manual transmission, it is important to note that, most this new model will be sold with an automatic transmission, especially for the 1.5-litre engine. This is an ideal option for those people who are not so much into being actively engaged in the whole driving experience. For those who love a gentle and smooth ride, there’s a lot left to desire about the 1.5-litre engine with an automatic transmission.

But Just How Safe Is It?

The 2018 Honda Accord has performed well in safety tests. Generally, both the passive and active safety has been given a major boost with this latest Accord. It provides a wider front windshield which has really enhanced the forward visibility. This is also coupled with a lower hood and narrower A-pillars.

The new Accord also has been built with an increased high-strength steel which enhances and ensures the safety of the passengers in case of a crash. This car features high-end active safety technologies also known as Honda sensing. The set of active safety technologies include the collision mitigation braking which has a forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control which comes with low speed follow, road departure mitigation which integrates the lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, safety technologies that recognize traffic and driver attention monitor. The set of safety technologies also include the blind spot monitoring and the cross traffic alerts. Touring trims add front and rear parking sensors are among the safety technologies that come with this latest model.

Some of the best features

The latest Accord has very cool leather seats which are very comfortable. The seats are just enveloping. Due to the narrower A-pillars, it is very easy for you to have a better view of the road when seated on the seats.

For the manual transmission enthusiasts, the 2.0-litre engine Accord is the best option. This will keep them engaged when operating the car. There are those people who are into the manual transmission or the three pedals and just want to have a smooth ride that is not engaging. The 10-speed automatic is just ideal for such people.

The new Accord has also brought the knobs back! This sedan has two knobs for adjusting the volume and one for tuning. The new Accord has made the touchscreen simpler and attractive to use due to the presence of these two knobs and eight hard buttons. Most people definitely would get excited over this small feature, but it’s really cool. All these new features allow you to conduct simple tasks like changing the radio station with very little distraction from the road.

The interior of this car incorporates a material collection and build quality that is just excellent. The material is blended with the nicely made plastics, soft leather, and an appealing faux wood trim. Additionally, there are three climate control dials that regulate temperature with fan speed which resembles that of Audi knobs.

Some very great features cannot be present on all cars, but in one way or another, you might have heard about very cool features that a luxury car can offer. Sometimes you really don’t have to break the bank in order to experience some of these features, an amazing car service can provide you with luxury transport that will surely quench your curiosity. A limo service is one great luxury transport for your special occasion or event.

The new 2018 Honda Accord is an amazing car that offers reasonable competence and comfort. Any engine option is great. Choose the one you are very okay with. This latest model is simply well-equipped.

The verdict

Experiencing a ride in a new car or any of our cars in our fleet is an exciting experience in itself, and no option you choose would ever disappoint. If you would like some suggestions on which ride is best for your event feel free to call us at any time!

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How To Choose The Modern Car For A Reasonable Price

Today is an exciting time for drivers buying from the new car market: innovations like hybrid and electric cars are laying the groundwork for a genuine revolution in the way we drive. So if you’re about to take the plunge, we’ve put together some inside tips from mechanics and dealers on choosing a car that takes advantage of current innovations while not taking too big a bite out of your budget.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

When you eventually settle on the model you want, don’t go running to the dealership straight away. Car sales target drivers, with bonuses used to incentivise dealers to sell as many cars as possible. These targets are usually based on quarterly sales. So, March, June, September, and December are typically the best time to go for the kill. The dealers want to hit their targets, so they will be more willing to bargain over prices and repayment plans.

There are countless luxury car models to choose from

Try and find a quiet time to browse as well: weekends are bad as they tend to cram the dealerships and make you look less valuable as a customer. Same goes for the start of the month after a lot of people have just been paid. The kind of car you’re after is another thing to take into consideration: sportier or drop-top models will be a cheaper solution to buy in winter than in summer. However, bear in mind that you don’t want to leave it to the very end of the quarter to go shopping: once the dealers hit their targets, they’re not going to be looking to do you any favors just to sell a car.

Ditch The Extras

Most dealers you run into will be trying to actively upsell you on whatever model you choose. With modern cars, this is both a blessing and a curse as there’s more high tech functions and customisation options than ever before. So ask yourself whether you really need GPS, Bluetooth, and cruise control functions.
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Even if you do, think whether you could get them for less money elsewhere. Keep an eye on what the dealer’s trying to add to your “sales package”. Things like insurance or service plans might be dressed up as free, but will actually constitute additional charges. These rules aren’t concrete, however. There’s nothing to say the insurance or warranty offered at the point of purchase won’t be a good option. The key here is to do independent research so that you’re armed with as much up-to-date information as possible when the time comes to make a choice.

