4 Incredible Resorts in Miami

A Miami vacation offers a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day activities. And with a trip to a one-of-a-kind South Beach resort, you should have no trouble making the most of your vacation as well.

So which Miami resorts represent the best of the best? Here’s a closer look at four must-visit South Beach resorts:

Delano Hotel

For those who are searching for a stunning South Beach oasis, the Delano Hotel offers everything they’ll need – and more.

The Delano Hotel boasts a sleek, sophisticated setting, providing you with a serene spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful Miami weather. It also is home to several amazing restaurants, a rejuvenating spa and other deluxe attractions you simply won’t find anywhere else.

The Setai

A serene, intimate hotel, The Setai brings the tranquility of South Beach to a superb resort.

The Setai offers both art deco and ocean suites, and all of its rooms feature exemplary accommodations that ensure you can rest comfortably night after night. Plus, The Setai provides quick, easy access to luxurious pools, along with a first-rate beach and spa, to help you remain calm and relaxed throughout your entire stay.

Trump International Beach Resort

Enjoy a trip to an awe-inspiring venue that serves as an excellent oceanfront retreat – the Trump International Beach Resort.

This resort features 355 spacious guest rooms and suites and a variety of top-notch restaurants. In addition, guests can access a full-service spa and fitness center, beachfront swimming pools and 22,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event space overlooking the eye-catching Atlantic Ocean any time they visit.

The Tides South Beach

Looking for the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation during your vacation? Take a trip to The Tides South Beach, and you can reap the benefits of a beautiful resort that combines best-in-class dining, entertainment and shopping perfectly.

The Tides South Beach serves as a glamorous resort with top-of-the-line accommodations. It even offers dazzling private outdoor terraces as well as spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and Ocean Drive that you’ll likely remember for years to come.

Travel to one of Miami’s top resorts in comfort and style

Why not kick off your vacation with luxury transportation to one of Miami’s top resorts? Thanks to the team at A1A Limousine, you can travel to South Beach in a safe, reliable vehicle at any time.

A1A Limousine offers a comprehensive fleet of well-maintained vehicles that guarantee you’ll reach your final destination quickly and safely.

A1A Limousine’s vehicle fleet includes:

  • Cadillac XTS – For those who enjoy the luxury and beauty of a Cadillac, the Cadillac XTS offers everything you’ll need to travel like a rock star to a stellar Miami resort.
  • Lincoln Town Car – A top choice for up to three passengers, the Lincoln Town Car blends luxury and style to deliver exceptional ground transportation day after day.
  • Tesla Model S – An extraordinary vehicle with a look and feel all its own, the Tesla Model S delivers amazing comfort, ensuring you can relax while you go from place to place.
  • Mercedes Benz s550 – One of A1A Limousine’s most popular vehicles, the Mercedes Benz s550 boasts a luxurious interior, classic design and other unbelievable features.
  • Luxury SUV – An ideal vehicle that offers comfortable seating for up to eight passengers, A1A Limousine offers luxury SUVs that feature leather seats, tinted privacy glass and other great features.

And let’s not forget about the support provided by A1A Limousine’s chauffeurs, either.

A1A Limousine’s chauffeurs perform as “Certified Chauffeurs” as defined by the Florida Limousine Association and have completed a comprehensive safety and industry protocol training course.

As a result, we fully understand what it takes to deliver outstanding customer support day after day.

For top-of-the-line ground transportation, you simply cannot go wrong with A1A Limousine.

Contact A1A Limo today to learn more about our services and vehicles.

5 Superb South Florida Restaurants for Business Meetings

Who says you can’t discuss business over a delicious meal? Believe it or not, you can enjoy exceptional cuisine with your clients and peers at any time thanks to the many wonderful restaurants throughout South Florida.

Many great South Florida restaurants make it simple for you to sample exemplary cuisine in a comfortable, professional setting that is perfect for a business meeting. In fact, some of the top South Florida restaurants for business meetings include:

15th Street Fisheries

Home to stellar seafood and an extraordinary waterfront view, 15th Street Fisheries remains a popular choice for business professionals across South Florida. And perhaps it’s easy to understand why – South Florida Fisheries provides an excellent atmosphere for those who want to discuss business matters over an amazing meal.

15th Street Fisheries offers a wide assortment of fresh seafood, and its menu includes dry rubbed mahi-mahi, seared diver scallops and other delectable dishes. Plus, the restaurant provides both dockside terrace seating as well as an upstairs dining room that delivers panoramic waterfront views.

The Ambry

A family owned and operated restaurant that serves elegant German and American cuisine, The Ambry remains a long-time favorite for casual diners and business professionals alike.