Get Your Costs Straight

When buying your car, there’s a lot more to consider than just the upfront costs you’ll be paying when you make your initial purchase. Consider what costs you’ll have ahead of you: servicing, warranty, insurance, and so forth. Remember, smaller cars usually get cheaper insurance, as well as cars with smaller engines, on the assumption that since they’ll be going less quickly, there’ll be a smaller risk of accidents. A smaller engine on a lighter car also leads to better mileage in the long run. Think well ahead about the way you’ll be driving and what you need from your car to make the most financially astute decision.

Experiencing luxury cars or a Luxury Limo Rental is an exciting experience in itself, and no option you choose would ever disappoint. If you would like some suggestions on which ride is best for your event feel free to call us at any time!

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How Important is Speed and Performance in a Modern Luxury Car?

When we talk about luxury cars and the image they cast, the words ‘speed’ and ‘performance’ rarely come to mind. This is because historically, the luxury car was a symbol of opulence and comfort, and the only vehicles with any manner of performance were racing cars, which were quite the opposite of opulent and comfortable.

The Melding of Performance and Luxury in Modern Times

The clear distinction between a performance-oriented vehicle, and one that is built for luxury, lies in the way it carries itself on the road, and the way it responds to the driver’s tactile commands. This distinction has existed throughout history, even when there were no cars.

Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S redefines the idea of an electric luxury car without compromising performance.

Horse-driven carriages came in several classes, but the most popular among them were the quick and efficient messenger carriages, and the comfortable and opulent stagecoaches. Fast forward to relatively modern times, and the distinction was clear in the way a Formula One car and a luxury limousine performed. The former was blisteringly fast and quick on its tires, and the latter was somewhat slow yet very well poised; not to mention comfortable.

Practical Examples of High-Performance Luxury Cars

Up until a few years ago, the concept of high-performance in a luxury saloon was considered absurd and needless. However, with the advent of smoother and more efficient engines, as well as power transfer systems that minimize wastage of power, it has become possible to meld performance with luxury in the modern car. An example of this is the current line-up of German luxury models such as those from BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

What’s particularly special about these three brands is that no matter how low-tier their vehicle may be, performance-wise, it would still pack a decent enough punch to provide sports car-like thrills to the driver.

Then there is Cadillac, which has historically been a luxury-oriented brand. In recent times, they have had the distinction of making the most powerful sedans in production, and their future models are reputed to continue this new trend. Both the aforementioned German models, as well as the American offerings are used by limo rental services, which is perhaps the biggest proof of the relevance of speed and power in a modern luxury car.

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This then leads to the question of whether performance and speed are actually necessary in the modern luxury automobile, or whether they are, and always will be, a novel feature that only a select few luxury cars possess. In order to answer that, let us see all the merits of having a luxury car or limousine that also performs well.

Advantages of having Performance along with Luxury in a Limousine

First and foremost, we have to consider the fact that drivers’ attitudes towards performance are changing with the new engine technologies that are currently present in the market. Today’s engine is lighter yet more powerful, which allows manufacturers to squeeze more power out of the engine. This is advantageous for the limousine of today, since it will have the luxury that is requisite for a positive passenger experience, and the performance that allows it to stay efficient when it comes to arriving on time.

The advantages are not just limited to timely arrivals, since more power means a better driving experience for the driver as well. The more comfortable and content a driver is with the car, the better the passenger will feel, since they will be the ones arriving on time, and in an efficient manner. Exactly the reason why we see more limo rental companies adopting cars which have superior performance.

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4 (More) Features That Define The Luxury Car

Have you ever seen at a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle, and wondered what actually makes a luxury car luxurious? Is it the stylish exterior, which is meant to turn heads? Is it the exhaust sound, with its low, deep and understated rumble? Is it the interior, with all the amenities and comforts that one could want in a car? Or is it a combination of all of the above, and then some?

What Makes A Car Luxurious in 2017

Truth is, the definition of luxury has changed a lot over the years, especially when it comes to cars. While the basics have remained the same; the advent of advanced electronics and related technology have changed the way a car can be ‘luxurious’.