Since 1981, The Ambry has provided a peaceful setting for guests to gather over top-notch cuisine. Furthermore, this restaurant provides numerous German specialties as well as steak and seafood dishes, ensuring each member of your dining party can enjoy a wonderful meal any time you visit.

Café de Paris

Want to sample amazing French cuisine in a cozy setting? Visit Café de Paris, which offers authentic French meals day after day.

Café de Paris has been a Fort Lauderdale favorite for business professionals since it opened its doors in 1962. Today, this restaurant serves fine cuisine and exceptional wines, allowing visitors to treat themselves to outstanding meals in a luxurious atmosphere.

Calypso Restaurant & Bar

For those who are searching for an unforgettable dining experience, the Calypso Restaurant & Bar is sure to make a bold statement.

This restaurant serves “tropical fusion” cuisine, which includes a unique mix of fresh ingredients and has helped this destination become exceedingly popular among foodies. Plus, the restaurant’s menu boasts everything from stuffed shrimp to surf and turf and may allow guests to try distinct meals that might be tough to find elsewhere.


A top choice for corporate diners in Pompano Beach, Galuppi’s offers a full-service American food restaurant that provides exemplary breakfast, lunch and dinner cuisine.

Galuppi’s makes it simple to host groups of all sizes, as it offers ample space for business professionals. Meanwhile, this restaurant provides a stylish, sophisticated setting as well, ensuring you’ll have no trouble discussing business matters over a tasty meal whenever you visit.

How are you going to travel to and from your business meeting?

Although South Florida offers many deluxe restaurants for business professionals, getting to and from these dining venues sometimes can be problematic.

South Florida traffic can cause severe travel delays, which may make it tough to arrive at a restaurant on schedule.

And even though public transportation always remains an alternative, taking a bus or train from destination to destination may prove to be a costly, time-consuming process.

Fortunately, a chauffeured car service is available that will guarantee you reach a business meeting in comfort, style and safety –  A1A Limousine.

At A1A Limo, every customer is a priority. Every member of our team, from the owner and operators to the chauffeurs to the reservation specialists, are invested in providing each customer with the best possible experience.

In addition, A1A Limo offers an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This vehicle fleet includes:

+ Executive Sedans – With tinted windows, stunning black exterior and other dazzling features, executive sedans ensure you can travel in comfort, style and safety at all times.

+ Luxury SUVs – Looking for a vehicle for up to six passengers? Choose a luxury SUV, and your entire party can enjoy superb travel accommodations.

+ Limousines – For those who demand nothing but the best, A1A Limo provides limos that offer stellar choices for business professionals across South Florida.

Contact A1A Limo for more information on our services or to book your reservation.

A1A Limo Wins National Operator of the Year

 A1A Airport & Limousine Service is proud to announce that we are the recipients of the 2016 Operator of the Year award by the trade journal of the National Limousine Association, LCT Magazine.

A1A Limo was selected as the winner of the Midsize Operator of the Year award out of 2,200 member companies of the National Limousine Association. A1A Limo received the award for the first time at the 2016 LCT show in Las Vegas. The Operator of the Year is chosen by an independent judging organization based on superior customer service, safety, technology, marketing, staff training, as well as industry and community involvement.

A Validation of Our Commitment to Success

“We were taken entirely by surprise,” says our owner Rick Versace. “Winning the award was a validation of the hard work our staff puts in day in and day out. It is extremely rewarding to be recognized for this honor.”

This is the second Operator of the Year award A1A Limo has won in the past year. In October of 2015, we received the 2015 Limousine Operator of the Year award from the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association, the largest trade association for the industry.

Versace started in the business over 35 years ago in Brooklyn, NY. He opened A1A Airport & Limousine Service in 1996 after moving to South Florida and purchasing multiple transportation companies in the area. A1A’s core business is transporting people to and from the airport, using Cadillac sedans. Versace is now franchising his successful business concept across the U.S.

For Versace, the most important part of the transportation industry is making clients happy.

“We try to make every ride a memorable occasion,” says Versace. “For us, it’s not about the money; it’s about doing the job right.”

Contact A1A Limo today to learn more about our award-winning services.

How Can a Corporate Car Service Improve Your Next Business Trip?

Ready to take your business travel to the next level? Choose a corporate car service to take you anywhere you need to go – you’ll be happy you did.

A corporate car service makes it easy to improve your next business trip in a number of ways, including:

Exceptional ground transportation at all times

Driving around a new city or town often challenges even the most experienced motorist. However, you can avoid this problem altogether if you select a top-of-the-line corporate car service.