In the olden days, a car would have a comfortable, plush interior, with soft seat that afforded the occupant a measure of luxury comparable with a purpose-built couch. This, coupled with amenities such as air conditioning and a music system, were considered state-of-the-art. This goes to show how limited the scope of luxury was, back in the day.

The aforementioned amenities are not even considered standard in some modern vehicles, and they have become as vital an aspect of the car as the engine or transmission. Today, it takes more than just interior comfort to stand out from the crowd. Seamless connectivity across devices, intelligent traction and suspension control, and performance that defies logic; are all qualities that are needed in the modern luxury car. To that end, following is a comprehensive list of all that a luxury car needs in order to compete in today’s market.

Cellular Device Connectivity

Cellular Device Connectivity
Since this is the day of the smart phone, a luxury car or limousine is bound to have cellular connectivity, if it is to call itself a limousine. Most passengers would need to connect their phones or other devices to their vehicles for power as well as multi-platform connectivity. Thankfully, almost all the major manufacturers of luxury cars are now including Bluetooth connectivity as standard, to make the ride in the limousine more convenient.

Advanced Terrain Response/Adaptation Systems

This may be more of an SUV’s forte, however, a great many luxury cars are coming with a terrain management system which makes the ride a lot more supple and comfortable for the occupants inside the car. Once again Mercedes is leading the pack here, with their ‘Magic Body Roll’ system; which is basically an active suspension control system that compensates for the undulation in the suspension. In a luxury limousine, such a system is invaluable, since it makes the ride more comfortable for both the driver and the passengers.

Entertainment Systems

Just having a radio on board is not going to cut it in this day and age, not when the majority of luxury cars nowadays have entire entertainment systems installed as standard. An entertainment system can include high-definition screens, speakers in every door and even in the frame, as well as mood lighting. The last is true for luxury vehicles that are being used as party buses. Since the occupants of party buses require some mode of entertainment while on the trip, it is necessary to have a good entertainment system in the vehicle.

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Competitive Performance

This is one of the more demanded aspects of a luxury car nowadays, since most drivers or passengers ask for a car that not only looks good, but performs well too. This is especially true for luxury sedans which are being used for limousine services. A luxury car such as the Mercedes S550 is a perfect example here, since it not only has killer looks, but blistering performance as well; not to mention all the luxuries that a person could demand of the car they are riding in.

The Modern Limousine: A Luxury Vehicle with the Works

A modern limousine; any modern limousine, will more often than not come with all of the aforementioned qualities as standard. If you want to experience said qualities, the best way to do so is via hiring limousine services. These will be affordable as well as convenient; and will allow you to experience all the comforts of a luxury car without having to pay a hefty price.

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Singapore now has a Luxury Car Vending Machine because Dealerships are not Fun Enough!

In the past, you could put a coin or a currency note inside a vending machine, press a button, and get a cold beverage or candy bar of your choice. Slowly, as technology progressed, people began to create vending machines for bigger things, such as electronic devices even. These started out as novel concepts. However, when the manufacturers saw their popularity, they started making vending machines for more and more items.

Soon, luxury cars will be a push-button away!

With time, we began to see some truly crazy vending machines. There were the iPod vending machines in Japan, which dispensed Apple products like they were Cheetos! There are those gold vending machines in the Middle East which dispense actual bars of gold, for whenever one needs pure gold! And now, as a result of the world’s growing obsession with crazy concepts, there is a luxury car vending machine!

Autobahn Motors in Singapore: World’s Biggest Vehicle Vending Machine

It sounds fictional, like something out of a crazy architect’s bucket list! However, not only is it currently in existence and operation, but it is paving the way for similar concepts all over the world. The structure, which is basically a storage and viewing facility for used luxury cars, works just as a vending machine does, with a lift and delivery system that is based on a fish-bone elevator style.

Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Porsches are just a few among the vast array of brands which the facility holds. The structure, which rises to 15 stories, is capable of delivering the car to the user in a matter of minutes, which saves both time and energy on part of both, the potential customer, as well as the sales personnel.

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The customer can look through the tire inventory and choose the vehicle that best suits their specifications. The vehicle is then delivered to them for a closer look, via the lift system, which brings the car down to the ground floor. All of this is done through a sophisticated, automated system which does not require input from any human operators, and is capable of functioning on its own.