With a corporate car service, you can enjoy chauffeured ground transportation any time you need it.

On the date of your business trip, a friendly, professionally trained chauffeur will pick you up on schedule, help you with any bags or luggage and take you wherever you need to go quickly, safely and comfortably. And at your business trip’s conclusion, this chauffeur will drive you to the airport, home or any other destination you choose, too.

Access to a fleet of luxury vehicles

Imagine what it would be like to travel to a business meeting, conference or any other event in a first-rate vehicle…

Now, you can transform this dream into a reality with a corporate car service.

By choosing a top-notch ground transportation provider, you’ll be able to travel in a luxury vehicle that meets all of your needs. And with a corporate car service like A1A Limousine at your disposal, you can select from myriad luxury vehicles, including:

  • Cadillac XTS – The quintessential luxury vehicle, the Cadillac XTS boasts leather seats, tinted privacy glass and other stunning features.
  • Lincoln Town Car – An executive sedan like no other, the Lincoln Town Car includes comfortable seats and plenty of leg room, making it a wonderful choice for up to three passengers.
  • Tesla Model S – One of A1A Limo’s most popular vehicles, the Tesla Model S features heated leather seats, satellite radio and other extraordinary features that will help you enjoy a memorable travel experience at any time.
  • Mercedes Benz s550 – With an eye-catching design and dazzling interior, the Mercedes S Class offers a superb ride for up to four passengers.
  • Luxury SUV – A1A Limo’s luxury SUV blends form and function perfectly, as it delivers three rows of elegant, leather seating, making it a top choice for up to eight passengers.

When it comes to ground transportation, it is important to travel in a high-quality vehicle that ensures you can get anywhere you need to go, at any time. For business professionals who select A1A Limo, you can reap the benefits of deluxe vehicles that guarantee you can enjoy an unforgettable travel experience.

Support from a professional chauffeur

On-time ground transportation remains a top priority, particularly for business travelers. And for those who invest in a corporate car service, you’ll be able to benefit from a professional chauffeur who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Unlike ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft that employ mere drivers, a corporate car service hires chauffeurs who are committed to excellence in everything they do. Thus, a corporate car service’s chauffeurs will go the extra mile to ensure you get the support you deserve at all times.

At A1A Limo of South Florida, each chauffeur is a franchisee who has a significant investment in the business and the company’s success. Regardless of when you travel, A1A Limo guarantees your chauffeur will possess a clean driving record.

With A1A Limo’s team of outstanding chauffeurs on your side, you can make the most of your business travel. And as a result, you’ll be able to get wherever you need to go without delay.

Enjoy reliable, reputable service with A1A Limo

A1A Limo serves as a dependable choice for business travelers, and perhaps it’s easy to understand why. This corporate car service functions as South Florida’s premier ground transportation provider, offering a number of amazing travel services for business professionals.

With A1A Limo, you can enjoy ground transportation services such as:

  • Airport transfers – A1A Limo offers ground transportation services to South Florida airports, ensuring you’ll never be late for your flight.
  • Meetings and conferences – Need ground transportation to or from an upcoming business meeting or conference? No worries, as A1A Limo will devote the necessary time and resources to ensure you reach your event on schedule.
  • Corporate outings – For corporate outings, A1A Limo makes it simple for your entire team to get where it needs to go in an exceptional vehicle.

The A1A Limo team takes pride in its work and wants to make sure you can enjoy a memorable ground transportation experience. As such, A1A Limo’s travel specialists will work with you to ensure you get the support you deserve, any time you need it.

Take advantage of A1A Limo for your next business trip. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy terrific ground transportation services, ensuring you’ll be able to explore any destination in a safe, comfortable vehicle driven by a courteous, talented chauffeur.


5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Cruise

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life? Plan a cruise, and you’ll be able to explore the world in a large, luxurious and fun-filled vessel.

A cruise offers an excellent break from the ordinary, as it enables you to get out of your house and see awe-inspiring attractions, landmarks and much more.

Getting ready for a cruise, however, sometimes can be difficult. And for those who have never planned a cruise before, it might seem overwhelming to figure out where you want to go, how you’ll get there and other trip essentials.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you plan the perfect cruise – here are five tips you can use to ensure you can set sail on a wonderful cruise ship at your convenience:

Shop around.

When you begin your search for a cruise, you’ll find no shortage of options available. From Alaska journeys to Caribbean vacations, you’re sure to find a cruise that satisfies your thirst for adventure.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to shop around for cruises. Many cruise lines are available, including Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises, and all offer various discounts and deals throughout the year.

Shop around for your cruise, and by doing so, you can ensure you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a one-of-a-kind cruise to a spectacular destination.

Budget accordingly.

No two cruises are identical, and as such, fares vary among cruise lines. As such, you’ll want to budget for food, flights and other travel costs you may encounter along the way.

When it comes to budgeting, it always is better to err on the side of caution. And those who save money over an extended period of time and consider the activities and events they would like to enjoy during their cruise should have no trouble creating a budget that fulfills their travel needs.

Find the best time to set sail.

According to travel guides provider Fodor’s, the time you travel likely will dictate how much you pay for your cruise. To maximize the value of your cruise, you should consider “shoulder season” sailing.

For the best bang for your buck, ‘shoulder season’ sailing (between the high and low periods) means a happy compromise, where moderately priced itineraries meet fewer crowds, though you’ll have to be willing to trade off certain things,” Fodor’s notes.

For example, you’ll pay less to cruise the Mediterranean in spring than summer, but won’t get those balmy days at the beach. So if it’s only sightseeing you’re after, this would be an excellent money-saving alternative.

Remember, the money you save planning your cruise could be invested in various activities and events during your trip, too. And if you find the right time to set sail, you may be able to reduce your cruise costs significantly.

Book your cruise early.

Want to enjoy an unforgettable cruise that features deluxe accommodations? The earlier you plan your trip, the more likely it becomes that you can customize your excursion however you choose.

Scheduling a cruise in advance also may help you get the lowest price. Plus, it gives you plenty of time to get in shape for your upcoming excursion if you choose.

Plan your ground transportation to and from your cruise. 

On the day of your cruise, how are you going to get to your launch point? And after your cruise docks at its conclusion, how are you going to get home?

These questions remain paramount and should be considered during the planning process. Those who plan ahead, meanwhile, can find a dependable ground transportation provider to take them to a cruise on schedule. And at the cruise’s conclusion, a first-rate car service will be ready to take them home as well.

Why should you choose A1A Limousine for ground transportation services?

With A1A Limousine, you can reap the benefits of stellar ground transportation. This South Florida car service will go above and beyond the call of duty to guarantee you’ll be able to depart for your cruise quickly and easily.

Regardless of the occasion, A1A Limo delivers punctual, reliable ground transportation. It also provides a vast array of luxury vehicles to take you anywhere you need to go, at any time.

A1A Limo employs friendly, professionally trained chauffeurs who are committed to their craft; we guarantee a safe, reliable trip to South Florida’s cruise ports.

Take the guesswork out of ground transportation for your upcoming cruise with A1A Limo – you’ll be thrilled you did!

5 Tips for Surviving Your Layover at FLL Airport

Layover at the Fort Lauderdale Airport? No need to worry!

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL) Airport serves as one of the fastest-growing airports in the United States.

In fact, this airport boasts more than 325 departure and 325 arrival flights per day, offers nonstop flights to more than 125 U.S. cities and continues to explore ways to improve its services as well.

Even the best airports, however, can have an off day, and FLL Airport is no exception. And as a result, there may be times when travelers are forced to endure layovers at FLL Airport.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you make the most of your layover at FLL Airport – here are five tips to ensure you can survive an FLL Airport layover, no matter how long it lasts:

Explore the airport’s duty-free kiosks. 

Looking for souvenirs for family members or friends outside the United States? You’re in luck, as FLL Airport boasts duty-free kiosks, aka shops that sell top-of-the-line goods that are tax-exempt.

FLL Airport’s duty-free kiosks are available for international travelers at the following terminals:

  • Terminal 2 on Concourse D
  • Terminal 3 on Concourses E and F
  • Terminal 4 on Concourse H

Pick up duty-free items during your layover, and ultimately, you’ll have no trouble passing the time before your flight departs.

Check out the airport’s wide range of shops. 

For those who want to shop ’til they drop, a layover might be considered a dream come true, as this gives you the opportunity to buy a variety of items while you wait for your flight to leave.

When it comes to shopping at FLL Airport, many high-quality stores are at your disposal, including:

  • Brooks Brothers – Select casual yet elegant apparel for men, women and children at Brooks Brothers.
  • CNBC News & Gifts – Visit a one-of-a-kind newsstand that sells books, magazines and newspapers.
  • Hudson News – Pick up last-minute snacks, magazines and other on-flight essentials at this convenience store.
  • Island Breeze – Discover the latest Tommy Bahama apparel for men and women at this tropically themed shop.
  • Life Is Good – Enjoy superb backpacks, mugs, toys and much more from a store that promotes a life-affirming and positive message.