A total of 60 cars, which includes luxury sedans that can be used by limo services, can be stored in the facility. After the customer has viewed the car on a tablet or through a fully-integrated and custom designed app; they have to make the payment of the car, at which point the automated system is put into motion. The car is then delivered to them immediately, without the need for a driver having to deliver it personally; saving time and effort.

Practical Advantages of the System

The system is still in the early stages, and it has already begun to demonstrate a number of uses and advantages. Following are some of those advantages.

  • Containing cars within vertical structures helps minimize crowding and saves a lot of space. This is especially true for crowded cities such as Singapore, where traffic is already a problem and parking spaces are rare.
  • Limo services can benefit from such a concept due to the storage-related advantage. The appropriate limo could be stored in the structure and released on to the road for the journey as soon as it is requested. Because limo services have larger cars than the usual rent-a-car, they can actually benefit a lot here.
  • Dealerships can catalog and store their cars according to class and type, in separate structures. This is one sector in which the concept is already in use. Even manufacturers have begun to install intelligent vehicle delivery systems, which are a step above the robotic manufacturing line.

The limo services industry in the US is growing, and with it, the number of luxury vehicles (from the standard limousine to the exquisite party bus). The limousine itself is quite a large automobile, starting from the full-sized luxury sedan, all the way to a stretched SUV. The space required to park and store said vehicles is immense, which is why it would be extremely beneficial to limo services and the city where they are situated, if such facilities were to be installed.

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Traveling in Style: The Many Types of Limos

The term limousine refers to a luxury vehicle that is longer than your average car and is driven by a professional chauffeur.

Traditionally, limousines are black or white, yet different limousine rental companies offer a variety of options in their vehicles that range in color, size, and amenities.

You might find it surprising, but there are limousines that offer amenities like Jacuzzis and hot tubs.

Limousines are considered some of the most expensive vehicles; they give off a perception of power, wealth and elegance.

While owning a limousine might not be practically achievable for everyone, renting one is always an option.

Limo rentals are surprisingly affordable and make the perfect travel option for events like birthdays, parties, corporate events, and airport transfers.

If you are planning to rent a limo for your next event—be it prom or wedding—the variety of options can be confusing.

The different features, sizes and varying passenger capacity can often make it difficult for you to choose. Therefore, this blog aims to highlight the various types of limousines to help you make informed decisions:

Sedan Limousine

As mentioned above, limousines largely vary in size and features. The most practical and the smallest limousine is the sedan limo.

It is also the most affordable one. It has a small seating capacity of about 2 to 4 people and it is typically rented for airport travel. The sedan limo can also be used as alternative to a cab for intercity travel. The most common sedan limo is the Lincoln Towncar.

Stretch Limousine

Stretch limousines are similar to sedan limos in shape but they are longer.

They are the perfect option to entertain a small group of family and friends. Stretch limos are also the most popular option for proms, weddings and for bachelor parties. They have a seating capacity of 6 to10 people and are loaded with amenities that add to the overall experience.

Super Stretch Limousine

Some limousine companies also offer a variety of ‘super-stretch’ limousines. They are available in the form of Bentleys and Towncars and even come in the form of SUVs like Hummers and Escalades.

Super-stretch limos are perfect for larger groups of people that prefer travelling together. These limos can fit anywhere between 15 and 20 people easily.

Some stretch limo models even feature a fifth door that allows for convenient entry and exit.

What truly makes these limos stand out are the features. All super stretch limos feature amenities like LCD displays, mini bars and ambient lighting. The interiors are tastefully furnished with real leather and exotic furnishings.


Party Bus

Party buses have been the go to choices for larger groups of people. They offer the same amenities as other vehicles but have enough space to stand up and walk around. These buses are ideal for people looking to get the party started before reaching their destination.

In addition to dance club lighting, party buses also come equipped with features like dance floors, poles and exceptional sound systems.

You might also be able to find one with a complete bar and LCD system. Party buses can easily accommodate anywhere between 35 and 45 people.

While knowing about the types of limousines will definitely help you make the right choice, ultimately, it is the price that will influence your decision.

Since the price difference between sedan and stretch limousines isn’t that much; therefore, when booking, it is always a good idea to rent a stretch limo. Similarly, if you have a larger group of people who need to travel together, rent out a party that offers the right number of seating capacity to accommodate everyone.