Transform a frustrating, time-consuming FLL Airport layover into a fun-filled shopping experience by visiting the airport’s vast array of world-class stores.

Grab a bite to eat.

Hunger pangs can get the best of any traveler, particularly during a lengthy layover. However, FLL Airport makes it easy to sample a large assortment of exemplary cuisine any time you choose thanks to its outstanding restaurants.

Some of the top restaurants available at FLL Airport include:

  • Desano – Try a homemade pizza that is made to order at Desano.
  • Landshark – From alligator bites to nachos, Landshark offers both innovative and traditional pub fare.
  • Kafe Kalik – Treat yourself to authentic Caribbean cuisine in a distinct dining setting at Kafe Kalik.
  • Plane Box Food Company – From its custom snack boxes to mouthwatering sandwiches, Plane Box Food Company ensures you can pick up wonderful snacks and meals without delay.
  • Sergio’s – Visit Sergio’s for Cuban-inspired sandwiches and other terrific cuisine in a calm, relaxing setting.

Control your hunger pangs during your layover, and you can reap the rewards of a superior snack or meal at one of FLL Airport’s deluxe restaurants.

View awe-inspiring artwork.

In addition to helping travelers get where they need to go, FLL Airport also is home to extraordinary public artwork that flyers can check out during a layover.

For example, the airport recently unveiled a 79,500 square foot terrazzo floor design, Rainbow’s End, that highlights South Florida’s unique environments. This masterpiece illustrates the vastness, beauty and complexity of the environments of South Florida, making it a must-see work of art for longtime area residents and first-time visitors alike.

Remember, you don’t need to be an art aficionado to enjoy a masterpiece at FLL Airport. Discover the art located within the airport, and you can celebrate the beauty of South Florida during your layover.

Book ground transportation to tour the Fort Lauderdale area.

When it comes to an extended layover, who says you need to wait at the airport? Instead, book ground transportation from a top-notch South Florida car service. That way, you can explore the Fort Lauderdale area during your layover and return to the airport before your flight leaves.

With A1A Limousine, travelers can reap the benefits of a ground transportation provider that consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. This South Florida car service will pick you up at the airport, take you wherever you’d like to go and ensure you make it back to the airport on schedule for your flight’s departure, too.

Furthermore, A1A Limo guarantees you’re always in good hands, thanks to its friendly, highly trained chauffeurs.

Unlike traditional ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber, A1A Limo only employs chauffeurs to take its clients from place to place.

For dependable ground transportation any time you need it, choose A1A Limo – you’ll be happy you did! A1A Limo serves as South Florida’s premier car service and offers comprehensive ground transportation services to ensure you can get wherever you need to go, at any time.

The Best Business Hotels in South Florida

Enjoy an exceptional South Florida business trip by making reservations at one of the area’s luxury hotels.

By doing so, you’ll be able to maximize your productivity and rest comfortably throughout your South Florida visit.

In addition, South Florida boasts numerous high-quality hotels for business travelers, including:

The Breakers

With more than 2,000 extraordinary associates at your disposal, you’ll have no trouble enjoying a wonderful stay at The Breakers in Palm Beach.

The Breakers offers luxury accommodations, ensuring business travelers can stay on track with their day-to-day responsibilities and relax as well. In fact, this hotel even features 80,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event space, making it a great choice for both big and small business meetings year-round.

Trump International Beach Resort

The brainchild of American business magnate Donald Trump, the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach delivers the ideal mix of style and luxury.

This upscale hotel features 356 guests rooms, along with numerous junior suites and one- and two-bedroom suites that offer spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the hotel includes 22,000 square feet of flexible meeting and function space to help corporate travelers stay productive at all times.

The Setai Miami Beach

For a one-of-a-kind destination to host an unforgettable meeting, you simply can’t go wrong with The Setai Miami Beach.

This hotel goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure all business travelers get the support they deserve, regardless of when they visit. And when it comes to corporate gatherings, the hotel provides full-service amenities, including room set-up, catering and audiovisual equipment.

The Betsy Hotel

With 61 luxurious guest rooms and suites and innovative event spaces, perhaps it’s easy to understand why The Betsy Hotel remains a top choice for business travelers from across the globe.

The Betsy Hotel combines comfort and elegance – the total package for any corporate traveler. Meanwhile, the hotel is only minutes away from Miami International Airport and many South Beach attractions, too.

 Thompson Miami Beach

A boutique hotel that serves as an oceanfront oasis, Thompson Miami Beach features a glamorous interior, spacious guest rooms and other superb amenities that business travelers are sure to enjoy.

Thompson Miami Beach is home to stylish rooms that offer spectacular views as well as outstanding restaurants that provide tasty dishes day after day. In addition, this hotel boasts more than 47,000 square feet of flexible indoor and outdoor event space, suites and meeting rooms, enabling corporate travelers to host workshops and other sessions any time they choose.

Enjoy South Florida’s premier ground transportation provider

Finding a top-notch hotel in South Florida can be simple, especially for those who make reservations at any of the aforementioned destinations.

If only the same was true for ground transportation around South Florida…

Ground transportation is often limited to the unreliability of taxis and the risks of ride-sharing services. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A1A Limousine employs courteous, professionally trained chauffeurs who are committed to their craft and will go the extra mile to support business travelers. These chauffeurs want every client to enjoy a memorable travel experience, and as such, will do everything possible to provide amazing support every day.

At A1A Limo, only the best vehicles are provided to clients, too. That way, any business traveler can go from one destination to the next in a sleek, comfortable vehicle, at any time.

A1A Limo’s comprehensive vehicle fleet includes:

  • Cadillac XTS – Boasts leather seats, tinted windows and comfortable seating for up to three passengers.
  • Lincoln Town Car – Features a luxurious design and offers an ideal choice for ground transportation to the airport, business meetings and other destinations.
  • Tesla Model S – With a timeless design and a dazzling interior, the Tesla Model S provides a cozy ride for up to three passengers.
  • Mercedes Benz s550 – One of A1A Limo’s most popular vehicles, the Mercedes Benz s550 features leather seats, satellite radio and other best-in-class features.
  • Luxury SUV – Provides three rows of seating for up to eight passengers.

For a superior ground transportation experience, choose A1A Limo – you’ll be glad you did!

Unlike traditional ridesharing services, A1A Limo prioritizes customer satisfaction. And as a result, you’re guaranteed to enjoy first-rate transportation any time you make reservations with this South Florida car service.

For business travelers, A1A Limo offers a great ground transportation option across South Florida. Select A1A Limo for your next South Florida business trip, and ultimately, you can reap the benefits of a terrific ground transportation provider.

5 Must-Visit South Florida Restaurants for Large Groups

Enjoying a world-class dinner with your friends might seem impossible at times; not many restaurants seem to offer dining accommodations for larger groups.

Fortunately, we’re here to help – here’s a closer look at five must-visit South Florida restaurants for large groups:

Abe and Louie’s

Abe and Louie’s serves wonderful cuisine and provides dining reservations for up to 20 guests, making it a great choice for Boca Raton diners.

With classic seafood entrees like lobster, salmon and swordfish, seafood aficionados can satisfy their hunger pangs quickly and easily at Abe and Louie’s. Plus, this restaurant serves as a steak lover’s dream come true, as it offers filet mignon, New York strip and other exemplary steak options.

For a one-of-a-kind meal that every member of your party is sure to enjoy, visit Abe and Louie’s, and each diner can sample superb cuisine at any time.

Bistro 241

Those who appreciate the finer things in life can sample stellar cuisine at Bistro 241.

This unique bistro provides brunch, dinner and happy hour menus that feature everything from mahi mahi tacos to angus beef sliders. And with an extensive wine menu at your disposal, you and your friends can try terrific vintages from across the globe, too.

Bistro 241 also makes it simple to book reservations for your entire group any time you choose. In fact, this restaurant allows you to make reservations both over the phone and online for up to 20 guests.


Echo in Palm Beach serves as the perfect destination for those who can’t get enough sushi. This restaurant offers delicious Asian cuisine that mixes flavors from China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Echo dinner menu includes sushi bar specialties such as spicy yellow tail sashimi, tuna tataki and much more. Also, Echo’s dessert menu features mouthwatering treats like molten chocolate lava cake, a white banana chocolate and banana spring roll and New York style cheesecake.

Deluxe Asian cuisine sometimes can be difficult to find, and at Echo, you and your friends can enjoy excellent sushi and other Asian cuisine.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

Who says a meal can’t serve as a work of art? At Wynwood Kitchen & Bar in Miami, you and your friends can see and sample culinary masterpieces.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar’s menu includes dishes that boast fresh, natural ingredients and outstanding flavors. This menu features calamari, empanadas and other exceptional meals that guests of all ages can enjoy.

When it comes to amazing cuisine, why settle for anything but the best? At Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, you and your friends can enjoy stunning cuisine that is both delectable and beautiful.

Front Porch Café

For more than two decades, Front Porch Café has provided affordable, high-quality meals to Miami Beach diners. It offers a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, ensuring your party can reap the benefits of tasty meals at all times.