At A1A Limo, we have a wide variety of limousines and vehicles for all your travel needs. We have sedan limousines and stretch limos loaded with all the amenities you could ask for.

From LCD displays to mini bars and ambient lighting, all our vehicles feature luxurious amenities to ensure comfort, convenience and luxury for our clients.

We also offer a variety of party buses that allow you to comfortably enjoy the entire evening. Our part buses are tinted for privacy and feature a complete beverage station for all your needs.

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Wheel of Time: A Brief History of the Limousine

The idea of chauffeured automobiledates back to the 1700s. Before this, transportation with chauffeurs existed in the form of horse carriages. This form of transportation was created with the wealthy in mind.

But the limousine, as we know now, isn’t like the present-day limo we know! It took inspiration fromthe Sedan Chair—a mode of transport that relied on human strength. It all started in France, during the 1720s, when the upper class needed a new means of transport.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a photograph of the first limo because photographs weren’t a conceptuntil the 1800s!

Unless we successfully build a time machine, no one will know what it looks like, or who invented it. But there are pictures of the limos from the early 1900s!

Horse-Driven Limos

Before the introduction of modern-day limos, limousines were attached to horses. Just like horse carriages, the carriage would seat people in the back, while being carried by the majestic beasts.

But instead of 3 people, the carriages were longer, making it possible for at least 5 people to be seated. It was after this that the concept of a luxury vehicle started developing.

The Popularity of Limos

Despite being built in the 1700s, limos started taking off in 1930. They were used as a mode of transporting wealthy clients from hotels, to different places.

But what really kicked off their popularity was when they started being used to transport musicians and actors to their studios. They became so popular that you weren’t considered ‘part of the crowd’ if you hadn’t ridden a stretch limousine!

Soon afterwards, the six-door limos were invented. They were originally used for transporting the dead and their family to the funeral.

But that changed with the passage of time. When more and more celebrities started arriving to Hollywood in different types of limos, the more popular they became.

Now limos are synonymous with luxury and class. And that is rightly so!

They are the epitome of luxury and sophistication. With their intricate, unique design, and stylish look, they add a touch of glam to every event.

Modern-Day Limos

Modern-day limousines are still used by the rich and famous to commute. But they are also designed to cater to a much larger audience. With advent of technology, limos have evolved as well. Instead of holding 5–6 people, they can now hold a minimum of 10, and a maximum of 40!

Not only that, there are several types of limos available for hire. Some of these include:

  • The hummer limousine
  • The tank limousine
  • Jaccuzi limousine
  • Town car limousine
  • Stretch limousine
  • Limousine bus

All of these are different types of limousines and come with different features. They have different features, all unique to the type of make and model they are. Like the Jacuzzi Limo has a special Jacuzzi inside. It’s perfect for private parties, weekend getaways, and bachelor parties.

Modern-day limos also come equipped with GPR apps. The chauffeurs use GPRS to track the whereabouts of their client. This not only saves time, it helps in situations where it’s possible to get lost—especially in unfamiliar places!

Modern-day limos are ideal for hosting events, and travelling to events. Like the party bus limos are great for taking a long out-of-town trip. They’re great for hosting private weddings and graduation parties. This is because they’re large in size, accommodating up to more than 40 people at a time.

Travelling in Comfort, Luxury, and Style

A limousine adds a flair of sophistication to the ride. This is exactly why they’re booked on special occasions. They’re popular for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events.

Since they’re equipped with world-class facilities, other means of transport cannot compete with them. They are a class of their own.  They help create a lasting impression on your guests, who will be left star-struck.

In addition, they’re great for business meetings. Taking clients on a business trip in a limo will leave a lasting impression on them.

š Other Benefits of a Modern-Day Limousine:

Well-trained drivers: Not everyone can drive a limo. Only the best drivers are chosen to navigate these luxury cars. The drivers are certified, well-trained individuals, who have vast experience behind them.

So individuals can be rest-assured when hiring a limo. The drivers back in 1700s did not have the means of technology to do this. Passengers had to wait long periods of time for their ride to arrive!

High qualityseating: The seat coverings of limousines are built using the finest of materials. This ensures maximum comfort. Furthermore, they help relax passengers, ensuring a stress-free ride.

In addition, passengers who rent a private limo can have the car customized according to their preference. This means they can customize the interior and exterior. Something like this was unimaginable during the 1700s!

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