In addition, Front Porch Café provides some of the best sweets in Miami Beach. The restaurant’s key lime pie, crème brulee with berries and other elegant desserts are sure to satisfy any diner’s sweet tooth as well.

The Front Porch Café is prepared to accommodate large groups of diners without delay. And with its wide range of meals, you’ll be able to sample extraordinary cuisine at this Miami Beach favorite without delay.

Book Car Service for Your Group Trip

Now that you know which restaurants can handle your entire group, you’ll next need to determine how your party will travel in comfort and style to each of these dining venues.

But with A1A Limousine, your group can rely on dependable ground transportation across South Florida that will take you and your friends anywhere you want to go.

Every A1A Limo chauffeur is committed to his or her craft and will do whatever it takes to guarantee customers enjoy their ground transportation.

A1A Limo also deploys a first-rate fleet of luxury vehicles to accommodate large groups of travelers. This fleet includes:

  • Luxury SUV – With comfortable seating for up to eight passengers, a luxury SUV remains a top choice for ground transportation throughout South Florida.
  • Stretch limousine – Looking for a glamorous vehicle? Check out a stretch limo, which includes leather seats, tinted glass windows and other luxury features.
  • Mercedes Sprinter – The Mercedes Sprinter includes cozy seating for up to 14 passengers, ample storage space and leg room and a TV and DVD player.

Contact A1A Limo for more information on our vehicles and make your reservation today!

Photo Credit: Bruce Tuten

4 Tips for Surviving Your Miami Airport Layover


Miami International Airport boasts over 100 air carriers and remains America’s second-busiest airport for international travelers.

However, flight delays and layovers still occur at Miami International, regardless of the time of year or the weather.

You can make the most of your layover or delay, however, with just a few easy tips.

Check out the art galleries throughout the airport.

Who says you can’t enjoy wonderful art at the Miami airport? Thanks to the airport’s Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs, you can explore a vast array of vibrant masterpieces while you wait for your flight to leave.

Miami International is home to contemporary artwork and exhibitions that communicate culture, environment and art resources “of an international scope,” according to the Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs. As such, you can experience a range of colorful galleries and projects that you won’t find anywhere else.

Pass the time during your layover by checking out the artwork scattered across the Miami airport. By doing so, you can take your mind off of your delayed flight, and ultimately, celebrate the beauty of myriad modern works of art.

Go shopping.

The Miami International Airport boasts numerous best-in-class shops, ensuring you can pick up everything you need for your upcoming trip while you wait out your layover.

Some of the top shops at the airport include:

  • Bayside Brush – For the finest brushes and hair accessories, visit Bayside Brush.
  • Bead Factory – A jewelry aficionado’s dream come true, the Bead Factory offers jewelry supplies, beading tools and other products to help you make your own jewelry.
  • Brookstone – Looking for a unique souvenir for a friend or family member? Check out the selection of unique items available from Brookstone.
  • Coach – Show off your personal style with a luxury hand bag from Coach.
  • Hugo Boss – With deluxe watches, designer clothing and much more, Hugo Boss makes it simple to dress for success.

Shop ’til you drop at the Miami airport, and you can find everything you’ll need to stay entertained during your layover.

Grab a bite to eat.

It is try wonderful cuisine at the airport, as this airport features restaurants that offer many different types of beverages, snacks and meals.

Enjoy a first-rate dining experience at one of these Miami airport restaurants:

  • 305 Pizza – Pick up a slice of your favorite pizza variety at 305 Pizza.
  • Bongos – Sample authentic Cuban food at Bongs, a one-of-a-kind Cuban café.
  • BookLink Café – For a cup of Joe, hearty tomato soup or other café favorites, there may be no better choice than BookLink Café.
  • Clubhouse One – Sit down and relax with a delicious sandwich, classic entrée or other exceptional American fare at Clubhouse One.
  • Gilbert’s Food Bar – Treat yourself to cookies, gourmet sandwiches and other delectable food at Gilbert’s Food Bar.

The Miami airport offers no shortage of top-notch dining options. Be sure to grab a bite to eat during your layover at one of this airport’s terrific restaurants, and you can satisfy your hunger pangs before your flight departs.

Get Great Car Service, Enjoy a Tour of Miami.

When it comes to an extended layover, why should you be forced to wait out your time at the airport? When you have the right car service, you can get out of the airport and into the culture and fun of Miami itself.

Whether it’s exploring the sites in downtown Miami or taking a trek to one of the city’s top beaches, car service can get you there.

For superb ground transportation throughout Miami, you simply can’t go wrong with A1A Limousine.

Every A1A Limo chauffeur serves a franchisee and has a significant investment in their business. And as a result, each A1A Limo chauffeur possesses a clean driving record and must pass a background check and submit to random drug screenings.

Ready to make the most of your extended layover at the Miami airport? Choose A1A Limo.

Contact us today to make your reservation, choose your vehicle and start looking forward to your Miami experience.

Photo Credit: Ines Hegedus-Garcia

5 Can’t-Miss Attractions in the West Palm Beach Area

Visiting West Palm Beach soon? You’re in luck, as there are many wonderful attractions to see across the West Palm Beach area.

Here’s a closer look at five can’t-miss attractions in the West Palm Beach area:

Flagler Museum

A Palm Beach landmark, the Flagler Museum has been a local favorite for years. This mansion was once the spacious, luxurious home of American industrialist Henry Flagler and now serves as a wonderful museum that features guided tours, exhibits and much more.

Completed in 1902, the New York Herald described Flagler’s home as “more wonderful than any palace in Europe [and] grander and more magnificent than any other private dwelling in the world.” And today, the Flagler Museum serves as a Palm Beach staple filled with history and beauty, enabling guests of all ages to enjoy fun-filled learning experiences.

Check out the Flagler Museum, and you can see unique antiques, artifacts and much more.

Palm Beach Zoo

Home to over 700 animals, Palm Beach Zoo remains a top choice for visitors across the West Palm Beach area.

The Zoo boasts more than 314,000 visitors annually, and perhaps it’s easy to understand why. It features animals from across the globe – including some from distant areas like Australia and Madagascar – and is open to guests year-round, too.

The Zoo  also hosts daily shows and special events throughout the year, ensuring you can enjoy a memorable experience any time you visit.


CityPlace serves as West Palm Beach’s premier shopping destination. It features over 100 stores, along with dozens of restaurants and entertainment options to make it easy to enjoy a wonderful day in the city.

There’s also a bowling alley, IMAX theater and even a comedy club. With so many options, you can choose how you stay entertained.

It also offers a great destination for out-of-town guests as well. In fact, those who visit CityPlace’s guest services desk and show their hotel key or out-of-town ID will receive a complimentary gift to commemorate their visit.

Norton Museum of Art

Regardless of whether you’re an art newbie or an art buff, you’re sure to find exemplary masterpieces galore at the Norton Museum of Art.

This museum offers a great mix of artwork that includes American, Chinese, European and contemporary pieces. Furthermore, the Norton updates its exhibitions regularly, ensuring you can enjoy a vast array of magnificent works whenever you visit.

Palm Beach County residents can capitalize on the museum’s ongoing Saturday promotion, too. As part of this excellent deal, Palm Beach County residents can visit the museum for free on Saturdays throughout the year.

Peanut Island

Even the legendary Mr. Peanut might appreciate the beauty of Peanut Island, a superb destination for boating, fishing or simply lounging at the beach.

Peanut Island remains a stellar choice for those who want to spend the day outdoors. You can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities during your visit – including everything from beach volleyball to snorkeling – ensuring you can stay as active as you choose.

Enjoy Peanut Island, a terrific outdoor destination for visitors and residents alike. This Palm Beach County favorite enables you to play, relax and much more in a comfortable outdoor setting.

Transportation During Your Visit to West Palm Beach

When it comes to traveling to the West Palm Beach area’s top destinations, why settle for anything but the best? Choose A1A Limousine, and you travel in comfort and style throughout your visit.

As one of South Florida’s top car services, A1A Limo always ensures its clients get where they need to go, quickly and safely.  We also hire only the very best chauffeurs, requiring drug tests, background checks, and driver history reports on every one we hire.

Let’s not forget about A1A Limo’s dazzling vehicle fleet:

  • Cadillac XTS – Features everything you’d expect from a Cadillac, including rear climate controls, Bluetooth and XM Radio and rear privacy shades.
  • Lincoln Town Car – Who says you need to be an executive to travel in style and elegance? With A1A Limo’s Lincoln Town Car, you can enjoy leather seats, tinted windows and other exceptional features.
  • Tesla Model S – One of A1A Limo’s most popular vehicles, the Tesla Model S boasts a classic design and stunning interior.
  • Mercedes Benz s550 – For those who appreciate the luxury and elegance of a Mercedes, the Mercedes Benz s550 enables you to travel like a rock star any time you choose.
  • Luxury SUV – A great vehicle for up to eight passengers, a luxury SUV allows groups of friends or family members to travel in comfort and style.

Contact A1A Limo to book transportation for your upcoming trip to West Palm Beach.

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